China Kung Fu Tour

11 nights 12 days: Beijing/Xi’an/Luoyang/Guilin/Hong Kong

11 nights 12 days: Beijing/Xi’an/Luoyang/Guilin/Hong Kong

China Kung Fu Tour
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Selling Points
You can decide the time to start from hotel and the time going back to hotel every day.
You can decide to stay as long as you want or as short as you want at each attraction.
No one else will join your PRIVATE TOUR.
Private English-speaking guide. One to one service.
Private experienced driver. The driver and guide are TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE. It makes the trip much safer.
High quality air-conditioned vehicle less than 3 years old.
UNLIMITED China famous brand bottle mineral water and wet tissue on your vehicle.
Enjoy FREE PORTABLE WIFI equipment once you make the payment 8 months before departure.
We guarantee 100% no forced shopping during the whole trip.
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Day by Day Itinerary
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Day 1 Beijing Arrival
Arrive at Beijing,airport pick-up and airport to hotel transfer.

Our guide will hold your name sign and wait for you at the airport. Then you will be transferred to your hotel.

Day 2 Beijing
Tian’anmen Square and the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Kung Fu Show. (B+L)

After breakfast, our guide will pick you up from your hotel and you will first visit Tian’anmen Square and the Forbidden City. Tian’anmen Square is located in the center of Beijing. It is 880 meters long from north to south, 500 meters wide from east to west, and covers an area of 440,000 square meters. It is the largest city square in the world today. On October 1, 1949, Chairman Mao Zedong announced the founding of the People's Republic of China on the Tian’anmen Rostrum. Since then, the Tian’anmen Rostrum has become a symbol of New China, and its solemn image is an important part of China's national emblem. The Forbidden City is a royal palace of the Ming and Qing dynasties in China. It has more than 70 palaces of various sizes and more than 9,000 houses. The Forbidden City is one of the largest and most intact wooden structures in the world. (The Forbidden City is closed on Monday). After lunch, you will visit the Summer Palace. The Summer Palace is China's famous royal garden. As the last large palace built by China's last feudal dynasty, the Summer Palace has inherited the tradition of Chinese imperial gardens from all previous generations, and has absorbed a great deal of the art of gardening in the private gardens of the South. It is also one of the Four Most Famous Gardens of China. After that we will take you to watch the traditional Chinese Kung Fu Show. The Red Theater, located in Chongwen District, is quite famous among foreign tourists. The "Kung Fu Legend", which is performed here every night, is tailor-made for tourists. After that you will be transferred back to your hotel.the-Summer-Palace-1001.jpg

Day 3 Beijing
Ming Tombs,Great Wall,Water Cube and Bird’s Nest (B+L)

After breakfast, our guide will take you to visit the Ming Tombs. The Ming Tombs, located in Changping District, 50 kilometers north of Beijing, is the tomb building complex of 13 emperors of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). It has the characteristics of large scale, complete system and relatively complete preservation. The natural landscape in the area is beautiful, and there are many cultural relics and historic sites. After lunch, we will take you to visit the world-famous Great Wall. There is an old saying in China that “One who fails to reach the Great Wall is not a hero”. The Great Wall is an ancient defense project with the longest construction time and the largest amount of construction in the world. It has been built continuously for more than 2000 years since the Western Zhou Dynasty. The Great Wall is spread over vast areas of northern and central China, with a total length of more than 50,000 kilometers. On the way back, you will have a chance to have a photo stop at the Water Cube and Bird’s Nest. They are landmarks of the Beijing Olympics. There are still various competitions being held there.the-Birds-Nest-1001.jpg

Day 4 BeijingXi’an
Temple of Heaven,take a high speed train to Xi'an and transfer to hotel. (B)

After breakfast, you will visit the Temple of Heaven. The Temple of Heaven is the place where the ancient Chinese emperors worshiped the heaven, and it is also the crystallization of China's long-time culture of worshipping the heaven. Its magnificent architecture, verdant ancient trees, and rich cultural relics record the ancient Chinese emperor's hopes for a bumper harvest and a better life in the coming year. You may have a chance to play Tai Chi here. After that, you will be transferred to the train station and take estimated train: G349 15:13/19:45 to Xi’an. Our guide will meet you at the train station and then you will be transferred to your hotel for rest.the-Temple-of-Heaven-1001.jpg

Day 5 Xi'an
Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum, Big Wild Goose Pagoda (B+L)

This morning, you will first visit the Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum. Terracotta warriors are a category of ancient tomb sculptures, that is, funerary objects made in the shape of chariots, war horses, soldiers. It is also known as “the eighth wonder of the world”. More than 200 foreign heads of state and government have visited here. It is also known as one of the rare treasures of the world's top ten ancient tombs. After lunch, we will take you to visit the Big Wild Goose Pagoda. Master Xuanzang built the Big Wild Goose Pagoda to preserve the Buddhist scriptures and statues brought back to Chang'an by the Silk Road from India. The Big Wild Goose Pagoda as the earliest and largest existing pagoda-style brick tower in the Tang Dynasty, is a typical physical evidence of the ancient Indian Buddhist temple, which was introduced into the Central Plains area with Buddhism and integrated into Chinese culture.the-Terracotta-Army-1001.jpg

Day 6 Xi'anLuoyang
City Wall, Great Mosque, take a high speed train to Luoyang and transfer to the hotel. (B)

After breakfast, guide will pick you up from your hotel and take you to visit the City Wall. Xi'an City Wall is the largest and most complete ancient city wall in China. The existing city wall is a Ming Dynasty building with a total length of 13.7 kilometers. Because this City Wall is large and sturdy, coupled with repeated repairs and additions in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, it has been well preserved to this day. After that we will take you to visit the Great Mosque. The Great Mosque was built in the early Ming Dynasty. It is a large-scale Islamic building of the Hui nationality in the earlier era. The temple has a total area of 13,000 square meters and a building area of about 6,000 square meters. It is listed by UNESCO as one of the world's Islamic relics. And then you will be transferred to the train station and take the estimated train: G3170 15:40/17:05 to Luoyang. Our guide will meet you at the train station and then you will be transferred to your hotel for rest.the-city-wall-1003.jpg

Day 7 Luoyang
Shaolin Temple, Pagoda Forest, Shaolin Kung Fu Show. (B+L)

Today you will first visit Shaolin Temple. Shaolin Temple is the birthplace of Chinese Buddhist Zen and Chinese Kung Fu. It is famous for its Shaolin monks who devote themselves to the creation and development of Shaolin Kung Fu in the past. It is known as "the world ’s Kung Fu comes out of Shaolin”. Shaolin Kung Fu is the largest martial arts system in Chinese martial arts, with over 700 martial art routines. It is also known as "Martial Arts Zen". You will also have a chance to explore the extensive Pagoda Forest which is the largest ancient pagoda group in China. and watch the spectacular Shaolin Kung Fu Show. Over the years, Shaolin monks have performed tens of thousands of Kung Fu show for Chinese and foreign guests.shaolin-temple-1201.jpg

Day 8 LuoyangGuilin
Take a high speed train to Guilin and transfer to hotel. (B)

Today we will drive to Zhengzhou first. And then you will take the estimated train: G421 12:21/19:38 to Guilin. Our guide will meet you at the train station and then you will be transferred to your hotel for rest.

Day 9 Guilin
Li River Cruise, Yangshuo West Street (B+L)

This morning, you will take the Li River Cruise. Lunch is provided on board. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way. After disembarking from Yangshuo, you will visit Yangshuo West Street. Yangshuo opened to the outside world in early 1970. Many tourists showed a strong interest in the traditional local houses, traditional culture, and unique folk customs. Since then, more and more travelers choose to come to West Street for vacation. Yangshuo West Street is nearly 800 meters in length. The marble pavement has a curved S-shape. The buildings are antique and have strong local characteristics. West Street is the earliest contact and fusion of Chinese and Western culture in Yangshuo. After that you will be transferred back to your hotel.The-Li-River-Cruise-1001.jpg

Day 10 GuilinHong Kong
Fly to Hong Kong and transfer to hotel. (B)

This morning will be free for you. In the afternoon, you will be transferred to the airport and take the estimated flight: KA701 16:35/18:05 to Hong Kong. Our guide will meet you at the airport and then you will be transferred to your hotel for rest.

Day 11 Hong Kong
Victoria Peak, Peak Tram, Aberdeen Fishing Village, Sampan, Avenue of Stars, take a photo with the statues of Bruce Lee.(B+L)

After breakfast, guide will pick you up from the hotel and we will take you to visit Victoria Peak. Victoria Peak, Hong Kong's premier tourist attraction is a must-visit place in Hong Kong for sightseeing, entertainment and shopping. Its appearance is widely used by millions of postcards and photos worldwide. In addition, the Peak Tram is the most important means of transportation to the Peak. The tracks are built according to the mountain and the steepest angle of the cable car is 27 degrees. The Victoria Peak Tram combines transportation and sightseeing into one, and the views that passengers can enjoy along the way have their own characteristics, no matter day or night. After that you will visit the Aberdeen Fishing Village. Aberdeen is located in the Southern District of Hong Kong Island. Many fishermen have lived here for generations. Its English name, Aberdeen, came in honor of Lord Aberdeen, then British Foreign Secretary. You can visit Aberdeen Harbor (also known as Typhoon Shelter) by Sampan. The seafood and Dim Sum here is extremely famous, and the world-famous floating seafood restaurant, JUMBO, attracts tourists from all over the world. This afternoon, we will visit the Avenue of Stars. The Avenue of Stars is a characteristic attraction of Hong Kong. Following the Hollywood Walk of Fame, here are signatures and handprints from prominent Hong Kong filmmakers. In addition, the Avenue of Stars also has a number of statues based on movies and famous Hong Kong artists for tourists to take pictures. Here you will also have a chance to take a photo with the statues of Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee is a master of martial arts. He was the first person to spread Chinese kung fu to the world, the first Chinese to enter Hollywood. He wrote the word Kung Fu into English dictionary. There are more than 200 million fans of him worldwide.the-Victoria-Peak-1001-.jpg

Day 12 Hong Kong Departure
Transfer to airport and fly to your sweet home. (B)

After breakfast, you will be transferred to the airport and fly back to your sweet home.

Our service will end here.

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Anyone over 12 when traveling to China will be an adult.

Infant under the age of 2 years.

A smaller folding bed can be added in the standard hotel room, some hotel rooms in Hong Kong are too small for an extra bed.


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