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China Adventure Tours

Adventure travel is a way to explore the world which usually requires a daring spirit and physical exertion. It may involve taking the road less travelled, using a focused activity such as diving, kayaking, climbing or hiking as a means to discover.

There are so many ways to embark upon an adventure, and while some people choose to summit the highest peaks, others long for the world below the sea. At the root of all these experiences is a desire to journey further. But even the faint of heart can go on an adventure holiday; it’s just about finding the right adventure vacation package for you. Essentially, this kind of travel is for anyone who has a sense of adventure, and we all have that!

Travelling with China Tour Star, you’ll be off on a thrilling experience in no time! Learn more about the most attractive adventure trips below.

Most Recommended Adventure Tours

China Adventure Tour with Mount Hua
10 Days Beijing-Xi'an-Mount Hua-Shanghai
Mount Hua Adventure.
Get Close to Nature.
Top Cities in China.
Mt. Huangshan, Great Wall
Shanghai / Huangshan / Beijing
Essence of Hong Kong.
Get close to nature in Guilin.
Top Cities in China.
China Adventure Tour from Beijing
11 Days Beijing-Xi’an-Guilin-Hong Kong
Adventure Tour from Beijing.
Good Places for Adventure.
Explore Picturesque Guilin.

China Great Wall Adventure Tours

3 days Beijing Tour with\ Mutianyu & Jiankou Great Wall
Beijing / Xi’an / Guilin / Hong Kong
Essence of Hong Kong.
Get close to nature in Guilin.
Top Cities in China.
16 Days Delightful China Senior Tour with Yangtze Cruise
Beijing / Xi’an / Guilin / Hong Kong
Essence of Hong Kong.
Get close to nature in Guilin.
Top Cities in China.

China Adventure Tour-Conquer the Mountains

China Adventure to Avatar Mountains
12 Days Beijing-Chengdu-Zhangjiajie-Guilin-Shanghai
China Adventure Tour.
Avatar Mountain Exploration.
Best of China.
China Adventure Tour with Mount Huang
10 Days Shanghai-Hangzhou-Huangshan-Beijing
Essence of China.
Huangshan Adventure Tour.
Attractive Cities in China.
Discover the Mysterious Tibet
17 Days Hong Kong-Kunming-Lijiang-Shangri-La-Lhasa-Tsetang-Lhasa-Beijing
Essence of Hong Kong.
Get close to nature in Guilin.
Top Cities in China.

China Adventure tour – Discover the Mysterious Tibet

Tianmen Mountain
Beijing / Chengdu / Zhangjiajie /Guilin / Shanghai
Essence of Hong Kong.
Get close to nature in Guilin.
Top Cities in China.
Mt. Huangshan
Shanghai / Huangshan / Beijing
Essence of Hong Kong.
Get close to nature in Guilin.
Top Cities in China.
Jade Dragon Snow Mountain
Beijing / Xi’an / Guilin / Hong Kong
Essence of Hong Kong.
Get close to nature in Guilin.
Top Cities in China.

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China Adventure Tour FAQ

1. What is an adventure tour?
Some people who have lived in busy cities for a long time are tired of the hustle and bustle of life and are eager to find a quiet and magical place to experience the fun of adventure. Accordingly, many countries have opened adventure tours. Such as Thailand's elephant riding adventure tour, Denmark's dog sledding adventure tour, etc. Another kind of adventure travel is for the purpose of the pursuit of world records, such as traveling around the world by hot air balloon, driving a pedal plane or glider to fly across the strait, driving a yacht or boat around the world, taking a canoe across the Atlantic Ocean, etc. And scientific research also could be the main purpose of adventure tours, such as alpine adventure tours, desert adventure tours, marine adventure tours, forest adventure tours, cave adventure tours, polar adventure tours, and wildlife adventure tours.

Our adventure tour is a tourist activity that includes sports activities, cultural exchange, and exploration of nature. The adventure tour is about being physically active while being exposed to a new culture or landscape, not just adventuring or pushing your boundaries. In fact, it's especially important to know your limits when you're in an unfamiliar place. If you are a thrill-seeker, we have enough adventure travel activities for you. If our activities don't meet your needs, hopefully, our activities will provide you with some ideas for your next trip.
2. What are the adventure activities included?
Experiencing a new place by hiking is a great option. Hiking allows you to slow down, get close to nature and enjoy your surroundings. For most people who love the outdoors, hiking during the day is a great option. Many hikers believe that in this vast land of China, there are always places that are difficult to travel to by vehicle. Hiking is the only way to enjoy the scenery you can't see from a car. For example, you can hike with us through the lesser-known Three Gorges route, cross 400 miles of the Three Gorges, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of red maples.

If you don't want to be bound by tour groups but are overwhelmed by unfamiliar places; if you can only go out on holidays and don't want to be overcrowded everywhere you go; if you are more adventurous and have the right equipment, then you can join backpacking. Backpacking allows you to stay in nature longer and see more than the usual hiking trips or tours. Of course, it is important to have the proper survival knowledge and equipment. If you don't have any backpacking experience before, then you should definitely find someone with experience to join you.

Rock climbing is a classic example of adventure activity. It combines physical activity and allows you to appreciate the beauty of nature. Even if you have never climbed before, you can still climb a wall of rock with the help of a guide. Another option is to try indoor rock climbing. Many cities have climbing gyms, so you can easily have some adventure!

Roosevelt famously said that the only thing that scares us is fear itself. If you like extreme sports, you probably want to experience bungee jumping and sky diving. Bungee jumping and skydiving are very typical adventure activities, but they may not be for everyone. The biggest point of difference between sky diving and bungee jumping is the height of the movement. One takes place at over 4,000 meters in the air and one stops at 100 meters in height. Although both are doing free fall movement, the main sensory experience it gives is more weightlessness because of the short distance of the bungee experience. Many people who have played bungee jumping will find it very exciting because bungee jumping is short and the feeling of weightlessness accompanies the whole experience. While skydiving gives people a sense of the experience of gliding plus floating, and the feeling of zero contact with the sky.

Rafting along a cool river on a hot summer day is a great way to explore a new place. You can experience the excitement of battling rapids, or you can sit back and enjoy the tranquil views of the river. The best season for rafting usually depends on the area you are in and the level of adventure you want. For example, you can experience bamboo rafting in July and August at the Yulong River.

Cycling is a great way to exercise and get closer to nature. You can go farther along the trails and see more of the surrounding area. Of course, many cities have opened many parks for cyclists to ride. For example, Pujiang Country Park. This suburban park contains a 4km riverfront viewing path as well as a 26km countryside bike path and a 22km half marathon path. The public can choose to explore the different routes on foot or by bike. If you are a cycling enthusiast, Pujiang Country Park is undoubtedly the best place for cycling.

You may not realize that your annual family ski trip can also count as adventure travel. Skiing is a very challenging sport. It is not only a good exercise in winter but also a very technical job that requires a lot of balance and coordination. If you want to improve your balance and coordination, skiing is a pretty good choice. If you do not have the proper training, wilderness skiing is very dangerous, so try to choose a good ski resort. When trying skiing for the first time, consider hiring an instructor.
3. Do I need a visa to travel to China?
Yes, you need a visa to travel to mainland China. You can consult your local Chinese Embassy. If you have any questions that you do not understand, you are welcome to email us at any time.
4. Do I need to pay a tip in China?
You don't have to pay a tip at hotels and restaurants. However, if you are very satisfied with their service, you can tip about 5%. Tips are usually required for tour guides and drivers during your trip in China, and you can also tip according to your satisfaction level.
5. What is internet access like in China?
Currently, most public places, such as airports, restaurants, and shopping malls offer free wifi. However, the internet speed in public places will be slow. Internet access is also available in your hotel or on a cruise ship. But in China, many foreign websites are blocked, such as Facebook and Twitter. The remote area may not have wifi and need to use your cell phone data.
6. Can I use my cell phone in China?
You can use your cell phone in China if you have international roaming. If you think the cost of international roaming is expensive, you can choose to buy a local SIM card at the airport or hotel, which will be cheaper. Currently, there is a signal in both large and small cities, but in mountainous or very remote areas there may be no cell phone signal.
7. What do Chinese toilets look like?
In most public toilets, there are two types: Western-style toilets and Chinese squatting toilets. In hotels there are usually western style toilets. Chinese toilets can be a little difficult for foreign tourists to get used to. If you go to a public toilet, it is recommended to bring your own toilet paper.
8. Can I drink tap water in China?
Please do not drink the tap water. The water from the hose is not direct drinking water and needs to be boiled in a hot water kettle before drinking. You can also buy bottled drinking water or purified water from a water dispenser. We will have bottled water available for you every day during your trip.
9. Can I use my credit card in China? Can I find an ATM?
In big, busy cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, you can use your credit card in hotels or shopping malls. But in small restaurants or stores, you cannot use credit cards. ATMs can be found anywhere in airports, hotels, and most cities. However, we recommend that you exchange some RMB before you leave for a rainy day.
10. What ski resorts can I visit on my China adventure tour?
Yabuli Ski Resort is currently a professional ski resort that can host international competitions. It is the largest comprehensive ski resort in China, with the standard venue, advanced facilities and equipment, and complete supporting services. The ski resort is located in the middle temperate zone and has a humid monsoon climate. Daytime temperatures in Yabuli are around -16°C. Snow quality is granular snow, and the deepest snow can reach more than 1 meter. The annual snow period is 150 days, from the beginning of November to late April of the following year. There are seven ski resorts in the Yabuli Ski Resort. The entire Yabuli ski resort is surrounded by mountains, dense forests, and thick snow, and is connected by a cable car, which provides spectacular scenery.

Jilin Beidahu Ski Resort has located only 56 km from the city center and is available for international competitions. Beidahu Ski Resort has successfully held the 8th National Winter Games and the 9th National Winter Games. Beidahu Ski Resort has a unique natural advantage, with gentle slopes and a few steep cliffs. The main peak of the ski resort is 1408.8 meters above sea level, and there are nine peaks with an altitude of over 1200 meters. The Beidahu Ski Resort can fully meet the construction requirements of alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, ski jumping, free skiing, modern biathlon and snowmobile, sled, and other snow projects, and reach the level of international snow competition venues. The snow period of Beidahu is long. It is from late October to late April. The snow period is about 160 days. The snow depth below the mountain is about 0.5 meters, the mountainside is about 0.8 meters. And the snow depth above the altitude of more than a thousand meters is up to 1 meter or more. Beidahu Ski Resort has 27 high-quality snow trails, with a total length of about 48 kilometers and a total area of 1.26 million square meters. There are 1 cross-country snow trail, 5 senior trails, 12 intermediate trails, 5 junior trails, and 3 junior magic carpets, of which the longest snow trail is 5.7 kilometers long.

Changbaishan Peace Ski Resort is located at the foot of Changbaishan Mountain, 6 kilometers from the gate of Changbaishan Mountain, and is a must-see for visiting the northern slope of Changbaishan Mountain. Here star-standard hotels, unique food, and beverages, elegant and comfortable rest hall, a wide variety of ski equipment, the scenery of the Peace Lake, all of which will make you feel pleasure and satisfaction. Changbaishan Mountain is the most famous mountain in the east of China, along with the Five Mountains. The ski area is 900 meters above sea level, with a drop of 140 meters. There are two junior ski trails and one senior professional natural ski trail. The ski resort is 1570 meters to 1820 meters above sea level. According to the staff of Changbaishan Mountain Winter Training Camp, the snow quality here is very close to the snow in France and northern Italy. The ski resort covers an area of 102 hectares and is equipped with advanced equipment such as high-altitude single chairlift, towing cableway, zip line, imported snowmobile, snow press, large-diameter snow machine, and so on. Whether you are an advanced ski enthusiast or a beginner, you can fully experience the passion brought by snow and ice at Changbaishan Peace Ski Resort. When you feel the chill, there is a special place for you - the hot spring. The water temperature of the hot spring can reach 82 degrees. After a day of intense skiing, it is a rare treat to go to this natural hot spring to relax.

Wanlong Ski Resort, located in Chongli District, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, 50 kilometers from Zhangjiakou City. The ski resort covers an area of more than 30 square kilometers, with the highest altitude of 2110.3 meters and a vertical drop of 550 meters. At present, the ski resort has a total of 22 beginner trails, intermediate and advanced ski trails, and each of them is equipped with a perfect snow-making system. Wanlong ski resort is famous for more standard snow track, long snow track, big drop, scientific and reasonable snow track design. With the unique natural snowfall, Wanlong Ski Resort is an early opening snow resort in Asia. The snow quality of Wanlong Ski Resort benefits from the special microclimate of Chongli, which is slightly harder than the Japanese powder snow, which is more convenient for alpine speed skiing. Ski enthusiasts really like to ski in different snow quality, and the snow quality of Wanlong is one of their must-try snow resorts. Wanlong can be opened from the beginning of November every year, and the peak skiing season enters in mid-November. While the Japanese Hokkaido ski resort and Heilongjiang Yabuli ski resort, which have higher latitude than Wanlong, can open only in early December. In addition, the mountain shape of Wanlong ski resort is unique and the snowfall is high, so the snow season can be extended to about April every year. The snow period is very long.

Located in Chongli County, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, Genting Resort Secret Garden is invested and built by Malaysia Genting Group and Zhuoyue Group. The average annual temperature here is only 3.3℃ and the snow period is up to 150 days. Genting plans to develop 87 ski trails with a total length of about 70 kilometers, with a total ski area of 262 hectares and a carrying capacity of 19,610 skiers. The completed "Genting Ski Center" will become the largest snow-viewing, snow-playing, and snow-entertainment tourism place in China, and a wonderful place for you to ski and enjoy the ice and leisure.

Located only 15 kilometers from the main city of Jilin and 86 kilometers from Changchun Longjia International Airport, Vanke Songhua Lake Resort is the only large-scale destination ski resort and urban ski area in China. The Songhua Lake Resort contains a variety of facilities such as Songhua Lake Ski Resort, professional adult and children's ski school, recreational snow park, independent ski teaching area, restaurants, hostels, vacation apartments, children's village, and other supporting facilities, creating a real international-level ice and snow vacation paradise for all skiers. Songhua Lake Ski Resort is located at the northern foot of Daqing Mountain at an altitude of 935 meters. The annual snow and ice period in the area is over 150 days, with an average snow thickness of about 1 meter and excellent snow quality. The ski resort has a total of 34 high-quality snow trails and a skiing area of 175 hectares. The resort has 6 manned ropeways, including a scenic manned ropeway that allows visitors to climb to the top of the green mountain in a comfortable environment with a view of the lake and the mountains in summer. The Songhua Lake Ski Resort has one of the longest alpine snow trails in China, with a total length of 5.23 kilometers. The five advanced ski trails have been certified by the International Snow Federation and can meet the demand of the international competition of alpine slalom. Considering more and more junior skiers, the ratio of junior and senior trails is set to 4:4:2, while providing cross-country skiing and ski jumping and other venues. The snow park is evenly distributed between junior and senior trails, family ski park, professional teaching park, mass sports park, and competitive sports park. Different levels of skiers do not interfere with each other and can meet the needs of international professional events and family vacations.

Beijing Miyun Nanshan Ski Resort, located in Miyun District, is a winter resort in North China that integrates skiing, sliding, and other dynamic and leisure sports items. Nanshan Ski Resort is located on the north slope of Nanshan Mountain, with excellent snow quality, magnificent scenery, and a pleasant climate. Nanshan Ski Resort is committed to creating a safe and professional skiing area for public skiing enthusiasts. After 19 years of continuous development and improvement, it has built a total of 26 senior, medium, and junior ski trails, teaching trails, and recreational snow trails. The ski resort has a new independent skiing area for children to experience skiing for the first time. At the same time, Nanshan Ski Instruction Service Center has 180 professionally trained and systematically studied ski instructors who prepare group teaching and winter camp courses for young children during weekends and winter holidays. Children's courses are rich and varied, guiding children to master skiing skills and enjoy safe and happy skiing. There are also adult introductory worry-free skiing courses.

Changchun Jingyuetan Ski Resort covers an area of 18 square kilometers, surrounded by forest on three sides and water on one side, with a unique location and tourism resources. The snow here is soft and suitable for all types of skiers. It also has an aerial tramway and the world's first 1,314-meter-long tube-rail chute. There are five ski trails at Jingyuetan Ski Resort. There are 3 beginner trails, with lengths of 400m, 500m, and 600m respectively. There is 1 intermediate trail, with a length of 600 meters. There is 1 cross-country ski trail with a length of 1000 meters. Unlike many ski resorts, this is a "ski resort in the city" with a variety of winter attractions. You can ride a snowmobile on the vast snowy plains and ice lakes and experience the charm of the silvery-white world of the North. Or you can straddle the horse galloping in the vast snowfield. Here you will experience the real northern scenery, taste the fun life and find the real winter interest.

The ski resort in the Silk Road International Resort is one of the three major ski resorts in China, with first-class snow slopes and equipment and services, and a cable car that goes directly to the primeval forest in the northwest. In summer, the grassland is full of wildflowers and there are swans and other birds in the lakes. In winter, it is snow-capped and skiable. Whether it is sightseeing, leisure, and vacation, or exhibition and conference, sports, and fitness, the Silk Road International Resort will bring people an unforgettable journey. The Silk Road International Ski Resort covers an area of 12 square kilometers and is equipped with 8 junior, intermediate, and senior trails, 3 alpine lifts, a ski teaching area for children and adults, and other entertainment areas.
11. Where are the top 10 adventure tourist places in China?
The Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon is the highest canyon in the world, the deepest and longest canyon in the world, and is known as "the last secret place of mankind". To explore such a place, you will face the test of multiple difficulties such as high altitude and high hardship. It requires not only perseverance but also human intelligence, solidarity, adequate preparation, and scientific planning. And all these are needed for mankind's continuous exploration and progress.

Kanas primitive zone is the most beautiful area in the world in terms of scenery. 3 days 60km horseback tour will follow the beautiful unparalleled Kanas River, Hongmu River, primitive forest no man's land, watershed, thousand lakes and swamps, steppes, primitive birch forest, Tuvan tribe, and so on. A trip to such places will make you an expert horse rider, and the beautiful scenery you will never forget will attract you to come back again in your dreams countless times.

Lop Nor is a place that has haunted countless explorers but deterred them. The story of the Silk Road is both fascinating and mysterious, wonderful and chic. The ancient road is rich in historical and humanistic mysteries and endless legends. Although the environment of Lop Nor is harsh and the conditions are difficult, its location on the ancient Silk Road makes it rich in historical and humanistic resources in its vicinity. Due to its unique geographical conditions and peculiar geomorphology, it has formed a unique resource for exploration. With the development of modern technology and the advanced means of exploration, a number of artists, explorers, and adventure enthusiasts have come to the area.

In the southwest corner of China, the complex terrain, many ethnic groups, and unique natural environment have created many places suitable for adventure tourism. One of them is the route from Gaoligong Mountain to the Nujiang River. In particular, many places here are isolated from the world for a long time, which makes it more mysterious and unpredictable. Both explorers and photographers expect to discover something new here.

Tourism in the Three Gorges has its own peculiarities. Because the attractions are spread across both sides of the river, so it is not suitable for driving. Most people usually travel the Three Gorges by water. But for those who like to explore, hiking is the best way to visit the Three Gorges. Once again, it is important to be prepared for the risks involved in exploring the Three Gorges.

The 500-kilometer road from Dunhuang westward to Turpan constitutes the most legendary section of the Silk Road - the Great Sea Road. It is a collection of ancient castles, beacon towers, post stations, prehistoric human settlements, fossil mountains, mirages, desert camel herds, and many rare geographical features. If you start from Turpan and cross the Great Sea Road to Dunhuang, you will deeply appreciate the different beauty between the ethnic customs. There is no greater obstacle to crossing the Great Sea Road than passing through the no man's land here. But after walking the Great Sea Road, you will deeply appreciate the endless beauty left by the Silk Road.

Numerous trestles have been built in the lofty Qinling Mountains. The mountains are high and dense, and the ecology is kept intact. Starting from Guanzhong and crossing the Qinling Mountains, you will cross the north-south divide of China's climate, walk through the largest group of nature reserves in China, and even step into the uninhabited pale plains on the tracks of antelopes and lone wolves. That's what the Qinling adventure is all about.

Tea Horse Road is an ancient link between Yunnan and Tibet and once had a glorious page in the evolution of history. Today, only numerous ruins and monuments remain of the old tea horse road. The complex terrain of Yunnan and Tibet, the twists and turns of history, will bring difficulties for the exploration of the old tea horse route. But the beautiful scenery of Lijiang, Dali, and Shangri-La will be the biggest motivation for your adventure.

Both the Yellow River and the Yangtze River originate in the Bayan Khara Mountains on the Tibetan Plateau. Within a few dozen kilometers of the source, there are more than 100 small pools of water with attractive natural scenery. The source of the Yellow River and the Yangtze River is located on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, where the natural conditions are harsh and suitable for exploration, not for leisure tourism.

What would be your reaction if you knew that there is a place where matriarchal society is still maintained and life is continued through a method called "walking marriage"? Wouldn't you like to visit it? This place is Lugu Lake, which has another beautiful name - Kingdom of Women. Because of the uneven roads and unusual folklore, visiting this place is like an adventure.
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