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If you don’t want to join the fixed date departure group tours with more than 40 people, or even the private tours can not fit your own special time schedule, route, interests, business visit, let us customize your own tour. You deserve a luxury customized China tour.

Maybe you plan to visit your daughter before or during your China tour, maybe you want to combine your company business visit with your China tour together, maybe you just want to have an own unique China tour. Just let us know your arrival date and city, departure date and city, hotel category, food preference, budget.. just fill out the form below, and your amazing tailor-made China tour begins from the next minute.

No more waiting, contact us right now. China Tour Star will fulfill all your need about China custom tours.


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China Custom Tours FAQ

1. What is a custom tour?
A custom tour is a tour arranged and offered specifically for a single group. Your group can be family, friends, students, co-workers, couples, or even yourself. Your group will be provided with a professional and enthusiastic guide who will lead you around China in a friendly, safe and fun way.
2. Why can we trust China Tour Star for our China custom tours?
We have 15 years of experience in travel planning. Our hand-picked local travel experts will help you gain a deeper understanding of your destination. We always offer you the same quality of travel, but at a better value for money. All payments are processed through our secure platform and your personal information is kept safe. To customize your own private tour, simply contact us, share your ideas, and let us know when you'd like to travel. Then we'll create an itinerary based on your personal preferences. Let our travel experts take care of the details so you can spend less time planning and more time traveling.
3. How do you customize tours for us?
We mainly communicate with you via email. We will design a customized China tour for you based on your requirements and ideas. You can also have a phone or video call with us if you need to progress your communication. We will do our best to meet your needs.
4. What travel itineraries are available?
Anything you want! We have a variety of tour options including cultural, historical, shopping, food, and more. They can be personalized to meet your specific interests or needs. You are not limited to these options. We can create a tour for any type of interest or theme. Just tell us what you want to see and do, and we'll make it happen!
5. Do I have to choose an existing itinerary?
This is not necessary. A custom tour means you can choose to create an itinerary that exactly meets your needs with the assistance of our travel consultants. Or you can choose one of our existing itineraries and let your travel consultant modify it to meet the specific needs of your group. This can include the services such as upgrading hotels, adding activities, or changing the mode of transportation. We will accommodate your needs together as conditions permit.
6. How far in advance do I need to arrange a custom tour?
Custom tours can be arranged within 1 hour or take up to 12 months or more. However, for you to have a better travel experience, we recommend that you start planning 6 months in advance. Then your itinerary can be changed more flexibly without any loss.
7. I don't know China very well; can you help us decide where we should go and what we should do?
If you are not sure about the destination and tour time, you can always ask us. You can tell us your travel interests, and your travel consultant will create a specific travel plan for you. Nothing would make us happier than to help you plan an unforgettable vacation in China. We are happy to advise you and we are very experienced with groups with different needs, so we can recommend the best option for your needs.
8. Can we customize our tour and assign a tour guide six months in advance?
While we will try to take your preferences into account, we are unable to confirm your tour guide six months in advance. Tour guides may already be scheduled to lead our other tours or participate in other activities, so it is difficult to guarantee that anyone will be able to lead your tour. At China Tour Star, we set very high standards for our tour guides. They are experienced in leading tours and are very fluent in English. In addition to introducing the attractions, their extensive knowledge of Chinese culture will enrich your tour experience. We are confident that any guide will provide you with excellent service.
9. If we have limited time to travel, is it possible to visit as many sites as possible each day?
You just need to let your travel consultant know your needs. He/she will choose the best attractions for you based on your specific interests and make sense to include more attractions in your travel plans based on your physical condition.
10. I have high requirements for customized tours, can you make it happen for us?
Our custom itineraries are personalized and we will do our best to make your request come true. If you can't find a tour that meets your needs, just fill out the customization form. We will customize a China tour for you based on your specific interests, time, budget, etc.
11. I have friends in Beijing. Is it possible to have free time in Beijing and then help me arrange a customized tour to other cities?
Yes, your customized tour can be very flexible. When you customize your itinerary, you can tell your travel consultant how many days of free time you need. Then we will know when and where to pick you up and restart your tour in another city.
12. Can you arrange vegetarian restaurants for my custom tour?
We are fully able to take care of your dietary needs. Please let your travel consultant know when you book your trip and she/he will arrange restaurants that meet your needs throughout.
13. Is there anything special about China that I can add to my custom tour?
China has thousands of years of history, diverse landscapes, a large multi-ethnic population, and rapid development. China is a country that never ceases to amaze. There is always something new to see or learn in China, and no matter how many times you visit, there are countless reasons to return.

The beauty of China is endless! Besides the Forbidden City in Beijing, the Terracotta Warriors in Xi'an, and the skyscrapers in Shanghai, China is home to many landscapes of unparalleled beauty. If you would like to customize an unusual itinerary, there are many niche attractions we can suggest for you.

China's big cities offer a variety of entertainment options, concerts, clubs, karaoke, and gyms to meet your every need. For more traditional performances, you can also explore Chinese opera performances, watch Chinese Kung Fu shows and exciting acrobatic shows.

Food is also a highlight in China. Due to the vast expanse of China, there are differences in climate, production, customs, and habits, and over time, many flavors have been formed in the diet. Chinese cooking is not only technically exquisite, but also has a focus on the aesthetics of dishes, paying attention to the harmony of color, aroma, taste, shape, and utensils of food. Chinese cooking techniques are also closely related to health care. The medicinal value of food materials is used to make a variety of delicious dishes to prevent and treat certain diseases. If you are interested in Chinese cuisine, you can add a culinary experience to your customized itinerary.

In addition, many elements of Chinese history, culture, and language could be added to your itinerary.
14. Is there a limit to the number of people in a customized tour group?
We can usually arrange tours for any number of people. It can be 1 or 100! Depending on the number of people, we can arrange sightseeing spots, restaurants, hotels, etc. for the appropriate number of people and make your tour more comfortable.
15. What support will I receive on my tailor-made tour?
With a tailor-made tour, we are always here to help you. First and foremost, your safety is our top priority, no matter what type of tour you are taking. Secondly, from the professional consultant who will help you design your China tour and answer any questions you may have, to the guides who will take you to your destination and the ground operations team, you will receive support from them until the end of your tour.
16. Are my travel dates flexible? Can I leave early or push back my departure?
The first step in customizing your China tour starts with choosing the dates that are right for you. If you would like to have free time before or after your tour, we are happy to help you arrange it. However, we recommend that you confirm your travel dates in advance, as additional costs may be incurred if you change your travel dates after you have completed your booking.
17. Is it possible to combine two or more of your trips?
Absolutely. Many groups choose to extend their tour by adding days to the beginning or end of their already customized itinerary. This is a great option for further exploration of China. For these additional days, we can arrange activities and accommodations for you (just like any other day on the tour), or you can choose to arrange your own itinerary. In addition to using our short tours to enrich your already customized tour, you can also combine multiple tours into one exciting adventure. If you are interested in combining multiple itineraries, please contact one of our travel consultants and he/she will help you to customize an ideal itinerary.
18. I have existing travel plans. Can my travel consultant incorporate my plans into the itinerary?
Absolutely. Simply email us with your existing travel plans and your travel consultant will work to bundle your existing plans with our tailor-made itinerary.
19. I like to plan my own tours. Why should I pay you to customize a tour for me?
While most people want to make their tours fulfilling and fun, researching and planning for destinations can be a headache. And it's our job to take care of all your travel concerns. Our expert travel consultants will design a perfect tour for you based on your personal preferences and use our extensive destination knowledge to save you a lot of time. We embrace all your ideas and dreams and want to optimize your time so that your tour can meet your expectations with zero anxiety.
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