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From 0:00 on June 6, the Second-level emergency response to major public health emergencies in Beijing has been lowered to Third-levels. One hour after the news was released, searches for Beijing-based themed tours, vacationsand other tourism products roseby 300%...

China Honeymoon Tours

China tour star is a good choice for couples to experience fun, serenity, and adventure in their honeymoon holiday. Designed with due diligence, our honeymoon packages offer an opportunity for you to

enjoy the thousand years old ancient town, sunny beach, beautiful sunrise on the rice terrace and so on. They will make a perfect backdrop for your romantic moments.

Whether you’re thinking of making dumplings in Beijing or doing skywalk in Shanghai, it’s going to be the trip of a lifetime. Check out our following honeymoon packages and craft your dream vacation.

Most popular Honeymoon Packages

Spend your honeymoon holiday in the most attractive Chinese cities

13 nights 14 days
13 nights 14 days
Beijing-Xi’an-Chengdu-Sanya-Hong Kong
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1-Day Bund-Nanjing Road-Nongtang-Oriental Pearl Tower
12 nights 13 Days
Hong Kong - Guilin - Xi’an - Shanghai – Beijing
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1-Day Ancient City Wall / Big Wild Goose Pagoda Square
13 nights 14 days
Shanghai - Hangzhou –Beijing
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Best Honeymoon Packages by the Sea

Enjoy your honeymoon with sunshine, sea wave and beach.

The most Comfortable Honeymoon Packages

Slowdown and enjoy the scenery with your love.

9 nights 10 Days
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8 night 9 days
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5 night 6 days
Hong Kong and Macau
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What does your dream honeymoon look like?

Customize Your Honeymoon with Chinese Element

Travel is the best medium for pleasure <br>and romance.
Travel is the best medium for pleasure
and romance.
Top 10 destinations in China for Honeymoon.
When is the best time to travel to China.
This tour exceeded my expectations.
10 Facts you need to know before your China photography Tour.

FAQ about China Honeymoon Tour

1. Will I get any special treatment during my honeymoon tour?
A : 18-20 years (wild pandas), beyond 30 years (captive population)
2. What room will we stay?
According to the regulations of the Forbidden City, commercial photography is prohibited in the Forbidden City. Large-scale shooting equipment is NOT allowed to be taken into the Forbidden City. However, if common visitor carries a SLR camera to take photos, it is completely fine. But the use of flashes, tripods, and selfie sticks is prohibited.
3. Are flights included in the price?
A : 18-20 years (wild pandas), beyond 30 years (captive population)
4. How much does it cost for a honeymoon tour in China?
A: 18-20 years (wild pandas), beyond 30 years (captive population)
5. What should I avoid in China?
A: 18-20 years (wild pandas), beyond 30 years (captive population)
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