China Honeymoon Tour

China Honeymoon Tours

China tour star is a good choice for couples to experience fun, serenity, and adventure in their honeymoon holiday. Designed with due diligence, our honeymoon packages offer an opportunity for you to

enjoy the thousand years old ancient town, sunny beach, beautiful sunrise on the rice terrace and so on. They will make a perfect backdrop for your romantic moments.

Whether you’re thinking of making dumplings in Beijing or doing skywalk in Shanghai, it’s going to be the trip of a lifetime. Check out our following honeymoon packages and craft your dream vacation.

Most popular Honeymoon Packages

Spend your honeymoon holiday in the most attractive Chinese cities

13 nights 14 days
Beijing-Xi’an-Chengdu-Sanya-Hong Kong
Explore ancient cities.
Get close to nature in Guilin.
Flexible travel pace.
1-Day Bund-Nanjing Road-Nongtang-Oriental Pearl Tower
Hong Kong - Guilin - Xi’an - Shanghai – Beijing
Explore ancient cities.
Get close to nature in Guilin.
Flexible travel pace.
1-Day Ancient City Wall / Big Wild Goose Pagoda Square
Shanghai - Hangzhou –Beijing
Explore ancient cities.
Get close to nature in Guilin.
Flexible travel pace.

Best Honeymoon Packages by the Sea

Enjoy your honeymoon with sunshine, sea wave and beach.

9-Day honeymoon City
Shanghai, Haikou, Sanya, Beijing
Explore ancient cities.
Get close to nature in Guilin.
Flexible travel pace.
10-Day honeymoon Pearl Tower
Beijing, Sanya, Hong Kong
Explore ancient cities.
Get close to nature in Guilin.
Flexible travel pace.

The most Comfortable Honeymoon Packages

Slowdown and enjoy the scenery with your love.

9 nights 10 Days
Explore ancient cities.
Get close to nature in Guilin.
Flexible travel pace.
8 night 9 days
Explore ancient cities.
Get close to nature in Guilin.
Flexible travel pace.
5 night 6 days
Hong Kong and Macau
Explore ancient cities.
Get close to nature in Guilin.
Flexible travel pace.

What does your dream honeymoon look like?

Customize Your Honeymoon with Chinese Element

Travel is the best medium for pleasure
and romance.
Top 10 destinations in China for Honeymoon.
When is the best time to travel to China.
This tour exceeded my expectations.
10 Facts you need to know before your China photography Tour.

China Honeymoon Tour FAQ

1. What is the perfect honeymoon?
A honeymoon is not an ordinary vacation. We are very aware of how important a honeymoon is to a newlywed couple. That's why we have traveled all over China to find the most romantic, luxurious, relaxing, adventurous, intimate, and glamorous places for you. But there is no "one-size-fits-all" way to plan your honeymoon. The perfect honeymoon should be the one you have in mind. Let our team of experts provide you with attentive service to make your honeymoon dreams come true.
2. What is the perfect length of a China honeymoon tour?
The length of your China honeymoon tour is up to you. No matter how many days you choose, no matter which destination you choose to visit, we can create your perfect honeymoon according to your personal requirements.
3. How do we find a destination that we can all enjoy?
We have a team of travel experts. They will recommend the right destination for you to have a great honeymoon. You can email us, call us and thus ensure that your ideas are fully available to us. If you want to create a surprise for your love, you can also tell us secretly. The next step is to wait for the miracle to happen.
4. We can only take a few days off; can you still plan a nice honeymoon for us?
Of course, we can. Though your trip is shorter, it doesn't mean we can't offer you a memorable honeymoon. There are some destinations that are perfect for a mini-honeymoon, like a beach. Leave your honeymoon plans to us and you're sure to get exactly what you want out of your honeymoon.
5. Do you know the best hotels for my China honeymoon tour?
Yes. We work well with the best boutique hotels in China and are committed to providing you with the perfect place to spend your honeymoon. The hotels know us well, and likewise, we know the hotels well, like Club Med Sanya Resort. Sanya is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in China, with a wide variety of resorts, including the famous Club Med Sanya Resort. The Club Med staff takes care of the entire process, from the meals to the entertainment schedule, and even takes the wedding photos in the unique scenery inside and outside the resort as a professional photographer. So that the couple can enjoy the romantic and relaxed atmosphere of the honeymoon from morning to night. In addition, couples who provide a marriage certificate within a year can also enjoy a free "honeymoon" package, including such things as a welcome card, room decoration, wine, Club Med couple T-shirts, etc. The resort will also provide unexpected surprises depending on the situation.

In addition to Club Med Sanya Resort, Yalong Bay Earthly Paradise Bird's Nest Resort is also one of the most suitable honeymoon resorts. This resort is accompanied by the mountains and facing the sea, known as the natural oxygen bar. The resort is built in the middle of the jungle, and the excellent privacy is also a good choice for a honeymoon tour.

Banyan Tree is a brand made for honeymoons, and Banyan Tree Sanya is no exception. Banyan Tree Sanya is in Sanya Luhuitou Scenic Area (also known as Lovers' Bay). The neat rows of all-pool single-family villas are hidden amidst 130,000 square meters of verdant tropical gardens. Banyan Tree Sanya's award-winning spa and unique dining experience have attracted many celebrity couples to the resort. We can also help you book a couples' honeymoon setup, the popular floating breakfast, and floating afternoon tea. Enjoy a fabulous honeymoon by your private pool.

Among the green hills and blue waters, the moment of romance with your love is the most beautiful memory of a lifetime. At Shangri-La Guilin, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Li River and a luxurious and comfortable stay. Newlyweds can enjoy daily sumptuous breakfasts and exclusive special offers on the Executive Floor of the Deluxe Pavilion. If you are interested, you can also enjoy a 90-minute tour of the Li River aboard an exclusive yacht and a gourmet dinner prepared by the Executive Chef on board.

Lijiang was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. It is aptly called the "Venice of the East". Banyan Tree Lijiang is located 2,000 meters above sea level, with temperate climate and pristine surroundings that add to its ethereal charm. You and your loved one can explore the magnificent scenery of Lijiang while experiencing the legendary charm of the Naxi Kingdom. In addition, you can also enjoy the majestic and legendary Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. It is like a sacred shrine that has been guarding the minorities here since ancient times.
6. Can you recommend the best restaurants for our China honeymoon tour? Can you make reservations for us?
Yes, your travel consultant will provide you with the latest restaurant recommendations from around the world based on your needs. Once we know your dining preferences, we will get in touch with the restaurant to secure a reservation.
7. What time do we need to start planning our honeymoon?
There is no hard and fast rule on the ideal time to book your honeymoon, but we recommend at least six months in advance. This makes it possible to enjoy greater discounts on airline and hotel reservations. Also, usually the closer you are to the time of travel, the higher the airfare and hotel rates will be. So, let's not take that chance.
8. We are looking for a once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon tour, where would you recommend?
Beijing is the capital of China, and its sights and grandeur should make it a must-see on your honeymoon tour. Beijing is home to the Forbidden City, the largest royal palace in China, and boasts the Badaling Great Wall, one of the seven wonders of the world. In addition to enjoying these major attractions, shopping, foot massage, and bars are all available to enrich your honeymoon tour.

Shanghai is one of the largest cities in the world. It is a global financial and cultural center. It is known for its Lujiazui skyline, stunning modern architecture, beautiful historical sites, rich history, and vibrant cultural life. In Shanghai, you can experience the beauty of Chinese art history at the Shanghai Museum, the decorative arts at the best of the Former French Concession, the beauty of Chinese gardens at Yu Garden, and the ancient and modern architecture of Shanghai on the Bund.

Xi'an has a history of over 3,000 years. It plays such an important role in China's tourist itinerary that there is a saying; "If you haven't been to Xi'an, you haven't been to China". As one of the four ancient capitals of China, Xi'an is home to the Terracotta Warriors and is the eastern terminus of the Silk Road. You can explore the rich historical sites here, such as the Terracotta Warriors and Horses, the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, and the ancient city wall.

Guilin is a very romantic city. Many love stories have happened here, such as Liu Sanjie started their love story by singing in antiphonal style with her love. In Guilin, you can take a cruise on the Li River and explore the beautiful scenery on both sides of the river with your loved one. You can also ride a bike together in Yangshuo and experience the serenity of the countryside. In Guilin, you can surely spend a perfect honeymoon. Lock your love in this exquisite city and let the mountains and rivers witness your sweetness!

Sanya is known as the paradise of romance. It is a happy thing for two people to go to Sanya for their honeymoon after getting married. Two people can walk on the beach looking at the blue water, lying on the beach chairs to enjoy the endless sea. Or you can also play at the beach and take a boat out to enjoy the sea view.

Hangzhou is famous for its scenic tourist attractions since ancient times. It is definitely a romantic thing to come here for a honeymoon. The Italian Marco Polo praised Hangzhou as the most beautiful and luxurious place in the world. You can imagine how relaxing and romantic it is for couples to hold hands and walk around West Lake! In addition to the beautiful scenery, Hangzhou also has delicious food. A cup of Longjing tea after dinner would be perfect.

Lhasa is a place to cleanse your mind. It is also quite good to go together on a honeymoon tour. In addition to visiting classic sites like the Potala Palace, Norbulingka, the Jokhang Temple and Barkhor Street, you can also experience Tibetan culture. If you are interested, you can also buy some ethnic style handicrafts and specialties.

Chengdu is the paradise of food in people's minds. If you both love food, Chengdu is definitely a good place for a honeymoon. Whether it's the toothsome Sichuan cuisine or the spicy and fragrant hot pot will make you salivate. Whether it's in Chunxi Road or Jinli and Kuanzhai Alley, you can eat from afternoon to early morning. Of course, there are also many classic attractions in Chengdu, such as Panda Base, Wuhou Shrine Museum, Leshan Buddha, etc. In addition, Xiamen, Zhangjiajie and other cities are also worth visiting.
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