Relaxing China Senior Tour with Fine Beach

10 Days Hong Kong-Sanya-Beijing

What is China in your impression? Is it the old buildings and all kinds of delicious food, or the cute pandas and the majestic Great Wall? This time we will take you to experience a different China. Landed in Hong Kong, you will visit this highly prosperous free port and international metropolis in China. Then you will go to Hainan and enjoy the beach and sunshine there. Of course, don't miss the delicious tropical fruits. Finally, we will arrive in Beijing. This city combines history and modernity. Walking into the Forbidden City and climbing the Great Wall, you will see a different China. Set up with this 10-day China senior tour and enjoy a leisure China vacation.

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Day by Day Itinerary
Day 1 Hong Kong Arrival
You will arrive in Hong Kong

When you arrive in Hong Kong, our guide will meet you at the airport. Then you will be transferred to the hotel.

Hong Kong has many titles such as “The City of Life”, “Shopping Paradise”, “the most vertical city”. But you may not know that such an international city is developed from a small fishing village. There are many other interesting stories of Hong Kong waiting for you to explore. Follow our step and learn about the authentic Hong Kong. 

Option: Are you looking for a special airport pick-up service? Do you want to be treated as a VIP by your guide and driver when you just arrive? We can make it come true. Besides the ordinary pick-up service with common vehicles, you can choose luxurious cars such as Benz, Lincoln. When you arrive at the hotel, you can get a VIP check-in which can help you skip the line in the lobby. Don’t hesitate to tell us your requirement. And we will make your tour customized at the very beginning.

Day 2 Hong Kong
Victoria Peak, peak tram, Aberdeen Fishing Village, Stanley Market

Today, you will enjoy a half-day tour.

In the morning, we will take you to Victoria Peak. Victoria Peak is the most famous tourist attraction in Hong Kong. Its photos are printed on many postcards of Hong Kong. You will reach the top of the mountain by peak tram. This is the earliest funicular in Asia. After reaching the top of the mountain, you can visit the Peak Tower. There is an exhibition hall that can help you understand the development of Hong Kong. 

And then we will take you to visit the Aberdeen Fishing Village. As we all know Hong Kong is an island. So, the earliest industry that developed in Hong Kong is fishing. And there used to be many fishing villages. But with the development of Hong Kong, most of the fishing villages have been replaced by high buildings. Aberdeen Fishing Village is one of the few well-preserved remaining fishing villages. Here you can see the most primitive appearance of Hong Kong. There are stilt houses on the water, old fish boat, local fishermen and so on. 

After that, we will visit go to the Stanley Market which is in the south of Hong Kong Island. It is a famous market in Hong Kong where you can find all kinds of souvenirs, postcards, and restaurants. It will be a good choice to enjoy a relaxing afternoon here with shopping and eating. If you come on the second weekend of the month, you will encounter many art exhibitions. This is called Stanley Arts market. 

Option: Temple Street is a food street and also a night market in Hong Kong. If you want to get the most authentic taste in Hong Kong, I will recommend you to visit here. Fish ball is one of the most popular snacks in Hong Kong. According to statistics, the famous fish ball shop can sell 15,000 fish balls within one day. The ingredient of the fish ball is fresh fish meat. They will deep fry the fish ball and then add some spicy sauce to it. If you like other flavors, you can also ask for sour& spicy sauce or barbecue sauce. Don’t miss this delicious snack when you are in Hong Kong. 

Victoria Peak
Stanley Market
Day 3 Hong Kong
Lantau Island, Ngong Ping Cable Car, Polin Monastery, Tai O Fishing Village

Today we will take you to visit Lantau Island. You will take the Ngong Ping Cable Car. This cable car connects Tung Chung and Ngong Ping, Lantau Island. It is the largest cable car system in the world. The cabin is with a diamond-shaped design, and each cabin has 10 seats. Besides, there is a special space for wheelchair users in the cabin. There are about 70 cabins in the entire system, which can carry 3,500 passengers per hour from Tung Chung to Ngong Ping. Passengers can enjoy the 360-degree view of the beautiful scenery in the cable car. 

And then you can visit the Polin Monastery. This is the most popular monastery in Hong Kong. And Dharma Assembly will be held here at times to pray for blessing for people. Besides, there is the largest seated bronze Buddha statue in the world. The bronze Buddha statue weighs about 250,000 kilograms and is 34 meters high. It is said that due to the restriction of the geographical location at that time, the construction of the big Buddha took more than 6 years. The Buddha sits cross-legged and looks straight ahead with a kind gaze, which gives people a sense of sacred solemnity from a distance. Many people are worshiping the Buddha here. 

And then we will visit the Tai O Fishing Village. This was once Hong Kong's main fishing area. Although fishing is no longer a major industry in Hong Kong now, there are still some fishermen living here. They will build their house on the water which is supported with wooden sticks. It looks simple and crude. But in hundred years ago, when Hong Kong is a small fishing village, this kind of stilt houses is almost everywhere. There are also Guanyin Temple, Guangdi Temple, and other buildings to visit. If you want to buy some specialties, the kipper here is a good choice.   

Option: If you want to experience the nightlife of young men in Hong Kong, you must go to the Lan Kwai Fong. This is the most popular bar street in Hong Kong. And it is also a good place to have a drink and chat with your friends. Lan Kwai Fong is located in Central Hong Kong. Although the whole street is not long, it is packed with various restaurants and bars. Even if you come here at midnight or early morning, it is lively here.

Lantau Island
Polin Monastery
Day 4 Hong KongSanya
From Hong Kong to Sanya

Today, we will take you to the airport and you will take a flight to Sanya. Your guide will hold your name sign and wait for you at the airport. And then you will be transferred to your hotel.

Sanya is located in the south of China. The land area of Sanya is about 1,900 square kilometers, but its sea area has reached 6,000 square kilometers. So it is a coastal city full of tropical style. Besides, Sanya is also a city where many ethnic groups gather. There are more than 20 ethnic minorities such as Li, and Miao Nationality. High air quality, beautiful beaches, and colorful ethnic minority culture make Sanya one of the top ten livable cities in China. Sanya has a tropical maritime monsoon climate. The annual average temperature is 25 degrees. But the ultraviolet rays here are strong. So, bringing sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats is necessary when you come.

Day 5 Sanya
Dadonghai Scenic Area, Luhuitou Park, First Market

This morning, we will first visit the Dadonghai Scenic Area. Dadonghai is the earliest-developed beach in Sanya with a long coastline and fine sands. There are a seaside square, sightseeing submarines, diving bases, and various water activities and beach sports all year round. Walking three or four hundred meters east of the beach, you will see a small coastal park. There is a hill in the park and a sea-viewing pavilion on the top of the hill where you can overlook the beautiful scenery of the sea.

And then we will visit Luhuitou Park. There is a sculpture in the park, which is a deer looking back. It is from the local legend. A handsome young Li nationality hunter came here after chasing a deer. Seeing the vast sea ahead, the deer had no way to go. The deer stopped suddenly, standing on the cliff and looking back at the young man. The deer's eyes were clear and beautiful, and the young man was moved and put down the bow and arrow in his hands. Later, the deer turned into a beautiful Li nationality girl and married the young man. The sculpture built according to this beautiful love legend has become the city symbol sculpture of Sanya, and Sanya is named "Deer City" because of this.

After that, we will visit the First Market. It is the most popular business district in Sanya. The 600-meter-long shopping street is also Sanya's pedestrian street. Almost all the daily necessities are available here such as fruits, seafood, and Sanya specialty snacks. If you want to buy some seafood here, I will recommend you to ask the price in 3 – 4 shops before you buy. In this way, you can get the seafood you want at the best price. 

Dadonghai Scenic Area
Luhuitou Park
Day 6 Sanya
Wuzhizhou Island

Today, you will visit Wuzhizhou Island. Wuzhizhou Island is called the “Maldives of China”. The visibility of the sea here can reach up to 27 meters. There are many rare trees on the island such as the dracaena tree which is called the longest-lived plant in the world. It can live as long as 8,000-10,000 years. In addition to the beautiful natural scenery, the island also has various kinds of holiday villas, bars, tennis courts, seafood restaurants, and other supporting facilities. The colorful submarine coral reefs in the southern part of the island are well protected. If you love to dive, there must be your best choice. The underwater world here is worth exploring. Besides, fishing, playing beach volleyball, and riding beach motorcycles are all popular here. There are more than 30 marine and beach entertainment projects. 

If you do not want to do outdoor activities, you can go to the tea house and enjoy a cup of tea while admiring the matchless sea view. The most famous place the tasting Chinese tea is an old building. It has a history of more than 100 years. There used to be a place to enshrine Cang Jie, who is regarded as the inventor of Chinese characters. I am sure you will spend a perfect day. 

Wuzhizhou Island
Wuzhizhou Island
Day 7 SanyaBeijing
From Sanya to Beijing

After breakfast, you will be transferred to the airport and take an estimated flight MF8394 12:25/16:15 to Beijing. Your guide will take you to the hotel in Beijing.

Beijing is the capital of China. Numerous delicacies, cultural buildings, historical sites, and high-end hotels are gathered here. Beijing has distinctive four seasons. That means the highest temperature can reach 38℃(100.4℉) in summer. And in winter, there will be snow. So do not forget to take a heavy coat if you come to Beijing between December and February. 

Day 8 Beijing
Tian’anmen Square, Forbidden City, Gallery of Clocks, Treasure Gallery, Summer Palace

Today, you will start your Beijing tour. We will first visit Tian’anmen Square and the Forbidden City. 

Tian’anmen Square is in the center of Beijing city. It is the venue for many important events in China. As the largest city square in the world, it can accommodate up to 1 million people at the same time. Taking pictures in front of Tian’anmen Square is a must-do thing for all the tourists to Beijing.

And then you will see the Forbidden City(It is closed each Monday). It used to be the imperial palace for ancient Chinese emperors in the Ming and Qing dynasties. The building with red walls and yellow tiles can be only used for the imperial household at that time. So, it is also the symbol of power. Nowadays, the Forbidden City has become a national museum. Countless jade, porcelain, celebrity paintings and calligraphy, bronze ware, etc. are displayed here. Different from others who only visit the main halls in the Forbidden City, you will visit the Gallery of Clocks and the Treasure Gallery. The Treasure Hall contains various gems, glittering gold and silver ornamentation, golden phoenix crowns, ivory carvings, etc.; the most prominent one is a large jade carving weighing 5,000 kilograms. And 123 Chinese and foreign clocks in the 18th century are exhibited in the Gallery of Clocks. At that time, Chinese clocks were mostly decorated with gold and jewelry. The British and French clocks are mostly in the shape of Western architecture. 

After lunch, we will visit the Summer Palace. From its name, you may think it is a palace like the Forbidden City. But in fact, it is a royal garden. The reason why it is called the Summer Palace is that Emperors in Qing Dynasty (1636-1912) will live and handle national affairs here in Summer. Because of the Kunming Lake and the dense trees here, even in the midsummer, you will not feel the heat. And there is the longest corridor in the Chinese garden, and it can help you enjoy the beautiful scenery no matter it is rainy or snowy outside.  

Forbidden City
Summer Palace
Day 9 Beijing
Ming Tombs, Ding Tomb, Great Wall

In the morning, we will drive for about 1 hour (45KM) to visit the Ming Tombs. It is to the northwest of Beijing City. Chinese people pay much attention to Fengshui. And they believe a good tomb location can bring endless blessing for descendant. The ancient Chinese emperors are no exception. So, they will spend a lot of time choosing and build their tombs. Today, we will visit the Ding Tomb which is the tomb of the thirteenth emperor. And there are 2 empresses buried together with him. Ding Tomb is the only tomb that has been excavated. More than 3,000 artifacts of various types were unearthed from the Ding Tomb Underground Palace, including gold, silver, jade, jewelry, golden crowns, phoenix crowns, imperial robe, etc.

After lunch, we will drive for about 1 hour (40KM) to visit the Great Wall. It is to the northeast of Ming Tombs. The Great Wall is an important military defense project in ancient China. The Great Wall, which stretches for tens of thousands of miles, was not built in one dynasty. From the historical records, there are records of building the Great Wall from the West Zhou Dynasty (1046BC) and the construction lasted to the Qing Dynasty (1636AD.) It takes more than 2,000 years. Take a cable car up to the Great Wall, you will have a chance to feel the history in person. 

And then we will drive back to your hotel.

Ming Tombs
Great Wall
Day 10 Beijing Departure
You will fly back to your sweet home

After breakfast, we will take you to the airport and then you will fly back to your home. 


Editor: Betsy He

Proofreader: Tina Jia

This tour ends here
Tour Map
City Five Star hotel list Four Star hotel list
Hong Kong Harbour Grand Kowloon Harbour Plaza North Point Hotel
Sanya Grand Hyatt Sanya Haitang Bay Resort and Spa Hilton Garden Inn Sanya
Beijing Sunworld Dynasty Hotel Beijing Wangfujing Sunworld Hotel Wangfujing
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