Shanhai Pass Great Wall Bullet Train Tour

1 Day Beijing-Shanhaiguan

Welcome to our Shanhai Pass Great Wall tour package! The Great Wall has become a symbol of the great unity of the Chinese nation since its construction. And the Shanhaiguan Great Wall is of the most representative sections of the Great Wall. It has attracted countless people at home and aboard every year due to its profound history as well as its position in China. During this tour, you will visit Qinhuangqiuxianruhaichu that the first emperor in the history of China once visited. Moreover, you will get closer to the Shanhai Great Wall of China by exploring the Shanhai Pass and the Shanhaiguan City. Our professionally trained guide will also bring you to the Laolongtou Great Wall Section. It will amaze you with its unparalleled seascape.

Shanhai Pass Great Wall Bullet Train Tour
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Day by Day Itinerary
Day 1 Beijing
From Beijing to Shanhaiguan by train, Qinhuangqiuxianruhaichu, Shanhai Pass, Shanhaiguan City, Laolongtou Great Wall Section, from Shanhaiguan to Beijing by train

After our tour guide picks you up at the hotel in Beijing urban area, you will take the estimated train G4611 07:02/09:21 to Shanhaiguan Railway Station.

Upon your arrival at the railway station, your tour guide will take you to Qinhuangqiuxianruhaichu for sightseeing by car. Occupying an area of 19 hectares, it is rich in pleasant natural sceneries, with the profound Chinese culture. Its long name literally means the place where Qin Shi Huang, the First Emperor of Qin Dynasty (259-210 BC) sought immortality. It is recorded that Qin Shi Huang pacified the frequent wars across the country by arms of force in 221 BC. Then after ten years of ruling the nation, he began to find ways to live forever and continue his regime. One of those ways was to make pills of immortality by alchemy. Meanwhile, he went to worship the sea and sent two groups of alchemists to the sea to seek immortality. Later, the place was known as today’s Qinhuangqiuxianruhaichu. When you walk on the plank road here you will see the statue of Qin Shi Huang. The figure is holding an ancient wine goblet to his chest, praying piously with eyes fixed on the sea in the distance. You may take pictures of it and share them with your friends.

Then, we will drive to the Shanhai Pass, which is billed as the First Pass under Heaven. It served as an important fortress for the capital during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Now, it becomes a popular tourist attraction across China for its ancient history and architectural styles.

After lunch, you will visit the Shanhaiguan City, an ancient city with a perimeter of about 4 kilometers. It is about 14 meters high and 7 meters thick, encompassing four main gates and various defense buildings. Besides, the whole city is linked with the Great Wall as an important military defense system at that time. It is also recognized as a masterpiece of ancient and modern times. From it, you can sense the excellence of ancient Chinese architecture during this Shanhai Pass Great Wall Tour.

Later, you will be driven to the Laolongtou Great Wall Section (‘Old Dragon’s Head’). As the only section of the Great Wall in the sea, it is known as the eastern starting point of the Great Wall. It stretches through the Shanhai Pass, extending into the towering mountains. After many years, it still preserves its original look due to continuous maintenance. Furthermore, because of the special location of this section of the Great Wall, it looks like an old dragon head coming out of the sea.

After that, you will take the estimated train G4062 17:28/20:55 to Beijing. And your tour guide will meet you there and take you to the hotel. This will be the end of this Great Wall Tour to Shanhai Pass.

Laolongtou Great Wall Section
Shanhai Pass

Author:Weiran Yan


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