Simatai Great Wall tour with Water Town

1 Day Simatai and Gubei Water Town

The Great Wall, one of the wonders in the world, is famed for its scale and span of construction as well as for the great quantities of labor involved. Do you want to visit it? Our Simatai Great Wall tour can offer you a wonderful tour experience. During a day-long journey, you can go to the Simatai Great Wall of China, which represents the rhythmic flow of the Great Wall as it rises to the crests of mountains and falls into deep valleys. On top of that, you can pay a visit to Gubei Water Town at the foot of the Simatai Great Wall. When you stand on the Simatai Section, you will see the mountains covered with clouds on both sides of the wall on resembles a giant dragon reaching the sky. It is extremely magnificent! When you are in Gubei Water Town, the view that ancient buildings in the town are built along a river while pretty willows stand by each side is accessible. In a word, you will certainly enjoy yourself in our tour program.

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Day by Day Itinerary
Day 1 Beijing
Beijing Water Town, Simatai Great Wall 

Upon your arrival in Beijing this morning, your guide will pick you up at the airport. Then you will be driven northeast for about 2 hours to Beijing Water Town, 141 kilometers away from the urban center of Beijing. As its name suggests, the whole town boasts a network of canals. Located at the foot of Simatai Great Wall, the town, which is more than one thousand years old, covers an area of 9 square kilometers. There are rows of ancient buildings, stone-paved streets, and long yet peaceful alleys, all of which present a northern architectural style in the period of the Republic of China. Besides, all the buildings are built along the river while willows are planted on each side. On a bright day, the banks of the brooks, the golden sands beneath the waters, the fragrance of the willows by the river, and the white clouds that float high over the giant trees will make you feel like being a Xanadu.

There are many folk cultural activities in Beijing Water Town, such as Sugar-figure Blowing, Stilts, Yangge (Chinese folk dance), dragon dance, and lion dance. Sometimes, veteran noodle-maker of the restaurant along the street will show you the art of kneading dough, which there are not many left with such an art.

The church at the hilltop is considered the best place to overlook the whole town. Although it takes some effort for you to climb up, the view of the hilltop will make you feel very worthwhile. Looking from the church, you can see the Yuantong Tower and the Simatai Great Wall. Besides, a telescope on the top of the mountain is available for free.

Zhenyuan Escort House is one of the must-go attractions in Beijing Water Town. In ancient times, the state was politically unstable and the people were suffering. In this context, some people had to fall into the trap for making a living. That was the time when Escort House was born as people attending it could obtain money if they did what was paid for. A tour of Zhenyuan Escort House enables you to experience the real life of the Escorts.

No one can visit Beijing Water Town without visiting the Simatai Great Wall nearby. After enjoying lunch, let’s start the Simatai Great Wall Tour. People often say that the Great Wall is the best in the world while the Simatai Great Wall is the best in China. Built on a steep ridge, the Simatai Section is extremely magnificent, with a mandarin duck lake (the intersection of cold springs and hot springs) at its foot. When a breeze ripples the surface of the lucid lake, Along the wall, the adjacent two ramparts, at intervals of no more than 140 meters, were able to protect the enemy most effectively. Besides, the ramparts differ from each other in architecture, which adds charm to the Great Wall. Surprisingly, the Simatai Great Wall retains the original appearance of the Ming Great Wall, without any unnecessary processing or repair work. In other words, when walking on the wall, every brick you step on is a relic of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Therefore, it is a “real” historical site, which can not be compared to the other sections of the Great Wall like the Badaling Section that has been top by later generations.

Water Town
Simatai Great Wall

Author: Xie Peng

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