Guilin Short Tour from Hong Kong

4 Days Hong Kong–Guilin–Hong Kong

Have you ever heard that Guilin's landscape is the best in the world? Do you want to take a cruise to see the fascinating Guilin and Li River? With the opening of the high-speed train between Hong Kong and Guilin, visiting Guilin from Hong Kong has become a choice for many tourists. In Hong Kong, you only need to take about 3 hours of high-speed train to reach Guilin. Don't need to worry about the distance between the two cities. Take a look at the following itinerary from Hong Kong to Guilin. After arriving in Guilin from Hong Kong, you will take a cruise to Yangshuo and enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way. Want to make your trip more meaningful? We will also take you to visit the beautiful rice terraces. Finally, you will take the high-speed train back to Hong Kong. Such convenient transportation and such beautiful Guilin are waiting for you to experience.

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Day by Day Itinerary
Day 1 Hong KongGuilin
From Hong Kong to Guilin

When you arrive in Hong Kong, you will meet your guide at the airport. If you are in Hong Kong, your guide will meet you at the hotel lobby. And then you will be transferred to the train station and take an estimated train G408 12:05/15:25 to Guilin. Have a good rest and you will start a wonderful tour in the following days.

When it comes to Guilin, I have to say that it has a picturesque natural landscape. The unique geographical location gave birth to the peculiar karst landforms here. Besides, the Li River flows through the city, making the city alive. In addition to the natural landscape, Guilin is also a city with thousands of years of history. A total of 169 prehistoric sites have been discovered in Guilin, making it one of the cities with the richest and most concentrated prehistoric cultural sites in China. Such a city with a long history and diverse natural landscapes is a must for many tourists to China.

Day 2 Guilin
Li River, Yangshuo West Street

After breakfast, you will take a cruise and visit the Li River. The Li River Scenic Area has the world's largest and most beautiful karst landscape. It is the most worth visiting attraction in Guilin. The mountains of the Li River have different shapes, and the water is crystal clear. Tourists take a cruise as if they are in a landscape painting. When you are away from the noise and pressure of the city and walk into nature, you will feel very relaxed and happy. About 37 kilometers away from Guilin, you will see a peak. The stone on the top of the peak looks like a man looking to the north. A stone on the mountainside resembles the image of a woman carrying a baby. Legend has it that they are a family, and their boat ran aground when they arrived here. The husband climbed to the top of the mountain to see if there were any ships in the distance, but he hasn’t found any ship. Later, the husband became a stone, and the stone still looks to the north here day and night. His wife took the child to the top of the mountain to find her husband. When she went to the mountainside, she found that her husband had turned into a stone. She was so sad that she became a stone with the child. This is the legend of this peak. Ancient Chinese people like to use stones as a metaphor for loyal love. 

Today, you will have lunch on the cruise. 

And then you will disembark at Yangshuo. We will take you to visit Yangshuo West Street. It is also called Bar Street. In the early 1970s, Yangshuo was officially opened to the public. After enjoying the scenery of the Li River, many tourists came to Yangshuo and accidentally walked into West Street and found that there is such a charming street among the mountains. Those people who are physically and mentally exhausted by the hustle and bustle of the downtown area and fast-paced work seem to have found a haven for rest here. Many tourists linger here because they were obsessed with West Street. Some people live here for a few days, and some live here for several months even half a year. From the 1970s to the 1990s, nearly 40 foreign leaders visited West Street including the parliamentary leaders, vice presidents, deputy prime ministers, and cabinet ministers. Nixon, Carter, and Bush, who were former US presidents, went to Yangshuo and strolled on West Street. Carter and his wife even rode bicycles on the street. They all praised Yangshuo's scenery and folk customs. It is a good place for shopping, eating, and fun. There are many interesting souvenir shops and handicraft shops. Various styles and cultures collide here. It is worth a visit. 

Option: Impression Sanjie Liu Performance

Sanjie Liu is a girl in Guilin’s legend. She is the representative of Courage and Kindness. Impression Sanjie Liu performance is divided into seven parts. The classic folk songs, national customs, and Li River fishing are expressed in artistic form. It is especially worth mentioning that the more than 600 performers participating in the performance are not professional actors, but local fishermen and ethnic minority girls. Therefore, what you can enjoy is the authentic life on the Li River. With the coordination of the magnificent real landscape background, lighting, music, and dance, the performance is very shocking.

This performance starts at 19:30 and lasts about 60 minutes. If you want to enjoy this show, we can book tickets for you in advance. 


1. As it is an outdoor performance, if it rains during the performance, please wear the raincoat prepared by the theater; if it meets thunder and lightning, the performance may be delayed, suspended, or even terminated. 

2. There may be mosquitoes in summer. It is recommended to prepare mosquito repellent water in advance; in winter, it is windy. So we will suggest you wear a heavy coat. 

3. Do not walk around the area near the river.

4. There are restrooms in the scenic spot, and eye-catching signs are marked in the ticket hall.

Yangshuo West Street
Li River
Day 3 Guilin
Rice Terrace, Ping’an Village

After breakfast, we will drive about 2 hours to Longsheng. And you will visit the famous Rice Terrace there. Longsheng is Located in Nanling Mountain, and it is the place where the originally cultivated japonica rice appeared 6,000 to 12,000 years ago. It is also one of the birthplaces of artificially cultivated rice in the world. Longsheng terraced fields have a history of at least 2,300 years and can be called as the home of the world's terraced fields. The terraces are spread out on the mountain layer by layer. The rice terraces are like chains, winding from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain. It makes the small mountains look like escargots. When no crops are growing, it is filled with water. It appears sparkling in the sunlight. When rice grows on it, it is a green ocean, like a huge carpet. 

After lunch, you will also visit the Ping’an Village which is an ancient village. Ping’an Village is also a minority village. This is the place where the customs of the Zhuang ethnic group are best preserved in Guangxi Province. Unique costumes, traditional folk dances, and friendly people make this village more cultural and attractive. It is said that most of the villagers here migrated from the coastal area. To express their respect for the sea, the villagers still retain blue and white streamers on their headwear. Besides, it is also a good place to appreciate the terraces. The unique geographical location can give tourists an excellent angle of view to appreciate the beauty of Longsheng rice terraces. After that, we will drive back to Guilin.

Option: bamboo-tube-cooked rice is a popular food in the Zhuang Nationality. The method of making bamboo rice is very simple. Put the soaked rice into a bamboo tube that is sawn from fresh bamboo, add an appropriate amount of water, and then block the mouth of the bamboo tube tightly with banana leaves. Then put it in the charcoal fire. When the surface of the bamboo tube is scorched, the rice is ready. Split the bamboo tube, there is the fragrance of bamboo and the rice. If you mix lean pig meat with glutinous rice and some salt, put it in a bamboo tube, and roast it into salty glutinous rice, it will be much more delicious. It is a delicacy to entertain guests. 

Rice Terrace
Ping‘an Village
Day 4 GuilinHong Kong
From Guilin to Hong Kong, and fly back to your sweet home

In the morning, you will take an estimated train G319 12:58/15:57 to Hong Kong. Your guide will pick you up from the train station. If you plan to fly back to your sweet home, the guide will take you to the airport. Otherwise, you will be transferred to your hotel. 


Author: Betsy He

Proofreader: Tina Jia

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