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Many people are looking for a great Yangshuo itinerary. You can look at our tour arrangement. This is a trip from Hong Kong to Guilin and then to Yangshuo. Our itinerary includes not only the Li River Cruise in Guilin, but also popular attractions such as Yangshuo West Street, Xingping Ancient Town and Elephant Trunk Hill. In addition, we will also provide excellent Guilin tour guides, hotels and restaurants that can be booked according to your own requirements. If you have special needs, such as high-end restaurants or luxury cars, you can contact us. We will customize the itinerary for you according to your needs. Are you still hesitating to know which city in China to travel to? Have you also ordered a flight to Hong Kong? Do you want to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Guilin on a cruise? Contact us and we will take you to realize your dreams.

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Day by Day Itinerary
Day 1 Hong KongGuilin
From Hong Kong to Guilin

Welcome to Hong Kong, China! Your guide in Hong Kong will pick you up from the airport or your hotel lobby. And then you will take an estimated train G408 12:05/15:25 to Guilin. There is also a guide wait for you at the Guilin train station. 

Option: Are you already in Hong Kong? Maybe you want to start your China tour from Hong Kong. That is no problem. We can arrange the Hong Kong City tour for you. The most popular half-day tour with Victoria Peak and the 7-hour tour including Lantau Island are both available. Just tell us your need. Every day can be and should be tailor-made according to your interests.

Day 2 GuilinLongshengGuilin
From Guilin to Longsheng, Longji Rice Terrace, Ping’an Village, and we will drive back to Guilin

In the morning, we will drive about 1.5 hours (74 KM) to Longsheng. And you will visit the Longji Rice Terrace there. The Longji Terraced Fields are a large-scale terraced field group in Guilin, composed of many terraces. The terraced fields of the Zhuang nationality in Ping’an Village are a classic pastoral scene. The terraces here are mostly composed of small fields, with quiet and beautiful scenery. When the crops are mature in autumn, all the rice terraces will turn golden which are particularly beautiful. The best viewing platform in the scenic area is the "Seven Stars with the Moon" and the "Nine Dragons and Five Tigers", but some imagination is required when you enjoy the rice terrace here. "Seven Stars with the Moon" refers to the seven small hills, like seven little stars, accompanied by the moon-like terraces. The "Nine Dragons and Five Tigers" refer to the nine small mountain beams separated by the main vein of the dragon's spine. The five slightly raised small heads are like five tigers. They surround the terraced fields and guard this place. You will also visit the Ping’an Village which is an ancient village here. this village has been opened to the public for a long time. The tourism facilities, restaurants are perfect. There are 170 households, with a population of more than 700. This is a Zhuang nationality village. You will taste different ethnic cuisine here, and appreciate the unique costumes and traditional culture of ethnic minorities. The houses in Ping’an Village are unique in structure, mostly with bamboo and wood structures with cyan tile roofs. They are stilted buildings. The most basic feature of a stilted building is that the main house is built on the ground. The wing room is suspended in the air and supported by pillars, except for one side which is connected to the main house. Because it is suspended, the rooms are ventilated and dry, and it can prevent poisonous snakes and beasts. A stilted building can be divided into multiple floors. The living facilities are complete inside. Nowadays, although skyscrapers in the metropolis are majestic, they lack a sense of history and cultural connotations compared to traditional national buildings. After that, we will drive back to Guilin.


  1. When you visit the terraced fields or walk in the village, most of the roads are stone roads, so we recommend that you wear comfortable shoes.
  2. The weather in Longsheng is changeable. You can bring an umbrella just in case.
  3. Colorful clothes will be the best choice if you want to take photos with the terraced fields.
Longji Rice Terrace
Ping'an Village
Day 3 GuilinYangshuo
You will take the Li River Cruise to Yangshuo, Yangshuo West Street

After breakfast, you will take the Li River Cruise to Yangshuo. There are many ways to get from Guilin to Yangshuo. But most tourists will choose to cruise. You can appreciate the various beauty of the Li River on the cruise. If it is sunny, you will see mountains reflecting on the water. The water of the Li River is very clear. If it is rainy, you will see a thin mist on the Li River. It makes people feel like being in a fairyland. If you pay close attention to the mountains on both sides of the Li River, you will find that they have different shapes, some resemble horses, and some resemble Bodhisattva. You will have lunch on the cruise. And when you arrive in Yangshuo, you will visit Yangshuo West Street. West Street is an old street with a history of more than 1,400 years. The buildings along the street still retain the style of the Ming and Qing Dynasties(1368-1912) and are very classical. It is famous for its various styles of bars, restaurants, and coffee shops. It is lively during the day and night. Because there are many foreigners in West Street, and there are many western restaurants and English signs, it is also called Foreigner Street. At the end of West Street is the Li River. Being in a daze on the riverbank at night or a having a walk will make people feel refreshed.

Option: Guilin Romance Scenery Area is a comprehensive scenic area. The most famous here is the Guilin Romance Show. The perfect coordination of lighting, music, stage, and actors presents a large-scale performance for you. In the performance, you will feel the love story of Guilin thousands of years ago, hear the Guilin folk songs, and feel the legendary Guilin. This show is performed twice a day. One is from 15:00 to 16:00 and the other is from 19:30-20:30. Besides, there are street performances along the street, such as water trapeze, throwing hydrangea, and flash dances of actors in national costumes. You may find that the security guards who were in the crowd suddenly joined the dance team. It turns out that they were played by actors. If you are traveling with children, there is also a children’s paradise. Dinosaur kingdom, bumper cars, etc., all of which are favorite rides for children. If you are looking for excitement, there are also haunted houses here. If you are bold enough, go in and give it a try.

Yangshuo West Street
Li River Cruise
Day 4 YangshuoXingpingGuilin
From Yangshuo to Xingping, Xingping Ancient Town, Xingping Fishing Village, Laozhai Mountain, and back to Guilin

After breakfast, we will drive about 1 hour to Xingping. And then you will visit the Xingping Ancient Town. Xingping Ancient Town is about 25 kilometers from Yangshuo. Here is a place where humanity, history, and natural landscape are combined. Most of the ancient buildings here are well preserved. The ruins of the ancient city wall and the outline of the city wall are still very clear. There are also eight scenic spots here, including Nine Horses Mountain, Luosi Mountain, Lianhua Cave, Tianshui Village, and Lingbao Pavilion. After that, we will take you to visit the Xingping Fishing Village. Xingping Fishing Village is an ancient village. Legend has it that the wealthy families of Xingping Town lived here in ancient times. Xingping Fishing Village has a history of more than 400 years. After many wars, the village is still intact. The unique mountains and rivers attract many celebrities from China and abroad to visit here. For example, in July 1998, the U.S. President Clinton visited the Li River and visited the Xingping Fishing Village. The buildings here have typical characteristics of Guilin residential houses in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, with blue bricks and black tiles, horse head walls, cornices, painted buildings, and carved windows, which are very beautiful. After lunch, we will visit the Laozhai Mountain. Laozhai Mountain is a favorite place for many hikers. Laozhai Mountain is more than 300 meters above sea level. Although it is not high, there are more than 1,000 steps to the top of the mountain. After going up the mountain from the round arch gate, you will meet two iron ladders close to the top of the mountain. You can reach the top of the mountain by going up the iron ladder. Looking far from the top of the mountain, the Li River turned a bend at the foot of the mountain, and cruise ships passed by, and the scenery was spectacular. After that, we will drive back to Guilin.

Tips on the Laozhai Mountain: 

1. As the mountain road is steep, please wear comfortable non-slip shoes.

2. There are lush woods on both sides of the mountain road, so there may be mosquitoes. You can bring anti-mosquito spray.

3. If you want to watch the sunset, you can discuss it with the tour guide in advance. Arrange the time to go up the mountain and the time to go down the mountain.

4. According to the locals, it is easy to see the sea of clouds on sunny days after rain. If you are lucky, you will see this beautiful view.

5. There are mainly two kinds of scenery on the top of the mountain, one is the beautiful scenery of Xingping, and the other is the Li River. Especially when looking down at the Li River, the nearly 180-degree turn is very spectacular.

Xingping Ancient Town
Laozhai Mountain
Day 5 Guilin
Reed Flute Cave, the Two Rivers and Four Lakes Scenic Area, Elephant Trunk Hill

In the morning, we will visit the Reed Flute Cave. Reed Flute Cave is a well-known karst cave near Guilin. It is 240 meters deep, with a travel distance of about 500 meters, and about 40 minutes of the visit. There are a large number of exquisite and translucent stalagmites, stone pillars, stone mantles, and stone flowers in the cave. It is like a magnificent underground palace. The more beautiful part is the "Crystal Palace". The teleplay "Journey to the West" was shot here. Reed Flute Cave has opened to the public for a long time, so it has received a lot of domestic and foreign leaders and political figures. After that, we will visit the Two Rivers and Four Lakes Scenic Area. It consists of several small scenic areas, and we will visit Ronghu Lake and Shanhu Lake today. Ronghu Lake is connected to Shanhu Lake. It was originally a moat in the south of Guilin City. In 1375, the city was expanded and the moat was abandoned. It gradually turned into a beautiful landscape lake in the city. There are many banyan and cedar trees around the lake. The Huxin Pavilion, Chaoyang Pavilion, Rongyin Pavilion, and Furong Pavilion are all in the traditional style of Chinese classical pavilions and are good places for tourism and relaxation. After lunch, we will visit Elephant Trunk Hill. Elephant Trunk Hill is named because it resembles a giant elephant standing on the edge of the river and drinking the water of the Li River. It is called the symbol of Guilin's landscape. There is a cave called Shuiyue Cave (Water and Moon Cave) between the trunk and the legs of Elephant Trunk Hill. There are more than 50 stone carvings in this cave. After that, we will drive back to the hotel.

Option: Guilin Chili Sauce is one of Guilin's specialties, with a history of about 100 years. When chili sauce was not invented in the past, people in Guilin would not be able to eat delicious chili after the ripening season of chili peppers. And then people chopped up fresh peppers and pickled them with salt so that they could be stored for a longer time. This gradually formed the chili sauce. Guilin Chili Sauce is not only popular in China, but also popular in Southeast Asian countries. It has various flavors due to its different ingredients, such as garlic chili sauce, tempeh garlic chili sauce. It is a good condiment. Guilin chili sauce. Guilin fermented bean curd and Sanhua Liquor are called “Three treasures in Guilin”. If you want to take something home for your family, it can be a good choice. 

The Two Rivers and Four Lakes Scenic Area
Elephant Trunk Hill
Day 6 GuilinHong Kong
From Guilin to Hong Kong, and fly back to your sweet home

After breakfast, you will take G319 12:58/15:57 to Hong Kong. Your guide will pick you up from the train station and then you will be transferred to your hotel or the airport. 

Author: Betsy He

Proofreader: Tina Jia

This tour ends here
Tour Map
Recommended Extension Tour
Day 1
Hong Kong
Victoria Peak, Peak Tram, Aberdeen Fishing Village, Repulse Bay, Stanley Market

If you want to spend one more day in Hong Kong, we can arrange the tour with Victoria Peak for you.

In the morning, you will visit Victoria Peak. It is located in the northwest of Hong Kong Island and is a landmark tourist attraction in Hong Kong. Here you can see Lantau Island from a distance, and you can see the scenery of Victoria Harbour nearby. There are many ways to get to the top of the mountain. If you are a hiker, you can choose to walk up the mountain. There will be signs along the way. You will see the boundary monument of Hong Kong, and you will also see a huge tree called the Tree King. Besides, you can choose a bus to go to the top of the mountain. However, the most popular way is to take the retro red Peak Tram to the top of the mountain. The Peak Tram has a history of more than 100 years. It is the first funicular railway in Asia. It perfectly combines transportation and sightseeing. It makes the originally monotonous tram very interesting. After that, you will visit the Aberdeen Fishing Village. This is the oldest fishing village in Hong Kong. It has a history of about 100 years. There are still some fishermen living here. Compared with the prosperous area of Hong Kong, this place seems to take you back to Hong Kong 100 years ago. The old Chinese sailboat looks very historic. If you are interested to get a deep touch of the fishing culture, you can take a sampan for a short tour. After lunch, you will go to Repulse Bay. Repulse Bay is the most popular beach in Hong Kong. It is in the south of Hong Kong Island. The beach here is wide, the sand is very fine, and the sea is clean and calm. It is the first choice for many people to relax and enjoy the sun. There is a Chinese-style building Tin Hau Temple. The Tin Hau Temple is dedicated to Mazu. Mazu is the sea god in Hong Kong. People in Hong Kong believe that Mazu can bless the sea to be calm and no danger so that people working on the sea can be safe. After that, you will visit the Stanley Market. The business hours of shops in Stanley Market are generally from 10 am to 7 pm every day. The Chinese handicrafts, tourist souvenirs, and other shops here are very popular. In addition to these shops, there are also cafes and restaurants. If you want to enjoy a very relaxing afternoon, this is a great choice. On the second weekend of every month, Stanley arts market will be held in Stanley Plaza for artists to display their works. It is also a place where culture and art collide.

Stanley Market
Repulse Bay


City Five Star hotel list Four Star hotel list
Guilin Lijiang Waterfall Hotel Guilin Bravo Hotel
Yangshuo Yangshuo Greenlotus Hotel New Century Hotel
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