Cultural Tour from Hong Kong to Guilin

8 Days Hong Kong-Guilin-Yangshuo

After the opening of the high-speed train between Hong Kong and Guilin, more and more tourists need an itinerary between Hong Kong and Guilin. Therefore, we have prepared an 8-day trip including Hong Kong, Guilin, and Yangshuo for you. You will experience the intersection of Chinese and Western cultures in Hong Kong and you may have a chance to taste the delicious local Dim Sum. What kinds of things you can do in Guilin? You can admire the diverse landscapes of Guilin, take a cruise on the Li River, visit the ancient town in Yangshuo, and watch cormorant fishing. Let’s start the Guilin tour from Hong Kong together!

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Day by Day Itinerary
Day 1 Hong Kong Arrival
Arrival in Hong Kong

When you arrive at the Hong Kong airport, you will meet your guide who is holding your name sign and waiting for you. If you need any special service such as a limousine, a customized name sign or a wheelchair please feel free to tell us in advance. We will be happy to arrange everything well for you before your arrival.

Hong Kong is a famous tourist paradise, food paradise, and shopping paradise. When U.S. President Clinton visited China, he took his wife to Hong Kong for shopping. Hong Kong's large shopping malls, integrated shopping centers, stores, markets, and roadside stalls are all available in various shopping venues. There are not only famous world brands but also high-quality and inexpensive commodity. Moreover, most imported goods in Hong Kong are not subject to tax (except alcohol and tobacco). So whether you are a rich man or a commoner, you can find good-value-for-money things to buy in Hong Kong.

Option: Hong Kong, Hakodate, and Naples are tied for the "Top Three Night View Cities in the World". Hong Kong's night view mainly lies in the Victoria Harbour. This shows that the night view of Victoria Harbour is an indispensable part of Hong Kong tours. You can take the Aqua Luna Cruise to enjoy the beautiful night view of Victoria Harbour. The Hong Kong Tourism logo is designed from Aqua Luna. There are two floors on the cruise. The upper floor is a private seat area, and there are half-lying sofas, where you can enjoy a drink while enjoying the sea breeze and night scenery. The lower level is an air-conditioned dining area. The round tables and chairs are in strong Chinese style. At about 20:00, you will see the A Symphony of Lights Show. This is the famous laser light show in Hong Kong. The dynamic music and dazzling lights show people the vitality of Hong Kong.

Day 2 Hong Kong
Wong Tai Sin Temple, Victoria Peak, Stanley Market, Peak Tram

After breakfast, you will start your half-day Hong Kong tour. We will first take you to visit the Wong Tai Sin Temple. Wong Tai Sin Temple is the most famous temple in Hong Kong. According to legend, the gods here are responsive. So every day, many tourists come here to make wishes, hoping that their dreams can be realized. In addition, Wong Tai Sin Temple is also the only temple in Hong Kong where Taoist weddings can be held.

After that, you will visit Victoria Peak. This is the most typical attraction in Hong Kong. You can reach the top of the mountain in just 7 minutes by riding the Peak Tram. The Peak Tower is built on the top of the mountain. This is a good place to overlook the city of Hong Kong. Besides, you will see previous photos of Hong Kong in the exhibition hall here. The development and changes of Hong Kong in the past one hundred years will appear in your eyes.

And then, we will take you to Visit Stanley Market. Stanley Market is a must-visit place recommended by the Hong Kong Tourism Board. The warm sunsine and refreshing sea breeze make this market a leisurely seaside resort. Shopping on the street, selecting your favorite specialty products, and enjoying the fun of bargaining will give you a taste of the charm of Stanley Market. The Chinese handicrafts, oil paintings, seal, and chopsticks here are all popular commodities. 

Option: Lan Kwai Fong is located in Central. It is the most famous bar street in Hong Kong. The pedestrian street is not long. But every few meters, one or two people can be seen standing in the street with a glass of wine, drinking and chatting. Lan Kwai Fong originated in the 1970s. At that time, an Italian businessman opened a restaurant here. The people nearby who go to work during the day want to find a place for food and drink after getting off work, and this restaurant has become their best choice. And then, there were more and more restaurants and bars here, and Lan Kwai Fong gradually became a tasteful place for leisure and entertainment. If you also want to experience the nightlife of Hong Kong, it is better to have a drink at a bar in Lan Kwai Fong and enjoy a happy hour.

Hong Kong-style morning tea: In Hong Kong, people have the habit of drinking morning tea, which is mainly composed of Chinese dim sum and tea. Morning tea usually starts at 5 or 6 in the morning and ends at 11 o'clock. People usually drink black tea for morning tea. Black tea warms the stomach and removes greasiness, which is good for digestion. And it goes perfectly with dim sum.

Barbecued pork buns are one of the representative dim sums in Hong Kong, and one of the “Top four dim sum” (Shrimp Dumplings, Steamed Siu Mai, Barbecued Pork Buns, Egg Tart)" of Hong Kong-style morning tea. Its filling is made by small pieces of barbecued pork, adding oyster sauce and other seasonings. And after being wrapped in dough, it will be steamed in a steamer. Barbecued pork buns are generally about five centimeters in diameter. It is small but delicate. If you are a foodie, why not come and taste the morning tea in Hong Kong. 

Stanley Market
Peak Tram
Peak Tram
Day 3 Hong Kong
Lantau Island, Ngong Ping 360 cable car, Big Buddha, Tai O Fishing Village

In the morning, we will visit Lantau Island. Lantau Island is the largest island in Hong Kong. Its main peak, Phoenix Mountain, is the second-highest peak in Hong Kong. It is a good place to feel nature and relax. There are Po Lin Monastery and a Bronze Buddha on the top of the mountain. And you will take the Ngong Ping 360 cable car getting there. Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car is one of the top ten best experience cable cars in the world. The cable car line is 5.7 kilometers long, and you will enjoy various scenery in about 25 minutes. First, you will enjoy the view of Tung Chung city center and Hong Kong International Airport. Then you will pass Maitreya Mountain, overlooking the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, and finally reach the Ngong Ping Bazaar and the Big Buddha. The Big Buddha is the largest open-air bronze seated Buddha statue in the world, made of 202 pieces of bronze welded together. The total height of the Buddha statue, lotus seat, and base is about 34 meters. The Buddha statue has the sculpture characteristics during the heyday of Sui and Tang Dynasty Buddhism. The Buddha statue is designed according to the thirty-two phases of the Buddhist scriptures, and its face refers to the Lushna Buddha in the Longmen Grottoes. After that, we will visit the Tai O Fishing Village. Put aside the bustling cities and crowds. Come to Tai O Fishing Village to experience a different fisherman culture. Tai O Fishing Village is like a microcosm of the earliest Hong Kong's small fishing village. Here you will see sheds built on the water. Some sampans are floating on the water. Everything here looks very historical. After that, we will drive back to your hotel.

Option:  Lady’s Market is also a good place for local shopping. The reason why it is called Ladies' Market is that in the early days, most of the products here were women's products, and most of the customers here were women. Later, with the development, the products of Ladies Market have become diversified. It has gradually become a place where tourists must visit after they come to Hong Kong. I think it is also a nice market to buy some souvenirs here. And for sure, you need to bargain.

Lantau Island
Lantau Island
Tai O Fishing Village
Tai O Fishing Village
Day 4 Hong KongGuilin
Train to Guilin

Today we will take you to experience the Hong Kong – Guilin high-speed train. You will take an estimated train G408 12:05/15:25 to Guilin. Your guide will meet you at the train station. And then you will be transferred to your hotel for a rest.

Guilin is rich in tourism resources, and has the following three characteristics and advantages: First, the mountains and rivers are beautiful and unique. The typical karst landforms and Danxia landforms give Guilin a unique beauty of the landscape; the second is the combination of natural resources and human resources. The Li River, Reed Flute Rock, Elephant Trunk Hill, and Yangshuo West Street, all have their characteristics; third, the scenic spots are in the city or near the city. You do not need to go too far to enjoy the view. Whether you want a leisure trip, a photography trip, or a cultural trip experiencing ethnic customs, Guilin is a good choice.

Day 5 Guilin
Reed Flute cave, Ronghu Lake and Shanhu Lake, Elephant Trunk Hill

Today will be a full-day Guilin city tour. You will first visit the Reed Flute cave. Its name comes from a kind of reed at the entrance of the cave. This reed can make a beautiful sound like a flute. This cave is a karst cave. There are various shapes stalactites of inside. Some are stone pillars and some are stone flowers. Some stalactites can make a crisp sound when lightly tapped, and they are called stone drums. After that, we will visit Ronghu Lake and Shanhu Lake which belong to the Two Rivers and Four Lakes Scenic Area. The Sun and Moon Twin Pagodas are located in Shanhu Lake. The Sun Pagoda is a copper Pagoda. It is 41 meters high. The Moon Tower is a glazed pagoda with a height of 35 meters. The Sun Pagoda is the highest copper pagoda in the world. The Sun and Moon Twin Pagodas are one of the important night scenes of Guilin's Two Rivers and Four Lakes Area. After that, we will visit Elephant Trunk Hill. Elephant Trunk Hill resembles an elephant drinking water. On the Elephant Trunk Hill, among the green trees stands a Lama-style pagoda built in the early Ming Dynasty—Puxian Pagoda, which looks like a bottle on the back of an elephant. After that, we will drive back to your hotel.

Option: Elephant Trunk Hill has always been a landmark attraction in Guilin. The legend of Elephant Trunk Hill is passed on among the locals. Elephant Legend Show uses modern technology to tell people the story of Elephant Trunk Hill through the combination of sound, light, and electricity. The performance starts at 20:00, and each show lasts about 20 minutes. If you are interested in the show, we can book the ticket for you in advance.

Reed Flute cave
Reed Flute cave
Elephant Trunk Hill
Elephant Trunk Hill
Day 6 GuilinYangshuo
Li River Cruise, Yangshuo West Street

In the morning, you will take the Li River Cruise to Yangshuo. As a 5A scenic spot in China, the Li River is the soul of Guilin. There is no better way to enjoy the Li River scenery than by taking a cruise. Guilin's mountains are unique in shape. Some are like an animal; some are like people. This is also the best place to take photos. Don’t forget to record the beautiful scenery with your camera. And after arriving in Yangshuo, you will visit Yangshuo West Street. Yangshuo West Street is nearly 800 meters long, with marble pavement, curved S-shaped, antique buildings, and strong local characteristics. There are many shops selling souvenirs, local snacks and coffee. The Beer Fish is popular food here. Maybe you can have a taste.

Option: The Yangshuo Ancient Village, surrounded by mountains and rivers, shows the unique historical and cultural charm of Yangshuo. You can experience Guilin’s thousand-year history and culture up close, such as hand drum, kite making, and embroidery. The Guilin Romance Show here is rated as a must-see performance in a lifetime. From legend to reality, the timeline of the performance is very clear. The performance is very good in the use of lighting, sound, and holographic projection which can be compared with the Broadway performance. All kinds of costumes with local ethnic characteristics make the audience feast their eyes. It starts at 19:30 and ends at 20:30. We can book the ticket for you if you want to enjoy this show.

Option: The Yulong River is the longest tributary of the Li River in Yangshuo, with a total length of 43.5 kilometers and a drainage area of 158.47 square kilometers. It flows through 5 towns and more than 20 villages. The part from Yulong Bridge to Gongnong Bridge is 38-61 meters wide and 0.5-2 meters deep. The most popular activity here is Bamboo Rafting. Two people can sit on each bamboo raft. The boatman will hold a long bamboo pole to control the direction and speed of the bamboo raft. Such an activity seems simple but very exciting. Down the river, the largest drop can reach 1 meter. But don't worry, you are very safe. In the end, there's a camera to capture you. If you want a photo of yourself on a bamboo raft, don't forget to pose. After the bamboo rafting, you can get the professional photos if you want to pay a little more like everywhere in the world.

Li River Cruise
Li River Cruise
Yangshuo West Street
Yangshuo West Street
Day 7 YangshuoGuilin
Xingping Ancient Town, Xingping Fishing Village

After breakfast, we will drive to Xingping. We will visit Xingping Ancient Town first. It became popular after the former US President Bill Clinton's visit. Compared with Yangshuo West Street, it is quieter, more elegant, and less noisy. There are ancient bridges, ancient pavilions, ancient temples, and ancient trees. Here you will feel the strong ethnic culture, and you can enjoy the essence of the Li River scenery. Lunch will be in the local restaurant. After that, we will visit the Xingping Fishing Village. It was once the place where dignitaries lived. The 400-year-old Xingping Fishing Village has experienced many wars, but fortunately, most of the buildings here are well preserved. Its architecture has typical Guilin residential characteristics in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Blue bricks, black tiles, sloping roofs, horse headwalls, cornices, and carved windows make this village a historical image. When you come to the fishing village, of course, you can't miss the fishing trip with the fishermen. The villagers of Xingping Fishing Village have been fishing for generations, and the well-trained cormorants are their right-hand assistants. Besides, the use of bamboo rafts instead of wooden boats as a floating tool for fishing is another feature of Xingping fishing village which is different from most other places in our country. After that, we will drive back to Guilin. 

Option: Oil tea, this is a snack for Chinese ethnic minorities. The tea leaves are fried in oil and then boiled with water. It tastes bitter in the first sip. You can add some fried rice, peanuts inside. It will taste much better. Because the climate here is humid, drinking some oil tea can dispel dampness from the body and invigorate the spleen, which is very good for health. Such food can only be tasted locally here. If you want to taste the authentic local food, our guide will be happy to tell you where you can have it.

Xingping Ancient Town
Xingping Ancient Town
Xingping Fishing Village
Xingping Fishing Village
Day 8 Guilin Departure
Flight back home

After breakfast, you will be transferred to the airport and then fly back to your sweet home. 

Editor: Besty He

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City Five Star hotel list Four Star hotel list
Hong Kong Harbour Grand Kowloon Harbour Plaza North Point Hotel
Guilin Lijiang Waterfall Hotel Guilin Bravo Hotel
Yangshuo Yangshuo Greenlotus Hotel New Century Hotel
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