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We spare no effort in providing Hainan visa-free tour to those who are unable to get a visa for China but are interested in a China tour. Actually, it is not so difficult to travel to China. You can make it without a visa! If you are a citizen of one of the 53 designated countries and possess a valid passport, all you need to do is fill out an arrival card and answer some questions by the immigration inspection authority. If you are qualified, then welcome to China and you can stay here for 144 hours at most! During your 24-hour visa-free Hainan tour, you will have the opportunity to visit the most famous places of interest and explore a park full of dormant volcanoes! If you are interested to benefit from the 144 hours visa-free policy in China, you are just one click away from your visa-free tour to Hainan!

Haikou Tour
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Day by Day Itinerary
Day 1 Haikou
Wugong Temple, Hairui Tomb, Shishan Volcanic Cluster National Geopark, You will be transferred to the airport and fly back to your sweet home

Upon arrival, you will meet your guide at the arrival hall. Then your guide will take you to your first stop in Haikou (the capital of Hainan Province in southernmost China), Wugong Temple. First built in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), the 2800-square-meter memorial shrine was built to commemorate five banished officials of the Song (960-1279) and Tang (618-907) Dynasties, each one of whom had made extraordinary contributions to Hainan’s educational and economic development during their banishment. In front of Wugong Temple erect the statues of the five great Hainan builders. One of them is Li Deyu, who had been dedicating to the national affairs as the Prime Minister during the reigns of two emperors of Tang Dynasty but was later exiled to Hainan by the second emperor. After being exiled to Hainan (which was used as a place for banishment due to its remoteness), the enthusiastic Li devoted all his time and energy to the development of the then backward Hainan until the last minute of his life.

Then you will visit Hairui Tomb, which was first built in 1589. Covering some 5,000 square meters, Hairui Tomb is the tomb of a revered high-ranking official named Hairui of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Hairui was well-respected by the public for his personal integrity and impeccable professional ethics as a government official. He was very incorruptible, insomuch that his life-long savings were far from enough for a decent funeral. Finally, his funeral and other affairs were able to be settled thanks to donations from his colleagues. When Hairui’s coffin was to be returned to his hometown by ship, hordes of people in black voluntarily gathered at the port to pay their respect to this conscientious civil servant. And Bingya Village, where the Hairui Tomb is now located, was not the intended site for Hai’s tomb. It is said that when Hai’s coffin passed by the very place, the rope of the coffin broke and the coffin thudded to the ground. Taking it as the will of Hai’s spirit, people buried Hai’s coffin on the spot.                   

After lunch, you will head to Shishan Volcanic Cluster National Geopark, the only tropical volcanic geopark China has to offer. Covering some 108 square kilometers, Shishan Volcanic Cluster National Geopark boasts a dormant volcano cluster composed of 40 volcanoes. When you see these dormant volcanoes clad in lush green vegetation, little idea will you have that these sleeping monsters may start to breathe fire one day. According to geologists, the latest eruption happened approximately 13,000 years ago. However, when and which one of them will wake up from their ten-thousand-year-long dreams and start to wreak havoc remains a mystery. Here you can still see some geological landscapes resulting from eruptions of these volcanoes, such as lava streams, lava tunnels, and lava cones. Notably, there are more than 30 lava tunnels in the park, and many of them are interconnected. You will also find stone pinnacles of all shapes hanging on the ceilings of these lava tunnels.

Your departure from Shishan Volcanic Cluster National Geopark will mark the completion of your one-day tour in Haikou. Your guide will escort you to the airport and wave you goodbye. And you will fly back home with the unforgettable experience in Haikou imprinted on your memory.         

Wugong Temple
Wugong Temple

Author: Yuxin Zhou

Proofreader:Yan Liu

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