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2 Days Sanya

It is available for travelers from 71 countries to visit China without visa, and Hainan visa free policy is applicable to 59 countries now. And if your ideal place is Sanya, you can enjoy as long as 30 days Sanya visa free policy. This 2 days Sanya short tour can help you make full use of your stay in Sanya by taking you to the must-visit places there. You will go to the Luhuitou Park and learn the legends that happened there, visit the Yanoda rainforest to experience the tropical sight… Besides those must visit places, we have also prepared interesting options like visiting a local seafood market to get close to the hustle and bustle of the local life, or watching an ethnic style performance. This Sanya visa free short tour is a great choice with a reasonable price. Stop hesitating, you are just one click away from your China visa free tour in Hainan!

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Day by Day Itinerary
Day 1 Sanya
Meet you at the airport, Luhuitou Park, Dadonghai

Welcome to Sanya! Located at the southernmost tip of Hainan Island in China, Sanya is known as Oriental Hawaii for its summer-like seasons and blooming flowers. Diving is a major water sport in Sanya. Thecityhas a vast sea area and many harbors. The sea of Sanya is flat and calm, the water is clear, and there are many creatures on the sea bottom, so it is the best place for diving. When diving, you can watch the coralreefs, marine life, and underwater villages that have fallen due to the earthquake.  Traditional fishing is also an ideal amusement in Sanya. Sanya’s clean seawater and rich fish resources in the South China Sea make fishing an excellent activity to share a good time with friends and family.

When you get off the plane, you will see your guide waiting for you at the exit, holding a pick-up card with your name on it. Your guide will help youwith your luggage and you will be transferred to the hotel. After check-in, we will start our tour in Sanya.

First, we will go to Luhuitou Park. Located in the southern part of Sanya city, Luhuitou Park is surrounded by the sea on three sides and offers beautiful scenery. Climbing to the top of the mountain at an altitude of 275 meters, you can have an overall view of Sanya and its coastline. It is also the vantage point from which to watch the sunrise and sunset.

In Chinese, Luhuitou means that a deer turns around. There is a beautiful and moving love story about Luhuitou Park. According to the legend, in ancient times, a handsome young hunter of the Li nationality, wearing a red scarf on his head and holding a bow and arrow, climbed over 99 mountains from Wuzhi Mountains, crossed 99 rivers, chasing a deer to the cliff by the South China Sea. Under the cliff is the boundless sea, where there is no other way to go. The deer suddenly stopped, stood on the cliff, and turned her head. The deer’s eyes were so beautiful but sad that the young hunter was ready to put down his bow and arrow. Suddenly, with a flash of fire and smoke, the deer turned around and became a beautiful girl of the Li nationality. The two quickly fell in love, married, and settled down. There is a sculpture of Luhuitou in the park, which is built based on this story. It is 15 meters high and is the highest sculpture on Hainan Island. It has become the city sculpture of Sanya City, and Sanya is also called Deer City.

As the only peak park in Hainan, Luhuitou Park is also the best place to overlook the sea and enjoy the panoramic view of Sanya. You can watch the sunset in the eveningand watch the city ablaze with lights at night.

After visiting Luhuitou Park, we will come to Dadonghai for a seafood dinner. The whole bay of Dadonghai is in the shape of a beautiful crescent, and the coconut forest embraces the beach. It can be said that it is the small Santorini in China. It is very pleasant to enjoy the scenery of the seaside while having seafood.


1. It is a good choice for you to watch “The Romantic Show of Sanya”, which is a must-see performance in a lifetime. Based on Sanya’s 10,000-year magnificent history, with its brand-new stage design, it breaks through the boundaries of traditional space and feelingand makes every corner full of the tension of performance, shaking the visual and auditory nerves of the audience. The whole play can be divided into six partsandeach is combined with the history of Sanya. There is the touching love story of Luhuitou, the stirring spirit of the heroine Lady Xian, the exotic customs of the Persian Empire, the turbulent waves on the sea when Monk Jianzhen sailed eastward, and the coconut sea charm of modern Sanya. The Romantic Show of Sanya is on three times a day, starting at 14:00, 17:00, and 20:00.

2. You can go to the First Market at night. In the past, the market was just a famous seafood trading market in Sanya. Nowadays, it not only refers to this bazaar but more broadly refers to the bazaar and its surrounding commercial streets, including Xinmin Street, Yefeng Alley, and Hexi Road. It is a gathering place for seafood processing shops. The seafood here is very fresh and cheap, so many tourists choose to have seafood here. It is much cheaper to process seafood in a processing shop after buying it than going to a restaurant to eat seafood. What is more, you can buy a variety of fruits and Hainan specialty snacks at the market. In addition to seafood, you can also taste a lot of Hainan snacks here, such as Hainan rice noodles, coconut milk, glutinous rice cakes, coconut rice, and Shanlan wine, as well as many kinds of freshly squeezed juices, among which fresh papaya juice and coconut juice are particularly attractive.

Luhuitou Park
Luhuitou Park
Day 2 Sanya
Yanoda Rainforest Park, Take you to the airport

In the morning, your guide will pick you up at the hotel and then go to Yanoda Rainforest Park. It is located in Sandao Town, Baoting Li and Miao Autonomous County, Hainan Province. It is about 35KM away to the northeast ofthe downtown area of Sanya, and it takes about 1 hour to drive there. Known as the back garden of Sanya, this tourist attraction is connected to Wuzhi Mountains and Qixianling Mountain in the north. You can overlook the waves of the South China Sea in the east and the beautiful Haitang Bay nearby. When you come to the park, you will hear the staff greet you with “Yanoda”, a local way of saying hello or welcome, which expresses their friendship and blessings. Since the annual average temperature is 24 degrees, you can feel very cool when walking in the rainforest park. Here, you can get rid of the most complicated troubles and enjoy a happy time of leisure. We will have lunch in the park, and there are many kinds of restaurants for you to choose from.


Rainforest Ziplines. The park has ziplines across the rainforest. One way is about 608 meters. There are four ropeways. The speed is about 3 meters per second, and the maximum drop can be 70 meters. Soaring over the rainforest and overlooking the world like a bird with the fragrant winds of the forest rushing through your hair, you can experience freedom in nature in about 200 seconds.

Cliff Swing. The maximum vertical height of the cliff swing is more than 300 meters, and the swing is up to 8 meters high. It is equipped with nine insurances. With the maximum swing range of 150° and the maximum swing diameter of 20 meters, you can experience the thrill of leaping over the mountains and seas off the edge of the cliff.

Wa Ai Lu Glass Viewing Platform. The glass viewing platform is constructed by a full steel frame structure and all transparent three-layer laminated tempered glass. It has a 108-meter-long cable-stayed glass platform and a 257-meter-long glass walkway. The total length reaches 365 meters. Facing a magnificent sea view, the platform is installed on a mountain 200 meters above the ground. You can enjoy walking between the mountainand the sea.

Heavenly Way of Happiness. There are four gatesin the “Heavenly Way of Happiness”: “Friendship Gate”, “Love Gate”, “Family Gate”, and “Happiness Gate”. Its end is the gateto happiness. Standing on both sides of the gate, a young girl (Li nationality) gently pinches the ears of visitors to express her heartfelt blessings.

After today’s tour, you will say Goodbye to Sanya. Your private guide will take you to the airport according to your flight. Hope to see you again in some other places in China!

Yanoda Rainforest Park
Yanoda Rainforest Park
Yanoda Rainforest Park


Author: Wang Qian

Proofreader: Liz Lee

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