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5 Days Sanya

Are you ready for your China visa free to Sanya? International visitors normally need a pre-arranged visa to enter China, but the country's newly expanded visa-free transit policies could allow some foreigners to enter China for up to six days without a visa, provided that their travel plans meet certain requirements. During your Visa free tour to Sanya, you will visit Nanshan Temple, Tianya Haijiao Scenic Area, Wuzhizhou Island and other sites. At Nanshan Temple, you will see many statues enshrined, and have a better understanding of local Mazu culture after hearing the stories about those statues told by your guide. At Tianya Haijiao Scenic Area, you will be moved by the sad story about the Riyue stones. At Wuzhizhou Island, you will have an opportunity to experience thrilling aquatic sports and appreciate the appealing scenery which will astound you. Hope that you enjoy yourself in the Sanya visa free tour.

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Day by Day Itinerary
Day 1 Sanya Arrival
You will arrive in Sanya and we will take you to the hotel for a good rest

When you arrive in Sanya, your Sanya visa free tour begins right now. Your guide will pick you up at the airport, waving a pick-up card that reads your name. Then you will be transferred to a hotel. As a city in Hainan province, Sanya is located on the southern tip of Hainan province. Covering 1,921 square kilometers, the permanent population of Sanya is 1,031,396. Sanya is an international tourist city with the tropical seaside scenery, also known as the "Hawaii in the East". Sanya is located in a low latitude tropical oceanic monsoon climate zone with an average annual temperature of 868.6°F. Hence, there is various tropical fruit, such as coconut, pitaya, jack fruit, mangosteen, and so on. If you are fond of fruit, you will absolutely fall in love with Sanya.

Day 2 Sanya
Nanshan Temple, Tianya Haijiao Scenic Area, Romantic Show of Sanya

After breakfast, you will go to Nanshan Temple for a visit. It takes around 1 hour(45KM) for us to drive there. Covering 266,800 square meters, Nanshan Temple is a large temple in the style in the heyday of the Tang Dynasty (618-907). It is the largest Taoist temple newly built in China in the past 50 years. There are a variety of scenic spots, taking Eight Treasure Lotus Pond for example. The Eight Treasure Lotus Pond contains not only a variety of coral stones, seaweed, underwater lamps, and glass products but also various forms of tropical marine ornamental fishes in the space. Under the light, people seem to be in a magical underwater world. Besides, the two ferocious gigantic guardians enshrined and worshiped in Renwang Palace deserve a visit. These two generals, with bulging eyes and noses, are bare-chested, strong and armed, looking like Hercules and warriors. The two guardians were originally generals of Emperor Zhou in the Shang Dynasty (1600 BC-1046 BC) whose names were Zheng Lun and Chen Qi respectively. Afterward, they were instructed by a goddess and were endowed with magic. Zhenglun snorted, sounded like a bell, and emitted two beams of white light, sucking the soul. Chen Qi opened his mouth and a yellow halitus spurted out, which could smash the soul. That is the origin of the two statues in Renwang Palace.

Then you will enjoy your lunch at the temple where vegetarian dishes are provided.

In the afternoon, you will visit Tianya Haijiao Scenic Area, covering an area of 16.4 square kilometers in total. It got its name from the two huge stones inscribed with "Tianya" (in Chinese, tianya means the skyline.) and "Haijiao" (in Chinese, haijiao means cape.), and the "Tianya Haijiao Tourist Area" was inscribed by Mr. Guo Moruo, a famous Chinese writer. The natural landscape in Tianya Haijiao Scenic Area is composed of large beach rock, Swa Horse Ridge Mountain, Tianya Bay, sand, and seawater. Standing in the southwest of Tianya Haijiao Scenic Area are the intersecting Riyue Stones (In Chinese, Ri refers to the sun; Yue means the moon.), inscribed with the characters "sun" and "moon" in Chinese respectively. Thus, they obtained their name. The two stones constitute the "heart" shape, so they are also called "love stones". Legend has it that in ancient times, there was a young couple in the palace who were deeply in love, but they were not allowed to be together due to the palace rules. They escaped from the palace and made a long journey to Hainan Island. But the pursuers sent by the imperial court still found them. They didn’t want to be torn apart again. They decided to die together. After saying a few words to his wife affectionately, the husband jumped into the sea, and then his wife also jumped into the sea. From then on, the two heart-shaped stones rose from the sea. That is the origin of Riyue stones.

Then you will go to see the Romantic Show of Sanya which demonstrates the stories that happened in Sanya and shows the beautiful scenery of Sanya with a 360-degree screen. There are 4 parts of The Romantic Show of Sanya, which introduce the romantic loving story, Luhuitou, the story of Madam Xian, Maritime Silk Road, and Monk Jianzhen's voyages to Japan. After watching the show, you will be obsessed with the attractive Sanya.

Finally, you will be sent to the hotel for a good rest.

a 360-degree screen.

Finally, you will be transferred to the hotel for rest.

Tianya Haijiao scenic area
Nanshan Temple
Day 3 Sanya
Wuzhizhou Island

Are you braced for a trip to an island? Today, you are going to spend a whole day on Wuzhizhou Island where there are numerous aquatic sports with extra charge. After enjoying your breakfast buffet, you will be picked up by your guide at the hotel and then be transferred to a pier where you will board a ship to Wuzhizhou Island. Upon arrival at the island, you can dominate your time without your guide.

Located in Haitang Bay, the national coast of Sanya City, known as Lover Island, Wuzhizhou Island looks like not only a natural heart from the sky but also a bright star blooming on the shore of the South China Sea. It is the first island tourism resort in China which integrates maritime entertainment, special diving, high-end hotels, gourmet dining, and leisure sightseeing. It is home to more than 2,700 kinds of native plants, with a vegetation coverage rate of up to 90%. The sea visibility is up to 27 meters. The surrounding waters are rich in coral species with high live coral coverage

Owing to its clear water and fabulous scenery under the sea, Wuzhizhou Island has become a paradise for underwater diving which needs an extra fee. When you are in the ocean, not only can you see the enchanting scenery, including luminous snails, sea cucumber, prawns, and colorful coral, but also can dance with tropical fish. If you prefer thrilling aquatic sports, it sounds great to try the water scooter. The operation is very simple, all you need to do is control the speed of the throttle or stop, at the same time you will have a professional coach together with you in the water wind whipping, feeling the motor roar, spray, high tide! When speeding up, the motorboat is like an arrow sailing on the river, and the spray is splashing against your chest. How exciting it is! Before enjoying yourself, please do wear a life jacket!

As for lunch, you can taste various local cuisines offered at a cafeteria. In the afternoon, your guide will pick you up at the pier and send you to the hotel.

Wuzhizhou Island
Wuzhizhou Island
Day 4 Sanya
Today, you can do anything you want

Today, you can do anything you want. Whether you would like to taste delicacies like seafood in Hainan province or take part in aquatic sports is OK. There are all kinds of local cuisines waiting for you to eat, such as coconut rice, bamboo-tube-cooked rice, Jiaji duck, nourish cool, and so on. As a local snack, nourish cool is cooked with coconut milk, the seed of Job's tears, mung beans and local fruits in Hainan such as pineapple, grape, watermelon, and coconut meat.

Day 5 Sanya Departure
You will be transferred to the airport and fly back to your sweet home

Today your China visa free tour to Sanya ends here. You will be transferred to the airport by your guide. See you next time.

Author: Wang Chongchong

Proof Reader: Lexie

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Sanya Grand Hyatt Sanya Haitang Bay Resort and Spa Hilton Garden Inn Sanya
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