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7 Days Xi’an – Hong Kong – Macau – Hong Kong

If you want to visit the Terra-Cotta Warriors in Xi’an but don’t want to apply for a visa, now it’s possible with a Xi’an visa free tour. With a 144-hour visa, you are free to fly from Xi’an to Hong Kong without a visa. This 7-day Xi’an, Hong Kong and Macau visa free tour would fill all your needs. With this China visa free tour, you will not only feel the beauty and power of ancient China but also experience the development of modern China. This itinerary includes all the essential attractions for first-time visitors. If you have any comments or adjustments, don’t hesitate to let us know. We are more than happy to receive your voice.

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Day by Day Itinerary
Day 1 Xi’an
Arrival in Xi'an

As one of the most popular tourist cities in China, Xi’an is famous for its huge number of humanistic landscapes. There are many national key cultural relics in Xi'an, such as the Old City Wall, the Big and Small Wild Goose Pagodas of the Tang Dynasty (618-907), and the Bell Tower and Drum Tower of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Beyond that, you will see the Xi'an Tablet Forest, which has a history of nearly 1,000 years and is known as the "Stone Book Library". And of course, you will visit the Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses Museum, which is listed in the World Heritage List. Walking around Xi'an is like walking into a museum of thousands of years of history.

After meeting and greeting you at the Xi’an airport, the local guide will take you to the hotel.

The rest of the day would be your free time to explore the surroundings.

Day 2 Xi’an
Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses Museum, Small Wild Goose Pagoda

This morning, we will drive for 1.5 hours to visit the Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses Museum  (Hereinafter referred to as Terra Cotta Army) which is located 45 kilometers northeast of Xi’an city. It is the largest ancient military museum in China. The figurines of unearthed terracotta warriors and horses are divided into general figurines, warrior figurines, and chariot figurines. Each terracotta figurine has different facial features and looks. When the terracotta warriors were first excavated, they were colorful. But the pigments flaked off quickly when they were exposed into the air. Now, they appear to be the color of earth. What a pity! Our lunch would be at a local restaurant near the Terra-Cotta Army.

After lunch, we will drive back to the city and visit the Small Wild Goose Pagoda (closed each Tuesday) which is also known as Jianfu Pagoda. It was built in the Tang Dynasty and is now located in the Xi'an Museum. The Small Wild Goose Pagoda has experienced wind and rain erosion for more than 1,200 years, and it also experienced more than 70 earthquakes and 3 fractures in its history. There are many activities prepared for travelers here. If we are lucky, we could attend a calligraphy class in the Small Wild Goose Pagoda. You will learn one or two Chinese characters. That would be an interesting experience. After visiting Small Wild Goose Pagoda, the guide will take you back to the hotel.

Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses Museum
Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses Museum
Small Wild Goose Pagoda
Small Wild Goose Pagoda
Day 3 Xi’anHong Kong
Old City Wall, Take a flight to Hong Kong

This morning, we will check out from the hotel and visit the Old City Wall. When you are in Xi’an, the Old City Wall is a place you shall not miss. The Old City Wall is 12 meters high, 12-14 meters wide at the top and 15-18 meters wide at the bottom. The city inside the Old City Wall is called the Old Town by the locals. You could choose to take a stroll or ride a bicycle on the city wall. Then you will go to the airport and take a flight to Hong Kong.

Hong Kong has a subtropical climate with no distinct sense of seasons, as the average temperature ranges from 18°C to 33°C(64.4°F-91.4°F). Transportation in Hong Kong is very well developed, and the main transports are railroads, MTR, cabs, buses, mini-buses, ferries, etc. Known as the "Pearl of the Orient," Hong Kong is known for its high level of prosperity and the perfect blend of Chinese traditional culture and western culture. Administratively, Hong Kong is divided into four regions: Kowloon, Hong Kong Island, New Territories East and New Territories West. Kowloon and Hong Kong Island are separated by Victoria Harbour, both of which are the most prosperous areas of Hong Kong. In the next two days, the attractions we will visit are also mainly focused on these two places. Our guide will wait for you at the Hong Kong airport and transfer you to the hotel.

Old City Wall
Old City Wall
Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Day 4 Hong Kong
Wong Tai Sin Temple, Victoria Peak, Repulse Bay, Stanley Market

This morning, your Hong Kong tour will start from the Wong Tai Sin Temple. Wong Tai Sin Temple, formerly known as Sik Sik Yuen, is one of the most popular local temples. It is said that Wong Tai Sin's fortune sticks are very accurate, so many believers come from far away to seek guidance. Visitors can get a stick box next to the main hall. There are 100 bamboo sticks in the box, respectively compiled on the number of 1-100. You could hold the stick box, stand in front of the main hall, and ask your question to Wong Tai Sin in your mind. And then you should shake the stick box until a bamboo stick falls out. Next, you should remember your stick number and find a fortune teller. There are a lot of fortune tellers in the Wong Tai Sin temple. They sit behind the kiosks on the way to the exit. You could choose the one you like, he will interpreter the stick paper for you. Usually it costs 20-30 HKD for each stick.

Then we will go to the famous Victoria Peak. Victoria Peak is a popular place to visit in Hong Kong, offering panoramic views of Victoria Harbour. We will take the vintage red cable car to the top of Victoria Peak which is the first cable car system in Asia with a total length of 1,350 meters. There are five stops on the way and we will get off at the final stop. The Peak Tower is the most conspicuous building on the Peak, and Sky Terrace 428 on the top floor is the perfect place to view the Victoria Harbor.

After lunch, we will visit Repulse Bay. Located in the south of Hong Kong Island, Repulse Bay is a crescent-shaped bay with a wide, clean and shallow beach. There is a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere everywhere, making it a popular place for Hong Kong people to spend the summer. The area is also one of the more high-end residential areas in Hong Kong, with many luxurious villas spread out on the slopes of the mountain towards the sea.

Then we will drive to our last stop–Stanley Market. Stanley is a scenic town located at the southernmost tip of Hong Kong Island, to the east of Repulse Bay. It has been a small fishing village since the Qing Dynasty (1636-1912). Due to the strong influence of foreign cultures, Stanley is filled with a strong exoticism everywhere and is a unique and relaxing place in Hong Kong. At last, we will go back to the hotel.

Victoria Peak
Repulse Bay
Repulse Bay
Day 5 Hong Kong
Lantau Island, Big Buddha, Tai O Fishing Village

After breakfast, we will visit Lantau Island. Lantau Island is the largest island in Hong Kong and is the size of two Hong Kong islands. First, we will drive to the Ngong Ping Cable Car Station. From there, we will take the Ngong Ping 360 cable car, which is the longest cable car in the world. It takes around 25 minutes to reach the Ngong Ping Village.

Ngong Ping is home to the Tian Tan Buddha and the Po Lin Monastery which are the symbols of Lantau Island. The 34-meter-tall Tian Tan Buddha, also known as the Big Buddha, is the second-largest outdoor bronze seated Buddha in the world. It is said that the construction of this bronze Buddha had difficulties in raising funds. And a Japanese businessman intended to donate a large sum of money to finance the construction, on condition that the Buddha must face Japan. The government refused. At last, this project was taken over by the Chinese space agency. It took 12 years and was completed in 1993. It costs more than 60 million Hong Kong dollars, with more than 250 tons of copper and 4,000 pounds of gold used for the statue body.

Then we will go to our next stop Tai O Fishing Village. To protect the environment, there are restrictions on motor vehicles on Lantau Island. So, we will switch to a public bus to reach Tai O Fishing village. There are a lot of water shanties in Tai O Fishing Village which have a history of more than 200 years. Each water shanty is supported by many wooden piles that go deep into the water. Some of the water shanties in Tai O still retain their most primitive features. Local people go fishing with their own boats in the early morning and return before sunset. The daily harvest is enough for the family to live. If you talk with the elders in the village, they probably have some old stories for you.

After spending some time in the village, we will go back to the hotel.

Big Buddha
Big Buddha
Tai O Fishing Village
Tai O Fishing Village
Day 6 Hong KongMacau
Take a ferry to Macau, Ruins of St. Paul’s Church, Senado Square, A-Ma Temple, Macau Tower, Venetian Macao Resort Hotel

This morning, we will take a ferry to Macau. The local guide will wait for you at the Macau pier. After meeting and greeting at the pier, your Macau tour will start from the Ruins of St. Paul’s Church. In 1562, the Portuguese built this Gothic church in Macau, named “St. Paul’s”. In 1835, a fire destroyed the church and only the front wall remained. This became the Ruins of St. Paul's Church today. It has now become one of the symbols of Macau and a must-see for visitors to Macau. Many Macau people like to take a wedding photo here as a memento when they get married.

Then we will walk to Senado Square. This is the place with the greatest number of local people and the most Western architecture in Macau. The Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau, the Church of Mercy and the Church of the Rosary form a large area with many small houses with European characteristics. And there are all kinds of jewelry stores, drug stores, and handicraft stores here. Maybe you could find something you like for your families and friends.

After that, we will drive to A-Ma Temple. According to legend, when some merchants were traveling through the sea next to the A-Ma Temple, they encountered heavy winds and waves. They thought they would be dead on the sea. When they thought they would die, an old lady appeared on the sea, and then the wind and waves calmed down instantly. They followed the old lady ashore. Then the old lady disappeared as a purple light in the A-Ma Temple. The merchants believe that the old woman is A-Ma and A-Ma saved them. They built the first Hong Ren Hall in the A-MA Temple as a token of their gratitude and later added other halls. They also carved a sailboat and the words "Lijian Dachuan" on a boulder in the temple to signify the courage to go forward and to cross the waves. Since then, more and more people visit A-Ma Temple to pray for good luck for their beloved families and friends.

Our next stop today is Macau Tower. If you visit Macau without going to the Macau Tower, you have never been to Macau. From the moment you step into the glass bullet elevator, the whole thrilling journey begins. In less than 60 seconds, the elevator rises to the top floor of 223 meters. Looking out of the window, the whole of Macau is at your feet. You will get a full view of the city skyline.

After lunch, we will have some fun time at the Venetian Macao Resort Hotel. When you enter the hotel, you will see the same distinctive river and gondolas as in Venice. You can sit in a gondola, watch the views on both sides of the river and listen to the boatmen singing a happy song. You could choose to stay at the mall or pay a visit to the largest casino in Macau. After some fun time at the casino, we will go to the hotel in Macau.

Ruins of St. Paul’s Church
Ruins of St. Paul’s Church
Macau Tower
Macau Tower
Day 7 MacauHong Kong Departure
Transfer you to Hong Kong Airport, Flight back home

This morning, you will be transferred to the Hong Kong Airport according to your flight. Our service ends here.

Editor: Lexie Jia

Proofreader: Carrie Zhang

This tour ends here
Tour Map
City Five Star hotel list Four Star hotel list
Xi'an Tianyu Gloria Grand Hotel Xi'an Sunworld Dynasty Hotel
Hong Kong Harbour Grand Kowloon Harbour Plaza North Point Hotel
Macau The Four Seasons Hotel & Resort Macau Rio Hotel Macau
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