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1 Day Hong Kong

Riding a bike is a very popular outdoor activity, which can be done in many places and most seasons. If you would like to plan for a bike tour, either alone or with some partners, you need to consider the length of the route and the amount of time it will take to finish, in addition to the weather and other concerns. Our bike tour in Hong Kong is easy to complete. The start of the bike tour is Shing Mun River, and the tour will end at Tai Mei Tuk. The distance between the two places is about 22 kilometers, and it will take us 2.5 hours on average. Cycling is also a very relaxing activity. You need to immerse yourself in the whole process. That is why many people will choose a bike tour to get rid of the pressure in life. During our 1-day Hong Kong biking tour, you can relax as well as feast your eyes on the beautiful scenery. So do not hesitate and contact us to start your China Hong Kong bike tour!

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Day by Day Itinerary
Day 1 Hong Kong
Victoria Peak, Peak Tower, Peak Post Office, Shing Mun River, Hong Kong Science Park, Pak Shek Kok Promenade, Tai Po Waterfront Park, Tai Mei Tuk

After breakfast, we will meet you at the hotel and then take you to visit Victoria Peak. As a landmark of Hong Kong, Victoria Peak is located in the west of Hong Kong Island. It is 554 meters above the sea level and known as the highest peak on Hong Kong Island, so you can enjoy the panoramic view of Hong Kong there. When we arrive at the foot of Victoria Peak, we will go to the top by Peak Tram, the earliest funicular railway in Asia.

Getting off the Peak Tram, you will see a high building named Peak Tower. It was built in 1997 and designed in the shape of a bowl. It is a building with multiple functions, such as catering, sightseeing, and shopping. Sky Terrace 428 on the top of the peak tower is a place you can not miss. It is a sightseeing platform, where you can overlook the modern skyscrapers and the beautiful Victoria Harbour.

Except for enjoying the scenery, you can go to the Peak Post Office. It is in the Peak Tower. There are many souvenirs, like the model of the Hong Kong green mailbox and the model of the peak tram. In the post office, you can also send your family or friends some postcards and write a short message on those cards to show your love for them. It will be a meaningful thing although we have the faster and more convenient communication tool, the mobile phone. You can even send yourself a postcard and when you go back home you can receive it. Every time you see it, it will bring back the good memories created in this wonderful Hong Kong tour.

After a nice lunch, we will start our Hong Kong bike tour. We will set out from Shing Mun River in Sha Tin. In the past, Shing Mun River was a bay. Until the 1970s, it became today’s artificial river because of the city’s development. Every year, a dragon boat race will be held by local people on the Shing Mun River and that is the highlight of every Dragon Boat Festival. On either side of the Shing Mun River, there are bike lanes and runways, everyone can heartily enjoy the beautiful river scenery.

The second stop is the Hong Kong Science Park. It is a research base focused on the development of applied science and technology. The buildings in the science park have edgy designs. Except for the office building and the exhibition site, there are open square, artificial lake, and restaurant in the beautiful environment. Although we will not visit the inside of the science park, we can have a short stop and take some beautiful photos.

The next stop is Pak Shek Kok Promenade. As a very popular place, the promenade is about 2 kilometers long and the bike lane is wide and flat. There are also many rest areas and observation decks. At Pak Shek Kok Promenade, you will see the beautiful scenery of Tolo Harbour, and look far into the lofty mountains.                             

When you cycle to the end of the Pak Shek Kok Promenade, you will come to Tai Po. Along the bike lane, you will pass the Tai Po Waterfront Park. It covers an area of about 220,000 square meters and is the largest park in Tai Po. Besides, there is a promenade with a length of 1,200 meters and an amphitheater with 600 seats. From the Tai Po Waterfront Park, you just need to cycle for eight kilometers, and then you will arrive at the Tai Mei Tuk, our last stop of the bike tour. Tai Mei Tuk is located at the foot of the Pat Sin Range. You will see charming lake scenery and beautiful coastline along the way. If the weather is nice, many people will go to the dam along the Plover Cove Reservoir and fly kites. You can also ride a bike on the dam because it is very long. The dam is divided into the main dam and the subsidiary dams. The main dam alone is 2,100 meters. If you are tired, you can sit on the dam, smell the fresh sea air, and feel the gentle breeze blowing your face.

Peak Tower
Victoria Peak

Author: Yalin Zhao

Proofreader: Yan Liu

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