Victoria Peak


Basic Information of Victoria Peak

Chinese Name: 太平山 Pronunciation: Tàipíng Shān

Altitude: 554 meters (1,811 feet)

Suggested Visiting Hours: 3-4 Hours

Address: Central and Western District, Hong Kong, China.


Admission Ticket Fee

Ticket Price Concession Price
Peak Tram Ticket HK$37(Single Trip)
HK$ 52(Round Trip)
HK$14(Single Trip)
HK$ 23(Round Trip)
Sky Terrace 428 Ticket HK$ 52 HK$26
Madame Tussauds Hong Kong Ticket HK$180  HK$140
(After 5:00pm) 
Joint Ticket 1
(including the single-trip Peak Tram Ticket and the Sky Terrace 428 Ticket) 
HK$84  HK$38
Joint Ticket 2
(including a round-trip Peak Tram Ticket and the Sky Terrace 428 Ticket)
HK$99 HK$47
Joint Ticket 3
(including an adult ticket, a child ticket, and a 2-hour parking coupon for the Peak Galleria)
Joint Ticket 4
(including an adult ticket, a child ticket, a wax fact booklet, a D.I.Y. souvenir, fun game worksheets, a stamp-collecting-game worksheet, and a secret gift, which can be got after completing the task)


  • Note:

Concession tickets are only for children between 3 and 11 years old and seniors aged 65 or above.

  • Ticket Free of Charge Policy

Children under 3 years old are free for the tickets.

  • Tips

1. Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult when visiting Madame Tussauds Hong Kong.
2. Please exchange the Madame Tussauds Hong Kong admission ticket at Madame Tussauds Hong Kong’s main attraction on the day of your visit.


Opening Hours

Attractions Opening Hours
 Monday-Friday Saturday, Sunday, and Public Holiday
The Peak Tower 10:00 am-10:00 pm  8:00 am-10:00 pm
Sky Terrace 428 10:00 am-9:00 pm 8:00 am-9:00 pm
The Peak Tram Lower Terminus 7:00 am-10:00 pm
Madame Tussauds Hong Kong 11:00 am-8:00 pm
(No entry after 7:30 pm)
Madness 3D Adventure 11:00 am-8:00 pm


Brief Introduction of Victoria Peak

Panoramic Mountaintop View,Victoria Peak
Panoramic Mountaintop View

Located in the Central and Western District of Hong Kong, Victoria Peak is well-known as the highest mountain on Hong Kong Island with 554 meters above sea level, occupying the western part of the island. For most of the foreign tourists, Victoria Peak is their must-see attraction when visiting Hong Kong. Victoria Peak, with an amazing collocation of unique scenic spots, offers people a rich and colorful experience of the living culture of Hong Kong.

In the 19th century, Victoria Peak was a natural signaling post for incoming cargo ships and then it was found as a perfect retreat to escape the sweltering and stuffy summer heat of Hong Kong. To take advantage of the cool and humid climes of the peak, many privileged and wealthy people built their villas and houses here one after another. At that time, because of the inconvenience of transportation, many of them could only traverse up and down the precipitous peak by sedan chair. Later, with the running of the peak tram, Victoria Peak was further developed. Up to now, Victoria Peak is considered one of Hong Kong’s exclusive residential districts.

Victoria Peak has a unique geographical environment and cultural landscape. It quickly gains an international reputation for its unique features that people can have a wonderful view of the entire Hong Kong and Victoria Harbour. The beauty of the scenery of the peak defies description. The peak provides the most spectacular views of Hong Kong, which attracts millions of people at home and abroad to pay a visit to it, making it one of the most attractive scenery spots in Hong Kong.

At the same time, Victoria Peak is also the best place to enjoy the night scene of Hong Kong. The free public park at the top of the peak is the best sight viewing platform. The scenic spots around the peak, such as the Peak Tower, Sky Terrace 428, and Madame Tussauds Hong Kong are also visited frequently by people. There are a great number of restaurants where you can dine while viewing the scenery. From high-end Western restaurants to common fast food restaurants, it can fulfill any visitor’s tastes.


History of Victoria Peak

Hong Kong Scenery,Victoria Peak
Hong Kong Scenery

In 1842, Hong Kong officially started to be ruled by Britain. In order to declare their sovereignty, the British National Flag was kept waving at the top of the Cheqi Mountain which is called Victoria Peak nowadays. Later, the British renamed the mountain “Austin” after John Gardiner Austin, who served as the assistant secretary of Hong Kong from May 7, 1868, to April 4, 1878. Later, it was renamed Victoria Peak after Queen Victoria, which is still in use today.

At the beginning of the 19th century, Victoria Peak became a landmark for cargo ships to enter the port. In view of the hot and humid climate in Hong Kong, Victoria Peak was founded to be an excellent summer resort for many dignitaries.

In 1868, Sir Richard MacDonnell, governor of Hong Kong, selected Victoria Peak to build his summer villa in order to enjoy the cool and pleasant living environment of the peak. Gradually, building houses and moving to Victoria Peak became a fashion respected by the rich and famous. At that time, when officials and ladies wanted to go back and forth to the top of the mountain, they would employ the rickshaw carried by the sedan bearers in neat uniforms as the means of transportation.

In 1873, the Peak Hotel was established by a Scottish man, Alexander Findlay Smith. Unfortunately, the hotel was destroyed in a fire in 1938.

In 1881, Alexander Findlay Smith, who had worked on the Highland Railway in Scotland, managed to make a proposal to the Governor, Sir John Pope-Hennessy, to build a cable car railway on Hong Kong Island. One section of the railway connected the south of Murray Barracks to Victoria Gap on the Peak, which is well-known as The Peak Tram today.

Sunset Scenery,Victoria Peak
Sunset Scenery

In 1885, the project of The Peak Tram was carried out. On May 30, 1888, the cable car was announced to be put into use after the ribbon-cutting ceremony presided over by the Governor of Hong Kong. Since the 19th century, Victoria Peak has gradually become a place of entertainment for the upper class.

In 1904, living in Victoria Peak was officially listed as the exclusive right of the upper class and foreign envoys, which showed the special and extraordinary status of the peak. The system was abandoned in 1947.

In 1971, the Peak Tower was built. On August 29, 1972, the Peak Tower was opened to the public for the first time. In 1993, Sir Terry Farrell, a famous British architect, was invited to reconstruct it into a comprehensive building integrating shopping, entertainment, and catering services. It was reopened in May 1997 with a lot of famous attractions, including Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, Odditorium and Mini Motion Theatre.


Top Amazing Sights in Victoria Peak You Should Not Miss

The Peak Tram

The Peak Tram,Victoria Peak
The Peak Tram

The Peak Tram, experiencing all sorts of hardships, is a representative living witness of Hong Kong’s century-long history. This legend of Hong Kong was officially unveiled to the world by the governor of Hong Kong, who held the opening ceremony on May 30, 1888. As the first cable railway in Asia, the Peak Tram, with a total track length of 1.4 km, has been in operation till now. Nowadays, more than 4 million tourists from all over the world take the Peak Tram every year, with a daily passenger flow of 11,000. The Peak Tram has truly become a famous brand of Victoria Peak.

The Peak Tram at the earlier time was made of painted wood, with rows of open strip seats at the front and rear, and a wing room in the center. At that time, the tram could only hold 30 passengers and the seats were divided into three grades. From 1908 to 1949, two seats in the first row of the carriages were reserved for the Hong Kong governor and his wife, with bronze plaque “Reserved for the Hong Kong Governor” on the back. Unfortunately, it was seriously damaged during the Anti-Japanese War and was restored in 1942. Subsequently, the body of the Peak Tram was painted green after celebrating its 70th anniversary.

Cable Car,Victoria Peak
Cable Car

Nowadays, the Peak Tram is the only railway with a wide-gauge design in Hong Kong. It is composed of two car cards, which can run in the opposite direction at the same time and can carry 2,800 passengers per hour. The operation of the tram has successfully solved the problem of poor transportation in Victoria Peak before. It’s about 8 minutes’ journey from the two terminals. Thus, most of the tourists have a more disposition to the Peak Tram due to its convenience for them to go up and down the Victoria Peak and its surrounding scenic spots.

The Peak Tram is one of the oldest and most famous cable car railways in the world. It is 396 meters (about 1300 feet) above sea level. It’s so steep that the buildings you pass by look like they’re sloping with a degree between 4 and 25.7! There is no denying that it is an unforgettable experience to get to the top of the mountain by the Peak Tram. In addition, the famous Peak Tram and the picturesque scenery of Victoria Peak attract the attention of Hollywood. In the 1950s, many films and TV series were shot here, such as the film “The Soldier of Fate” and the famous American TV series “Love Boat”.

Since 1888, the Peak Tram has been serving Hong Kong for more than 130 years. During this period, it has successfully transformed from a basic model of transportation to one of the most popular tourist attractions in Hong Kong. However, it is the popularity that makes the tram facing some challenges. Due to space constraints, there will always be long lines during peak hours. To solve this problem, the company decided to upgrade the system of the tram. The project started in 2018 and is expected to be completed in 2021. The upgraded peak tram will not only have a larger capacity but also further improve the riding experience of tourists.

The Peak Tower

The Peak Tower,Victoria Peak
The Peak Tower

The Peak Tower, ranking first among many destinations in Hong Kong, is one of the most distinctive and fashionable buildings in Hong Kong. The Peak Tower is the terminal of the Peak Tram and the location of Madame Tussauds Hong Kong, which makes it an important scenic spot in visiting Hong Kong. The social influence it has cannot be ignored. In Hong Kong’s current currency, the appearance of the Peak Tower is printed on the back of the 20 yuan banknote issued by Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation and Bank of China.

Located at 396 meters above sea level, the Peak Tower was designed by the famous British architect Terry Farrell. It is a seven-story building with a total area of 10,400 square meters. The design concept of the tower combines a bowl and an arch hand, presenting a unique architectural appearance. Its avant-garde design epitomizes modern architecture. This spectacular tower has been shown in millions of photos and postcards around the world.

The Peak Tower integrates various kinds of shops, restaurants, entertainment facilities, and exhibition halls as a whole. The theme of the lower floor is the old streets of Hong Kong, which allows visitors to interpret the history of Hong Kong. Several high-end restaurants are set up on the second and third floors to provide special Chinese, American, and Japanese dishes. In addition, there are dozens of other delicious food, which can fulfill different people’s tastes.

Viewing Victoria Harbour from Victoria Peak,Victoria Peak
Viewing Victoria Harbour from Victoria Peak

The other floors of the Peak Tower show very different looks and styles. On the fourth and fifth floor, some metal and glass materials are used to bring out the modern international city atmosphere of Hong Kong. The top floor is illuminated with golden light, which makes full use of its geographical conditions at the top of Hong Kong. It expresses Hong Kong people’s confidence and vision for the future. Due to its diversity and fashion, thousands of people come to the Peak Tower for fun and entertainment every year.

The original site of the Peak Tower was a two-story viewing pavilion beside the Peak Tram Terminus in the 1960s and 1970s. Later, the Peak Tower was rebuilt in 1997. In 2005, it was renovated by Lv Yuanxiang, a distinguished architect in Hong Kong. One of the major changes is to build a new atrium in the center of the original shopping mall to enhance the transparency of the shopping mall. It provides a new place for tourists to gather. People can have a bird’s-eye view of the beautiful scenery of Victoria Harbour when taking the elevator, and people’s mood will immediately brighten up.

Madness 3D Adventure

Madness 3D Adventure,Victoria Peak
Madness 3D Adventure

Located on the first floor of the Peak Tower, the Madness 3D Adventure has set up many interesting 3D shooting scenes to interact with you. A lot of 3D works, created by different local painters, are displayed in the hall. Various scenes with rich Hong Kong cultural characteristics are presented in graphic paintings by using visual art! These 3D creations allow you to have a close group photo with the national treasure panda and even pull the Peak Tram by yourself. All the scenes will be vivid!

Madness 3D Adventure is free of charge. Do not be worried if you are not good at photographing. The hall provides a special shooting area and there are professional photographers on site to shoot videos and take photos, leaving unique unforgettable memories for you and your loved ones.

Madame Tussauds Hong Kong

Madame Tussauds Hong Kong,Victoria Peak
Madame Tussauds Hong Kong

Madame Tussauds Hong Kong, situated in the Peak Tower and referred to as “Hong Kong Wax Museum”, is a museum dedicated to the exhibition of celebrity wax figures. The general museum of Madame Tussauds Wax Museum is located in London, UK. The Hong Kong Branch opened in 2000 with seven different themes. There are more than 100 wax statues of celebrities at home and abroad, including basketball stars Yao Ming, football stars David Beckham, Andy Lau, and Jay Chou, as well as the late artists Deng Lijun, Leslie Cheung, and Bruce Lee. The wax museum was closed on August 30, 2005, for expansion, and the new one was reopened in March 2006.

Since the opening in 2000, Madame Tussauds Hong Kong has been bustling with a great number of visitors. There are many reasons for the longevity of Madame Tussauds Hong Kong, the most important one of which is people’s strong curiosity. Through having contact with historical celebrities, tourists will get an exciting and strange trip. Here, people will have an illusion of time reversal and can experience the times and events of these celebrities.

Sky Terrace 428

Sky Terrace 428,Victoria Peak
Sky Terrace 428

Located on the top floor of the Peak Tower, Sky Terrace 428 is an excellent viewing platform in Hong Kong. Standing on the invincible viewing platform at an altitude of 428 meters, you can enjoy the fascinating city scenery in the most superior geographical position of Hong Kong, which is the reason why it is named Sky Terrace 428. Natural scenery and urban beauty complement each other. Visitors will have a great sense of dazzling visual experience in Sky Terrace 428.

With a length of 30 meters, Sky Terrace 428 has an area of about 76 square meters. The viewing platform can accommodate 500 people at the same time. Visitors could enjoy a 360-degree view of Hong Kong. The east side of the viewing platform offers a panoramic view of both sides of Victoria Harbour. Standing on the west side of the viewing platform, visitors can overlook Lantau Island, the surrounding islands, and the South China Sea. No matter when you come here, in the daytime, afternoon or evening, the feeling of viewing is quite different and has its own characteristics. Sky Terrace 428 is the best place to enjoy the scenery!

At Sky Terrace 428, visitors can feel the breath of nature on the top of Hong Kong and the prosperity of the metropolis. Moreover, tourists are allowed to write a wish card and hang it on the giant wish ring of the platform to send infinite blessings to your loved ones and friends and take some photos to take beautiful memories home.

Lugard Road

The Aerial View of Lugard Road,Victoria Peak
The Aerial View of Lugard Road

Lugard Road is located in the Pok Fu Lam County Park on the top of Victoria Peak on Hong Kong Island. It is built around the peak, whose intersection is in the west of the Peak Tram Terminal. From this wonderful vantage point, we can have a magnificent view of the city and the harbor. Built between 1913 and 1914, Lugard Road was named after Sir Frederick Lugard, the fourteenth governor of Hong Kong. The cost of the project was 50,000 yuan in that year. After its completion, it was reputed as ‘the greatest project of man conquering nature”.

Lugard Road is a section of road that can accommodate pedestrians, most of which are designed in the pattern of plank roads. Some of the tourists will choose to go up and down the Victoria Peak by walking through this road, which can not only exercise their bodies but also enjoy the fresh air and the beauty of Victoria Peak. Along the way, there are signs to introduce geology, climate, plants, and common insects. If you are interested in that, you can learn a lot from the signs.


The Peak Galleria

Tea Cafe in Victoria Peak ,Victoria Peak
Tea Cafe in Victoria Peak

The Peak Galleria with a total area of around 14,444 square meters is opposite the Peak Tower and is famous as the largest shopping mall on Victoria Peak. With the original site as the Peak Hotel from 1873 to 1938, the galleria with three stories high was built in 1992 and officially opened on February 5, 1993. In order to strengthen the characteristics of the shopping mall, a number of artworks are placed in different positions. For example, the square in front of the shopping mall is equipped with the first jumping fountain in Hong Kong. There are also many specialty boutiques, fashion stores, and restaurants.

Victoria Peak Garden

Victoria Peak Garden,Victoria Peak
Victoria Peak Garden

Victoria Peak Garden, which is free of charge, is located on Austin Road on the top of Victoria Peak on Hong Kong Island. The original site of the Peak Park is the villa of the governor of Hong Kong. In 1946, however, it was destroyed and demolished. The building was not reconstructed. But the guard room and cornerstone of the villa are preserved, and the guard room is even listed as a legal monument in Hong Kong nowadays.

There is no peak tram to the Victoria Peak Garden. So you are recommended to keep the energy to walk uphill after getting off the peak tram. When you reach the park, it will show you some other interesting and novel things that are different from other places in Victoria Peak. Apart from the main residential areas, the Victoria Peak Garden and the nearby Mount Austin Playground are occupied with large open green lawns and traditional recreational areas. It’s a great place for a picnic to have a great day with the kids. Plenty of open space is allowed for people to play games and do some activities. More importantly, the garden is not as crowded as other scenic spots so you will feel more relaxed and comfortable.

Night View

Viewing Hong Kong on Victoria Peak,Victoria Peak
Viewing Hong Kong on Victoria Peak

Viewing Hong Kong at night should not be missed. Viewing Hong Kong on Victoria Peak, the highest mountain on Hong Kong Island, is a must. You can stand on any viewing platform of Victoria Peak, no matter which one will give you the ultimate night view experience. Among them, the ancient Lion Pavilion near the Peak Tram Terminus and the open and pleasant Victoria Peak Park are the best viewing locations.

Viewing Hong Kong from Victoria Peak is very different between daytime and nighttime. In the daytime, you will be amazed at the clear scenery that the buildings stand tall and upright and the Victoria Harbor is prosperous and bustling. When night falls, standing on the peak and looking around, Hong Kong Island and Kowloon are like two pearls inlaid in Victoria Harbour. Various colors of city lights shine with each other. It is truly a feast for your eyes.


You Can Travel in This Order

Take the Peak Tram from the foot of Victoria Peak → The Peak Tower → Madness 3D Adventure → Madame Tussauds Hong Kong → Sky Terrace → Enjoy the night view → Take the Peak Tram to the foot of Victoria Peak

Take the Peak Tram from the foot of Victoria Peak→ The Peak Tower → Madness 3D Adventure → Madame Tussauds Hong Kong → Sky Terrace → Victoria Peak Garden→ Walk down the mountain through Lugard Road.

Walk up the mountain through Lugard Road → Victoria Peak Garden→ Sky Terrace → Madame Tussauds Hong Kong → The Peak Tower →Take the Peak Tram to the foot of Victoria Peak


Best Travel Time

Victoria Peak is worth visiting all the year round. There are more people in autumn and winter, followed by spring and summer, especially from September to December. Because Hong Kong’s summer is stuffy and sweltering, it is of great comfort to visit Victoria Peak in cool autumn. Moreover, the winter in Hong Kong is not as cold as in other places in China. It is generally warm and dry from October to December. Most people prefer the cooler weather and beautiful evening views in December.

What’s more importantly, there is a grand sales carnival during the period from the Christmas Festival to the Chinese Spring Festival. It is very suitable for shopping. At that time, you can buy some special items with Hong Kong culture as gifts to your families and friends.

Please pay attention there is a big temperature difference between the top and the foot of the mountains. If you go to the mountains in autumn, you’d better take a coat with you. In addition, you are not advised to go to the scenic spots when it is China’s National Day(October 1st-7th) because of the extremely crowded people from Mainland China.



By Bus

Take bus 103, 182, 182X, 307, 619, 619X, 621, 681, 681p, 690, 907B, 907C, 981P or 115 and get off at Admiralty Station. After getting off, you need a 12-minute walk following the signs to the Peak Tram Lower Terminus.

  By Subway

Take Island Line or Tsuen Wan Line and Get off at Central MTR Station, Exit J or K.

Take South Island Line or Island Line or Tsuen Wan Line and Get off at Admiralty MTR Station, take Exit C1.

Note: After you getting out from the exit, you need to follow the signs to the Peak Tram Lower Terminus. It takes about a 12-minute walk. Then take the Peak Tram to the peak.

By Taxi

Chinese: 请带我去中环花园道太平山顶缆车总站。 English: Please take me to the Victoria Peak Tram Lower Terminus at Central Garden Road.

If you go to Victoria Peak from Regal Riverside Hotel, it takes about 25 minutes (about HK$150).

If you go to Victoria Peak from Hong Kong International Airport, it takes about 30 minutes (about HK$300).

If you go to Victoria Peak from Hong Kong West Kowloon Railway Station, it takes about 15 minutes (about HK$70).

Victoria Peak,Victoria Peak
Victoria Peak

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