Li River


Facts to Know About Li River

Chinese Name: 漓江 Pronunciation: Lí Jiāng

Total Length: 164 km

Opening Hours: 9:00-15:00

Suggested Visiting Hours: 3-4 Hours

Address: Guimo Road, Lingchuan County, Guilin City.

Lake Area: 2173.29 square kilometers


Admission Ticket Fee

Contents Three-star Cruise Ship Four-star Cruise Ship
Entrance Fee 54 yuan
Fare for Cruise Ship 161 yuan 306 yuan
Total Fare 215 yuan 360 yuan

  • Ticket Free of Charge Policy

Children under 1.2m (including 1.2m) or under 6 years old are free of charge;
Senior citizens over 65 years old with an ID card or senior citizen ID are free of charge;
The disabled with disability certificate are free of charge;
All active-duty servicemen with officer certificate, soldier certificate, military disability certificate, or cadet certificate are free of charge.
*The above policy is only applicable to the admission fee.


Overview of Li River

Li River,Li River
Li River

Located in the northeast of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Guilin Li River Scenic Spot is one of the most beautiful and largest karst landscape scenic resorts in the world.

Li River Scenic Area in Guilin City is the most typical karst landform development area in northeastern Guangxi. The main scenic spots include Elephant Trunk Hill, Crown Rock, and Yellow Cloth Reflection, which is called “One hundred miles on Li River, one hundred miles of the art gallery”.

As unique scenic resources, Li River has long been renowned at home and abroad for its typical karst landform landscape, beautiful scenery, and rich landscape culture, which attracts worldwide attention. In 1982, it was designated as a national key scenic and historic interest area by the State Council. In 2007, the Guilin Li River Scenic Area was rated as a national AAAAA tourist area.

The characteristics of Li River are summarized as clear, strange, clever, and changeable. The main scenic spots are summarized as one river, two caves, and three mountains. One river refers to the Li River, and two caves refer to Reed Flute Cave, Seven Star Rock, and three mountains refer to Duxiu Mountain, Fubo Mountain, and Diecai Mountain, which are the essence of the landscape in Guilin.


Big Events Happened in Li River

The Inauguration,Li River
The Inauguration

On the morning of October 27, 2007, the first batch of 5A state-level scenic spots of Li River in Guilin were inaugurated at the Mopanshan Wharf. Xue Guifeng (deputy director of the Quality Standards and Management Department of the National Tourism Administration), Huang Chan (deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Guilin People’s Congress), and Chen Jianjun (deputy mayor of the Guilin People’s Government) were all present at the opening ceremony.

Over the past 30 years, Li River Scenic Spot has received more than 34 million tourists from home and abroad, and more than 170 heads of state and political leaders have visited the scenic spot. The Li River Scenic Spot has become a popular tourist attraction for tourists from all over the world.


Li River Top Amazing Sights You Should Not Miss

Elephant Trunk Hill

Elephant Trunk Hill,Li River
Elephant Trunk Hill

Elephant Trunk Hill is located at the confluence of Taohua River and Li River, 200 meters away from Wenchang Bridge to the west. It is 200 meters above sea level, 55 meters above the river, 108 meters long, and 100 meters wide. The mountain area is 1.3 hectares.

Made of pure limestone deposited on the ocean floor 360 million years ago, it resembles a giant elephant stretching its trunk to drink water from a river. Elephant Trunk Hill is formerly known as Li Mountain, Yi Mountain, short for Xiangshan (Elephant Mountain). Elephant Trunk Hill has become the representative of the Guilin landscape, the symbol of Guilin City and Guangxi local products.

The Long-range View,Li River
The Long-range View

The Water and Moon Cave is between the trunk and legs of the Elephant Trunk Hill. It is 17 meters long, 9.5 meters wide and 12 meters high, covering an area of about 150 square meters.

Water and Moon Cave is towards sunlight, also known as Chaoyang Cave. “The Water and Moon in Elephant Trunk Mountain” is one of the most wonderful landscapes in Guilin.

Chuan Mountain

Chuanshan Park,Li River
Chuanshan Park

It is located on the east bank of Little East River (Xiaodong River) in the southeast of the city and the southwest of Seven Star District. It is 3.5 kilometers away from the city center, 224 meters above sea level, with an area of 25.25 hectares.

To the east of the mountain lies the Pagoda Mountain. A million years ago, the two mountains were originally one, and earth’s orogeny separated them. Today, the Little East River flows slowly south between the two mountains, still tying them together like a ribbon.

Tower Mountain (Tashan)

Tower Mountain,Li River
Tower Mountain

Tashan is on the east bank of the Li River and the west bank of the Xiaodong River, facing each other across the river, with an elevation of 194 meters and a relative height of 44 meters, and an area of 2.75 hectares. There is an ancient tower built in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) on the mountain, which is Shoufo Tower.

This tower is one of the four famous towers in Guilin Scenic Spots. It is located on the Tashan with an elevation of 194 meters on the west bank of the Xiaodong River and looks across the river through the mountains. The lowest layer of the tower is 1.56 meters high and 2.95 meters wide on each side. It is gradually reduced and separated by five layers of convex brick lines.

Reflection of Yellow Cloth Shoal (Huangbu Reflection)

Huangbu Reflection,Li River
Huangbu Reflection

Reflection of Yellow Cloth Shoal is the essence of the Li River, located in the Xingping Ancient Town of Li River Scenic Spot. Not far to the south of the Painting Mountain, it is the Yellow Cloth Shoal.

The beauty of Li River is the beauty in the reflection; the reflection of the Li River is the most enchanting. Here the river flow is clear, green through the bottom. From the water, we can see the bottom of the river is a large yellow stone, just like a yellow cloth tiled in the river bed. It is the original name of the Yellow Cloth Beach.

Yellow Cloth Shoal is on the left and right sides. There are seven different sizes of the mountains out of the water, slim and graceful, like seven quiet girls and people call them “seven immortals”. If travelers like to take photos, it is the superexcellent place to choose.

Yuanbao Mountain is a background of the new RMB 20 from the reflection of yellow cloth. Two giant paintings hang in the Chinese embassy at the UN headquarters. One is “the Great Wall”, representing China’s “cultural landscape”; the other is “Reflection of Yellow Cloth Shoal”, representing China’s “natural landscape”.

Crown Cave

Crown Cave,Li River
Crown Cave

Crown Cave is located 29 kilometers to the south of Guilin city, on the east bank of Li River. Crown Cave is a giant underground cave, 12 kilometers long, originating from Ocean Mountain in the east of Guilin.

Crown Cave officially opened to the outside world in 1995. As night fell, there were wonderful folk songs and dances, and passionate folk songs resounding through the valley.

The cave is spacious like a palace, so it is also called “light rock”. The rock is divided into three layers of five holes, layer upon layer. The upper two layers are the dry caves, while in the lowest layer of the cave, there is an underground river with a length of 700m.

Stone of Immortality

Stone of Immortality,Li River
Stone of Immortality

Opposite Taoyuan village on the west coast, it is about 44 kilometers away from Guilin. There is a boulder on the top of the mountain, about 3 meters in diameter, flat round like a stone mill, called “fairy mill”. Beside a tilted stone more than 3 meters high, just like a person pushing a stone mill.

It is said that there were more than a dozen of tenants and a landlord in the village. The tenants worked all the year round, but still did not have enough clothes to cover their bodies.

Then a fairy came and turned the fairy mill, which turned the stones into the rice and poured out of the cave. Tenants called it a “rice hole”. Upon hearing the news, the landlord opened a large cave and tried to take possession of it. However, a whirlwind rose from the cave and swept the landlord into the river.

Half-side Ferry

Half-side Ferry,Li River
Half-side Ferry

On the west bank of the Li River, about 43 kilometers from Guilin City, there is Dutou Mountain, which is 400 meters above sea level, with a precipice that intercepts the southward flow of the river and creates a surge of spray.

There are two villages on either side of the mountain, including Guanyan Village and Taoyuan Village, cut off by high mountains, so they are relying on ferry traffic.


Recommended Travel Route

Route (4-5hours by boat)

Travelers can board on Mopanshan Pier to Yangshuo and the distance is 60km. They can visit from Crown Cave to Half-side Ferry, Stone of Immortality, Snail Mountain (Luosi Mountain), Reflection of Yellow Cloth Shoal, and Tianshui Village.


When to Travel

Located in Guilin, Guangxi Province, Li River has a subtropical monsoon climate with a mild climate, long summer and short winter, plenty of rainfall and sunshine every year. The best travel time is from April to October.

The average annual temperature is 19℃(66.2 Fahrenheit). July is the hottest month with an average monthly temperature of 28℃(82.4 Fahrenheit), while January is the coldest month with an average monthly temperature of 7.9℃(46.22 Fahrenheit). Of course, travelers must pay attention to the weather changes, so as not to be affected.


Ways to Get to Li River

By Bus

There are a lot of piers in the Li River Scenic Spot. Travelers can choose different piers to get to the Li River Scenic Spot. If travelers want to get to Yangshuo Shuidongmen Wharf where is located in No2, Binjiang Road, Yangshuo County, they can take bus No.2 or bus No.3 to arrive there. It will take 75km.

If travelers choose to get to Dragon Boat Ping Wharf (longchuanping wharf) where is located in No.121 Longchuanping Road, Xiangshan District, Guilin, they can take bus No.11 and bus No.99. The distance is 2.4km.

By Taxi

Chinese: 请带我到漓江景区。English: Please take me to the Li River Scenic Spot.

If travelers want to take a taxi to Li River Scenic Spot from Guilin urban district, it will cost around 72 yuan and take about 49 minutes.

If travelers want to take a taxi to Li River Scenic Spot from Guilin Liangjiang International Airport, it will cost around 110 yuan and take about 1 hour.

If travelers want to take a taxi to Li River Scenic Spot from Guilin Train Station, it will cost around 50 yuan and take about 39 minutes.

By Self-driving

Departure Distance Time
The center of city 32km 1 hour
South Railway Station 27km 45 minutes
North Railway Station 35km 1 hour
West Railway Station 40km 1.5 hour
Liangjiang International Airport 60km 1.5 hour

The Night Scene,Li River
The Night Scene
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