Siberian Tiger Park


Basic Information of Siberian Tiger Park

Chinese Name: 东北虎林园 Pronunciation: dōng běi hǔ lín yuán

Occupied Area: 1.44 million square meters

Building Time: 1996

Suggested Visiting Hours: 1-3 Hours

Best Visiting Time: June to August; December to next February

Address: No.88 Songbei Street, Songbei District, Harbin City, China


Admission Ticket Fee

    For Ordinary Sightseeing Bus    For Thrilling Sightseeing Bus
Adult     110 yuan
 (including 20 yuan of sightseeing bus)
     130 yuan
 (including 40 yuan of sightseeing bus)
 (under 1.2m including 1.2m)
0 0
( between 1.2m -- 1.4m)
    65 yuan
 (excluding sightseeing bus fare)
   85 yuan
 (excluding sightseeing bus fare)

  • Note: For visiting the Siberian Tiger Park, the sightseeing bus is necessary. And the fare for the sightseeing bus is included in the admission ticket fare. There are two types of sightseeing buses: the ordinary sightseeing bus (20 yuan), the thrilling sightseeing bus (40 yuan). However, the thrilling sightseeing bus is only opened in summer.


Opening Hours

 In Summer
(May 1st to October 9th) 
      In Winter
 (October 10th to April 30th)
Opening Hours  8:00-17:00  8:30-16:30
The Departure Time of Sightseeing Bus  the first bus: 8:30
the last bus: 16:30 
the first bus: 9:00
 the last bus: 18:00

  • Note: The departure interval of the sightseeing bus is 20 minutes.


Brief Introduction of Siberian Tiger Park

The Main Entrance,The Siberian Tiger Park
The Main Entrance

The Siberian Tiger Park is located on the north bank of the Songhua River, covering an area of 1.44 million square meters. It is currently the largest wild nature reserve forest park in the world. It is a 4A-class national tourism spot. The large park includes 10 areas, among which the Adult Tiger Area covers an area of 360,000 square meters. The Siberian Tiger Park is built to protect the endangered species- Siberian tigers in the world.

The Siberian Tiger Park is the world's largest Siberian tiger feeding and breeding base, a national Siberian tiger provenance breeding base, and a national terrestrial wildlife epidemic disease monitoring station.

The Siberian Tiger Park has more than 700 pure-bred Siberian tigers. It was officially opened to the public in 1996. The annual number of tourists from home and abroad exceeds 250,000.

Tigers,The Siberian Tiger Park

The Siberian Tiger Park has many areas for tourists to visit, including an exhibition hall of science popularization, the wild domestication area, the adult tiger area, the breeding tiger area, the liger area, the African lion area, the tiger king area, and the young tiger area, the pedestrian area and the Tiger Watching Terrace. There are more than 100 purebred Siberian tigers, 8 white tigers, 1 snow tiger, 2 white lions, 3 black jaguars, and more than 20 African lions.

The tigers here are all free-ranged in the wild. And for this reason, their viability and running speed, predation skills, and cold tolerance have all been greatly improved.

Except for the pedestrian area and the Tiger Watching Terrace, you will have to take a sightseeing bus to visit the rest of the attractions.


Main Scenic Spots in Siberian Tiger Park

Snow Tigers,The Siberian Tiger Park
Snow Tigers

Animal Park

More than 100 pure-bred Siberian tigers can be seen here, and you can also see many rare animals here such as white tigers, snow tigers, white lions, lynx, ligers, cheetahs, leopards, African lions, Bengal tigers, black jaguar, etc. The whole journey takes about 1 hour.

The Breeding Tiger Zone

The tigers here are all pure-bred Siberian tigers with international pedigrees and excellent genetic traits. They are responsible for inheriting excellent genes.

Adult Tigers,The Siberian Tiger Park
Adult Tigers

The Adult Tiger Zone

The 7~8 years old Siberian tigers are free-ranged here. They are in their most energetic years, with strong bodies and agile movements. They often attack the prey in groups, and they can tear the prey in a flash. The scene is thrilling. Young tigers around 2 years old are in the young tiger zone, they are experts in water hunting.

The African lion Zone

In this zone, you can see the African lions. The African lions live together peacefully but sometimes the male lions will compete with each other for a mate.

Lions,The Siberian Tiger Park

The Pedestrian Zone

There are young tigers, white tigers, snow tigers, white lions, lion beasts, black jaguars and Bengal tigers. Young tigers like running and chasing in the garden from time to time. And their movements and expressions are amusing to tourists. Sometimes, the young tigers lie down together and their little heads are in the same direction, it looks very cute.

The Liger Zone

Baby Tigers,The Siberian Tiger Park
Baby Tigers

In this area, the tiger and lion cubs are raised in one place for fostering the relationship between them. And when the tigers and lions are mature, they can mate to produce a precious animal species that have mixed genes of both of them.

The Science and Exhibition Hall

The Siberian Tiger Science and Exhibition Hallis free for visitors. Various materials about the Siberian Tiger are preserved in detail in the hall and exhibited in the form of specimens, pictures and text.


Tour Routes

Waiting for the sightseeing bus at the tourist center( You can buy or look over souvenirs of Siberian Tiger Park here)→ Taking your favorite sightseeing bus and going through 8 scenic spots(There are two types of sightseeing buses including the normal type and the thrilling type, the bus will launch every 20 minutes)→ At the exit of the sightseeing route, there is the little tiger viewing area, the last souvenir buying area and the pedestrian area, you can see various types of tigers here and know about the history about the place and tigers → Go to the circus city to see a circus show.


How to Get to the Siberian Tiger Park

By Bus

You can take bus 35, 122, 123, sightseeing bus 2 and sightseeing bus 3 and get off at Hulinyuan Station.

You can take bus 29 to the Xuezi Street Station and walk 100 meters to reach Heilongjiang Siberian Tiger Park.

By Taxi

Chinese: 请带我去东北虎林园。English: Please take me to the Siberian Tiger Park.

If you take a taxi from Harbin International Airport to Siberian Tiger Forest Park, the whole journey is about 45.5 kilometers. It takes about 50 minutes and 90 yuan.

Adult Tigers,The Siberian Tiger Park
Adult Tigers

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