Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area


Basic Information of Wuyi Mountain

Chinese Name: 武夷山景区 Pronunciation: Wǔ Yí Shān Jǐng Qū

Suggested Visiting Hours: 1-2 Days

Address: Wuyishan City, Fujian Province, China.

Height: 2,158 meters (7,080 feet)


Ticket Price

Peak Season
(March 1st – November 30th)
Shoulder Season
( December 1st–February 31st )
Adult (age 19-59) 140 yuan 120 yuan
Child (age 6-18) 70 yuan 60 yuan
Elder (over 60 years old) 70 yuan 60 yuan

  • Ticket Free of Charge Policy:

1. Children under 6 years old or under 1.2m in height are free of charge.

2. People with disabilities (with disability certificate) are free of charge

*The above policy is only applicable to admission fee.

  • Surcharge Inside the Scenic Spot

Sightseeing Car 70 yuan (one-day tour)
85 yuan(two-day tour)
95 yuan(three-day tour)
Bamboo Raft Sightseeing 130 yuan
Note: Transportation facilities above are voluntary consumption


Opening Time

Peak Season
(March 1st - October 31st)
Shoulder Season
(November 1st - February 28th)
6:30 ~ 18:00 7:00 ~ 17:00


What You Need to Know About Wuyi Mountain

Scenic train,Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area
Scenic train

Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area is located in the north of Fujian Province, China. Known as "Fantastic Scenery in the southeast", Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area is one of the national key scenic areas.

Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area is blessed with unique scenic resources, including 1 cultural and natural heritage site listed in the World Heritage List and 5 key national scenic spots.

Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area is home to the most complete, typical and largest forest ecosystem of subtropical origin in the world at the same latitude. It is a natural paradise with clear water and red mountains: mountains surrounded by water, beautiful scenery with wind and cloud floating in the sky, the famous rock tea culture. The collision of aesthetic feeling and spirituality formed a happy world of leisure. One can enjoy a leisure and interesting journey from here.

The beauty of Wuyi Scenic Area lies in the mountains and the most typical of more than 200 Danxia landforms in China. Crustal movement makes here strange peaks and rocks in various shapes, some straight into the clouds, some across the miles, some as screen hanging, some stand proudly, and some stand erect.

The spirit of Wuyi Scenic Area lies in the water. Its foothills have many springs, waterfalls, mountain streams. The murmur of the water is like a song. Among them, the most enticing spot is the Nine-bend Creek, its total length of 9.5 kilometers, surrounded by the mountains and water. Tourists can enjoy the whole landscape view with a primitive bamboo raft. They can see the strange peaks when they look up and enjoy the water when they lower their head.

Today, Mount Wuyi Scenic Area has become a national 5A tourist attraction, with the best protected and most species-rich ecosystem in the same latitude on earth. Moreover, since the Qin and Han Dynasties, Mount Wuyi Scenic Area has been the habitat of Yuliu Zen. With a history of more than 2,000 years, Mount Wuyi Scenic Area has won the reputation of world cultural and natural heritage.

  • Tea Culture in Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area

    Tea Garden,Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area
    Tea Garden

Famous mountains make famous tea, and famous tea shines famous mountains. Wuyi mountain is rich in rock tea, and has a long history, excellent quality, which make it renowned at home and abroad.

Su Dongpo, a great writer in the Northern Song dynasty, called Wuyi rock tea "Ye Jia" in his prose biography. Fan Zhongyan, a great poet of the Northern Song dynasty, also described the scene of "immortal Wuyi people from the ancient plant" as solemn and touching.

In the Song Dynasty, Wuyi rock tea has quietly entered the Kyoto royal family, and was officially listed as tribute treasures in the Yuan dynasty. The pavilions were strewn with beautiful structures, which were a spectacular sight. The garden was known as the Imperial Tea Garden.

Before the Ming and Qing dynasties, oolong tea was first introduced to the world in Wuyi Mountain. Because it has the fragrance of green tea, and the glycol of black tea, it is very popular. In the Qing Dynasty, Yuan Mei, a talented scholar from Qiantang, tasted three flavors of tea in Wuyi Mountain.

Wuyi Mountain is a famous mountain of ancient culture. With a broad mind, it has accepted the three major sects of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism at the same time, forming the unique cultural construction, showing the huge compatibility and profound life connotation of Wuyi Mountain. The emergence, development and prosperity of Wuyi tea culture have won a comprehensive stretch under this background. The people of three sects talked about tea and life and they praised Wuyi tea together and integrated their respective tenet into the spirit of tea ceremony, injected a spring of life into the development of Wuyi tea culture, and also opened a window of the spiritual world.


Top Highlights at Wuyi Mountain

 Tianyou Peak

Tianyou Peak, Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area
Tianyou Peak

It is the most perfect scenic spot combining mountain and water, nature and culture in the Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area. It is located in the center of the whole scenic are of Wuyi Mountain.

Main scenic spots include Imperial tea Garden, Tianzhu Peak, Cloud nest, Yinping Peak, Sun-laid Rock, Water-moon Pavilion, Tea cave, Tianyou Peak, Sweeping Pavilion, Tianyou View, etc.

In addition to natural scenery, there are tea gardens, academies of learning and stoning carvings here, which reflect the perfect combination of the natural and cultural heritage of Mount Wuyi Scenic Area.

 Nine-bend Creek

Nine-bend Creek, Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area
Nine-bend Creek

Nine-bend Creek is the mainstream of Wuyi Mountain stream at the southwest foot of Huanggang Mountain, located in the rock valley of Wuyi Mountain in Fujian Province. Because it curves a lot, it is also named Nine Curved Stream. Each bend is integrated into its artistic conception from the beach to the pool. Tourists can see all the lushes mountains and lucid water through visiting Nine-bend Creek landscape. They can take a bamboo raft from the star village downstream or pick up the steps to the Wuyi Palace. Visitors can find endless interest through that.

 One-Line-Sky Scenic Spot

One-Line-Sky Scenic Spot,Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area
One-Line-Sky Scenic Spot

One-Line-Sky Scenic Spot is located in a deep gorge in the south of Erqu Stream at the southern end of Wuyi Mountain Peaks, also known as Yixiantian.

There is a huge rock, named Fuling rock, which is like a city wall. The rock covers three adjacent caves with cracks of more than 100 feet at the top, and the width is less than 1 meter. In the cave, tourists can see the crevice at the top of the cliff.

The main scenic spots of the One-Line-Sky scenic spot include the first line sky, Pavilion Rock, Ling Xiaofeng, Shimen Rock and Tiger Hissing Rock, etc., which make it one of the rare and unique scenic spots in the Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area. Part of the road is narrow, and visitors need to be careful.

 Tiger Hissing

Tiger Hissing ,Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area
Tiger Hissing 

Tiger Hissing is located in the south of Erquxi, the rock whose shape likes a tiger. There are huge holes, and when mountain wind through the hole, the sound just likes a tiger roar, therefore it is called the Tiger Hissing Rock. Tiger Hissing Rock is a steep rock in Wuyi Mountain. The main scenic spots of Tiger Hissing are Tiancheng Temple and the eight scenes of tiger roar. It is the top peak among the 36 peaks of the Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area.

 The Water Curtain Cave Area

The Water Curtain Cave Area,Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area
The Water Curtain Cave Area

The Water Curtain Cave Area is located in the middle of the Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area, and it is a famous and historic area. The Water Curtain Cave Area is the largest cave in the Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area and known as "the most powerful cave in the mountain". Formed by the collapse of a rock, the Water Curtin Cave is over 80 meters high and 170 meters wide. The cave is wide enough to accommodate 1,000 people. There are two streams at the top of the rock. The Water Curtain Cave Scenic Spot is a Taoist resort in the Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area, which is the most popular construction of Taoist temples in ancient times. The cave is covered with red cliffs carved in various ways, which is the famous cave temple in the mountain.

 Da Hong Pao Scenic Spot

Da Hong Pao Scenic Spot, Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area
Da Hong Pao Scenic Spot

Dahongpao Scenic Area is located in the center of Wuyishan Scenic Area, inside the famous grand canyon Nine-Dragon Nest. This is a deep and long valley controlled by the east-west fault structure. The valley is deep and cut. There are nine dangerous peaks with towering and rocky long strips of single-sided mountains on both sides.

The world-famous Dahongpao tea trees grows on the north side of cliff at the bottom of Nine-Dragon Nest gorge. There are two ancient bonsai-style tea gardens, one large and one small, and six old tea trees with lush branches which has a history of more than 340 years.

In July 2007, the last 20 grams of Dahongpao tea from the 350-year-old mother tree was collected by the National Museum of China. This is also the first time that tea has been collected in the National Museum. After that, Wuyishan no longer picks tea from the mother tea trees.

 Longchuan Great Canyon

Longchuan Great Canyon, Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area
Longchuan Great Canyon

Longchuan Grand Canyon is located in the Wuyi Nature Reserve, where the mountains are lush, and the rare birds and beasts can be seen, and the springs are cascading and becomes waterfalls. Many scenes are as a whole, listening to birds singing and seeing the clear stream.

From the moment tourists enter the scenic area, they enter the world of waterfalls. Ancient trees towering and the beauty of the magnificent waterfall along the jagged rock mountain like silver chain hanging in the sky. Under the sunshine, the line of the Danxia mountain refract charming colorful halo, which is like a fairyland.

 Qinglong Waterfall

Qinglong Waterfall,Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area
Qinglong Waterfall

Mount Wuyi Qinglong Waterfall is located in the upper reaches of Mount Wuyi's Nine -bend Creek which is surrounding Mount Wuyi National Nature Reserve. Qinglong Waterfall is located in the fault zone. The terrain is precipitous, and the forest community is almost primitive. There are more than 100 kinds of rare ornamental trees listed on both sides of the canyon. These rare and precious flowers and trees reflect well with the flowing waterfalls in the canyon. Visitors can feel like a fairyland on earth and a paradise away from home.


Recommended Travel Route

One-Line-Sky Scenic Spot → Tiger Hissing Scenic Area → Da Hong Pao Scenic Spot → The Water Curtain Cave Area

Tianyou Peak → Tea Cave → Nine-bend Stream → Wuyi Palace


Best Season to Visit Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area

Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area has a warm and comfortable climate all the year round, which is suitable for tourism. However, January to March is relatively dry, vegetation withered and yellow, landscape depression. March, April or the rainy season, travel is more inconvenient because of the weather. Summer in July, the temperature is the highest among the whole year, sometimes as high as 35 degrees, but at this time everything grows most exuberant. It is suitable for landscape sightseeing. In September and November, the temperature is comfortable and the autumn scenery is not bad. So it is suitable for traveling.

Wuyi Mountain is the coldest in January every year. The temperature basically stays at about 10℃ in average. The lowest temperature is about 5℃, and the highest temperature can reach about 15℃. The difference in temperature between morning and night is relatively large, especially in the evening, when the wind is heavy. Thick cotton-padded clothes and down jacket are essential article in winter. It is the hottest month in July, with the highest temperature of 31-33℃. When traveling, one only need to wear short-sleeved shorts and please remember to wear a sunscreen cap. In spring and autumn, the weather is pleasant and the temperature is 15-22℃, visitors can wear a T-shirt and a thin coat when they go out.


Ways to Get to Wuyi Mountain

 By Bus

Take bus Wuyishan 5 and get off at Jingqu Nancirukou Station(the south side gate of Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area).

Take bus Wuyishan 6 and get off at Jingqu Nanrukou Station(the south gate of Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area).

By Taxi

Chinese: 请带我去武夷山景区。English: Please take me to the Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area.

If you go to the Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area by taxi, it takes about 30 minutes from downtown area, and about 30-40 yuan.

Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area
Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area


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