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3 Days Shenzhen

Have you ever considered spending your holiday in a place where you can have a glimpse of all the world-famous scenic areas in just several days? Now our 3 Days Shenzhen Visa Free Tour will make it possible. Shenzhen boasts luscious fruits and various specialties, and you may be obsessed with the cloud cake or the roast pigeon. During this tour, you can have a thrilling experience in Happy Valley of Shenzhen where there is Shoot the Rapids, the tallest roller coaster, and the first Four Senses Theater in Asia, etc. Then you will have a panoramic picture of the Chinese folk customs in Splendid China Folk Village. What’s more, in 72 hour visa free Shenzhen, you will be amazed by the 100 world-famous cultural scenic areas and architectural wonders in miniature, like the compact Eiffel Tower, Arch of Triumph, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Pyramids of Egypt, and Taj Maha. In a word, Visa Free to Shenzhen will deliver you great pleasure.

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Day by Day Itinerary
Day 1 Shenzhen Arrival
You will arrive in Shenzhen and your guide will take you to the hotel for a good rest

Upon arriving, you will be picked up by the tour guide at the airport and sent to the hotel. After check-in, you can have a good rest for the coming exploration in Shenzhen.

Welcome to Shenzhen, China’s first special economic zone! Covering an area of 1,997.47 km2, Shenzhen is also the first fully urbanized city in the country, with around 1,302 million permanent population. It has the largest number of ports and entry-exit personnel as well as the largest traffic flow in China. Thanks to the tropical monsoon climate, the city has sufficient precipitation and solar energy, leading to many luscious fruits such as lychee, peach, mango, and tangerine. Meanwhile, the city also boasts various specialties like duck neck,TastySteak, and roast pigeon. One of the most popular food there is cloud cake, also known as “playing card cake" because it resembles the cards. With delicate crafts, it has more than ten ingredients, including glutinous rice, lard, spices, sesame, and white sugar. Once entering your mouth, it will dissolve like snowflakes and the aroma still lingers in your mouth when you have eaten it up. So tonight, may you have a sweet dream and you will have a wonderful Visa Free Tour to Shenzhen!

Day 2 Shenzhen
Happy Valley of Shenzhen, Splendid China Folk Village, Window of the World

After breakfast, let us go to explore Happy Valley of Shenzhen. As a modern theme park with more than 100 entertainment projects, the Valley combines participation, appreciation, amusement, and enjoyment. With an area of 350,000 m2, it is divided into nine theme zones, namely Spanish Square, Magic Castle, Adventure Mountain, Happy Time, Gold Mine Town, Shangri-la, Hurricane Bay, and Sunshine Seashore. Some amusement facilities introduced from America, the Netherlands, and Germany are unique in China and even in Asia. Among them is Shoot the Rapids with the world’s tallest drop height, the tallest roller coaster and the first Four Senses Theater in Asia, China’s first suspended looping coaster, etc. Surely, this is a place where you can enjoy yourself to the fullest. 

After that, you will be taken to Splendid China Folk Village, China’s first large-scale theme park. Featuring miniatures of well-known natural landscapes and historic sites across China, the Village also displays the folk activity of Chinese traditional etiquette, including weddings and funerals. Meanwhile, you can also experience grand Chinese ceremonies such as the imperial Heaven worship, sacrificial ceremonies in the Confucius temple. Then you can also listen to a piece of ancient Chinese music performed by a band of musicians in costumes. There are various local snacks and handiworks for you to enjoy. How fantastic it is that you can have a glimpse into the rich Chinese culture and wonderful landscapes in a short time. 

Next, you will leave for Window of the World. Covering an area of 480,000 m2, the park is divided into eight themed zones, including World Square, Asia Zone, America Zone, Africa Zone, Oceania Zone, Europe Zone, Sculpture Park, and International Street. It boasts more than 100 world-famous cultural scenic areas and architectural wonders in miniature. Among which are the Eiffel Tower, Arch of Triumph, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Pyramids of Egypt, and Taj Mahal. What’s more, you can hear the sound of roaring water of the miniature Niagara Falls, which is over 80 meters wide. Additionally, Hawaiian volcanoes spouting lava are one of the breathtaking sights there. As the activity center, the World Square has the capacity of over ten thousand people and in its front stand 108 great stone pillars of different styles, nearly two thousand m2 relief, and six huge gates that represent cradles of world ancient civilizations. There is also a luxurious stage that presents wonderful performances by artists from all over the world. Surely, you will find it more exciting in this all-embracing park.

Happy Valley of Shenzhen
Splendid China Folk Village
Day 3 Shenzhen
Dong Men Pedestrian Street, your guide will send you to the airport, and you will fly back to your sweet home

Today, you are scheduled to have a walk on Dong Men Pedestrian Street. As the earliest flourishing business area in Shenzhen, Dong Men Pedestrian Street has been 300 years old, growing up into a modern bazaar from a small slab stone street. Hailed as the “Pearl on the Crown of Business in Shenzhen”, each inch of the land is as precious as gold. According to statistics, shop rent within Sun Square there is between 1500-2100 yuan per m2. With well-developed transportation, the Street boasts various businesses and rich cultures. There are boutiques, specialty stores,fashion shops,musical instrument stores, book stores, and many other kinds of businesses. In the 176,000-m2 bustling place, there are 28 modern buildings dotted on the 15 main streets. In its west is a cluster of archaized buildings with green tiles and white walls. Surprisingly, logos of McDonald's and KFC from abroad also appear amid these quaint complexes. It’s a place that combines innovation and nostalgia.

As the exploration ends, you will be taken to the airport. Hopefully, you can come back to spend your holiday in Shenzhen.

Dong Men Pedestrian Street
Dong Men Pedestrian Street


Author: Tabitha

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Shenzhen The Langham, Shenzhen Hilton Garden Inn Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center
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