Window of the World


General Information of the Window of the World

Chinese Name: 世界之窗 Pronunciation: shì jiè zhī chuāng

Opening Hours: 9:00-22:30

Suggested Visiting Hours: 6-10 Hours

Occupied Area: 480,000 square metres

Building Time: June 18, 1994

Best Visiting Season: Suitable for all seasons

Address: No. 9037 of Shennan avenue, Nanshan district, Shenzhen, Guangdong province


Ticket Price

Ticket Fare
Matinee ticket(Full price ticket) 220 yuan
Matinee ticket(Half Rate Ticket) 110 yuan
Evening ticket 80 yuan


  • Preferential Treatment Policy

1. Elderly people who are 65 to 70 (excluding 70 years old) can enjoy a half-price discount for the matinee tickets.
2. Elderly people who are older than 70 (including 70), and Shenzhen women who are older than 60 and Shenzhen men who are older than 65 could visit the Window of World for free with their ID cards.
3. Children under 1.2 meters in height (including 1.2 meters) can enjoy ticket-free discount. 
4. Children who are 1.2 meters-1.5 meters (including 1.5 meters) can enjoy half-price discount for matinee tickets.


Overview of the Window of the World

The Night View,Window of the World
The Night View

Window of the World, located in Shenzhen Bay Community, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, is a famous miniature scenic spot in China. With the purpose of promoting world culture, it is a man-made theme park that integrates the wonders of the world, historical sites, ancient and modern places of interest.

The park is divided into eight theme areas: World Plaza, Asia region, America region, Africa region, Oceania region, Europe region, Sculpture Garden and International Street. It displays more than 100 world-famous cultural landscapes and architectural miracles, such as the Eiffel Tower in France, the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy, the Taj Mahal in India and the Pyramids in Egypt.

Window of the World is part of a theme park area of Shenzhen with three other theme parks nearby. The Shenzhen government organized the building of a special tourist and theme park zone in the Nanshan area of Shenzhen. At night, there are special dance shows you can see. Hundreds of dancers perform on a large stage, and there are the procession and fireworks display at 9 pm.


Development Characteristics

  • Culture and Innovation Are the Main Power to Lead Development

The reason why Window of the World can develop steadily in the highly competitive theme park market and become the best tourist scenic spot in China is that it takes culture and innovation as its core competitiveness. By 2006, the number of the scenic spots in the Window of the World has increased from 108 to more than 130; cultural theme activities are involved in the three golden weeks and the peak seasons; the top ten tourist participatory entertainment projects are packaged with culture, which forms the unique characteristics of the Window of the World.

  • Participatory Entertainment Projects Highlight the Cultural Charm Of Scenic Spots

In July 1999, Window of the World creatively made use of the existing resources of the scenic area to embark on the Colorado Adventure Rafting packaged with theme culture. As soon as the project was published, it was very popular with tourists, and all the investment was recovered within 20 months. Then in July 2000, the Alps Ski Resort, the first large-scale indoor real snow ski resort in China, was published in the Window of the World. With the European snow mountain culture as the background, it is not only favored by young tourists but also attracts many Hong Kong tourists to ski regularly. And items, like Through the Amazon Jungle which is the world’s longest electric slide, the first domestic 4D digital high-tech cinema with a 240-degree cylindrical ring screen, Asia’s first-class panoramic global stage, the Jurassic Dinosaur World, and the Inca City where you can explore the ancient civilization of South America, were also successively published in the Window of the World. Now it has transformed from a static sightseeing spot into a dynamic interaction playground in a few years.


Special Theme Festival Activities

The International Oktoberfest, Window of the World
The International Oktoberfest

Window of the World also combines the development of scenic spots with the changes of tourists’ demands, makes use of the profound cultural connotation of scenic spots, imports the most characteristic folk activities from all over the world into the scenic spots, and has cultivated some theme cultural festivals that are popular with tourists. Until the spring of 2006, the Window of the World has a distinctive theme activity in every peak season, such as the World Song and Dance Festival during the Spring Festival, the International Oktoberfest in summer, and the Pop Music Festival during National Holidays and so on, which have been gradually accepted by the market. At the same time, Window of the World also attaches great importance to the planning of foreign festivals, such as Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, and so on. In various festivals, Window of the World has exotic and distinctive theme activities and a series of performances, which has won a good market reputation and has become a highlight for the establishment of Shenzhen culture and the development of Shenzhen cultural construction.


Popular Attractions at Window of the World

Global Stage,Window of the World
Global Stage

According to the world regional structure and tour content, the scenic spot is divided into eight scenic spots: World Plaza, Asia, Oceania, Europe, Africa, America, World Sculpture Park and International Street.

 World Plaza

The World Plaza has 108 pillars, embossed walls symbolizing world civilization. There are six city gates that represent different cultures, covering an area of 1,680 square meters. It has:

Louvre (glass pyramid) World Cultural Relief Wall
World Map Fountain Global Stage

International Street,Window of the World
International Street

International Street

The international street is dominated by European, Asian, Islamic and other residential architectural styles, with churches, bazaars and streets in one place. It is a good place for tourists to take a rest and shop. Entering the 'international street', tourists seem to be in the romantic places of Europe, Asia and Islam. It has:

Islamic Street Asian Street
European Church Street Glass Arc de Triomphe


Asian Region

Shwedagon Pagoda,Window of the World
Shwedagon Pagoda

Asia, the beautiful and mysterious east land, displays gorgeous pictures. Gui Li Palace, the imperial residence of Japan, interprets the luxury of the royal family. The resplendent Grand Golden Pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar, tells the story of the prosperity of the dynasty. India, which is a country imbued with stories, and the Modohara Holy Well allows us to wash away the dust of our souls; the Taj Mahal Mausoleum allows the world to witness the last song of love. The water villages in southeast Asia create a strong Asian style that allows us to taste the fruits of the harvest and listen to the singing of life. It has:

Jingfu Palace, South Korea.  Korean ordinary door. Guili Palace, Japan. 
Mount Fuji, Japan.  Imperial Palace, Japan.  Mount Fuji, Japan. 
Fallon Temple in Nara, Japan.  Tianshou Pavilion, Jilu City, Japan.  Matsuko Hall, Japan. 
Mount Fuji, Japan.  Angkor Wat, Cambodia.  Thai Royal Palace. 
Duzhu Temple, Vietnam.  Xiangtong Temple, Laos.  Paradise Temple, Malaysia. 
lion head fish tail statue, Singapore.  Swayambnat blocking slope, Nepal.  Taj Mahal Mausoleum, India
Karlichi Grottoes, India.  Indian Buddha Pagoda.  Southeast Asian water village. 
Borobudur, Indonesia.  Great steps and reliefs of Persepolis, Iran.  Isfahan Grand Mosque , Iran. 
Kuwait Water Tower.  St. Sophia Cathedral in Istanbul, Turkey.  White Buddha Pagoda in Sri Lanka.
The Holy well of Modohara, India.  The Great Golden Pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar.  Arab Square and Coffee maker, Islamic 


 European Region

Tower Bridge,Window of the World
Tower Bridge

Looking at Europe, the traces of the Renaissance can be seen everywhere. The monsoon of the Aegean Sea and the sunshine of the Mediterranean Sea are woven into the symphony of Europa.

The Eiffel Tower stands highly, and the Arc de Triomphe witnessed the vicissitudes of history, and St. Peter's Cathedral repeated the preface of Genesis.

Huaxi witnessed the great changes in Red Square, and the bells on the Olympic Mountain testified to us: the flower of human civilization is poured with blood! In this land carried by Noah's ark, let us remember yesterday with Shakespeare's poems.

The palace garden brings together the classic buildings of various historical periods in Europe. Paris Spring Shopping Plaza, Roman Holiday Square, Poseidon Fountain Square and Caesar Palace create a European scene which is full of humanistic flavor. It has:

Russian Winter Palace.  Russian Cruiser Avrol.  Belazeno Church in Huaxi, Russia.  
Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.   The Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France.  Notre Dame de Paris, France.  
 Acropolis, Athens, Greece.  Castle Akasha, Spain.  Gordi Park, Spain. 
Lion House, Alhambra Palace, Spain.  Buckingham Palace, England.  Tower Bridge in London, England.  
The Lion Gate of Mycenae, Greece.  The White Horse of Afton, England.  The Water City of Venice. 
Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy.  City Square of Florence, Italy.  Rome Colosseum, Italy. 
St. Peter's Cathedral of the Vatican.  New Swan Castle in Germany.  Cologne Cathedral, Germany. 
Monastery of Mount Saint-Michel, France The Houses of Parliament in London, England.
Sydney Opera House,Window of the World
Sydney Opera House


 Oceania Region

Sydney Bridge, Australia. 
Discoloration Stone-Ayers Stonehenge , Australia. 
Sydney Opera House, Australia. 
Maori dwellings , New Zealand


African Region

Temple of Kanak Amon, Egypt. 
"Sphinx" Stone Statue , Egypt
Kenya National Wildlife Park
Pyramids of Giza, Egypt. 


American Region

The United States Capitol,Window of the World
The United States Capitol

The American Statue of Liberty.  Brasilia Parliament Building.   
Washington Memorial Hall.  The Lion Gate of Mycenae, Greece. 
White House, the United States.  The Pyramids of Castillo, Mexico.  
Niagara Falls.  United States Capitol Building.   
Naskatu Line Wall, Peru.  Hawaii volcano, the United States..
Lincoln Memorial , the United States. Jefferson Memorial Hall , the United States. 
Golden Gate Bridge, the United States President mountain of the United States. 
Stone statues of Giants on Easter Island, Chile. 

Sculpture Garden,Window of the World
Sculpture Garden


 Sculpture Garden

Johann Strauss Music Square, Austria. 
Atmospheric Square


 Paris Spring Shopping Street

It is an International Street Commercial Service Area, with European, Asian, Islamic and other residential architectural styles as the attraction, which is a place for tourists to rest and shop. Here you can taste different flavors of France, Italy, Austria, Russia, Japan, Thailand, South Korea, as well as German beer and Hawaiian ice cream.

There are also exquisite handicrafts and tourist souvenirs from all over the world, which are dazzling for tourists to choose and buy. When night falls, the scenic spot shows another kind of charming exotic atmosphere.

 Other Entertainment Facilities

Return to the Jurassic,Window of the World
Return to the Jurassic

  • High-speed Fuji Mt

The XD dynamic cinema system of the " High-speed Fuji Mt " project includes dynamic seats, dynamic films, dynamic wind effects and dynamic light effects, and visitors can experience real feelings such as high speed, weightlessness.

  • Return to the Jurassic

There are "gorillas" that can lift the cockpit with 24 people, then tilt and shake the  tourist cockpit into the air, and use angry red eyes, roars, smoke and other special effects to bring a series of visual, auditory and tactile shocks to visitors in the cabin.

  • Through Europa 
    Through Europa ,Window of the World
    Through Europa

You can enjoy the British folk songs that surround your ears, the French flower fields, and the European Star that rides your joyous heart to find small towns in the Swiss mountains, and you can also break into the Dutch windmill kingdom, explore the magic tunnels of Denmark, and play with Spanish fruit farms. In the vast and rich land of Europe, you can feel the passionate collision between romantic pastoral and humanistic amorous feelings!

  • Leap over the United States

You can find the world's first live shooting ring-screen cinema, the world's top entertainment equipment, the most powerful Hollywood production team, the achievement of the most fantastic flight, and the most exciting physical and mental experience.


Travel Tips

1. If you want to enjoy the evening song and dance party, it is recommended to book the tickets earlier at the Ticket Exchange which is near the Zhonghua Gate. The evening party is from 19:30 to 20:45, and only accepting a reservation after 5 pm. The evening show ticket is only 100 yuan per person. If you only want to see the evening performance, it is really cost-effective to buy an evening ticket.

2. On Saturdays and Sundays and Holidays,there will be fireworks displays at the Triumphal Arch from 20:45 to 20:50.

3. There are many places that are worthy of you to have a try in the American region so spend more time in this region.

4. Accommodation: The City Inn is next to the Window of the World, which is a part of the European Street of the scenic spot. If you choose this inn to live in, you will enjoy a 15% discount on tickets to the Window of the World scenic spot and have priority to book the Window of the World evening ticket.

5. Food: there is the essence of Chinese and Western food in the Window of the World so you can enjoy the food while visiting the scenic spots at the same time. Main restaurants: Caesar Palace, Iron Tower Restaurant, Water Village Thai Restaurant, Noodle Restaurant

6. Shopping: Tourist souvenir shops are mainly located at the Eiffel Tower on Paris Spring Street, which is near the Alps and Roman Holiday Square.


Our Suggested Route

  • Route1: Main entrance → World Square → Japan Park → Mount Fuji → Water City of Venice → Amazon through the jungle → Inca climbing ground → Niagara Falls → through Europa → fly over the United States → return to the Jurassic → Eiffel Tower-Caesar Palace→  Musical fireworks display

  • Route2: Main entrance →World Cultural relief Wall → Japan Park → Mount Fuji →Taj Mahal in India → Amazon through the jungle → Southeast Asian water village → Henan windmill park → through Europa → Pyramid- Inca climbing ground-Niagara Falls → through Europa → fly over the United States → return to Jurassic →Eiffel Tower → Caesar Palace → Musical fireworks display

  • Route3:Main entrance → World Square → Japan Park-Mount Fuji→ Southeast Asia Water Village → Maori residence-Venice Water City → through Europa →African residence → Gala Falls-Giza Pyramid→Indian residence→ Flying America → World Cultural Sculpture Park → Eiffel Tower-Caesar Palace→ Musical fireworks display


Ways to Get to Window of the World

 By Bus

Take bus 21, 26, 70, 79, 90, 101, 113, 204, 223, 234, M123, M132, m388, m398, M398, M486, M487, m488, n24, N4, High Express bus No. 136, High Express bus 916 to get off at Window of the World Station 2. Take bus 323, 324, 338, 369, 395, m165, m183, m191, m194, m222, m413, m433, m435, m 448, m511, peak line 12 to get off at Window of the World Station 1.

By Subway

Take Metro Line 1 and Metro Line 2 and get off at the Window of the World Station.

By Taxi

Chinese: 请带我到世界之窗入口。English: Please take me to the Window of the World.

Chinese: 请带我到世界之窗北门。English: Please take me to the north gate of the Window of the World.

Chinese: 请带我到世界之窗南门。English: Please take me to the south gate of the Window of the World.

Chinese: 请带我到世界之窗东北门。English: Please take me to the northeast gate of the Window of the World.

If you go to the Window of the World from Baiyun International Airport,it takes about 2 hours (380 yuan).

If you go to the Window of the World from Shenzhen Railway Station,it takes about 29 minutes (42 yuan).

If you go to the Window of the World from Shenzhen Bus Station,it takes about 31 minutes (37 yuan).

If you go to the Window of the World from the center of Shenzhen,it takes about 21 minutes (28 yuan).

The Overall View,Window of the World
The Overall View


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