Guangzhou Zoo


Basic Information of the Guangzhou Zoo

Chinese Name: 广州动物园 Pronunciation: Guǎng Zhōu Dòng Wù Yuán

Building Time: 1958

Recommended Time for a Visit: 2-3 Hours

Occupied Area: About 42 hectares (420,000 square meters)

Address: 120 Central Xianlie Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province

Beat Visiting Season: Spring, summer, and autumn (From April 1st to October 15th)

Building Function: Entertainment, animals protection, and animals-loving education

Popular Activities: Feeding different animals and listening to animal care workers explaining animal knowledge


Ticket Price

Tickets Price
Admission Fee 20 yuan
Joint Ticket
including the admission fee; goldfish garden, animal behavior exhibition hall, and animal square
50 yuan
Joint Ticket
       including the admission fee; goldfish garden, animal behavior exhibition hall, and animal square      (any two of three) 
40 yuan
Joint Ticket
      including the admission fee; goldfish garden, animal behavior exhibition hall, and animal square        (any one of three) 
 30 yuan


  • Ticket Free of Charge Policy

Children under the age of six or below 1.2 meters and senior citizens aged 65 and above (with ID card) are free of charge.


Service Hours

Park Gate Peak Season
(April 1st – October 15th) 
 Low Season
(October 16th – April 15th)
Opening Hours  8:00-18:00 8:00-18:00
Admission Hours   8:00-16:30   8:00-16:00
Ticket Office Opening Hours   8:00-16:30   8:00-16:00

  • The Aquarium Opening Hours

Opening Hours (North Gate) Opening Hours (South Gate)
The Aquarium 8:30-16:00    8:30-15:30


Brief Introduction of the Guangzhou Zoo

The Main Entrance,Guangzhou Zoo
The Main Entrance

Located in Yuexiu District, the Guangzhou Zoo is honored as one of “Three National City Zoos” (the other two being the Beijing Zoo and the Shanghai Zoo). The landscape of the Guangzhou Zoo features typical sceneries of “Lingnan” (岭南), the south of the Five Ridges --“The spring lingers here; fragrance pervades throughout”.

The Guangzhou Zoo, covering an area of 420,000 square meters, benefits from its forests and lakes which empower the park layout to be taken into shape. The greenery coverage rate reaches 85 percent, in which subtropical and tropical flora presents a beautiful landscape.

There are more than 450 species from different countries in the zoo, such as various mammals, reptiles, birds, and fishes, many of which are endangered and exotic animals. Apart from that, some animals, like giant pandas, golden monkeys, and South China Tiger belong to the First-Grade State Protection Animal, and quite some animals are also listed as the Second-Grade State Protection Animal.

The Guangzhou Zoo is also an inclusive park that manages different business modes to meet visitors’ various needs. For instance, “watch animals eating” is an activity that visitors can feed hippos, elephants, and pelicans.

Some theme zones like the Aquarium Park and the Butterfly Park provide an exciting tour--“Roam in Nature”. Also, tourists can enjoy a circus performance at Animal Behavior Exhibition where they watch adorable and clever animals. In Animal Square, tourists will have the opportunity to get in close touch with red pandas, baboons, and other meek animals. What is more, the zoo also designs some wonderful theme activities for tourists.


History of the Guangzhou Zoo

In 1928, the Guangzhou Zoo (the original name is Yonghan Park) opened. At that time, the park covered an area of 2.2 hectares (22,000 square meters), displaying more than 60 species.

In 1950, Yonghan Park got a new name--People's Park (current Guangzhou Children's Park).

In May 1955, the park was officially named Guangzhou Zoo.

Since 2006, the Guangzhou Zoo has been honored with a series of titles–Guangzhou Science Education Base, Guangdong Youth Science and Technology Education Base, and National Youth Science and Technology Education Base.

The renovation project of the Guangzhou Zoo was completed in August 2014, with a total investment of 81.53 million yuan.


Attractions and Highlights in the Guangzhou Zoo

The Aquarium

The Aquarium,Guangzhou Zoo
The Aquarium

The Aquarium was open to visitors in 1997. It houses more than 200 species of marine fish and other creatures, which shows tourists a blue underwater world. It is a large multi-functional high-tech exhibition hall with an area of 13,000 square meters.

The Aquarium obtains some titles such as the "National Science Education Base" "Guangdong Science and Technology Education Base for Youth" and "Guangdong Marine Science Education Base".

The Aquarium is divided into multiple areas to display the ocean world from different views, including Submarine Tunnel, Deep-sea Wonder Seaweed Tank, Treasure Tank, Tropical Rainforest, Shark Hall, Turtle Land, Penguin Park, Science Popularization Hall, Ocean Theater, Sea Lion Land, and Ocean Plaza, etc. These areas are well-designed and arranged, which is suitable for the respective ecological environment and living habits of different species. Wandering here, tourists will have a look at hundreds of marine creatures all over the world.

The Chimpanzee House

The Chimpanzee House,Guangzhou Zoo
The Chimpanzee House

The Chimpanzee House is close to the north gate of the Guangzhou Zoo and was open at the end of 2006. The Chimpanzee House covers an area of about 3,000 square meters, including a 2,000-square-meter garden-featured stadium. It has two areas: an indoor glass exhibition hall and an outdoor exhibition hall.

The first floor of the indoor exhibition hall is equipped with eight animal air-conditioned sleeping rooms and two glass halls for observing orangutans, and two observation platforms are accessible to visitors to watch orangutans’ daily life from a higher place.

In the landscape, against a cliff is a huge waterfall--the main scene, adorned with climbing plants, which creates an ecological and natural habitat. The animal display is integrated with the mountains and rivers to make an incredible ecological landscape. After the completion of the Chimpanzee House, it became a new symbol of the north gate entrance. The attraction was honored with "Excellent Scenic Spot" in 2006.

Butterfly Park

Butterfly Park,Guangzhou Zoo
Butterfly Park

The Butterfly Park is in the northeast of the Guangzhou Zoo, covering a total area of 1,250 square meters. Among them are the Ecological Butterfly Garden, Butterfly Herbarium (including butterfly specimens, butterfly art exhibitions), living shells, and herbarium.

The Butterfly Park is a unique ecological one in China because it shows a “butterfly paradise” with the aid of garden techniques. The unique hippo stone lies in front of the door to welcome guests. The surging spring and water mist in the lotus pond will lead you into the landscaped waterfall. The layout of various flowers and plants mirrors the beautiful scenery of the tropical rainforest, full of poetic aura. Tourists will have a feeling of walking into a fairyland.


Interesting Story of the Guangzhou Zoo

A scientific research center was founded in October 2002. In December 2005, a science-based exhibition hall and zoology buildings came into view. The zoo also holds activities in order to popularize animal knowledge. For example, the Guangzhou Zoo organized a popular science activity about protecting animals on World Animal Day (October 4th).


Tour Route

South Gate →Dinosaurs World →Herbivores Zone →The Goldfishes →Beasts Zone →The Aquarium →Butterfly Park →Science Education Center →The Central Lake →Birds Zone →Animal Behavior Exhibition Hall →South Gate


Transportation to the Guangzhou Zoo

By Bus

North Gate: Take bus 72, 74, 84, 127, 220, 246, 706 and get off at the Guangzhou Zoo Zong Station.

North Gate: Take bus 11, 16, 65, 78, 192, 199, 201, 219, 236, 290, 547, 833, 862 and get off at the North Gate of the Guangzhou Zoo Station.

South Gate: Take bus 137, 221, 287, 549 and get off at the Zoo South Gate Zong Station.

South Gate: Take bus 133, 191, 209, 233, 245, 256, 278, 280, 287, 301, 30, 522, 545, 810, 886, 82, 83, 810 and get off at the South Gate of the Guangzhou Zoo Station.

By Subway

South Gate: Take Metro Line 5 and get off at the Guangzhou Zoo Station.

North Gate: Take Metro Line 6 and get off at the Huanghuagang Station (Exit A).

By Taxi

Chinese: 请带我去广州动物园。English: Please take me to the Guangzhou Zoo.

Chinese: 请带我去广州动物园北门。English: Please take me to the North Gate of the Guangzhou Zoo.

Chinese: 请带我去广州动物园南门。English: Please take me to the South Gate of the Guangzhou Zoo.

If you take a taxi to the Guangzhou Zoo from the center of Guangzhou (Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou), it takes about 26 minutes (about 30 yuan).

If you take a taxi to the Guangzhou Zoo from Guangzhou Railway Station, it takes about 15 minutes (about 25 yuan).

If you take a taxi to the Guangzhou Zoo from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, it takes about 55 minutes (about 100 yuan).

Guangzhou Zoo,Guangzhou Zoo
Guangzhou Zoo

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