Jiaozi Snow Mountain


Facts to Know About Jiaozi Snow Mountain

Chinese Name: 轿子雪山 Pronunciation: Jiaozi Xuěshān

Service Time: 8:00-17:30

Time Needed: 6-8 Hours

Height: 4,344 meters

Occupied Area: 119 square kilometers

Address: Wumeng Town, Luquan Yi and Miao Autonomous County, Kunming City, Yunnan Province, China


Admission Fees

Ticket Price
Adults  Children
(6-18 years with valid certificate) 
(60-69 years with valid certificate)
Entrance 35 yuan 17.5 yuan
(excluding shuttle bus fare)

Shuttle Bus

30 yuan
Cableway 70 yuan
Accident Insurance 3 yuan


  • Ticket Free of Charge Policy

1. Children under six years old (including) or under 1.2 meters (including) are free of charge.

2. Senior aged over 70 years old (with valid certificate) are free of charge.

  • Tips:

1. All reduction and exemption policies are only for the entrance ticket.

2. Additional paid items: cableway and others.


What You Need to Know About Jiaozi Snow Mountain

Mountain-shaped Glacial Landform Landscape,Jiaozi Snow Mountain
Mountain-shaped Glacial Landform Landscape

Jiaozi Snow Mountain, also known as Yunnong Mountain and Jiangyunlu Mountain, is located at the junction of Luquan County and Dongchuan City, with a height of 4,344 meters and about 150 kilometers away from Luquan County.

As a national 4A scenic spot and nature reserve, Jiaozi Snow Mountain is the first peak and a mountain-shaped glacial landform landscape in middle Yunnan Province.

It is composed of Jiaozi Mountain, Qiwang Mountain, Dongying Mountain, Guanyin Mountain, etc. The mountain is a seasonal snow mountain and is well-known for its Chinese sedan appearance, whose latitude is the lowest of the Northern Hemisphere.

In the scenic area, towering peaks, cliffs, primitive forests, ice-eroded lakes, alpine meadows, and glacier remains are well preserved. There are various species of rare plants, abundant rare animal and plant resources, and unique landscape changes during four seasons.

Alpine Meadows,Jiaozi Snow Mountain
Alpine Meadows

The weather on the mountain can vary drastically. In winter, the mountain is covered with white snow, presenting amazing scenery of ice lakes, ice waterfalls, rimes, and snowfields. Skiing is a highly popular activity for adventurous tourists.

In summer, at an altitude of 2,500-4,000 meters, silver waterfalls cascade down with smoke-filled scenes, making a huge sound, which is very spectacular.

Besides, the ice and snow world, the azalea sea, the sea of clouds, sunrise, and Buddha corona are recognized as the five wonders on Jiaozi Snow Mountain.


Rare Plants and Animals

Sabina Squamata

Sabina Squamata,Jiaozi Snow Mountain
Sabina Squamata

Mainly distributed in the southwest of China, the Sabina Squamata community is a unique vegetation type in China. Sabina Squamata in the Jiaozi Mountain Nature Reserve is tree-like with a height of more than ten meters, located at an altitude of 3,200-3,700 meters, which develops into a rare type.

Such a large and contiguous Sabina Squamata is unique not only in Yunnan Province but also in China as well.

Taxus Chinensis

Belonging to a species of Taxus of Taxaceae, it is an endemic species in China and a national first-class protected plant. Produced in Sichuan, Yunnan, Tibet, and other places in China, it grows in mountainous areas at an altitude of 2,000-3,500 meters.


Popular Attractions

Azalea Flowers,Jiaozi Snow Mountain
Azalea Flowers

Azalea Flowers

In addition to its majestic waterfalls and stunning lakes, there is also a wonderland of Azalea flowers. They usually bloom from April to June. White Azaleas look very pure, the purple look noble, the red ones are warm, and yellow azaleas are beautiful and elegant. They stand in sharp contrast to the waterfalls and embellish the mountain beautifully.

Buddha Corona Cliff

Buddha Corona Cliff,Jiaozi Snow Mountain
Buddha Corona Cliff

The Buddha Corona Cliff, at 4,200 meters above sea level, is one of the best sightseeing platforms for appreciating the the sea of clouds and canyon in Jiaozi Mountain.

Just as its name implies, the sightseeing platform is a place where visitors can enjoy the magical Buddha light. (July to October is the regular season of Buddha corona.)

Because of the light’s reflection and refraction, coupled with the fog in the air, colored Buddha corona appears.

Icefalls,Jiaozi Snow Mountain


Another highlight of the Jiaozi Snow Mountain in winter is icefalls. From a distance, they look like white marble sculptures, so varied that visitors forget to blink. In the warm spring, these spectacular and charming icefalls melt and turn into waterfalls, pouring down from the mountains. The falls, which range from 2,500 to 4,000 meters, include Sister Waterfalls, Huaxi District Waterfalls, Dripping Rock Waterfalls, Lotus Waterfalls, and Flown-over Waterfalls.


Legend of Jiaozi Snow Mountain

Legend has it that more than a thousand years ago, it was a vast plain here. The plain was divided into the north and south parts, with a large rich family in the north and a poor village in the south.

A young man from the rich family had been a bully and had done all sorts of bad things such as robbing sheep and pigs from the poor of the south.

Wumeng Mountain,Jiaozi Snow Mountain
Wumeng Mountain

One day, the young man came to the south to press people for payment. By chance, he met a beautiful girl named Ying’er. After returning home, he did not eat anything for several days, and he had evil in his heart.

On the first day of the New Year, the young man came with a gang and wanted to take away the girl. They threatened her to set fire in the village and kill all the villagers if she did not obey. To save the village from disaster, she had to say good-bye to the villagers with tears, and sit in the sedan.

When they reached the north-south junction, suddenly there was a strong wind and thunder, followed by a huge landslide.

In a twinkling, the whole earth returned to calm, but there appeared a big mountain that ran through the east and west, which separated the north and the south flatly. The young man and his gang turned into stone.

From then on, the rich in the north could no longer bother the poor in the south. Hence the mountain got its name Jiaozi Snow Mountain (Jiaozi in Chinese means sedan).


When to Visit Jiaozi Snow Mountain

March, April, September, and October are the best time for visiting. Viewing the mountain from March to April, visitors can appreciate the Azalea sea. In September and October, there are grand waterfalls, and even icefalls.


Warm Tips

1. Prepare protective articles such as cold protection, sun protection, and anti-slip shoes.

2. Prepare high-calorie food.

3. Maintain physical strength and have a proper rest.


Suggested Routes

Starting from Sifangjing of Jiaozi Snow Mountain Scenic Spot, take the shuttle bus (3,140 meters above sea level, about 1 hour)

Take the cableway from Xiapingzi (3,500 meters above sea level) to Daheiqing (3,850 meters above sea level), and follow the Flower Stream upward for sightseeing.

Jingguai Pond → Heavenly Paddy Fields → Thousand-year Meadow → Azalea Sea (3,950 meters) → Buddha Corona Cliff (4,200 meters)

Sightseeing Spot at Seven-star Tower (4,150 meters) → Mubang Lake and Heavenly Pond (4,150 meters) → Forest of Upright Trees (4,137 meters)-Fir Forest

A Narrow Strip of Sky (3,980 meters) → Flower Stream→ Taking cableway to the bus station → Go back to Kunming



By Bus

It's a four-hour drive.

Route: At the entrance of the Yunnan Railway Museum (leaving for the scenic spot at 7:30), there are many direct buses to the parking lot of the Visitor Center with an adult ticket of 110 yuan.

It is a round-trip ticket for the same day and return to Kunming from the Visitor Center at 4 pm.

By Taxi

If you go to Jiaozi Snow Mountain from Kunming city center(Jinjiang Hotel), it takes about 3.2 hours(about 520 yuan).

If you go to Jiaozi Snow Mountain from Kunming Train Station, it takes about 3.2 hours(about 510 yuan).

If you go to Jiaozi Snow Mountain from Kunming Changshui International Airpport, it takes about 2.8 hours(about 500 yuan).

Jiaozi Snow Mountain,Jiaozi Snow Mountain
Jiaozi Snow Mountain

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