Jiuxiang Scenic Area


General Information of Jiuxiang Scenic Area

Chinese Name: 九乡风景区 Pronunciation: Jiǔxiāng Fēngjǐngqū

Recommended Time for Visit: 2-3 Hours

Service Hours: 8:00-18:00(Note: It is not allowed to enter the scenery area after 16:30.)

Address: Jiuxiang Yi Nationality and Hui Nationality Town, Yiliang County, Kunming City, Yunnan Province, China


Admission Fee

Tickets Price
Adults  60 yuan
(7 to 18 years old)
30 yuan
(60 to 69 years old)
30 yuan


  • Ticket Free of Charge Policy

1. Children under 6 years old(including 6 years old) and under 1.2 meters(including 1.2 meters) are free of charge.
2. Seniors aged 70 or over 70 are free of charge.


What You Need to Know About Jiuxiang Scenic Area

The Main Entrance,Jiuxiang Scenic Area
The Main Entrance

Yiliang Jiuxiang Scenic Area is a new tourist attraction in Yunnan Province. It is a comprehensive scenic spot with a karst cave landscape as its main feature, and integrates natural scenery, humanistic landscapes, and ethnic customs.

It is a 4A national tourist attraction, a national-level geopark, and a member of the International Tourist Cave Association.

There are hundreds of caves in the area. It is known as the “Karst Cave Museum” because it boasts a large scale and numerous caves. Besides, there are underground rivers, caves, waterfalls and canyons.

Jiuxiang has dense forests, with a coverage rate of 62.3%. It is rich in precious animals and plants. It features large surface undulation, crisscrossing rivers, and typical Karst landform.


Things You Can’t Miss in Jiuxiang Scenic Area

Jiuxiang Karst Caves,Jiuxiang Scenic Area
Jiuxiang Karst Caves

Jiuxiang Cave

Jiuxiang Cave has developed during the Ediacaran period about 600 million years ago. It has hundreds of caves of all sizes, which is the largest in scale and the largest in number, being the most peculiar cave community system in China. Some of its scenery has never been seen in the geology textbooks worldwide, so it is highly praised by experts at home and abroad.


Lion Hall

Lion Hall,Jiuxiang Scenic Area
Lion Hall

With a total area of 15,000 square meters, the Lion Hall can accommodate about 10,000 people and is the largest underground square hall in the world. It is an oval hall with a sloping dome. It is named the Lion Hall because the stalactites piled up like lions at the entrance of the south cave.

What is even more amazing is that the top of the cave is a huge rock without any support, which is worth seeing.


Yincui Valley,Jiuxiang Scenic Area
Yincui Valley

Yincui Valley

Because of the flourishing vegetation on both sides of the river, the valley is named “Yincui”. Many poets and writers have left a lot of works about the 600-meter-long valley. It is also called Lover’s Valley, which was said to be a place where young couples of the Yi minority sing love songs.


Interesting Story of Jiuxiang Scenic Area

There was a legend of love in Yincui Valley. The love story is based on the third daughter of the God of Rain in Chinese mythology in Yincui Valley and a local young man of Yi minority.

At first, they sang love songs to each other at two sides of the valley, and then they fell in love. One day the young man in deep love with the girl went on a tree bride across the valley to the other side of the valley, and his sweetheart was waiting for him. At last, they lived a happy life together. So, it is the very place for lovers and couples to sing love songs here.


Big Events Happened in Jiuxiang Scenic Area

Winter Scenery,Jiuxiang Scenic Area
Winter Scenery

As a tourist attraction, it has an indissoluble bond with film and television culture.

In the mythological romance film, The Myth, the scene where actors Jackie Chan (Chinese actor) and Kim Hee Seon (Korean actress) flew around in the tomb was shot here.

And a lot of other films were shot there, such as The Journey to the West, Little Big Soldier, The Twins EffectⅡ, Buddha’s Palm and so on.


When to Visit Jiuxiang Scenic Area

Jiuxiang Scenic Area is worth visiting all year round. There is not only the beautiful natural scenery of mountains and rivers, but also the magnificent underground natural scenery, as well as the landscape and the simple folk customs.


What Should Pay Attention to

1. During the Covid-19 outbreak, please wear your mask, keep social distance, and prepare a health code for checking.

2. The weather is changeable in different seasons, so it is recommended to bring a thin long-sleeved coat.

3. The rainy season is from May to October, with heavy rain but in a short period of time, and after rain it is very likely that there will be strong ultraviolet radiation. It is recommended to take an umbrella with you.

4. After the tour, you can choose to take the cable car to go down the mountain (30 yuan per person).


Recommended Travel Route

Yincui Valley → Sightseeing lift → Grand Underground Valley → Lion Hall → Immortals’ Cave→ Male and Female Waterfall→ Fairy Fields → Linyin Village → Bat Cave


How to Reach Jiuxiang Scenic Area

By Taxi

Chinese: 请带我去九乡风景区。 English: Please take me to Jiuxiang Scenic Area.

If you go to Jiuxiang Scenic Area from the Crowne Plaza Kunming City Centre, it takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes (about 300 yuan).
If you go to Jiuxiang Scenic Area from Kunming Changshui International Airport, it takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes (about 240 yuan).

If you go to Jiuxiang Scenic Area from Yiliang Bei Railway Station, it takes about 45 minutes (about 95 yuan).

Underground River-karst Cave Group,Jiuxiang Scenic Area
Underground River-karst Cave Group

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