Guanlin Temple


Essentials of Guanlin Temple

Chinese Name: 关林庙 Pronunciation: Guān Lín Miào

Building Time: 1592

Suggested Visiting Hours: 1-2 Hours

Park Area: About 13.3 hectares

Admission Ticket Fare: 40 yuan for adult ticket; 20 yuan for student ticket

Best Visiting Season: Spring and autumn (March to May, September to November)

Address: No. 2 Guanlin South Road, Guanlin Town, Luolong District, Luoyang, Henan Province

Building Function: Guanlin Temple was built to commemorate Guan Yu, a great general of the Shu Kingdom during the Three Kingdoms Period. It is said to be the place where Guan Yu's head was buried.


Opening Hours

Contents Time
Temple Opening Hours 8:00-18:00
Ticket Office Opening Hours 8:00-17:30
Temple Closing Time 18:00


Overview of Guanlin Temple 

The Main Entrance,Guanlin Temple
The Main Entrance

Situated in the south of Luoyang City, Guanlin Temple is not only a famous temple but also a national AAAA-grade tourist attraction. This temple was named after the head of Guan Yu which was buried here. As one of the three greatest temples at home and abroad, Guanlin Temple was the place where many emperors and admirers of Guan Yu went to worship him. Guan Yu, general of the Shu Kingdom, is a hero during the Three Kingdoms Period as well as in Chinese history. The temple displays the traditional style of Chinese architecture. The structure consists of the Opera Tower, the Main Gate, the Courtesy Gate, the Peace Hall, the God of Wealth Hall, the Spring and Autumn Hall, and the Tomb of Guan Yu. The temple is very popular with lots of people who come to appreciate the traditional Chinese structure and show respect for Guan Yu.


Development of Guanlin Temple

Plaque,Guanlin Temple

During the Three Kingdoms Period, Guan Yu was a general of the Shu Kingdom. After he was defeated, captured, and executed by Sun Quan, the ruler of the Wu Kingdom, his head was sent to Cao Cao, the ruler of Wei Kingdom, in an attempt to frame up Cao Cao and start a war between the Wei Kingdom and the Shu Kingdom. Because of his great respect and worship for Guan Yu, Cao Cao had a wooden body carved and let it be the "body" of Guan Yu to accompany his head before Guan Yu was buried outside the South Gate of Luoyang City. General Guan Yu was still universally adored and worshipped by many people. Since then, Guanlin Temple has been splendid and well-known.

The existing large-scale buildings of Guanlin Temple we can see today were mainly built during the Ming Dynasty. Guanlin Temple went through several renovations and expansions during the Qing Dynasty when the main gate was built and the old front gate became the Courtesy Gate and is well-preserved now.


About General Guan Yu

General Guan Yu,Guanlin Temple
General Guan Yu

To appreciate Guanlin Temple better, you need to know about Guan Yu, the Shu general during the Three Kingdoms Period. He has a distinct image: a long-bearded red-faced grimace. His image is well-known in China. He is an icon of the Three Kingdoms Period and a hero in Chinese history. During his lifetime, Guan Yu was famous for his loyalty and courage. He played a significant role in the establishment of Liu Bei's state of Shu. After promising to fight with Liu Bei and becoming his sworn brother, Guan Yu never changed his mind, and then he accompanied Liu Bei on most of his early exploits. He was a man of keeping his words and loyalty to his friends and was regarded as a model of devotion in Chinese culture. He is called "Emperor Guan" or "Guan Di" in religious devotion. He is honored as a deity in Chinese folk religion and the symbol of loyalty and righteousness. He is the only person worshipped by Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism in China. Moreover, Guan Yu is a major character in The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, the famous 14th- century Chinese historical novel. His story has been enjoyed by generations of readers and has been immortalized for his strength and loyalty. He is still worshipped by many Chinese people today.


Must-sees at Guanlin Temple

Peace Hall,Guanlin Temple
Peace Hall

Peace Hall

The Peace Hall is the main building and the center of Guanlin Temple. In the Peace Hall, also known as Qingsheng Hall, there are statues of Guan Yu standing in the middle and Guan Ping, Zhou Cang, Wang Fu as well as Liao Hua standing on his left and right. The carvings show the tourists what happened in the "Romance of the Three Kingdoms".

Spring and Autumn Hall 

The Spring and Autumn Hall, also known as the bedroom hall. In the hall, there are statues of Guan Yu. One is reading the book, The Spring and Autumn Annals, and one is sleeping.

God of Wealth Hall,Guanlin Temple
God of Wealth Hall

God of Wealth Hall

The God of Wealth Hall is one of the earliest buildings in Guanlin Temple. There is a plaque with Emperor Guangxu’s handwriting hanging on the front door. The statue of Guan Yu, symbolizing the God of Wealth, and statues of little boys for fortune stand inside the hall. Since ancient times, people have prayed here for prosperous business and careers.

Stone Lane and Stone Tablet

The stone lane has a height of 10 meters and a width of 6 meters with characters that were written to memorialize General Guan Yu. Before the tomb of Guan Yu, there is a stone tablet built during the Qing Dynasty, which was carved with the highest of inscriptions of Guan Yu by many people, showing their respect and worship for the great general.


Ways to Get to Guanlin Temple

By Bus

Take bus 15, 39, 55, 58, 69, 71, 167 and 603, and get off at Guanlinmiao Station.

By Taxi

Chinese: 请带我去关林庙。English: Please take me to Guanlin Temple.

If you go to Guanlin Temple from Luoyang Railway Station, it takes about 35 minutes (25 yuan).

If you go to Guanlin Temple from Luoyang Beijiao Airport, it takes about 45 minutes (40 yuan).

If you go to Guanlin Temple from Luoyang North Railway Station, it takes about 45 minutes (40 yuan).

Guanlin Temple,Guanlin Temple
Guanlin Temple

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