Feilai Peak


General Information of Feilai Peak

Chinese Name: 飞来峰 Pronunciation: Fēi Lái Fēng

Height: 168 meters (551 feet)

Mountain Area: 87000 square meters

Suggested Visiting Hours: 1-2 Hours

Address: NO.1 Fayun Lane Lingyin Road, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China.

Best Travel Season: Spring (March to May) is the best time to visit the Feilai Peak. At that time, the ancient trees and vines of Feilai Peak are towering, and the air through the mountain is also very fresh.


Admission Fee

Concession Ticket
Admission Fee 45 yuan 22.5 yuan for adults between 60 and 69 years of age ,children with a
height between 1.2 meters and 1.4 meters, students with student ID cards.

  • Ticket Free of Charge Policy

1. Children under 1.2 meters are free of charge;
2. Senior citizens over 70 years old (with ID card) are free of charge;
3. People with disabilities (with disability certificate) are free of charge;
4. Soldiers are free of charge (with officer certificate);
5. Teachers with 30 working years in Zhejiang province are free of charge with valid certificates.


  • Surcharge inside the Scenic Spot

Parking lot 10 yuan (for once)


Opening Time

Peak Season
(October 16th ~ April 15th)
Low Season
(April 16th ~ October 15th)
7:00 - 17:30 7:30 - 17:00


Brief Introduction of Feilai Peak

Inner of Temple,Feilai Peak
Inner of Temple

Located on the west of West Lake, covering 87000 square meters, Feilai Peak belongs to limestone in the aspect of Geological structure, with grotesque stones. A very famous temple called Lingyin Temple which is the most ancient one in Hangzhou, makes it more attractive.

There are lots of statues of Buddha in the Lingyin Temple, including one highly valuable relic, which is absolutely worth a visit, from the Southern Song Dynasty in the Hall of Heavenly Kings. The relic was carved from the whole length of Camphor Wood.

The grotesque stones make Feilai Peak legendary. Every year, many people would come to Feilai Peak to visit the wonderful scenery and wish for the best.


Feilai Peak Top Amazing Sights You Should Not Miss

The Buddha,Feilai Peak
The Buddha

Longhong Cave

Most of the caves are scattered on the south-east of the Feilai peak, while Longhong Cave situates on the west of Chuncong Lake with its exit facing Ligong Tower (or Lingjiu Tower) which was built in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) in Hangzhou. According to record, the body of the founder of the Peak was buried under the tower.

Shexu Cave

On the left of Longhong Cave, there is Shexu Cave. Why it is called Shexu Cave? It is because of a narrow space between two huge rocks, also called “One Thread of Sky”. People could only see the sun from the narrow space by luck. But it specifies the grotesque stone of Feilai Peak.

The Large Stone Sculptures,Feilai Peak
The Large Stone Sculptures

The Hall of Heavenly Kings

There is a highly valuable ancient relic, which is absolutely worth a visit, from the Southern Song Dynasty in the Hall of Heavenly Kings. The antithetical couplet in the hall expresses that the Buddha has magic power and he always blesses people with his smile.


Suggested Travel Route

After entering the gate, turn left by walking to Feilai Peak → walk about 5 minutes to Qinglin cave → walk towards north to Yuru cave→ go ahead and see Longhong cave to see “One Thread of Sky” and stone carvings of Buddhas →walk towards Lengquan lake and see the most huge statue of Buddha → go towards and see Lingyin Temple → after sightseeing in Lingyin Temple walk back to the gate.


Getting Here

 By Bus

Take bus 7, 324, 807, Y1 or Y2, and get off at Lingyin Station.

Take bus 103b, 103, 121b, 121 or 324, and get off at Lingyin Dong Station.

By Taxi

Chinese: 请带我去飞来峰。English: Please take me to the Feilai Peak.

If you go to the Feilai Peak from Xiaoshan International airport by taxi, it takes about 59 minutes (about 120 yuan).

If you go to the Feilai Peak from Hangzhou train station by taxi, it takes about 30 minutes (about 60 yuan).

If you go to the Feilai Peak from Hangzhou East train station by taxi, it takes about 47 minutes (about 100 yuan).

Scenery,Feilai Peak
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