Fruit Flavored Tea

Fruit flavored tea, as the name implies, is a kind of tea with a fruit flavor. With first-class quality, the aromatic sweet-sour tea is deeply loved by consumers.


Types of Fruit Flavored Tea

Fruit flavored tea, a reprocessed tea, can be divided into three types: Tea-containing Fruit Flavored Tea, Tea-free Fruit Flavored Tea, and Flower and Fruit Tea.

Fruit Flavored Tea,Fruit Flavored Tea
Fruit Flavored Tea

  • Tea-containing Fruit Flavored Tea

Tea-containing Fruit Flavored Tea is a new flavored beverage made by adding sugar and natural perfume to black or green tea extracts and juices through scientific methods. It has both a tea flavor and a fruity flavor. The sweet-sour tea is a refreshing drink for all ages. Here are some examples: Litchi Black Tea, Lemon Black Tea, Kiwi Tea, Fresh Orange Juice Tea, Coconut Tea, and Hawthorn Tea.

  • Flower and Fruit Tea

    Flower and Fruit Tea,Fruit Flavored Tea
    Flower and Fruit Tea

Flower and Fruit Tea is made from flowers and fruits through the process of hot air drying. Here are some examples: Jujube Flower Tea (jujube, wolfberry and chrysanthemum tea), Apple Green Tea (apple, tea leaves and honey), Pear Tea (snow pear, rock candy and tea leaves), Orange Tea (orange flesh, orange peel, tea leaves and sugar), Grape Black Tea, and Monk Fruit Tea (monk fruit, tea leaves and lemon). Redberries, blueberries, roses and violets are widely used to make Flower and Fruit Tea. Of course, with different flowers and fruits, the flavor and color of Flower and Fruit Tea are quite different. Like Herbal Tea, Flower and Fruit Tea has medicinal properties. For example, Flower and Fruit Tea helps you to feel refreshed and lose weight.

  • Tea-free Fruit Flavored Tea

Tea-free Fruit Flavored Tea is made from fruit juice, which contains no tea at all. But it is named as “tea”, such as White Gourd Tea.


Health Benefits of Drinking Fruit Flavored Tea

1. Rose Black Tea: It helps maintain beauty and keep young, protect the liver, promote metabolism, and lose weight.

2. Mango Black Tea: It helps quench thirst, prevent cancer, resolve phlegm, and relive coughs.

3. Raspberry Black Tea: It helps improve immunity, has an effect of antioxidant, and is rich in vitamin E.

4. Apple Black Tea: It helps reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol level, and is rich in vitamins.

5. Nectarine Black Tea: It helps cleanse the stomach, moisten the lungs, nourish the blood, maintain beauty, and allay tiredness.

6. Vanilla Black Tea: It helps lose body fat, relieve anxiety, and improve sleep quality.

7. Honey Black Tea: It helps clear heat and toxins, improve blood circulation, remove blood stasis, and cleanse the intestines.

8. Earl Grey Black Tea: It is rich in amino acids, vitamins and various microelements. It helps resolve phlegm, control vomiting, harmonize the stomach, mitigate trachitis and asthma of the elderly, and treat indigestion.

9. Ginger Black Tea: It helps protect the spleen and stomach and treat gastric ulcer.

10. Blueberry Black Tea: It is rich in amino acids, has an anti-aging effect, and improve eyesight.

Fruit Flavored Tea,Fruit Flavored Tea
Fruit Flavored Tea

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