Tea Wares

Tea wares usually include tea cups, teapots, tea bowls, tea trays, tea saucers, and tea spoons. China boasts many types of tea wares with beautiful shapes. With practical value as well as high artistic value, Chinese tea wares are well-known both at home and abroad and favored by all tea lovers.


History of Chinese Tea Wares

As early as the Western Han Dynasty, Wang Bao mentioned tea wares in his book “A Contract with a Child Servant”. In the Tang Dynasty, the words “tea wares” can be easily found in Tang poetries. In the Song Dynasty, emperors used tea wares as an exquisite gift. It can be seen that tea wares were very precious in the Song Dynasty. Tea wares were often mentioned by poets of the Tang and Song Dynasties and painters of the Yuan and Ming Dynasties. It shows that tea wares are an integral part of Chinese tea culture.

Tea Cups, Tea Wares
Tea Cups

  • Tea Cups

There are all kinds and sizes of tea cups in China. Chinese people drink different teas with different tea cups. In order to appreciate the color of the tea liquid and clean the tea cup more easily, the inside of the cup is often glazed. And the inside of the tea cup is often white or light-colored.

  • Teapots

The use of Chinese teapots dates back to the Tang Dynasty. There are many different types of teapots in China. The most commonly used teapots are purple sand pots or porcelain teapots.

Tea Bowls,Tea Wares
Tea Bowls

  • Tea Bowls

Tea bowls, as the name implies, are bowls used to drink tea. Tea bowls are ceramic products, directly reflecting the highest achievements of Chinese pottery. Tea bowls, the most important tea ware, are the soul of the tea ceremony in China.

  • Tea Spoons

A tea spoon has a slender handle and the capacity of the spoon is relatively small. The long handle is used to scoop out tea leaves in the deep tea canister. The small capacity of the spoon is designed to control the quantity of tea leaves to be scooped out.

Tea Trays,Tea Wares
Tea Trays

  • Tea Trays

Tea trays are used to hold tea cups and are made of a wide range of materials. Tea trays come in many shapes, such as full moon shape and checkerboard shape. But no matter what material the tea tray is made of, and no matter what the style is, the most important thing is that they must be wide and flat and light or white in color.

  • Tea Saucers

Tea saucers, which can support tea cups, are small plates or shallow bowls.


Types of Chinse Tea Wares

Chinese tea wares are made of different materials, such as porcelain tea wares, purple sand tea wares, metal tea wares, lacquer tea wares, bamboo and wood tea wares, glass tea wares, jade tea wares, and nutshell tea wares.

  • Glass Tea Wares

    Glass Tea Wares, Tea Wares
    Glass Tea Wares

Glass tea wares are made from a colored semi-translucent mineral. Glass tea cups are widely used because they can clearly show the bright color of the tea liquid and the tender and soft tea leaves.

There are also tea wares made of jade, crystal, agate and other materials in Chinese history. When Europeans and Americans get married, high-quality porcelain tea wares are often given as a wedding gift. So, foreign guests like Chinese porcelain tea wares very much.


Porcelain Tea Wares,Tea Wares
Porcelain Tea Wares

  • Porcelain Tea Wares

China boasts exquisite porcelain tea wares, such as celadon tea wares, white porcelain tea wares, black porcelain tea wares and faience tea wares, to name just a few.

  • Bamboo and Wood Tea Wares

Before the Sui and Tang Dynasties, tea wares, except ceramic ones, were mostly made of bamboo and wood. They are cheap and economical, thus being loved by many folks in tea-producing regions.

Purple Sand Tea Wares,Tea Wares
Purple Sand Tea Wares

  • Purple Sand Tea Wares

Purple sand tea wares are a local traditional handicraft in Yixing City, Jiangsu Province, China. They are developed from Chinese pottery. Purple sand tea wares first appeared in the Song Dynasty, flourished in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, and were passed down to this day.

  • Metal Tea Wares

Metal tea wares are mainly made of metal materials such as gold, silver, copper, iron, and tin. It is one of the oldest daily wares in China. The tightness of metal tea wares is better than that of other tea wares. In addition, with good moisture and light resistance, they can better preserve the loose tea.

  • Lacquer Tea Wares

As early as the Qing Dynasty, Chinese people use lacquer tea wares, which were mainly produced in Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, China. They are light and beautiful with a bright color. And they can resist water immersion, high temperature, and acid and alkali corrosion.

Lacquer Tea Wares,Tea Wares
Lacquer Tea Wares

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