Chinese Tea Utensils

1. Feng Lu (风炉) is made of copper or iron and looks like an ancient tripod. It is used to ventilate the stove, hold the charcoal ash and brew tea leaves.


Feng Lu,Tea Utensils
Feng Lu

2. Ju (筥) is made of bamboo and one Chi two Cun in height. It is used as a bamboo basket.

3. Tan Wo (炭挝) is made of hexagonal iron bars and one Chi in length. It is used as a hammer to smash charcoal.

4. Huo Jia (火夹), also known as Zhu (箸), is actually coal tongs. It is made of iron or wrought copper.

5. Fu (鍑) is made of cast iron and used as a saucepan.

6. Jiao Chuang (交床) is made of a wooden cross and used to support the saucepan.

7. Jia (夹) is made of green bamboo and one Chi two Cun in length. It is used to carry cake teas baked over the fire.

8. Zhi Dai (纸袋) is made of two pieces of white, thick rattan paper and used to hold baked tea leaves.


Nian Cao,Tea Utensils
Nian Cao

9. Nian Cao (碾槽) is mainly made from tangerine trees. It is used as a mill groove.

10. Luo (罗), with a round shape, is made of giant bamboo. Cotton or silk is fixed at the bottom of Luo. He (盒) is also made of bamboo and bended into a round shape. Luo (罗) is used to sieve out tea powder which is put into He (盒). Ze (则) is made of seashells, copper, iron, or bamboo. It is the metric to take tea powder. It is used as a tea spoon. If you like to drink light tea, put less tea powder. If you like to drink thick and mellow tea, put more tea powder.

11. Shui Fang (水方) is a wooden water container, with a capacity of one Dou (斗). The internal and external gaps of the water container are painted.

12. Lu Shui Nang (漉水囊) is used for the filtration of water. Its skeleton is made of cast copper, bamboo or wood. Its filtration bag is made of bamboo skin.

13. Piao (瓢), also known as Xi (牺) or Shao (杓), is mainly made of a gourd. It is used to scoop up water.

14. Zhu Jia (竹夹) is made of wood and one Chi in length. It is used to store the tea cup.

15. Cuo Gui (鹾簋) is made of porcelain. It can be in the shape of a box, bottle or jar. It is used to hold salt. Jie (揭) is made of bamboo and used to scoop up salt.


Shu Yu,Tea Utensils
Shu Yu

16. Shu Yu (熟盂) is made of porcelain or earthenware and used to hold boiled water.

17. Wan (碗) is made of porcelain and used to hold tea liquid.

18. Ben (畚) is made of white stem or leaf of cattail and used to support bowls.

19. Zha (札) is made of cornel wood and palm skin and used as a brush.

20. Di Fang (涤方) is made of Catalpa wood and used to hold washing water and tea wares.

21. Zi Fang (滓方) is also made of Catalpa wood and used to hold tea dregs.


Zi Fang,Tea Utensils
Zi Fang

22. Jin (巾) is made of rough silk and used to clean tea wares.

23. Ju Lie (具列) is made of wood or bamboo and in the shape of a bed or shelf. It is used to store and display all tea utensils.

24. Dou Lan (都篮) is made of bamboo skin and used to hold all tea utensils.

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