Basic Information of Dadonghai

Chinese Name: 大东海 Pronunciation: Dà Dōng Hăi

Other Name: Great East Sea, Sanya Dadonghai

Coastline: 2.9 kilometers

Opening Hours: All day

Suggested Visiting Hours: 2-3 Hours

Address: Yuya Avenue, Jiyang District, Sanya City, Hainan Province, China


Admission Ticket Fee

  • Admission Ticket Fee: Free
  • Surcharge Inside the Scenic Spot

Activities Individual Price Group Price
Barrier Reef Diving 428 yuan 420 yuan
Fringing Reef Diving 298 yuan 290 yuan
Motorboat Driving 178 yuan 150 yuan

  • Note: Activities above are voluntary consumption.


Brief Introduction of Dadonghai

Seaside Landscape,Dadonghai
Seaside Landscape

Dadonghai is located in Sanya, a tropical coastal city in the southernmost part of China. It is a comprehensive scenic spot with functions of sightseeing, recreation, and business. As a world-renowned natural bathing place, Dadonghai is a landmark of Sanya. It is the first tourist attraction open for free in Sanya and honored as a 4A-level scenic spot.

The scenic spot boasts fresh air, green coconut trees, a white beach, and magnificent coral reefs. Besides, it is dotted with enjoyable facilities for entertainment and shopping. A number of starred hotels scatter in the scenic spot. It also enjoys convenient traffic conditions thanks to its location in the urban district of Sanya.

Dadonghai has a square, a sightseeing road, and an exotic bar corridor, all of which add a lot of fun to tourists’ vacations. Also, there are a variety of water activities, including motorboat driving, diving, and fishing. With its beautiful scenery and first-class service, Dadonghai has become a holiday paradise, attracting a large number of tourists at home and abroad.

Geography of Dadonghai

Dadonghai is embraced by green hills on three sides and faces the vast sea. It is featured by a natural half-moon-shaped bay.


White Beach,Dadonghai
White Beach

What to Experience in Dadonghai

White Beach

Dadonghai is famous for its white beach, of which the sand is clean, smooth, and soft. Tourists can enjoy a sunbath, pick up shells, catch crabs, make sandcastles, or do any other recreational activities. The beach, together with the coconut trees and blue sea, forms an enchanting tropical scenery that wins high praise from visitors at home and abroad.

Egret Park,Dadonghai
Egret Park

Egret Park

Egret Park is near the beach. It is home to egrets. Those elegant birds have a rest or preen themselves by the lake in the park, adding more vitality and vigor to Dadonghai. Tourists can take photos of the egrets and have a chance to be close to them.

Dadonghai Dive Center

Dadonghai Dive Center was founded in 2003 and has received hundreds of thousands of diving lovers. As the only tropical dive center in China, it is equipped with the world’s most advanced diving equipment and has highly-qualified diving instructors. It enables tourists to explore the mysterious underwater world and feel the magic of tropical marine organisms.


Story of Dadonghai

Once upon a time, Ya County (now Sanya) suffered a severe drought. People of the county, hungry and thirsty, prayed for rain every day. One day, a young man saved a hungry old woman. To his surprise, she turned into a young girl, the third daughter of the God of Rain, Amei. In return for the young man’s help, Amei told him to drink the seawater of Dadonghai and make a wish. The young man did as he was told, wishing it would rain. Then his wish came true and the drought finally ended.


Best Time to Visit Dadonghai

It is the best choice to visit Dadonghai in spring and winter. The temperature of seawater in winter is about 18 to 22 degrees centigrade, so Dadonghai is an ideal place for people to spend the winter months. They can comfortably swim in the sea or take a sunbath on the white beach.


Travel Tips

The sea conditions of Dadonghai are relatively complex because sometimes there are huge waves and rip currents. The flags on the beach can help tourists know whether it is safe to go swimming or not. The red one indicates that swimming is forbidden now, the yellow one means danger, and the green one indicates safety. Besides, it is very necessary to read the warning signs on the beach and follow the instructions of the staff. Also, swimming is only allowed in the specified sea area.


How to Reach Dadonghai

By Bus

Take bus 2, 4, 8, 15, 18, 19, 25, 28, or 30 and get off at Xiari Baihuo Station. After getting off, walk toward southeast about 60 meters along the Yuya Road, turn right, walk about 260 meters along the Donghai Road, turn right front, walk 240 meters, turn left, walk 10 meters, turn right, walk 90 meters, turn left, walk 20 meters to the destination.

By Taxi

Chinese: 请带我去大东海。English: Please take me to Dadonghai.

If you go to Dadonghai from the center of Sanya (JW Marriott Hotel Sanya), it takes about 10 minutes (about 10 yuan).

If you go to Dadonghai from Sanya Phoenix International Airport, it takes about 45 minutes (about 60 yuan).

If you go to Dadonghai from Sanya Railway Station, it takes about 30 minutes (about 40 yuan).


Question & Answer
1 Question
Asked by luigi Mario Italia | 01/15/2022 16:43 Reply
C'è un volo dall'Italia a Sanya?
Ho sentito che andare a Sanya è senza visto, è vero? C'è un volo dall'Italia a Sanya?
1 Answer
Answered by Nando Italia | 02/10/2022 20:40
Reply 0 0
Sia Milano che Roma hanno voli per Sanya. Sanya è senza visto per 30 giorni.
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