Monkey Island


Basic Facts of Monkey Island

Chinese Name: 猴岛 Pronunciation: Hóudǎo

Suggested Visiting Hours: 2-4 Hours

Occupied Area: 10.2 square kilometers

Address: Xincun Town, Lingshui Li Autonomous County, Hainan Province, China


Ticket Information

Tourists Price
Adults 160 yuan
(aged 60 and above)
113 yuan
(between 1.2 to 1.4 meters)
80 yuan


  • Note: The tickets include the monkey acrobatics show and the monkey sitcom show.


Opening Hours

Content Opening Hours
Island Gate 8:00-17:00
Ticket Office 8:00-16:30


  • Note: The monkey acrobatics show and monkey sitcom show are performed alternately with an interval of about an hour.


Brief Introduction of Monkey Island

Monkey Island, surrounded by sea on three sides, is located in the Nanwan Peninsula, Lingshui Li Autonomous County, Hainan Province. It is the one and only island-type Macaque Nature Reserve in China and the world. More than 2000 macaques live here.

The Island Scenery,Monkey Island
The Island Scenery

There are nearly 400 kinds of tropical plants and nearly 100 kinds of animals on this island. At the same time, it also has unique folk custom tourism resources. It provides some water amusement equipment, such as motorboats and banana boats.

In addition, you can enjoy the classic sitcom “Maomao and His Family” performed by macaques at the macaque show.

Over the years, the governments have taken a series of protective measures for the monkeys on the island. The monkeys are living in this natural biosphere happily. Monkey Island has truly become a monkey’s paradise.


History of Monkey Island

When the Monkey Island Reserve was established in 1965, there were only five groups of monkeys (about 100).

In July 1999, Hainan Sante Cableway Co., Ltd., Lingshui County Forestry Bureau, and Lingshui County Tourism Bureau jointly established the joint-stock Hainan Lingshui Monkey Island Tourism Development Co., Ltd.

In October 1999, the development and construction of the Monkey Island Theme Park began.

Thanks to the protective development in recent years, the number of monkeys has increased from about 1800 in 1995 to today’s more than 2500 of 29 groups.


You Should not Miss in Monkey Island

Monkey Acrobatics,Monkey Skits Show
Monkey Acrobatics

Monkey Acrobatics

The monkey acrobatics in Monkey Island are renovated. Under the guidance of Monkey Band, the macaques will carry out a number of difficult performances, such as monkey walking on a steel wire, monkey walking on stilts, monkey walking on rings, monkey racing, etc., especially the super long-distance monkey riding high above the air.

Monkey Island Ropeway

A 2,138-meter cross-sea sightseeing ropeway between Xincun and Monkey Island was built in 1999 for the visitors to fully appreciate the scenery of Nanwan.

Monkey Island Ropeway,Monkey Skits Show
Monkey Island Ropeway

The ropeway is like a flying chain across Xincun Harbor, connecting the mysterious Monkey Island, charming tropical harbor, interesting “Danjia folk custom” and bustle fishing harbor customs.

The ropeway is easy for the old, the weak, and the disabled to ride. The fastest speed is 6 meters per second so that tourists can arrive at the scenic spot in only 7 minutes, and the maximum unilateral transport capacity is 610 people per hour.

The personalized 4-person semi-open type suspension car is comfortable and beautiful. Facing the fresh sea breeze, you can have a panoramic view of the sea, the sky, the green mountains, the clear water, the beach, the coconut grove, and the charming coastal fishing port.

Monkey Skits Show,Monkey Island
Monkey Skits Show

Monkey Skits Show

The humorous skits show is “Maomao and His Family”. He performs a funny and lovely family anecdote for tourists with his monkey king grandfather, princess grandmother, father, and mother. Among them, Maomao will also perform Monkey Grasp for Flowers, Monkey Face Changing, and other special skills.


Story of Monkey Island

The seaside of Monkey Island has been given a beautiful name--Romantic Horizon. It is located at the southern end of the Nanwan Peninsula. Tens of thousands of years ago, the volcano erupted here. As time went by, the weathered volcanic rocks form a hard and rotten landscape on the seashore. The beautiful barite ore, like a stone flower, confirms the scene of “romantic destiny” in the tide. It is a symbol of perseverance, loyalty, and love.


Good to Know

Go to Monkey Island in the morning, so that you will have plenty of time at the island.

Do not wear red clothes, because red clothes may make the monkeys nervous and jealous.

Give the monkeys all the food in your hands at one time.

Do not stare at the monkeys for a long time.

Do not open your bags in front of the monkeys.

Do not be scared if a naught monkey jumps onto your shoulder. You just open your hands, meaning there is no food in your hands and the monkey will leave.


How to Get to Monkey Island

By Bus

Take bus Intercity Line 2 and get off at Nanwan Monkey Island Station.

By Taxi

Chinese: 请带我去南湾猴岛。English: Please take me to the Nanwan Monkey Island.

If you go to Monkey Island from Sanya Phoenix International Airport, it takes about 75 minutes (about 200 yuan).

If you go to Monkey Island from the center of Sanya (JW Marriott Hotel Sanya Dadonghai Bay), it takes about 80 minutes (about 240 yuan).

If you go to Monkey Island from Sanya Railway Station, it takes about 65 minutes (about 220 yuan).

If you go to Monkey Island from Lingshui Railway Station, it takes about 35 minutes (about 80 yuan).

Little Monkey in Monkey Island,Monkey Island
Little Monkey in Monkey Island

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