Yanoda Rainforest


Basic Information of Yanoda Rainforest

Chinese Name: 呀诺达雨林 Pronunciation: Yānuòdá Yǔlín

Opening Hours: 08:00-17:30

Suggested Visiting Hours: 3-4 Hours

Tourist Area: 45 square kilometers

Address: Sandao Town, Baoting Li and Miao Autonomous County, Hainan province


Entrance Ticket

Tourists Ticket Price
(Including gate ticket price and double-way tour bus ticket price)
Peak Season
(October 1st – April 30th) 
 Shoulder Season
(May 1st – September 31st)
(19-59 years old)
168 yuan 150 yuan
( 60-69 years old)
108 yuan 108 yuan
(7-18 years old and 1.3-1.5 meters) 
108 yuan 108 yuan

  • Ticket Free of Charge Policy

1. Children under 6 years old(including 6 years) or under 1.2 meters(including 1.2 meters) with valid certificate are free of charge.

2. Seniors over 70 years old with ID card are free of charge.


What You Need Know about Yanoda Rainforest

The Main Entrance,Yanoda Rainforest
The Main Entrance

Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone is located in Sandao Town, Baoting Li and Miao Autonomous County, Hainan province. It is about 24 kilometers away from Yalong Bay High-speed Railway station, 35 kilometers away from Sanya city, and 50 kilometers away from Sanya Airport.

The overall planning area of the scenic area is 45 square kilometers, with Wuzhishan and Qixianling in the north. Looking east, the South China Sea and the beautiful Haitang Bay can be found. In the latest revised tourism master plan of Sanya city, the scenic spot is located on the ecological landscape axis in the tourism planning of Big Sanya, which is the “Golden Triangle” area of “Sanya tourism circle”.

Yanoda Rainforest cultural tourist area has built three natural landscape areas, namely, Rainforest Valley, Dream Valley, Sandao Valleys, and a rainforest resort hotel. It also has the Waheilu Glass Viewing Platform, such multivariate feature projects make it an integration of large-scale tourism leisure tourist area of rainforest tourism, culture, customs, leisure experience, and health keeping.

Yanoda is a phonetic word that means one, two, three in the local dialect of Hainan. The scenic spot gives it new connotation, “Ya” means innovation, “No” means commitment, “Da” means practice, and “YaNo” also means welcome, hello, kindness and blessing.


Yanoda Top Amazing Sights You Should Not Miss

Rainforest Valley

Rainforest Valley,Yanoda Rainforest
Rainforest Valley

The core of the Rainforest Valley is the original tropical rainforest landscape, with an average annual temperature of 24 degrees. The valley not only brings together the characteristic plants of the tropical rainforest but also the scenes of the tropical rainforest, such as “High-board Root”, “Stone Embraced by Root”, “Garden in the Air”, “Fruits in Old-stem ”, “Plants Strangulation” and so on. The channel is composed of a wooden plank road, stone steps and a suspension bridge. It is 3.5 kilometers long and is divided into three circular routes: large one, medium one and small one.

Dream Valley

Waterfall in Dream Valley,Yanoda Rainforest
Waterfall in Dream Valley

Dream Valley, with a 1.2-kilometer depth and 200-meter drop height in the valleys of tropical rain forests, is the best representative of tropical rainforest valley waterfalls. Yingbin Waterfall, Tianmen Waterfall and Lian’en Waterfall, with different heights flow through the valleys. The spectacular water landscape, together with the Dream Valley and huge trees, rocks, streams, constitutes a mysterious place for people. It might be the best thing to listen to birds calling, explore nature, watch waterfalls and feel the fun of returning to the original simplicity on the boardwalk in the Dream Valley.

Along the Dream Valley, tourists wear waterproof boot and helmets and follow the coach to go up the  stream, pass across the rapids, strange rocks, and waterfalls. The whole journey lasts about 2 hours.

Sandao Valley

Sandao Valley,Yanoda Rainforest
Sandao Valley

The Sandao Valleys retain the original rainforest landscape and only add the basic sightseeing wooden walkway. The total length is about 3 kilometers, the water depth is about 30 meters, and the width of the river surface is about 30-40 meters. The mountain peaks on both sides of the valley are between 270-380 meters above sea level.

The Sandao Valley is formed by waterfalls, strange rocks, giant trees, dragon lake, and fountains. The tourists are mainly attracted by the beautiful landscape of the canyon. The scenic spot also has the longest high-altitude sightseeing route in Hainan. The starting spot is located on the top of the mountain viewing platform of Yanoda, and the ending spot is located in the Tongting landscape area of the Rainforest Valley. The game is played by wearing safety equipment, hanging on the cable, and flying from high to low between different platforms.

Rainforest Resort Hotel

Rainforest Resort Hotel,Yanoda Rainforest
Rainforest Resort Hotel

Rainforest resort hotel is located in the Rainforest Valley, which is seen as the core area of Yanoda Rainforest cultural tourism area. It is built in accordance with the five-star standard of international brand. The design concept is guided by the principle of respecting nature, low carbon, environmental protection,  energy-saving and combining the rainforest culture with health and vacation.

Surrounded by mountains, there are only 23 luxurious rooms where guests can enjoy the quiet space and plunge into the natural oxygen bar of the original rainforest. All rooms of the hotel are equipped with LCD TV with satellite channel, direct-dial telephone, private safe deposit box, mini bar, and other complete facilities. There is also a Chinese restaurant, Western restaurant, chess and card room, outdoor swimming pool, rainforest pool, as well as a multifunctional hall, which is an excellent place for holding various types of meetings and high-level banquets.

Cute Grass Mud Horses,Yanoda Rainforest
Cute Grass Mud Horses

Science Park for Cute Pets

Taking the interaction with cute pets as the main function and intimate contact and feeding cute pets as the characteristics, Science Park for Cute Pets is an interactive paradise integrating entertainment, parent-child interaction, science education, and cute pet performance. There are nearly 10 kinds of special adorable pets, such as the mongoose with thin tales, alpaca etc.


Best Travel Time

Yanoda Rainforest is worth visiting all year round. There are more people in spring and autumn, followed by summer and winter.


How to Get to Yanoda Rainforest

By Bus

Take the intercity bus line 1 and get off at Yanoda Rainforest Cultural and Tourist Area Station.

By Taxi

Chinese: 请带我去呀诺达雨林。English: Please take me to Yanoda Rainforest.

If you go to Yanoda Rainforest from the center of Sanya (JW Marriott Hotel Sanya), it takes about 50 minutes (about 80 yuan).

If you go to Yanoda Rainforest from Sanya Phoenix International Airport, it takes about 1 hour (about 160 yuan).

If you go to Yanoda Rainforest from Sanya Railway Station, it takes about 50 minutes (about 130 yuan).

Sunflowers in Yanoda Rainforest,Yanoda Rainforest
Sunflowers in Yanoda Rainforest

Question & Answer
3 Questions
Asked by Aaron USA | 08/07/2021 12:08 Reply
hotel to stay in the rainforest
is there any hotel for visitors to stay in the rainforest?
1 Answer
Answered by Flora China | 09/16/2021 10:41
Reply 0 0
yes. there is a hotel called birdnest. It's kinda like the treehouse. Very special! Worth a try if you have enough budget.:)
Asked by Yirlina Denmark | 06/26/2021 08:26 Reply
Is this a must-see attraction in Sanya?
Is this a must-see attraction in Sanya?
1 Answer
Answered by China Tour Star China | 08/30/2021 16:56
Reply 0 0
Hi Yirlina! Yes, it is a must see place in Sanya. Most of the tourists come to sanya only for this attraction. You should not miss it!
Asked by Gabe Mexico | 06/17/2021 11:10 Reply
Is it worth to stay one night in the forest? Is the hotel room hanging on the trees like a bird nest?
1 Answer
Answered by Lulu China | 09/24/2021 10:15
Reply 0 0
Yes, the hotel rooms in the rainforest are very beautiful and attractive. Staying in such a room for one night will be memorable.
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