Haitang Bay


Basic Facts of Haitang Bay

Chinese Name: 海棠湾 Pronunciation: Hǎitáng Wān

Suggested Visiting Hours: 1-2 Hours

Total Area: 384.2 square kilometers (148.3 square miles)

Address: No.1 Haitang South Road, Haitang District, Sanya City, Hainan Province, China


Admission Ticket Fee: Free

  • Surcharge Inside the Scenic Area
Attractions Tourists  Price Content
Nantian Hot Spring Adult 198 yuan Hot Spring
95 yuan 
(under 1m) 
Wuzhizhou Island Adult  144 yuan entry ticket + a round trip ticket by boat
72 yuan
(60-69 years old)  
72 yuan 
Adult   138 yuan           island tour without entry ticket
69 yuan


  • Note: Activities above are voluntary consumption.


Opening Hours

Attractions Opening Time
Beach With all-day access
Nantian Hot Spring  10:00 - 22:00
Wuzhizhou Island  8:00 - 17:30


Brief Introduction of Haitang Bay

Haitang Bay, Haitang Bay
Haitang Bay

Haitang Bay is located on the eastern coast of Sanya. It is 28 kilometers away from the downtown area of Sanya and 40 kilometers away from Sanya Phoenix International Airport. It abuts Lingshui County on the northeast, neighbors Baoting County on the northwest, and adjoins several mountains on the southwest.

The naturally formed bay is famous for its blue sea, clean beach, hot spring, and beautiful islands. Compared with Yalong Bay and Dadonghai Bay, it enjoys a unique tropical scenery that is free from urban noise and bustle. It is one of the five famous bays in Sanya, together with Yalong Bay, Dadonghai Bay, Sanya Bay, and Yazhou Bay.

The bay was listed as an independent group in the early urban development plan of Sanya. It aimed at building an ecological area with functions of international exchange, vacation, and sightseeing. Since the bay is a reserved land for future urban development, the resources and environment are in good condition.


Tourism Resources of Haitang Bay

Haitang Bay enjoys the reputation of “National Coast”. It boasts a primitive inland river with a total length of 13.8 kilometers, a lagoon with a total area of 8 square kilometers, and abundant wetland resources. All are national rare tourism resources, rendering the bay comparable to those world-famous coastal tourist resorts.


Attractions and Highlights in Haitang Bay

Wuzhizhou Island

Wuzhizhou Island, Haitang Bay
Wuzhizhou Island

Wuzhizhou Island, also called Lover Island, is in the shape of a heart from a bird’s eye view. The island is 2.4 kilometers away from the land. It is about 1,500 meters long and 1,100 meters wide, covering an area of 1.5 square kilometers. The altitude of the highest hill on the island is 78.3 meters.

There are more than 2,700 kinds of native plants on the island. It is coated with jagged shrubs and coconut trees, with the vegetation coverage reaching 90 percent. The seawater is limpid, with its visibility being 25-30 meters. Besides, the surrounding sea area is abundant in seafood, and there are more than 260 kinds of corals underwater. Now, there are diving, fishing, and other activities available for tourists.

Nantian Hot Spring

Nantian Hot Spring,  Haitang Bay
Nantian Hot Spring

Nantian Hot Spring has 34 hot spring pools, with an average water temperature of 57 degrees centigrade. The water of the hot spring contains a plurality of minerals and trace elements that are beneficial to the human body. The mineral content reaches the concentration of medical value. Therefore, it has been developed and utilized as the fluorine-silicon medical thermal mineral water.

The hot spring is known as the “No. 1 Hot Spring in China”. It has a large-scale medical thermal mineral water field and the thermal mineral water resources can reach 10,000 cubic meters per day. The hot spring pools with different shapes and functions are distributed in the natural coconut groves.

Wanpo Hot Spring,  Haitang Bay
Wanpo Hot Spring

Wanpo Hot Spring

Wanpo Hot Spring situates in Wanpo Village of Haitang Bay. The hot spring enjoys a large amount of water yield, with the water temperature being about 70 degrees centigrade. It also contains various minerals. The hot spring can relieve fatigue, relax muscles, and strengthen the human body. The foreign tour groups often go there for a visit. The spring is to be developed.

Yezizhou Island

Yezizhou Island,  Haitang Bay
Yezizhou Island

Yezizhou Island is located at the southern end of Tengqiao Village. It covers an area of about 3.3 square kilometers. Tens of thousands of coconut trees and various ferns are growing on the island. The blue sky, clear water, and white beach there constitute a magnificent picture.

The island holds the estuary of two rivers. It also has a unique water system with high development value. It is one of the islands that boast the most primitive natural landscape in Hainan.


Story of Haitang Bay

A long time ago, villagers near Yezizhou Island caught no fish for four consecutive months although they worked hard. They were confused about that and turned to the local witch for help. The witch told them that the wife of the God of Sea who governed the surrounding sea area was dead, so the sad god cursed that area. Only if a beautiful maiden were sent to the god would the curse be removed, so that villagers could catch fish and shrimp again.

Scenery of Yezizhou Island, Haitang Bay
Scenery of Yezizhou Island

For the benefit of all villagers, all the unmarried girls in this area volunteered to sacrifice themselves. Therefore, it was decided that the witch would throw the betel nut and the girl who caught the betel nut would marry the God of Sea. Finally, the betel nut was caught by a girl named Haitang, but she had a lover called A Ming.

Haitang, however, resolutely bid farewell to her sweetheart and threw herself into the sea. Just on that night, A Ming also jumped into the sea with two stones. He fulfilled his promise of sharing life and death with his beloved girl, Haitang. On the day after Haitang sacrificed herself, people there could catch fish and shrimp again. Then the bay was named “Haitang Bay” in memory of the girl named Haitang.


Best Time to Visit Haitang Bay

It is advisable to visit Haitang Bay in spring, autumn, and winter (from September to next April). Haitang Bay is featured by the tropical monsoon climate, so the weather there is warm all year round, with an average temperature of 23.8 degrees centigrade. The temperature, however, will be much higher in summer.

Since there is no winter in the bay, it is especially a good choice to visit Haitang Bay from December to next February. Tourists can enjoy the warm sunshine, blue sea, and green coconut trees in the bay. It is a winter resort for visitors to spend cold days.


Travel Tips

There are possible big waves in the sea. Please pay attention to the sea conditions before swimming in case of accidents. Safety is of paramount importance.


How to Get to Haitang Bay

By Bus      

Take bus 33, 35, Haitang Bus 3, or Haitangwan Bus 1 and get off at Haitangwan Guangchang Station.

By Taxi

Chinese: 请带我去海棠湾。English: Please take me to Haitang Bay.

If you go to Haitang Bay from the center of Sanya (Grand Metropark Resort Sanya), it takes about 35 minutes (about 85 yuan).

If you go to Haitang Bay from Sanya Phoenix International Airport, it takes about 40 minutes (about 120 yuan).

If you go to Haitang Bay from Sanya Railway Station, it takes about 30 minutes (about 100 yuan).

Street View of  Haitang Bay, Haitang Bay
Street View of  Haitang Bay

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