Cuihua Mountain


General Information of Cuihua Mountain

Chinese Name: 翠华山 Pronunciation: cuì huá shān

Suggested Visiting Hours: 4-5 Hour

Height: 2,132 meters

Address: Cuihua Mountain, Taiyi Palace Street, Chang’an District, Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province,

Mountain Tourist Area: 17.85 square kilometers

Best Visiting Time: March 1st-November 30th


Ticket Price

Peak Season
(March 1st-November 30th)
Shoulder Season
(December 1st- February 28th)
Full-price Ticket  CNY 65 /person  CNY 40 /person
Half-price Ticket   CNY 32 /person CNY 20 /person


  • Note

 1. Half-price tickets are available for children between 1.2 meters and 1.5 meters in height.                                                 
2. Half-price tickets are available for children aged from 6 to 18 years old(6 years old is not included).


  • Ticket Free of Charge Policy

1.Children under 1.2 meters are free of charge, accompanied by adults.
2.Seniors over 65 years old are free of charge. (ID card should be provided and a companion should be required.)
1. The tickets are non-refundable and only be used on the same day when the tickets are purchased.
2. Valid documentation should be presented to the tourist center for free admission when applicable.


  • Surcharge Inside the Scenic Spot

Content  Price
Sightseeing Bus CNY 20 /person
Parking CNY 25 /car
Skiing CNY 138 /person for a full day (working days)
CNY 198 /person for a full day (weekends)


Opening Time

Time  Opening Hours
Peak Season
(March 1st-November 30th)
Low Season
(December 1st- February 28th) 


Brief Introduction of Cuihua Mountain

The Main Entrance,Cuihua Mountain
The Main Entrance

Cuihua Mountain, located in the Qinling Mountain Region, 20 kilometers away from Xi’an, is famous for its beautiful natural scenery and peculiar landslide landscape and is one of the National 4-A Class Scenic Spots. Visitors can enjoy peculiar mountains and stones and witness the beautiful lakes and trees. 

The landslide remains are composed of three major scenic areas, the landslide area, the lake area, and the landslide lake area. The landslide area is famed as the “landscape museum” because it enjoys enormous and varied landforms. On Cuihua Mountain, you can witness the landslide lakes, collapsed stones, and cliffs of multiple shapes.

Cuihua Mountain was named Taiyi Mountain originally, because Taiyi Zhenren, a deity in Chinese religion, once lived there to temper himself. Since the Qin Dynasty (221BC-207BC), it had been the imperial garden for several dynasties and the site for holding imperial activities. For example, dating back to the Western Han Dynasty (202BC-8AD), Emperor Wudi once held heaven-worship events (to pray for the blessings and protection of heaven) here. For its unique natural scenery and long-lasting history, it is the ideal place to travel in the Shaanxi province.

Many activities are held in Cuihua Mountain, including the Mountain Climbing Race (in April), Skiing (from November to February), and sightseeing tour. These activities expanded the channels for people to immerse themselves in nature. Today, it is regarded as the ideal resort for people.


What Had Happened Here

In 2002, Cuihua Mountain was included in the list of the National 4-A Class Scenic Spot.

The Mountain Climbing Race,Cuihua Mountain
The Mountain Climbing Race

In 2009, Zhongnanshan of the Qinling Mountain Region was designated as the Zhongnanshan National Forest Park, one part of which is Cuihua Mountain. Every year, increasing numbers of tourists from home and abroad come here to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Since its inception in 2001, the Mountain Climbing Race has gained popularity among people from all over China. The age of participants covered a wide range from 6 to 72 years old. This race has enjoyed 18 years’ history and gained support from Xi’an government agencies.


Cuihua Mountain Top Amazing Sights You Should Not Miss

Landslide Remains

Landslide Remains,Cuihua Mountain
Landslide Remains

The landslide remains of Cuihua Mountain cover an area of 5.2 square kilometers and rank No. 1 in China and No. 3 in the world for its enormous landslide coverage. Cliffs, the landslide lake, and a sea of collapsed stones are the products of the landslide, which form varied shapes. It acts as a natural research lab for landslides and related phenomena, which carries significant scientific value.

The most spectacular landscape is situated west of the Heavenly Lake. These giant stones are scattered randomly, forming today’s unique scenery. When witnessing the grandeur of the cliffs, you can feel the strength of nature.

Heavenly Lake (Landslide Lake)

Heavenly Lake,Cuihua Mountain
Heavenly Lake

As one of the landslide lakes in Cuihua Mountain, the Heavenly Lake covers an area of 138,000 square meters. The collapsed stones blocked the current of the Taiyi River, resulting in the Heavenly Lake. With an altitude of 1,170 meters, it leaves people an illusion of arriving at heaven. So, it is named the Heavenly Lake.

You can not only enjoy the refreshing natural beauty but also do some recreational activities, such as rowing boats and fishing.

Qinling Zhongnanshan Global Geopark Museum

In 2013, Qinling Zhongnanshan Global Geopark Museum was built inside the Cuihua Mountain scenic area and was opened to the public for free. Now it has become an important base for the geological research of the Qinling Mountain Region and for popularizing scientific knowledge.

Qinling Zhongnanshan Global Geopark Museum,Cuihua Mountain
Qinling Zhongnanshan Global Geopark Museum

The museum covers an area of 650 square meters, which presents the features and glamor of Cuihua Mountain. It gives a thorough image of this region through high technologies. In the museum, you can gain an insight into the rare plants and animals and get the basic information about the landslide and natural scenery.

The museum is composed of three exhibition areas. The two major areas present the development history of the Qinling Zhongnanshan mountains and its main landslide remains, through pictures, words, sand table model, and leading technologies.   

The Qinling Zhongnanshan Global Geopark Museum acts as a sea of geological knowledge. Many geology fans come here to explore the glamor and magic of Zhongnanshan.

Ice Cave

Ice Cave,Cuihua Mountain
Ice Cave

The Ice Cave is formed by the collapsed stones 30 meters below the surface. It's called the natural refrigerator. Even in the summer days, the rain dropping from the surface into the caves can be frozen, which presents you with a magical world of ice.

Cuixian Palace

Cuixian Palace was built near the lake to memorize a courageous girl, called Cuihua who was brave enough to confront the forceful marriage arrangement of her family. Every year, the Cuihua Temple Fair will be held on the 1st day of the sixth lunar month. On that day, many Chinese lovers come here to pray for their everlasting love. (“xian” means deity in Chinese.)


The Origin of Cuihua Mountain

Beautiful Scenery,Cuihua Mountain
Beautiful Scenery

The name of Cuihua Mountain comes from a traditional Chinese folk story. It is said that a beautiful and diligent girl called Jin Cuihua, fell in love with a man from the neighboring village. But her family members forced her to marry another man from a rich family. The night before her marriage, she fled from home and came to the mountain.

Hearing her running away, her family members chased her and found her hiding in a stone cave. When they tried to approach her, the mountain began to shake violently, causing thick smog. Then Cuihua became a deity. Thus, this mountain is called Cuihua Mountain.


Suggested Travel Route

Main Gate→Landslip Geological Museum→Three Major Waterfalls of Cuihua Mountain→Heavenly Lake Scenic Area→Main Gate.


Best Season to Visit Cuihua Mountain

Generally speaking, Cuihua Mountain is worth visiting all year round. But summer is the best time to pay a visit. In summer, the trees are luxuriant and the waterfall flows in the sunshine, which gives you a better experience of the natural beauty. What’s more, some recreational activities are also open to visitors in summer.

In autumn and winter, the eye-catching scenery attracts thousands of visitors every year. The snow-capped mountain also gives you a special view. You can also taste local fruits and specialties here.


Getting Here

By Bus

Take bus 905 directly to Cuihua Mountain at Xi’an Fanyi University Station.   
(No subway can go directly to Cuihua Mountain.)


By Taxi

Chinese: 请带我去翠华山。English: Please take me to Cuihua Mountain.

If you go to Cuihua Mountain by taxi, it takes about 1 hour (about CNY 100) from ibis Styles Hotels (city center).

If you go to Cuihua Mountain by taxi, it takes about 1.3 hours (about CNY 200) from Xi’an Xianyang International Airport.

If you go to Cuihua Mountain by taxi, it takes about 1.3 hours (about CNY 200) from Xi’an North Railway Station.

The Peak,Cuihua Mountain
The Peak

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