Xi’an Bailuyuan Bailucang


General Information of Xi’an Bailuyuan Bailucang

Chinese Name: 西安白鹿原白鹿仓 Pronunciation: xī ān bái lù yuán bái lù cāng

Building Time: 2017

Opening Hours: 9:00-20:00 (No entry at 19:00)

Suggested Visiting Hours: 2-5 hours

Occupied Area: 1,400,000 square meters

Building Function: To show the folk culture of Shaanxi

Best Visiting Time: Four seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter)

Admission Ticket Fare: Free for all the people with ID card or passport

Address: Dizhai North Street, Baqiao district of Xi’an City, Shaanxi province


Overview of Xi’an Bailuyuan Bailucang

Bailuyuan Bailucang,Bailuyuan Bailucang
Bailuyuan Bailucang

Bailuyuan Bailucang Scenic Area is situated on the famous Bailuyuan, the outskirts of Xi’an, about 5 kilometers away from the East Third Ring of Xi’an city.

Bailuyuan Bailucang is 15 kilometers from Xi’an Bell Tower business district. It covers an area of 1,400,000 square meters. And 3.5 billion yuan are invested to build the scenic area. In 2018, it was chosen as a national 4A level tourist attraction. It is also known as the demonstrated unit of tourism development in Xi’an.

Based on the deep history, cultural background of Bailuyuan and the traditional folk culture, Bailuyuan Bailucang scenic area was built and developed, besides, the development idea of “folklore school and more folk custom” was put forward. Moreover, it created a new tourism model, “one zone, two parks and three camps”, which opens a new chapter of folk culture tourism. The “one zone, two parks and three camps” in Bailuyuan Bailucang scenic area includes Bailu Folk Culture Zone, Bailucang Expo Park, Bailu Amusement Park, Aviation Camp, Hot Spring RV Camp and Sports Experience Camp.

With continuous innovation and optimization on many aspects, Bailuyuan Bailucang scenic area is recognized by broad tourists and tourist markets. It was also ranked at the forefront of the tourist industry. Gradually, this scenic area formed its own characteristics and became the best choice of Xi’an tourism and leisure.


Development of Xi’an Bailuyuan Bailucang

On December 22nd, 2017, the First International Circus Art Festival in Bailucang was held in the Scenic Area. Masters in circus from different countries gathered in Xi’an Bailuyuan Bailucang.

Outer Gate,Bailuyuan Bailucang
Outer Gate

On December 29th, 2017, Bailuyuan Bailucang won the title “the most influential restaurant block”.

On August 27th, 2018, in order to carry forward Chinese traditional culture, the “First Writing Ceremony” of Children was held at Zhongxiao Square of Bailuyuan Bailucang.

From February 4th, 2019 to February 20th, 2019, in order to celebrate the Chinese New Year, the second Chinese unique art temple fair was held in Bailuyuan Bailucang.

On January 19th, 2020, the opening ceremony of The Third Chinese Stunts Carnival was held at Wangmu Pavilion Square, Bailucang. 


Main Scenic Spots in the Bailuyuan Bailucang

Bailu Folk Culture Zone

Handicrafts, Bailuyuan Bailucang

Bailu Folk Culture Zone integrated regional cultural resources in Bailuyuan Bailucang Scenic Area. Its purpose is to protect and inherit local traditions. Bailu Folk Culture Zone takes the folk culture experience as the core. With the high-level planning and meticulous architectural courtyard design, you can feel the beauty of Chinese architecture here.

There are 423 folklore buildings in Bailu Folk Culture Zone. These buildings were built by professional craftsmen according to Chinese traditional architectural methods. These folklore buildings combined the characteristics of architectures of northern Shaanxi, Guanzhong(the central Shaanxi plain) and southern Shaanxi. With the combination of food and performing arts in this zone, you can not only enjoy the Shaanxi snacks but also experience the traditional folk culture here.

Single Wooden Pillar Pavilion

Single Wooden Pillar Pavilion,Bailuyuan Bailucang
Single Wooden Pillar Pavilion

Single Wooden Pillar Pavilion, as its name, the pavilion is supported by a log with 1.4 meters in diameter and 13 meters in height. The pieces of wood in tenon structure and wood hydrangea radiate from the top to the bottom, totally in nine-storey, like an inverted triangle module.

The nine-storey bucket arch means “when all is said and done; everything is everlasting”. The wood material of Single Wooden Pillar Pavilion is the Pinus koraiensis from Michigan of 1,099 years old. It is known as “the living fossil of Pinus koraiensis”.

The roof of the pavilion is paved with gray pottery tiles. And animal totems are carved on the tiles. The wooden pavilion is the unique scenery of the Bailuyuan scenic area.

Wangmu Cabinet

Wangmu Cabinet,Bailuyuan Bailucang
Wangmu Cabinet

According to legend, Hanwen Emperor (the fourth emperor of the Western Han Dynasty), Liu Heng was a famous filial son. He often told his wife Dou to respect his mother. Therefore, Queen Dou joked with Liu Heng that it was not difficult for me to be filial to your mother. However, you must put me on your head and listen to me on everything. Liu Heng smiled and agreed.

Since then, Queen Dou was very filial to the Queen Mother. The relationship between daughter-in-law and mother-in-law was very harmonious. Many years later, Queen Dou's mausoleum was built on the top of Emperor Liu Heng’s mausoleum. While, Queen Mother's mausoleum was built on the back of Liu Heng’s mausoleum, forming the situation of "wife on the top and mother on the back".

Tea House,Bailuyuan Bailucang
Tea House

Climbing up to the Wangmu Cabinet, you could see the Queen Mother’s Mausoleum on the west. It is to commemorate the filial piety of Emperor Hanwen. Moreover, it always reminds us of remembering maternal love, always keeping filial piety in our mind, being grateful for maternal love, and keeping harmonious of the family.

The collections in Wangmu Cabinet are from the Qing Dynasty, with a history of more than 300 years. Wangmu Cabinet is a three-storey wooden structure. It is decorated with brick carvings on the bottom. Each brick carving is carved by skilled craftsmen according to 24 stories of filial piety. The designs on brick carvings are natural and lively, which show us the moving filial stories in ancient times.

Bai Xi Opera

Bai Xi Opera,Bailuyuan Bailucang
Bai Xi Opera

Bai Xi Opera is one architecture with a large platform and a hip roof. The large platform is used for performances. On both sides of the platform, there are waiting room and dressing room for actors.

Bai Xi Opera is the place for performing the arts of traditional culture in Bailuyuan. It is an important carrier for the development of local opera culture. Bai Xi Opera is connected tightly with the traditional culture. Bai Xi Opera is like a museum, recording the rise and fall of Chinese opera for hundreds of years.

Bailucang Expo Park

Bailucang Expo Park,Bailuyuan Bailucang
Bailucang Expo Park

Bailucang Expo Park is a typical Chinese traditional garden architecture. It includes three wooden buildings, which imitate the famous wooden architecture of Song, Ming, Qing dynasties in the regions, south of the Yangtze River. After careful restoration by ancient architectural experts, these three buildings were built. The whole architecture group is the classic of domestic garden wooden architecture. It has great historical, cultural and ornamental value.

There are also high-end western restaurants, homestay hotels, business bars in Bailucang Expo Park. The combination of ancient architecture and modern tourist forms attracts more young people to come and visit.

Bailu Amusement Park

Bailu Amusement Park,Bailuyuan Bailucang
Bailu Amusement Park

There are the most cutting-edge and the most popular forms of recreation in Bailu Amusement Park. Bailu Amusement Park is the nearest theme amusement park to Xi’an urban area. It mainly includes two sections: Children’s Theme Park and the Fantastic World of Bailucang. There are varieties of amusement facilities in Children’s Theme Park, such as sky wheel, water park, super roller coaster and theme development center. These rides could meet the needs of children and parents of different ages.

The Fantastic World of Bailucang is the largest VR science and technology experience park in Northwest China. It includes magic theater, UAV performance show, future paradise, terror hospital, light and shadow horizon and outdoor experience projects. Among them, the UAV stage performance show is a world-renowned performance. This project combines robots and UAV performance show, cooperating with live dance shows, reflecting the combination of technology and art.

The Fantastic World of Bailucang will lead the VR entertainment frontier trend of Xi’an and even the whole northwest. With the maturity of Bailucang entertainment, it will realize the perfect combination of scientific technology and traditional folk custom.

Aviation Camp

Aviation Activity,Bailuyuan Bailucang
Aviation Activity

The aviation camp covers an area of more than 133,333 square meters. The aviation camp is the first navigable flight camp in China. There are mainly two parts in the aviation camp: Hot Air Balloon Camp and Flight Town.

Bailucang Hot Air Balloon Camp is open to the public for 365 days. There is a sky wheel with a height of 100 meters, called “eyes of Bailuyuan”. One could overlook the full scenery in Bailuyuan Bailucang from the sky wheel.

Hot Spring RV Camp

Hot Spring RV Camp is the self-driving camp, the pioneer of courtyard RV sojourn in Shaanxi Province. It could accommodate more than 100 RVs, which are all imported from Australia. Each RV is equipped with a separate courtyard, including living facilities, hot spring pool, wooden huts and tents. There are different camps for you choose, such as VIP camp, business negotiation camp, camp for lovers, parent and child camp and so on.

Ancient Street,Bailuyuan Bailucang
Ancient Street

Sports Experience Camp

Sports Experience Camp consists of ice sculptures, slow track and other popular fashion sports, such as parkour, skateboarding. Besides, in the Sports Experience Camp, there are also recreational facilities and theme parks for children.

The Ancient Street of Bailuyuan

The ancient street of Bailuyuan reproduced the old street described in the novel “Bai Lu Yuan”, written by famous writer Chen Zhongshi. On this ancient street, you can appreciate Chinese traditional architecture and enjoy some delicious food.


Our Suggested Route

Bailu Folk Culture Zone→ The Ancient Street of Bailuyuan → Single Wooden Pillar Pavilion→Wangmu Cabinet→Bai Xi Opera→Bailucang Expo Park →Bailu Amusement Park→ Aviation Camp→ Hot Spring RV Camp→ Sports Experience Camp


Transportation to Bailuyuan Bailucang

By Bus

Take bus 241 to get to Bailuyuan, or take bus 910, 240 and get off at No.62 Middle School Station and walk to Bailuyuan.

By Taxi

Chinese: 请带我去白鹿原白鹿仓。English: Please take me to Bailuyuan Bailucang.

If you go to Xi’an Bailuyuan from Xi’an Railway Station, it takes about 49 minutes (about 65 yuan).

If you go to Xi’an Bailuyuan from Xi’an South Railway Station, it takes about 48 minutes (about 95yuan).

If you go to Xi’an Bailuyuan from Xi’an North Railway Station, it takes about 68 minutes (about 93 yuan).

If you go to Xi’an Bailuyuan from Xi’an Xianyang International Airport, it takes about 61 minutes (about 160yuan).

Waterwheel,Bailuyuan Bailucang

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