Baofeng Lake


Basic Information of Baofeng Lake

Chinese Name: 宝峰湖 Pronunciation: bǎo fēng hú

Occupied Area: About 273 hectares

Depth: 72 meters (236 feet)

Suggest Visiting Hours: 2-3 Hours

Popular Activities: Take photos, a boat tour on the lake

Address: No. 8 Baofeng Road, Suoxi Town, Wulingyuan District, Zhangjiajie City, Hunan Province


Ticket Price

Tickets   Price
Baofeng Lake    96 yuan
Eco-friendly Car (round trip inside the scenic area)    25 yuan

  • Ticket Free of Charge Policy

1. Children below 1.3meters (4.26feet) are free of charge;
2. Senior citizens over 70 years old (with an ID card or certificate) are free of charge;
3. People with disabilities (with disability certificate) are free of charge.


Service Hours

Peak Season
(April 1st to October 31st)
Low Season
(November 1st to March 31st)
Opening Hours 7:00-18:00 7:00-17:00


Brief Introduction of Baofeng Lake

The Beautiful Scenery,Baofeng Lake
The Beautiful Scenery

Located in Wulingyuan, Baofeng Lake, a world natural heritage site, is one of the best tourist destinations in Zhangjiajie. As a core scenic spot, Baofeng Lake is 2.5kilometers long, 200meters to 1000meters wide, and with an average depth of 72 meters. It is currently the only water-based tourist attraction in Wulingyuan and World Natural Heritage.

Surrounded by rolling mountains, the lake owns expanse of natural flows and it is praised for its clear water quality. There are several sandstone peaks of different shapes and sharp steepness surrounded by green trees around the lake.

Small Village,Baofeng Lake
Small Village

Baofeng Lake is a landscape art masterpiece created by nature and humans. In the 1970s, local villagers built dams to generate electricity, which inadvertently created a beautiful lake. And the lake got its name due to its location that it is located on the back of Baofeng Mountain. Beautiful scenery on the island in the middle of the lake will heave insight when roaming in the boat.

Baofeng Lake scenic area is a combination of landscape and folk customs. It is especially famous for its picturesque high gorge with the tranquil flow - Baofeng waterfall, and mysterious ancient mountain temple. It consists of two parts, which are Baofeng Lake and Yingwo Village. The whole tourist area would unfold different and unique landscapes at different times. Among them, Baofeng Lake, Baofeng Waterfall, Yingwo Village and Thin Strip of Sky (Yixiantian) are known as the "Four Wonders" of Wulingyuan.


Big Events Happened in Baofeng Lake

Zhangjiajie International Country Music Week

International Country Music Week,Baofeng Lake
 International Country Music Week

From May 14 to 18, 2009, Zhangjiajie International Country Music Week was held in Baofeng lake, the holy land of love. In this grand gathering, the seven leading female figures who are good at Hunan folk songs, Song Zuying, Zhang Ye, Tang Can, Chen Sisi, Yan Fei, Lei Jia and Wang Lida sang together for the first time.

Tan Dun, a well-known Chinese musician and winner of the 73rd Academy Award for best original music, performed his masterpiece: Map. In addition, the festival also invited 24 overseas groups, including Australian LUHRS, Morocco Andalusia Youth Orchestra, American Lucy Angel Orchestra, etc.

Zhangjiajie International Country Music Week is the largest art festival with the theme of country music in China.

Underwater Breath Competition,Baofeng Lake
Underwater Breath Competition

Underwater Breath Holding World Competition

On May 14, 2011, Cervallinson from Denmark, the Guinness World Record holder of underwater breath-holding (20 minutes and 10 seconds) and Italy's David Mullini, the best underwater breath-holding record holder (21 minutes and 29 seconds), battled drastically with each other at Baofeng Lake. Finally, David Mullini won the championship in 20 minutes and 55 seconds, breaking the Guinness world record.


Attractions and Highlights in Baofeng Lake

Baofeng Waterfall,Baofeng Lake
Baofeng Waterfall

Baofeng Waterfall

At the entrance of the Baofeng Lake, Baofeng Waterfall has become a representative work of Wulingyuan water scenery. The Water Curtain Cave of Huaguo Mountain in the famous TV series adapted from Journey to the West is set here.

Yingwo Village

Yingwo Village is located 2 kilometers south of Suoxi Town, southwest of Baofeng lake. It is said that in the old society, there were bandits occupied the hilltop village like eagles, so it was named Yingwo village(Ying means eagle in Chinese). The well-known Chinese TV drama Suppressing Bandits in Wulong Mountain was shot here.

At the end of Yingwo Village stands Baofeng Temple, other worth visiting places in Baofeng Lake.

Waveless Lake,Baofeng Lake
Waveless Lake

Waveless Lake Surface with Gorges

Generally speaking, the lakes and streams beside gorges were flows rather relatively turbulent. Instead, Baofeng Lake, a masterpiece of scenic landscapes, is rarely flowed with gentle currents amidst green mountains and luxuriant bushes.


Thin Strip of Sky

Thin Strip of Sky,Baofeng Lake
Thin Strip of Sky

Thin Strip of Sky is one of the spectacles in Baofeng Lake. Passing through a section of mountain road overgrown with weeds from Baofeng Lake, the Thin Strip of Sky came into sight with only a gap between the two peaks, in a steeper and narrower manner.

There are two steep cliffs and rock walls squeezed together, leaving a gap in between. Only a ray of the sky can let in the sun. The width of the stone stairs can only accommodate one person which is more than 100 meters in height. And there is also a stream stretches in the middle, whose stone steps spiral up on the bank, extremely quiet and mysterious.


Best Season to Visit Baofeng Lake

April, May, August and September are the best time to visit Baofeng Lake. At that time, the moderate climate suits people most.

Mid-March of the lunar calendar (about April of the solar calendar) every year, there will hold an important festival - "Folk Song Festival". On that day, local young men and women could express their love through singing folk songs, brimming with local characteristics, customs and charms.

There is also a famous scene that can only be seen when the moon is full in the evening on August 15th of the lunar calendar. It seems like a golden toad with the moon set in its mouth. Therefore, Baofeng Lake is also worth visiting at the Mid Autumn Festival(August 15th).

Baofeng Lake is located in the hills and has abundant rainfall. With four distinct seasons and an average annual temperature of 14 ℃, it is a great summer resort in every sense. Please pay attention to the weather forecast in advance and take your coat and cold-proof clothes in case it rains.


Transportation to Baofeng Lake

 By Bus

Walk 5 minutes from the Zhangjiajie Railway Station to the Central Bus Station. Then take the tourist bus from Zhangjiajie to Wulingyuan, which costs 12yuan. The whole journey is about 35 kilometers and takes about 50 minutes. Finally, take bus 2 and get off at Baofeng Lake Station. The fare is 1yuan.

Take bus 4 from the Zhangjiajie Lotus Airport to the Central Bus Station, and the fare is 1yuan. Then transfer to the tourist bus from Zhangjiajie to Wulingyuan, which costs 12yuan. The whole journey is about 35 kilometers and takes about 50 minutes. Finally, take bus 2 at Wulingyuan District and get off at Baofeng Lake Station. The fare is 1yuan.

By Taxi

Chinese: 请带我去宝峰湖。English: Please take me to Baofeng Lake.

Autumn Scenery,Baofeng Lake
Autumn Scenery

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