Tianzi Mountain


Basic Facts of Tianzi Mountain

Chinese Name: 天子山 Pronunciation: Tiān Zǐ Shān

Total Area: 67 square kilometers

Highest Altitude: 1262 meters (4,140 feet)

Suggested Visiting Hours: 2-3 Hours

Address: Northwest of Wulingyuan Scenic Area, Wulingyuan District, Zhangjiajie


Ticket Price

Scenic Area   Peak Season
(From March to November)  
   Shoulder Season
(From December to next February)
Zhangjiajie National Forest Park    225 yuan    115 yuan

  • Tips: The admission fee of Tianzi Mountain is included in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park.
  • Surcharge Inside the Tianzi Mountain

Cableway  Price
Tianzi Mountain Cableway
 72 yuan
Tianzi Mountain Cableway
144 yuan


Opening Hours

Items  Opening Hours
Tianzi Mountain   08:00-17:00
Tianzi Mountain Cableway   08:30-16:00


Overview of Tianzi Mountain

Sea of Clouds,Tianzi Mountain
Sea of Clouds

Located in the north of Wulingyuan, Tianzi Mountain is adjacent to Zhangjiajie’s gorgeous landscapes. It covers a total area of 67 square kilometers, with the highest altitude of 1262.5 meters. Since the ancient leader of Tujia Nationality called himself the Son of Heaven(Tianzi), Tianzi Mountain got its name.

In the prime of the evolutionary history of the peak forest, it is known as "the king of the peak forest". Tianzi Mountain is located slightly higher in the hinterland of Wulingyuan. Therefore, when visitors standing at the main peak of Tianzi Mountain and looking into the distance, a panoramic view of the landscape heaves in sight.

Tianzi Mountain is famous for its stone forest wonders. Numerous stone peaks stand out like swords and halberds held by thousand troops are full of majestic momentum. In addition, it also provides diversified meteorological wonders in different seasons: the sea of clouds, the radiance of the moonlight, rays of sunshine and the snow in Winter. Under the sunlight, Tianzi Mountain looks like a brilliant and colorful oil painting; under the moonlight, the misty peaks are well-proportioned in a neat and orderly way, forming a painting of ink and wash.

The Sunrise,Tianzi Mountain
The Sunrise

All kinds of newly developed and peculiar landforms are concentrated on the mountainside of Tianzi Mountain, such as majestic waterfalls, karst caves, dense and steep peak forest and stone pillars.

The scenery of Tianzi Mountain can be summarized as "the natural beauty of primitive scenery". Its landscapes and scenic spots are all made without a trace of artificial carving. There are not only beautiful mountains and waters, but also simple folk customs, unique ethnic food, and so on. It's no wonder that some people said that if you don't visit Tianzi Mountain, you will go to Wulingyuan in vain.


Main Scenic Spots in Tianzi Mountain

Helong Park

Statue of Helong,Tianzi Mountain
Statue of Helong

In the park, the bronze statue of Marshal He Long stands in harmony with nature, forming a unique artistic style. This statue is the largest bronze statue in China that was built in the past 100 years. With vivid head image, it was shaped like a stone under Marshal He Long’s shoulder.

The bronze statue of He Long, like a marvelous peak in Wuling, stands tall on the stone platform. He has a resolute posture with a pipe in hand, a serene and dignified expression with a warhorse nestling tightly to the right side.

The Imperial Brush Peak

The Imperial Brush Peak,Tianzi Mountain
The Imperial Brush Peak

Located in a deep valley 80 meters west of Tianzi Pavilion, the Imperial Brush Peak is one of the best scenic spots that attracts photographers and painters. More than 30 painting magazines and newspapers at home and abroad have shown its beauty.

Six stone pillars stand in the middle in a row. Each of them is about 100 meters high and square as a cut. The surrounding peaks are in a circular shape to embrace each other. However, the Imperial Brush Peak is located on the higher side and its lines and edges are clearly visible, which makes it more abrupt and lofty.

Standing on the observation platform and looking southwest, visitors can see dozens of beautiful peaks in the valley. The stone peaks on the right are like inverted imperial pens, and the ones on the left are like unfinished paintings. It is said that the pen was used by King Xiang. He started an uprising and used the pen to review the official letter. The cylindrical stone peak in front of the Imperial Brush Peak is his royal desk. It is said that there is a couplet left by King Xiang on the stage.

Fairies Spreading Flowers

 Fairies Spreading Flowers,Tianzi Mountain
 Fairies Spreading Flowers

There stands a group of mountain peaks that are not far from the gate of Helong Park. One of the peaks looks like a girl in profile standing in the east. It is the peak called Fairies Spreading Flowers. Fairies with beautiful eyebrows, clear lines and delicate posture hold a flower basket in her hand. The green pine on the top of the peak is like a decoration on a girl's head. The top of the peak is drizzled with green shrubs; the foot of the mountain is full of the wildflowers, the whole peak looks like brocade together.

At the end of spring, when the wind blows, it looks like a fairy scattering flowers to the world, forming a beautiful scene that fairies spread flowers to the mortal world.

Dianjiang Tai,Tianzi Mountain
Dianjiang Tai

Officers Appointing Platform (Dianjiang Tai)

Officers Appointing Platform, located 1500 meters away from the Helong Park, is a three-leveled observation tower surrounded by iron railings. It is located in a deep valley surrounded by white fog. The grotesque rocks are jagged like dozens of people. The scene looks like the emperor is in the middle of the line while the herald in front of him is reading the imperial edict and the Prime Ministers on both sides bow and stand aside. According to historical records,  King Xiang once held an army march here.

Tianzi Mountain Cableway

Long Cableway,Tianzi Mountain
Long Cableway

Wulingyuan District People's government signed a contract with Hong Kong Anda International Holiday Park (Zhangjiajie) Co., Ltd. Then, Hunan Wulingyuan Cableway Co., Ltd. was established on December 7, 1995. The next year, the construction of Tianzi Mountain Cableway was started, and it was officially put into operation in May 1997.

Tianzi Mountain Cableway is a single track circulating cableway with all equipment imported from Austria Domaya Company. The design horizontal line is 1960 meters. The length of the inclined line is 2084 meters, and the height difference between the two ends of the station is 692 meters. Tianzi Mountain Cableway is equipped with 41 single line automatic circulation carriages. Each carriage carries 6 people with a speed of 5m/s. And the one-way traffic volume per hour is about 900 people.

Taking the Tianzi Mountain Cableway is both comfortable and safe. The scenery along the route is unforgettable and marvelous. Fantastic pines and rocks, lush green forest, secluded spring water, mischievous and lovely macaque are all presented in front of eyes. Especially when the clouds are around, the tourists can experience the dynamic and excitement of flying.

Shentang Valley

 Shentang Valley,Tianzi Mountain
 Shentang Valley

Shentang Valley is mysterious heaven, a green labyrinth. It is a concave deep valley, surrounded by knife-like cliffs, fog and rain all day long. The bottom of the valley is unfathomable. It is also known as "the paradise full of mystery". It is said that this is the place that King Xiang backed to heaven.

According to the records of Wanli County in the Ming Dynasty, Shentang Valley was originally named Shentang Village. It looks like a huge round vat surrounded by cliffs, imposing the manner of "unlimited scenery in dangerous peaks". To climb it, there is only a very dangerous nine-level ladder. The natives said that it is totally an adventure to ascend one inch.

In the valley, the weather tends to be humid and hazy with countless clouds and winds. When having a rest on the verge and looking far into the distance, visitors might feel scary. The weirdest thing is that, in any case, the resonance of gongs and drums, human screaming and horse yelling occurs feebly from the bottom. After experts’ exploration, it turns out to be an air colliding between the Shentang Valley and the viewing platform. Therefore, the natural musical instrument sound is formed and heard by people on the observation platform.

Sky Pastoral,Tianzi Mountain
Sky Pastoral

Sky Pastoral

Sky Pastoral is located at Tujia Village, two kilometers away from the right side of Tianzi Mountain Villa, which passes through Tiger Mouth and Qingren Road, with an altitude of more than 1000 meters. Below it is a valley of ten thousand meters deep, on which there are cliffs up to hundreds of meters. And slope trapezoid field of 3 hectares is on the top of the cliff. The fields are surrounded by mountains, trees and white clouds, providing a magnificent landscape painting.


When to Travel

The climate of Tianzi Mountain is the typical monsoon humid climate of the middle subtropical mountain characterized by sufficient light and heat, abundant rainfall, long frost-free period and short severe cold period.

The average frost-free period over the years is between 216 days and 269 days. And the annual average temperature is about 16.6 ℃. It’s like spring all year round. All seasons are suitable for sightseeing. And the best time for traveling is from April to October every year.


How to Get to Tianzi Mountain

By Bus

1. Take bus 5 or 6 from the Zhangjiajie Railway Station to the Central Bus Station, and the fare is 1 yuan. Then transfer to the tourist bus (to Zhangjiajie National Forest Park), which costs 12 yuan. The whole journey is about 30 kilometers and takes about 40 minutes. Finally, take an electric sightseeing car provided by the park to Tianzi Mountain.

2. Take bus 4 from the airport to the Central Bus Station, and the fare is 1 yuan. Then transfer to the tourist bus (to Zhangjiajie National Forest Park), which costs 12 yuan. The whole journey is about 30 kilometers and takes about 40 minutes. Finally, take an electric sightseeing car provided by the park to Tianzi Mountain.

The Beautiful Scenery,Tianzi Mountain
The Beautiful Scenery

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