Tianmen Mountain


General Information of Tianmen Mountain

Chinese Name: 天门山 Pronunciation: Tiānmén Shān

Suggested Visiting Hours: 4-6 Hours

Height: 1,519 meters (4,983 feet)

Address: No.11 Dayonglu Yongdi District, Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province, China

Mountain Tourist Area (above 700m, 2,300 ft): 10 square kilometers (4 square miles)


Entrance Ticket

Tickets Discount Package Price Content

Round-trip cableway tour ticket package Line A, Line B and Line C

275 yuan Line A: Entrance Fee 62yuan+Tianmen Mountain Cableway Up108yuan+ Escalator Down42yuan+Express Cableway Down76yuan
Line B: Entrance Fee 62 yuan+Express Cableway Up 76yuan+Escalator Up 42yuan+Tianmen Mountain Cableway Down 108 yuan
Line C:Entrance Fee 62 yuan +Express Cableway Up 76 yuan +Escalator Round-trip 84 yuan +Express Cableway Down 76 yuan

One-way cableway tour ticket package Line1 and Line2

232 yuan

Line1: Entrance Fee 62 yuan+ Tianmen Mountain Cableway Up 108 yuan +Escalator Down 42yuan +Mountain Road Tour Bus Down 33 yuan
Line2: Entrance Fee 62yuan +Mountain Road Tour Bus Up 33 yuan+ Escalator Up 42 yuan+Tianmen Mountain Cableway down108 yuan


  • Ticket Free of Charge Policy

1. Children under 14 years old are free of charge;
2. Senior citizens over 65 years old (with ID card) are free of charge;
3. People with disabilities (with disability certificate) are free of charge;
4. Soldiers in active service and retired cadres in the army are free of charge (with officer certificate).
5. The above policy is only applicable to admission fee.


Surcharge Inside the Scenic Spot

Contents Price
Forest Sightseeing Cable Car 25 yuan (one-way)
Escalator to Tianmen Cave 32 yuan(one-way)
Children Below 3.9feet (1.2meters) Free
Note: Transportation facilities above are voluntary consumption.


Opening Time

Opening Hours
Peak Season
(March 1st - November 30th)
6:30 - 18:00
Shoulder Season (December 1st - February 28th) 8:00 - 17:30


Introduction of Tianmen Mounain

Tianmen Mounain,Tianmen Mounain
Tianmen Mountain

Tianmen Mountain, formerly known as Yunmeng Mountain and Songliang mountain, is the highest mountain in Yongding District of Zhangjiajie. Located in the southern suburb of Zhangjiajie, 8 kilometers away from the urban area and with an altitude of 1518.6 meters, it is the cultural holy land of Zhangjiajie and is honored as "the soul of Zhangjiajie" and "the first sacred mountain in Western Hunan".

Tianmen Mountain acquired its name from the Tianmen Cave, a rare natural wonder of the world, which has a long history of about 1754 years. The mountain peak is relatively flat, and the forest coverage rate reaches 90% with complete primary forest preserved and many extremely precious and unique plants rooted. As a national geological, forest park and 5A grade scenic spot, Tianmen Mountain attracts thousands of tourists every year.

Tianmen Mountain covers a total area of 96 square kilometers, with a peak area of 2 square kilometers. Tianmen Mountain is surrounded by clouds and fog all year round, the scene of the sea of clouds changing endlessly. It combines peaks, rocks, springs, streams, clouds and forests in a piece and has been divided into four parts with unique scenery.


Big Events Happened in Tianmen Mountain

The Entrance,Tianmen Mountain
The Entrance

In December 1999, the Hungarian aerobatic master Peter Besenye successfully piloted an airplane through Tianmen Cave, creating the first flying miracle of mankind flying an airplane through a natural cave. The feat of "passing through the Tianmen" caused a sensation in the world for a while, and the magical Tianmen Cave is also famous for it.

On November 18, 2007, the world-famous French “spiderman” Alan Robert successfully climbed the 100-meter rock wall of Tianmen Cave without protection, and he performed an amazing "precipice ballet" on rock wall of Tianmen Cave.

In 2010, Freddy Knok and Saimat Aishan launched a shocking duel on the extremely smooth Tianmen mountain ropeway with a slope of more than 40 degrees. They performed an unprecedentedly difficult ropeway walking challenge.


Tianmen Mountain Top Amazing Sights You Should Not Miss

Tianmen Cave - 'Heaven's Door

Tianmen Cave,Tianmen Cave
Tianmen Cave

On the main peak of Tianmen Mountain in Zhangjiajie, there is a huge cave. This is the peculiar landscape of the world-famous Tianmen Cave in the Tianmen Mountain. The Tianmen Cave is known as the Wonder of the World. The height of the cave is 1264 meters, and the width of the cave is 37 meters. As a mountain-crossing karst cave, its scale is not rare around the world, but its relative altitude and dangerous position of the cave are amazing in the world.

Regarded as a gateway to heaven, this scenic spot has attracted emperors, officials, hermits, eminent monks and scholars of all ages to visit Tianmen Mountain, through which Tianmen Mountain has gradually formed its unique and profound "Tian culture". In 1999, pilots from Russia, the United States, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Czech Republic and Lithuania set a Guinness world record for flying through caves. There are many records about when the Tianmen Cave formed. Mr. Chen Ziwen, a reverent scholar in the scope of local literature and history in Zhangjiajie, believes that Tianmen Cave was formed in 48 A.D.

The Famous Glass Skywalk

 The Famous Glass Skywalk,Tianmen Mountain
 The Famous Glass Skywalk

The Tianmen Mountain glass skywalk is 60 meters long and 1.6 meters wide, and its highest point is 1,430 meters above sea level.

The glass observatory of the road stretches out for 4 to 5 meters, which specially sets for thousands of tourists to take photos. It is another bold attempt after the wooden suspension bridge across the canyon.

On October 1, 2011, the newly built glass Skywalk in Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain was officially opened to tourists. In order for visitors to have the best viewing experience, they are required to wear shoe covers on the bridge to keep the glass bridge transparent and clean. The excitement and shock of the glass skywalk can be compared with the world-famous American Grand Canyon glass corridor "Sky Road", so it has the reputation of the East "Sky Road".

The Winding mountain road,Tianmen Mountain
The Winding mountain road

Tianmen Mountain Winding mountain road -99 Bends

Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain Winding mountain road is located on Tianmen Mountain, a national forest park in Zhangjiajie City, Hunan Province, known as the “Tongtian Avenue”. Construction of the Winding mountain road was started in 1998. Due to the unique geology and climate of Tianmen Mountain, it was not fully connected until 2005. The total length is 10.77 kilometers, and the altitude rises sharply from 200 meters to 1300 meters. There are thousands of cliffs on both sides of the road and a total of 99 bends.

Tianmen Mountain Temple

Tianmen Mountain Temple,Tianmen Mountain
Tianmen Mountain Temple

Tianmen Mountain temple is the most important scenic spot in Tianjie Foguo Buddhist scenic area. Built in the Ming Dynasty, it is one of the five temples in the world where Buddhist relics are worshipped and it is the Buddhist center in Western Hunan. The temple is rebuilt on its original site, covering an area of nearly 10,000 square meters. Standing at the mountain valley, it enjoys a broad vision.

It is composed of Mountain Gate, Bell and Drum Tower, Tianwang hall, Great Buddha’s hall, Goddess of Mercy Pavilion, Sutra Collection Pavilion, etc. Among them, the Goddess of Mercy Pavilion is particularly ingenious in shape, rivaling the most classical buildings in China.

Tianmen Mountain temple is also a place for patriotic preaching and promoting Buddhism. It provides a pure spiritual experience for the vast number of tourists. It strives to make itself the largest Buddhist culture garden in Western Hunan, which integrates Zen worship, Buddhist practice, Dharma education, meditation and health preservation, as well as sightseeing and tourism.

The Longest Cableway in the World --- Tianmen Mountain Cableway

 The Longest Cableway ,Tianmen Mountain
 The Longest Cableway

With a total length of 7,455 meters and a horizontal height difference of 1,279 meters, Tianmen Mountain cableway leads directly to the top of Tianmen Mountain from Zhangjiajie City center. As the world's first air-mobile viewing gallery, it looks like a giant dragon soaring in the sky and leaning against the mountain.

The one-way tour nearly takes 35 minutes, during which tourists can appreciate the urban scenery, rural scenery, steep peaks and deep ravines, etc. The journey is like walking in a magnificent picture scroll where shows a panoramic view of the infinite beauty. It is one of the "four wonders" of Tianmen Mountain.

Three rescue supports are specially added in 57 supports of cableway, which are used to carry out horizontal rescue or vertical rescue scheme when the cableway suddenly malfunctions. The construction difficulty is far beyond ordinary due to the complexity of geological landform and height and danger of mountains. Tianmen Mountain cableway not only condenses the wisdom and hard work of all engineers, but also integrates the most advanced scientific and technological achievements of contemporary cableway engineering. It can be called a miracle and a milestone in the contemporary cableway engineering.

The Cliff-Hanging Walkway

The Cliff-Hanging Walkway,Tianmen Mountain
The Cliff-Hanging Walkway

Because of hanging on the cliff on the upper side of Guigu Cave, Guigu Plank Road gets its name.

Starting at the Yihongguan and ending in Xiaotianmen, the plank road is 1600 meters long, with an average altitude of 1400 meters. Different from other plank roads, the whole line of Guigu Plank Road is neither on the top of the cliff nor on the side of the cliff. Instead, it stands in the middle, giving people the feelings of undulating and stretching together with the cliff.

When standing on the plank road overlooking the mountains, people would spontaneously arise adoring and reverent feelings. As Tianmen Mountain is a national forest park with various vegetation and typical karst landform, it is more likely to find a feeling of flying over the tropical rainforest and Grand Canyon by helicopter on this plank road.


Stories of Tianmen Mountain

Eight Immortals Blocking Tianmen Cave

There is a stone pillar on the right side of Tianmen Cave that looks like an old man standing close to the cliff. This is the incarnation of Master Guigu (or Master Guiguzi).

Mountain Scenery, Tianmen Mountain
Mountain Scenery

It is said that when the Eight Immortals were traveling around Tianmen Mountain, they decided to block the Tianmen Cave because they thought that the aura of heaven and the earth was leaking through the Tianmen Cave. Each of the Eight Immortals showed their own special prowess to push a big stone into the entrance. When they saw the huge stone floating leisurely into the hole, it suddenly settled in the air. No matter how hard they tried, the stone did not move. Everyone wondered about the huge stone flying up and falling to the foot of the mountain.

While the Eight Immortals looked at the Tianmen Cave, they saw Master Guigu stroking his beard and smiling, who said, “Friends of immortals, have you ever seen such a place connecting the earth with the heaven? This Tianmen Cave in such a place harmonizes Yin and Yang (the two opposing principles in nature, the former feminine and negative, the latter masculine and positive). It is a wonderful gateway for heaven and earth to guard the gods, bringing benefits to people’s livelihood. Isn’t it against the will of God to block the gate of heaven and earth?” The Eight Immortals then realized that and gave up the idea.

However, being afraid that other immortals would travel here and do the same thing as the Eight Immortals, Guigu, therefore, took one of his spirits and turned it into a stone, thus guarding the Tianmen Cave forever.

The Footprints of Immortal

It is said a long time ago, Master Xuanwu (God of the Northern Heaven in Taoism), in high spirits, went to Qixing Mountain to play chess with another immortal. The game on that day was extremely fierce, and there was no winner or loser for a long time.

They continued according to the rule that the winner of the last round was the real winner. It turned out that the last round of that day was still an impasse. All the other immortals who watching them playing chess aside left one after another, but Master Xuanwu was not willing to just give up.

The Top of the Mountain Scenery, Tianmen Mountain
The Top of the Mountain Scenery

At that time, the serving boy of the immortal who was playing chess came to invite him back and said that he had something urgent to do.

The immortal wanted to leave, but Xuanwu wanted to continue the game. The immortal had no choice but to wave his sleeve, stirring the chess pieces into a mess, and said, “If you don’t want to admit that we ended in a draw, then you are the winner. I have something to do, so I have to go anyway.” Then he got up and left. Having not finished the last game of chess, Xuanwu was very depressed and decided to go to Tianmen Mountain to relieve boredom.

He walked toward Tianmen Mountain, pondering over the game. Going up the mountain from the south foot he had to pass a place called Mazong Mountain where there was a very wide canyon in the middle and where most travelers usually made a detour. However, because he was thinking about the end-game, he did not notice it and then slipped into the mouth of the valley.

All of a sudden, he made a leap hard and landed heavily on a stone slab of about four square meters on the ridge. At that moment, the earth trembled, and the mountains swayed.

It is said that Xuanwu was tall and strong with surprisingly large feet. As a result, a pair of footprints with a depth of several centimeters, a length of about 1 meter, and a width of about 50 cm were left on the stone slab. And they were called the Footprints of Immortal.

Land Reclamation of Qin Shi Huang

There are 48 horse-like mountains in the southeast of Tianmen Mountain. It is said that they were the incarnations of the 48 heavenly horses of Qin Shi Huang (the First Emperor of the Qin Dynasty) when he reclaimed land from the sea.

Ghost Valley Plank Road , Tianmen Mountain
Ghost Valley Plank Road

It is said that during his reign he once went to Sichuan to inspect the area. When he saw a large number of mountains lying ahead, he suddenly came up with an idea: “If I use the mountains here to fill up the East China Sea, will my territory be expanded?” Therefore, Qin Shi Huang waved his holy whip and split Emei Mountain in half from the peak, and then rode the heavenly horses toward the East China Sea, dragging the mountain behind.

At that time Zhangjiajie was still a flatland. When Qin Shi Huang arrived here, he felt a little tired and stopped to have a rest. Because of the loud noise caused by dragging the mountains, the Dragon Girl in the East China Sea had already known what was going on. Of course, the Dragon Girl refused to let him fill the sea.

Seeing him asleep she took the opportunity to steal the holy whip from him. Without the whip, Qin Shi Huang couldn’t drive the heavenly horses and he had no choice but to leave the mountains and the heavenly horses there. So, the mountains were remained there for a long time and became the Wuling Mountain Range. And the heavenly horses also turned into some small mountains there.


Touring Route

a. Take the cable car from the downtown City Garden to the summit → enjoy the sky garden on the peak →take the escalator down to the Tianmen Cave → after exploring Tianmen Cave, get down to the entrance gate by sightseeing bus → change to a shuttle bus for downtown

b. Take the shuttle bus from City Garden to the entrance gate → reach the Tianmen Cave by sightseeing bus → after sightseeing, take the escalator up to the summit → tour the sky garden on the peak → take the cable car back to the City Garden


When to Travel

Tianmen Mountain is worth visiting all the year round. There are more travelors in spring and autumn, followed by summer and winter.

Autumn (September to November) is the best time to travel to the Tianmen Mountain. At that time, the ancient trees and vines of Tianmen Mountain are towering, and the cave through the mountain also looks very magnificent.

Please pay attention that the altitude of Tianmen Mountain is about 1500 meters, and there is a big temperature difference between the top and the foot of the mountain. If you go to the mountain in autumn, you'd better take a coat with you.


How to Reach Tianmen Mountain

By Bus

a. Take bus 6 and at the Railway Station, and the fare is 1 yuan. You can reach the Tianmen Mountain cableway station within 5 minutes.

b. Take bus 4 at the airport, the fare is 1 yuan, and it takes 8 minutes to reach the  station of Tianmen Mountain Cableway.

c. From the bus station, you can take buses 4, 5, and 10 to the  station of Tianmen Mountain Cableway. The fare is 1 yuan and the time is within 10 minutes.

By Taxi

Chinese: 请带我去天门山。English: Please take me to the Tianmen Mountain.

If you go to the Tianmen Mountain by taix, it takes about 15 yuan from downtown area to the City Garden cableway station, and about 30 yuan when coming from the airport.

The Aerial View,Tianmen Mountain
The Aerial View

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