Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon


Essentials of Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon

Chinese Name: 张家界大峡谷 Pronunciation: Zhāngjiājiè Dàxiágǔ

Length of Glass Bridge: 430 meters

Suggested Visiting Hours: 3-4 Hours

Popular Activities: Walking on the Glass Bridge; Bungee jumping

Address: Sanguansi Township of Cili County, next to Wulingyuan Scenic Area, Zhangjiajie City, Hunan Province, China.     


Admission Ticket Fare

Tickets Admission Fee
Line A
Grand Canyon
Line B
Grand Canyon + Glass Bridge
Adults 94 yuan 219 yuan
Children 14-18 years old 49 yuan 111 yuan
Senior citizens 60- 65 years old
Children under 14 years old Free 66 yuan
Senior citizens over 65 years old  
The disabled with certificates
The above cost is only subject to the admission fee.
The admission cost includes insurance.
People with free tickets shall pay 3 yuan for the insurance.


Surcharge Inside the Scenic Spot

Contents Price
Outdoor Lift 35 yuan (only one-way to get down)
Rope Line 30 yuan
Bungee Jumping 2998 yuan
Note: Transportation facilities above are voluntary consumption.
     Visitors who want to experience bungee jumping should buy Line B ticket first.


Opening Hours

Date Opening Hours
Gate Ticket Office
May 1st – July 15th 9:00-15:40
(No entry after 15:40) 
July 15th – November 1st 8:30-17:00
(No entry after 16:00)
November 1st – March 15th 9:30-16:00
(No entry after 15:30) 


Introduction of Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon

The Aerial View, Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon
The Aerial View

It is located in Sanguansi Town, Cili County, Zhangjiajie City, Hunan Province, China. Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon is a national AAAA-level tourist attraction that integrates mountains, water, caves, and gorges with all the karst terrain sceneries in the North Temperate Zone. The waterfalls and springs are everywhere in the Grand Canyon. It is dizzying to see them all the way, such as the water curtain waterfall, the colorful rainbow waterfall, impressive cliffs and sky, and one of the world’s top 10 transparent glass bridges in the sky. There is the world’s highest bungee jumping platform.  

For extreme sports enthusiasts who like excitement, they will not be disappointed about the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge. It is one of the must-visit tourist attractions. The transparent glass bridge with a total length of 430 meters, known as the longest glass pedestrian bridge in the world and the world’s premier spectacle, is worth a visit.

Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon comes with beautiful sightseeing. As a famous tourist attraction in China, Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon itself has extremely beautiful natural scenery. And its Glass Bridge allows visitors to appreciate the natural scenery of Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon in a 360-degree from all ways. As one of the 11 most spectacular newly built bridges in the world, Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge has its own dream halo. After all, the bridge itself made of glass and coupled with the beauty of the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon is a spectacle. However, it should be noted that although the structure of the Glass Bridge is perfect, tourists should consider the safety when playing on the bridge, and should not be negligent and perform some dangerous actions. Since the opening of the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge, this tourist attraction has always been a popular site.


Must-see Attractions

Yuntiandu Glass Bridge  

Yuntiandu Glass Bridge,Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon
Yuntiandu Glass Bridge

Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge, also known as Yuntiandu Glass Bridge, has a total length of 430 meters and a width of 6 meters. The relative height between the bridge deck and the valley bottom is about 300 meters, and the bridge deck is entirely made of transparent glass. The bridge is built above the valley with two peaks of the Grand Canyon on both sides. The glass bridge is the world’s longest and highest transparent glass bridge which also has a bungee jumping spot. Here you can feel the charm of the canyon and challenge the thrilling bungee jumping. It not only attracts many challengers but also becomes a place for many lovers to visit.

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon,Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon

Here you can see all the scenery of the karst terrain in the Northern Temperate Zone. It is a natural museum integrating mountains, waters and caves. The canyon has lush vegetation, fresh air, waterfalls, and small streams and springs can be seen everywhere, just like a natural oxygen bar. In addition to admiring the natural scenery, the most worthwhile attraction in the scenic area is the world’s highest and longest glass bridge. Standing on Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge, you have a panoramic view of the valley floor 400 meters under your feet.

Southern Red Flag Canal  

Southern Red Flag Canal,Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon
Southern Red Flag Canal

The second superb view of the Grand Canyon is the Southern Red Flag Canal. Its water comes from the spring water of the Shenquan River, meandering on the cliffs, with a total length of more than 10 kilometers. Still, it is an artificial miracle created by the people of Sanguansi town and condenses the people’s sweat and wisdom. The water is also the source of the drinking water for the Sanguansi people.

Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Sightseeing Elevator

An outdoor sightseeing elevator is equipped in Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon. Located on the upper platform of the middle section of the Treasure Hunting Elevator to the top of Wuwangpo Mountain, the elevator is built perpendicularly leaning against the mountain. The sightseeing elevator’s total height is 110 meters, and the vertical lifting height is 100 meters. The upper platform of the elevator is 318 meters high from the bottom of the canyon.

The Sightseeing Elevator, Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon
The Sightseeing Elevator

The sightseeing elevator consisting of 3 fully transparent glass elevator cars side by side runs separately. The elevator car can carry 26 people, travel at a speed of 2.5 meters per second, transport 2,340 tourists per hour, and transport more than 20,000 tourists per day. This outdoor elevator costs more than 45 million yuan. After the Grand Canyon Sightseeing Elevator is put into operation, it will operate simultaneously with the middle Treasure Hunting Elevator (120 meters high) that was put into operation in 2017. Visitors can take the elevator to the bottom of the canyon after visiting the glass bridge and the glass-bottomed walkway. Shortening the walking time by 40 minutes improves tourists’ experience.

Taking the fully transparent elevator car, people can enjoy the glass bridge in the clouds, watch the bungee jumping, and take a panoramic view of the canyon. After rain, the canyon’s clouds and fogs are as beautiful as a fairyland and taking a ride in the elevator is just like traveling through clouds and fogs.

A Gleam of Sky Valley (Yixiantian Valley)

A Gleam of Sky Valley,Yuntiandu Glass Bridge
A Gleam of Sky Valley

A colossal canyon cliff is located at the entrance of the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon. A Gleam of Sky Valley is also called West Heavenly Gate (Xitianmen). It is like a gate opened by the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon, welcoming all the visitors. However, this gate is huge and tall. It is very narrow, allowing visitors to see the canyon’s cliffs closely. You can enjoy “three thousand green peaks and eight hundred glazed springs”, which is the praise for Zhangjiajie’s mountains and waters. When visiting other scenic spots in Zhangjiajie, people only see the peculiar mountains and waters from far away, and there’s no chance to experience and touch them. At A Gleam of Sky Valley, you can get close to the magical landscape of Zhangjiajie. From A Gleam of Sky Valley, one can go straight down to the bottom of the canyon. The walking path is more than 700 meters, and the vertical height gap is more than 300 meters.

Holy Spring Lake

Holy Spring Lake, Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon
Holy Spring Lake

Holy Spring Lake, a poetic place with green trees and bamboos reflected in the water, has a water area of nearly 33 acres. The lake is clean as crystal, like a bright mirror. The mountains are reflected in the water, and the water is in the mountains. The lake and mountains are so harmonious and beautiful. The lake’s water mainly comes from stream water, groundwater, and rainwater. Various freshwater fishes are living in it, and the giant salamanders under the national second-class protection are also living here. Of course, the way to visit Holy Spring Lake is by boat! Visitors can take a boat tour on the lake, and the canyon cliffs stand out in front of you, which is spectacular.

Tianhe Waterfall

Tianhe Waterfall, Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon
Tianhe Waterfall

“Tianhe Waterfall” means the water of the waterfall comes from heaven. From here, it looks like the waterfall suddenly gushing out of a cliff in the mountain, without seeing the water source. The waterfall has a large volume of water and a high drop. The water flows down to the Holy Spring Stream to form air currents and water mist. Before reaching the bottom of the waterfall, there are gusts of cool breeze rushing towards you, making you feel refreshed—the water droplets in the air move with the wind. As long as there is sunlight, a rainbow will appear. Here are a few minutes for everyone to do free activities. You can take pictures here, or you can walk up to the waterfall and feel the coolness of the waterfall rain and the momentum of the waterfall that the water cascades down from a very high position.


Mysteries of the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon

■ The Myth of Holy Spring Stream

The Holy Spring Stream also has another name, Rotten Boat Stream. The elevation of the entire stream is about 400 meters, and the surrounding rivers that can be used for boating are all thirty miles away from here, and the elevation of other rivers is below 150 meters, which is 200 meters lower than the outlet of this stream. There are no reservoirs and small ponds in the upper stream of the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon. In other words, there are no wooden boats at all. Why is this stream called Rotten Boat Stream? It is said that there was a young girl washing clothes beside the stream when she suddenly discovered that many wooden boards, long, short, square, and round, were floating down from the upper creek. She was very puzzled and went upstream to find it. When she came to the spring source, she saw the planks still pouring out from it. Among the planks that came out were oars she was familiar with, so she picked up the oars and returned home. Why did these rotten boat boards gush from the spring water? Where did they come from? It is still unknown.

■ The Large Flow of Spring Water

Regardless of rain or drought, the Holy Spring has a tremendous flow of spring water. The water flow has a minimum water output of 0.5 cubic meters per second, and a maximum water output of 10 cubic meters per second. According to the climatic conditions, scientific calculations have shown that such a large flow can only be formed if the accumulated water area reaches 200 square kilometers. The stocked water area of Holy Spring does not exceed 20 square kilometers. Where does such a large amount of water come from?


Warm Tips

1. You will need to have reservations in advance for admission to the Scenic Area.

2. The following items are not allowed when you walk on the glass bridge: bulk snacks, water cups (including thermos cups, glasses), crutches, cameras, video cameras, IPAD, computers, tripods, pets, flammable and explosive materials, poisons, corrosives items, radioactive items, lighters and other fires, hard metal objects, etc.

3. Don’t get too close to the waterfall to avoid getting your clothes wet.


How to Get to Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon

By Bus

Take the bus to Jiangya Hot Spring (usually one bus per hour) at Zhangjiajie Central Bus Station, and the bus ticket is about 24 yuan. You can get off the bus at Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Scenic Area on the half way, and then take the free shuttle bus at the parking lot of the Grand Canyon Exit to the ticket office of the Grand Canyon.

Take the bus to Wulingyuan Bus Station (one bus every half an hour) at Zhangjiajie Central Bus Station, and the fare is about 12 yuan. Then take the specialized bus line from Wulingyuan Bus Station to Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Scenic Area, and the cost is about 12 yuan. It takes about one and a half hours.

By Taxi

If you take a taxi from Zhangjiajie Central Bus Station, it takes about 80 minutes (about 180yuan).

If you take a taxi from Zhangjiajie West Railway Station, it takes about 70 minutes (about 160 yuan).

If you take a taxi from Zhangjiajie Railway Station, it takes about 90 minutes (about 200 yuan).

  • Note: If you are traveling by car, there is also a parking lot at the scenic spot entrance.
    Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon, Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon
    Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon
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