Beijing Happy Valley


Facts to Know about Beijing Happy Valley

Chinese Name: 北京欢乐谷 Pronunciation: Běijīng Huānlègǔ

Building Time: 2006

Recommended Time for Visit: 1 Day

Occupied Area: About 560,000 square meters

Address: Xiaowuji North Road, East Fourth Ring Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China


Admission Ticket Fee

Tourists Ticket Price
Adults (taller than 1.5 meters and under 60 years old) 299 yuan
Minors (younger than 18 years old and taller than 1.5 meters, with valid certificates) 260 yuan
Children (shorter than 1.5 meters and taller than 1.2 meters, with valid certificates) 195 yuan
Seniors ( aged 60-69 years old with valid certificates) 195 yuan
Adults and children taller than 1.2 meters (enter the valley between 17:00 and 22:00) 195 yuan


  • Note:

1. Tourists who are qualified for several preferential policies pay for the lowest price.

2. The Adults Ticket is valid for seven days and other tickets are valid for one day.

3. Tickets for visitors entering between 17:00-22:00 are not sold during the suspension.

  • Ticket Free of Charge Policies

1. Free for children shorter than 1.2 meters (Every adult is only allowed to have one child free of charge).

2. Free for seniors older than 70 years old (with valid certificates).

3. Free for the disabled (Every disabled person, with a valid Chinese Disability Certificate, should be accompanied by one adult).


Service Hours

Gate Opening Hours  10:00-17:30
Ticket Office Opening Hours 10:00-16:30


What You Need to Know About Beijing Happy Valley

Funny Diving Fish,Beijing Happy Valley
Funny Diving Fish

Beijing Happy Valley (hereafter, “the Valley”), founded by Overseas Chinese Town Holdings Company (OCT Group), is a national AAAA tourist attraction, as well as the Beijing Cultural and Creative Industry Base. It is an international and modern theme amusement park that has won the titles of “Top 100 Enterprises with High Growth in China’s Cultural and Creative Industry”, and “Capital Civilized Tourism Scenic Spot”, among many others.

The Valley, located in Chaoyang District, Beijing, covers an area of 560,000 square meters. The first phase of the Valley, covering about 540,000 square meters, was officially opened on July 29, 2006. The second and third phases of the Valley occupy 50,000 square meters and over 400,000 square meters respectively.

The Valley consists of seven theme parks: Wild Flord, Islands of Atlas, Lost Maya, Aegean Harbor, Shangri-La, Dessert Kingdom, and Happy Time. The Valley also includes more than 50 theme landscapes, over 30 theme amusement facilities, and more than 20 theme games, and commercial auxiliary facilities.


Theme Parks

  • Lost Maya

    Lost Maya, Beijing Happy Valley
    Lost Maya

Based on background knowledge of archaeology, education, agriculture, and ecological community, Lost Maya focuses on field education in its project setting and integrates the Central American civilization through its environment and project characteristics.

The park includes the following rides and attractions: Apollo Wheel, Jungle Racing, Straw Hats, Treasure Troop, Mini Train (extra charge), Virgin Forest’s Raining Season, and Maya Catastrophe. Besides, there are also many stores and restaurants in the park such as Virgin Forest Station, Maya Dining Room, Fast-food Restaurant, Happy Drinks, Apollo Store, Fruit Race, and Dr. Norman’s Discovery Center.

  • Aegean Harbor

    Ocean Star, Beijing Happy Valley
    Ocean Star

Aegean Harbor has three parts: the abandoned town, the new bay, and the cultural relics. The park contains ancient Greek temples, large beams and columns, and modern Greek town buildings.

The area has the following main rides and attractions: Trojan Horse, Fanta Sea, Journey of Odyssey, Ocean Star, Happy World, Happy Waterball (extra charge), Olympia, and Olympic Culture Square. The stores and restaurants in the park are Poseidon’s Treasure, Klosos’s Restaurant, and Greek Small Town Business Street.


Highlights You Won’t Want to Miss

Twin Towers

The Twin Towers is the only drop tower in North China. Two towers stand side by side. The seats on one tower rise at a high speed from bottom to top and rush to the height of 56 meters within 2 seconds, while the seats of the other tower descend from top to bottom at a top speed.

Apollo Wheel, Beijing Happy Valley
Apollo Wheel

Apollo Wheel

The Apollo Wheel, weighing 120 tons, is one of the largest pendulums in Asia. The pendulum includes six asynchronous drive motors with strong power. The six drive motors start at the same time to make the accelerated velocity of the Apollo Wheel reach 4.3G, instantly leaping to the height of a 15-story building.

In 2004, the Apollo Wheel was named one of the five newest rides and attractions by entertainment magazines of America.



Golden Face Dynasty, Beijing Happy Valley
Golden Face Dynasty

  • Golden Face Dynasty

The Golden Face Dynasty is a large stage artistic performance invested by OCT Group for 200 million yuan. With a setting of ancient era and by artistic means of dance, video, lighting, acrobatics, and clothing, the performance tells the story of a queen with a golden face creating a brilliant dynasty through wisdom, tolerance, trust, and love. The performance recreates the grand momentum of Chinese civilization and wins China Dance Lotus Award.


Recommended Restaurant

Dessert Kingdom Restaurant, Beijing Happy Valley
Dessert Kingdom Restaurant

  • Dessert Kingdom Restaurant

Dessert Kingdom Restaurant is a western fast-food restaurant where tourists can choose all kinds of hamburgers, French fries, fried chicken, and other diversified western food. The restaurant breaks traditional concepts and displays personalities. From selling meals to providing services, tourists can enjoy the sweet atmosphere when enjoying delicious food. Besides, tourists can also interact with the lovely robots here!


Popular Hotel

  • City Inn

    City Inn, Beijing Happy Valley
    City Inn

City Inn is located to the east side of Beijing Happy Valley and enjoys convenient transportation. It only costs 35 minutes to drive from the hotel to Beijing Capital International Airport.

The hotel includes 224 guest rooms designed in a simple but modern style.

Here, tourists can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the urban area of OCT and the fashionable rhythm of Beijing Happy Valley. Each room of the hotel is equipped with a bathroom, central air conditioning, fresh air system, cable digital TV, and other free facilities.


Tips to Visit Beijing Happy Valley

Dangerous, inflammable, and explosive articles are prohibited.

Spitting, littering, destroying property, and jumping a queue are prohibited.


How to Get to Beijing Happy Valley

By Bus

East Gate:

Take bus 31 and get off at Houfengqiao South Station. It’s about 200 meters south to the east gate.

Take bus 8, 41, and get off at the terminal station (Sounth of Jinchan West Road). It’s about 400 meters north to the east gate.

Take bus 674, 680, and get off at the terminal station (Jinchan Nanli Station). You need to walk northward along Jinchan West Road for about 500 meters.

By Subway

Take Metro Line 7, and get off at Happy Valley Scenic Area Station (Exit C).

By Taxi

Chinese: 请带我去北京欢乐谷。English: Please take me to Beijing Happy Valley.

Chinese: 请带我去北京欢乐谷的东门。English: Please take me to the East Gate of Beijing Happy Valley.

If you go to Beijing Happy Valley from the center of Beijing (Capital Hotel), it takes about 30 minutes (about 45 yuan).

If you go to Beijing Happy Valley from Beijing Capital International Airport, it takes about 35 minutes (about 110 yuan).

If you go to Beijing Happy Valley from Beijing Daxing International Airport, it takes about 45 minutes (about 170 yuan).

If you go to Beijing Happy Valley from Beijing West Railway Station, it takes about 30 minutes (about 70 yuan).

Beijing Happy Valley,Beijing Happy Valley
Beijing Happy Valley

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