Beijing Olympic Forest Park


Basic Facts of Beijing Olympic Forest Park

Chinese Name: 北京奥林匹克森林公园 Pronunciation: Běijīng Aòlínpǐkè Sēnlín Gōngyuán

Building Time: 2005

Admission Ticket Fee: Free

Suggested Visiting Hours: 4-5 Hours

Occupied Area: About 6.8 square kilometers

Address: No. 33, Kehui Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

Building Function: A supporting construction project of Beijing Olympic Park


Surcharge inside the Park

Attraction Ticket Price
Beijing Olympic Tower  160 yuan (at a 20% discount)

  • Note: The ticket prices online vary with different platforms.
  • Ticket Free of Charge Policy

An adult who buys a ticket can take a child under 1.3 meters with him/her, and the child is free of charge.

  • Vehicles Inside the Park
Vehicles Price (yuan/hour) Deposit
Single Bicycle 100 300 yuan
Tandem Bicycle 120 300 yuan
Two-seat Electric Car 120 300 yuan
Four-seat Pedal Boat 60 400 yuan


  • Note: Vehicles above are voluntary consumption.


Opening Hours

Attractions Peak Season
(March 15th to November 15th)
Low Season
(November 16th to March 14th)
The Park 6:00-22:00  6:00-21:00
Beijing Olympic Tower 9:00-22:00


  • Note: 

1. During the peak season, no admission is allowed after 21:00; during the low season, no admission is allowed after 20:00.

2. The visit to Beijing Olympic Tower includes two time periods: 9:00-17:00 (daytime visit) and 17:00-22:00 (evening visit). During the daytime visit, tickets are sold from 9:00 to 16:30; during the evening visit, tickets are sold from 17:00 to 21:30.

  • Best Visiting Time

It is advisable to visit the park from March to May and from September to November when the temperature is pleasant, the sunlight is sufficient, and there is no mosquito bite.


Brief Introduction of Beijing Olympic Forest Park 

Tranquil Lake, Beijing Olympic Forest Park
Tranquil Lake

Beijing Olympic Forest Park is open to the public free of charge after the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. It has become the largest public park in Beijing, with integrated functions of tourism, recreation, and sports. The park is divided into two gardens — Northern Garden and Southern Garden, by the Fifth Ring Road. The Southern Garden of the park covers an area of about 3.8 square kilometers, featured by a natural landscape, while the Northern Garden occupies an area of about three square kilometers, abundant with wild forest.

The park enjoys a green space with an area of 4.5 square kilometers, reaching a green coverage rate of 95.61%. There are more than 100 kinds of trees (530,000 trees), 80 kinds of shrubs, and 100 kinds of ground covers in the park, including torch trees, pines, ginkgo trees, lespedeza, cattail, etc. The vegetation in the park can produce 5,400 tons of oxygen and absorb 32 tons of sulfur dioxide.

The geological structure of the park is an alluvial plain. The main mountain there is Yangshan Mountain, with an altitude of 86.5 meters and a relative height of 48 meters. The mountain was built with the silt dug from lakes in the park and other materials generated from the construction of surrounding venues like Beijing National Stadium. 


Development of Beijing Olympic Forest Park

In November 2003, three excellent designs were selected in the solicitation of landscape planning schemes for Beijing Olympic Forest Park.

In April 2005, the Beijing Municipal Planning Commission approved the design scheme with the theme of “The Axis Leading to Nature” proposed by Beijing Tsinghua Urban Planning and Design Institute and SASAKI (a landscape design company) of the United States.

In June 2005, the construction of park began.

In February 2006, the transportation system planning of the park passed the traffic impact assessment.

In August 2007, the construction of the archery range inside the park was completed, and the Beijing International Archery Invitational Tournament was held in the same month.

In June 2008, all the construction projects of the park were completed.

In 2013, it was officially granted the title of “National 5A-level Tourist Attraction” by the National Tourism Administration.


Design Highlights of Beijing Olympic Forest Park

Beijing Olympic Forest Park is the first large-scale urban park that fully adopts ecological and energy-saving building technology. All the buildings in the park are built by means of ecological compensation technology, achieving the goal of saving 50%-65% of energy.

The first urban large-scale ecological corridor which extends across expressways in China is designed and constructed inside the park, which has made the forest park system transit from an island-type one to a network-type one. Besides, the corridor has maintained the continuity of the urban ecological green space system and protected various species and their habitats, thus being conducive to urban ecological security.

The park is the first in China’s urban parks to establish exhibition greenhouses of eco-water treatment and adopt the rainwater collection technology comprehensively. It manages to collect 95% of rainfall (equivalent to about 1.34 million cubic meters of rainwater) through various engineering and non-engineering methods every year. All the collected rainwater is used for greening irrigation and road spraying, which realizes the circulation of water inside the park. 


Attractions and Highlights in Beijing Olympic Forest Park

 Beijing Olympic Tower

Beijing Olympic Tower, Beijing Olympic Forest Park
Beijing Olympic Tower

Beijing Olympic Tower, located in the central area of the Olympic Forest Park, is a new landmark building in Beijing. The tower is composed of five independent towers with a total building area of 18,687 square meters, the five towers being 186 meters to 264.8 meters high. Its building height ranks 6th in China and 22nd in the world.

The design concept of the tower is “Tree of Life”, which means that the tower stands tall and erect just as the tree of life breaks through the soil and grows vigorously. The five independent towers with different heights contain the uplifting spirit of the five Olympic rings. Besides, the tower with LED strips and lamps can present colorful night lighting scenes with different themes. Therefore, the tower has become a new highlight of Beijing at night.

 National Tennis Center

National Tennis Center, Beijing Olympic Forest Park
National Tennis Center

National Tennis Center, a professional tennis venue built for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, is one of the top tennis venues in the world. It covers an area of 0.17 square kilometers and boasts 30 international standard competition venues, including 17 outdoor venues, 12 indoor venues, and a diamond court with an openable roof.

The whole center can accommodate nearly 30,000 spectators at the same time. Its hardware facilities have met the standard of undertaking Grand Slam tournaments, which provides a guarantee for the development of the China Open. The center is the symbol of Chinese tennis, the landmark of Beijing’s sports undertakings, and the international city card of Beijing.

Aohai Lake,Beijing Olympic Forest Park
Aohai Lake

 Aohai Lake

Aohai Lake is located on the north side of the south entrance of the park. There is a large music laser fountain in the lake, with the main spray height of 80 meters. On the south bank of the lake, there is an open-air performance square. The square covers an area of about 40,000 square meters and can accommodate 20,000 spectators.


The Arboretum covers a land area of 0.8 square kilometers and a water surface of 0.1 square kilometers. There are more than 30,000 trees in the garden, including crape myrtle, Chinese ash, Magnolia denudate, and ginkgo. Some of the trees are “immigrants” from the Three Gorges reservoir area. 

Tian Jing, Beijing Olympic Forest Park
Tian Jing

 Tian Jing

Tian Jing (Heaven Area) is located at the peak of Yangshan Mountain. There is a landscape stone (Taishan stone), which is 6 meters high and weighs 63 tons, in the Heaven Area. The stone was specially transported from Mount Taishan to Beijing. The 29 Chinese pines around the stone symbolize the 29th Olympic Games.


Popular Activities in Beijing Olympic Forest Park

People often stroll along the forest paths or jog on the main roads surrounded by green trees and flowers, breathing the natural fresh air in the green space. They can also do other activities in the park. The elderly can take a sightseeing electric car and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Couples often ride a tandem bicycle and have a romantic world in nature. Families can take sightseeing boats and enjoy the koi fish in the lake.

Besides, people can play many ball games in the park. As the first national fitness demonstration base, the park has built sports areas in its southern and northern gardens. Now, sports facilities such as tennis courts, basketball courts, five-a-side football fields, and badminton arenas are available for people.


Big Event Happened in Beijing Olympic Forest Park

The tennis competition of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and the wheelchair tennis competition of Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games were held in the National Tennis Center of the park.


Recommended Travel Route


For Northern Garden of the Park:
Enter from West Gate→Arboretum→Swift Tower---Exit from South Gate 

For Southern Garden of the Park:
Enter from South Gate→Elegant Forest Fountain→Heaven Area→Exit from North Gate


Warm Tips

1. Please keep off the grass, trees, and flowers.

2. Please do not leave any litter in the park.

3. Please take good care of public facilities.

4. Smoking and fire are not allowed in the park.

5. Swimming is not allowed in the lake.


How to Get to Beijing Olympic Forest Park

 By Bus

To the Northern Garden of the park:
East Gate: Take BRT 3 and get off at Yangshanqiao Bei Station, and then walk about 140 meters for 2 minutes.

To the Southern Garden of the Park:
West Gate: Take bus 81, 379, 478, or 510, or Shuttle 44 and get off at Yilinjiayuan Dongmen Station, and then walk south along Lincui Road for 80 meters, turn left, and then walk about 180 meters.

 By Subway

Take Subway Line 8 and get off at the South Gate of Forest Park Station.

 By Taxi

Chinese: 请带我去北京奥林匹克森林公园。English: Please take me to Beijing Olympic Forest Park.

If you go to Beijing Olympic Forest Park from the center of Beijing (Grand Hyatt Beijing), it takes about 45 minutes (about 40 yuan).

If you go to Beijing Olympic Forest Park from Beijing Capital International Airport, it takes about 35 minutes (about 80 yuan).

If you go to Beijing Olympic Forest Park from Beijing Daxing International Airport, it takes about 80 minutes (about 230 yuan). 

If you go to Beijing Olympic Forest Park from Beijing West Railway Station, it takes about 40 minutes (about 70 yuan).

Autumn Woods,Beijing Olympic Forest Park
Autumn Woods

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