Beijing World Park


Basic Facts of Beijing World Park

Chinese Name: 北京世界公园 Pronunciation: Běijīng Shìjiè Gōngyuán

Building Time: 1993

Suggested Visiting Time: 3-5 Hours

Address: No. 158, Fengbao Road, Fengtai District, Beijing, China

Occupied Area: About 467,000 square meters

Building Function: Beijing World Park spreads diverse culture and promotes cultural inclusiveness.


Admission Ticket Fare

Tourists  Ticket Price
Peak Season
(April 1st to October 30st) 
Low Season
(November 1st to March 31st)
Adults 100 yuan  80 yuan
(only for undergraduates and 
below with student ID card)
60 yuan 50 yuan


  • Ticket Free of Charge Policy

1. Free for seniors above 70 years old.

2. Free for children below 1.2 meters.


Opening Time

Peak Season
(April 1st to October 31st) 
Low Season
(November 1st to March 31st)
Opening Time 8:00-17:30 8:00-17:00


Brief Introduction of Beijing World Park

Located in the south of Beijing, Beijing World Park is a national 4A-level scenic spot (the second-highest level of national tourist attractions). It was officially opened to the public on October 25, 1993. It is a humanistic miniature landscape park which collects 108 miniatures of world-renowned architecture landscapes from 55 countries and regions in the world. The park is divided into five areas, which are named after different continents: Asia, Europe, America, Africa, and Oceania. The park has now become a name card for Beijing to build a world-level city out of its outstanding cultural characteristics. 


History of the Beijing World Park

In April 1992, the construction of Beijing World Park officially began. 

On October 25th, 1993, the park was officially open to the public. 

In 1997, the elephant house in the park was officially opened. Visitors can see Thai elephant performances there. 

In 2002, the Fifth Asia Arts Festival was held in the park. 

In 2006, the park held the first Asian Spring Festival Folklore Parade. 

On June 24th, 2011, the interior decoration of the miniature landscape Katsura Imperial Villa was accomplished.


Architectural Features of Beijing World Park

Based on the architectural attractions of many countries around the world, Beijing World Park is developed. The building materials of the scenic spot in the park are imitating the original ones as much as possible, using bronze carving, copper casting, gilt, gilding, wood carving, etc., to maintain the original style. The scales of the attractions are varied. Some attractions in the park are built on the original scale, some are at a ratio of 1:5, but most of the attractions are recreated at a ratio of 1:10.


Popular Attractions

The Aerial View, Beijing World Park
The Aerial View

As a miniature landscape park, Beijing World Park pools a large number of well-known attractions mainly in Asia, Europe, America, Africa, and Oceania. In each part, there are many representative attractions. In the Asian area, there are Japan’s Katsura Imperial Villa, the Great Wall, the Mogao Caves, China’s Qingyinjing (traditional Chinese gardens), India’s Taj Mahal, Iran’s Persepolis Palace Site, Iraq’s Babylon Gate, etc. In the Oceanian area, New Zealand’s Maori Huts and Sydney Opera House are included.

In the African area, you will see the Pyramids of Giza, the Karnak Temple, the Great Sphinx, Abu Simbel Temples, and the Lighthouse of Alexandria. In the European area, you will enjoy Rome’s Coliseum, Russia’s Saint Pete’s Basilica, the Arch of Triumph, Ukraine’s Saint Sophia Cathedral, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, and Big Ben. In the American area, the Lincoln Memorial, the White House, the Statue of Liberty, America’s Space Center, and the Washington Monument are there.


Popular Activities in Beijing World Park

Elephant Show, Beijing World Park
Elephant Show

 Intangible Cultural Heritage — Datiehua

Datiehua is a kind of Chinese traditional iron fireworks, which is known as Tieshuhua in Chinese. The tradition of Datiehua, which means to spray melted iron, dates back about 2,000 years ago in Shanxi Province. It is a way of celebrating the Spring Festival and expelling demons. When iron melting in pots reaches temperatures of up to 1,700 degrees Celsius, local workers will spray the scorching liquid into the air, producing a shower of glorious sparks that seem almost like fireworks.

 Intangible Cultural Heritage — Zigong Lantern Show

Zigong Lantern Show is China’s top lantern show featuring colored and decorative lanterns. In the park, there are various themed lanterns, integrating “good shape, wonderful colors, fascinating light”. The lantern show is spectacular, large-scale, and fascinating. 

 African Drum & Dance Show

African Drum & Dance Show, Beijing World Park
African Drum & Dance Show

Dynamic drumming and dancing bring together the powerful rhythms, sweet melodies, and dynamic dance movements representative of the colorful and vibrant culture of West Africa. In the park, you can join the dance show and fully experience the unique culture.

Besides, there are some other popular activities, such as the float parade, the fascinating light show, the wonderful singing and dancing show, the magic show, etc.


Suggested Travel Route

Enter from the Front Gate of the park→Asian sights→Oceania sights→African sights→European sights→American sights→Exist from the Front Gate.


Warm Tips

1. The food and water in the park are a little expensive, so visitors can bring some water and food.

2. Visitors can book tickets through the WeChat Official Account of Beijing World Park.



 By Bus

Take bus 477, 480, 692, 840, 912, 967, or 969, and get off at Shijiegongyuan Station. 

 By Subway

Take Fangshan Line, get off at Dabaotai Station, and exit A or B.

Take Metro Line 9, get off at Guogongzhuang Station, exit D and walk about 1 kilometer along Liuquannan Road, turn left and walk about 300 meters along Fengbao Road.

 By Taxi

Chinese: 请带我去北京世界公园。English: Please take me to Beijing World Park.

If you go to Beijing World Park from the center of Beijing (Grand Hyatt Beijing), it takes about 50 minutes (about 70 yuan).

If you go to Beijing World Park from Beijing Capital International Airport, it takes about 70 minutes (about 180 yuan).

If you go to Beijing World Park from Beijing Daxing International Airport, it takes about 40 minutes (about 140 yuan).

If you go to Beijing World Park from Beijing West Railway Station, it takes about 25 minutes (about 40 yuan).

Landmarks, Beijing World Park

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