Fragrant Hills Park


Basic Information of the Fragrant Hills Park

Chinese Name: 香山公园 Pronunciation: Xiāng Shān Gōng Yuán

Recommended Time for Visit: 2-3 Hours

Building Time: 1186

Park Tourist Area: 160 hectares (395 acres)

The Highest Peak of Hill: Incense Burner Peak - 557 meters (1,827 feet)

Address: No. 40, Maimai Street, Haidian District, Beijing, China.

Best Visiting Season: Autumn (mid-October to mid-November)

Popular Activities: People enjoy the view of maples in autumn. Fragrant Hill Red Leaves Festival takes place in the middle of October every year


Admission Ticket Fee

Peak Season
(April 1st to November 15th)
Low Season
(November 16th to March 31st)
Admission Ticket 10 yuan 5 yuan
Joint Ticket
(the park + Temple of Azure Clouds)
15 yuan 14 yuan
Temple of Azure Clouds 10 yuan


  • Surcharge Inside the Scenic Spot

Cable car
For adult 80 yuan (one-way)
For children under 3.9feet (1.2meters) in height 20 yuan (one-way)


Opening Time

Low Season
(November 16th - March 31st)
Peak Season
(April 1st - November 15th)
6:00 ~ 18:00 6:00 ~ 18:30


Overview of the Fragrant Hills Park

Scenery on the Cable Car,the Fragrant Hills Park
The Scenery on the Cable Car

Built-in 1186, the Fragrant Hills Park is located on the southwest of Beijing, a large forest park, which is 12 miles away from the city center and covers an area of 160 hectares(395 acres). The highest peak “Incense Burner Peak” (Xiang Lu Feng) is 557 meters(1,827 feet). It is also an ancient resort with a long history, well-known for its beautiful scenery, imperial architecture, temples and memorials.

There are many popular attractions, such as Temple of Azure Clouds (Biyun Temple), Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, the Arhats Hall and the Vajrasana Pagoda, Shuangqing Villa, Tranquility Green Lake (Jingcui Lake), Fragrant Temple, Xianglu Peak, etc.


Development of the Fragrant Hills Park

Fragrant Hills Park is a royal park full of natural and cultural attractions with a long history. It was originally established in 1186 during the Jin Dynasty and renovated by emperors of successive dynasties.

The Sunrise,the Fragrant Hills Park
The Sunrise

In 1745, Emperor Qianlong enlarged construction, he ordered the addition of many new halls, pavilions and gardens. After the renovation, it was regarded as one of five famous imperial gardens and 28 beautiful scenes existed and named “Jingyi Garden” (Garden of Tranquility and Pleasure) by the emperor at that time.

In 1860 and 1900, the Fragrant Hills Park was twice destroyed by foreign troops following the Summer Palace and the  yuan ming  yuan (the Old Summer Palace). A lot of relics were damaged by the Anglo-French Army and the Eight Power Allied Forces then. 

Since 1949, the Chinese government has been restored Fragrant Hills Park and opened to the public in 1956, and then it became a famous tourist resort and took on its unique charm again. The Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party was headquartered at Fragrant Hills during the War of Liberation. Shuangqing Villa once to be the residence of comrade Mao Zedong, the first chairman of PRC.


Attractions and Highlights at the Fragrant Hills Park

 Fragrant Hills Spectacular Red Leaves Scenery

Red Leaves Scenery, the Fragrant Hills Park
Red Leaves Scenery

Fragrant Hills Park is famous for the red leaves, and it is the best place to see red leaves in China. Thousands of people come to Fragrant Hills to enjoy spectacular red leaves scenery in autumn every year. As autumn comes, the leaves of trees on the hill begin to turn red.

The best time to enjoy the red leaves is between mid-October and mid-November. The best place to see red leaves is Tranquility Green Lake(Jingcui Lake), which needs 5 minutes from the east gate to the lakeside by walk. There are hills on three sides of the lake, and it is a good place to enjoy red leaves and take pictures. Yu Hua Villa is also a perfect place to see the maple leaves in the fall which is situated in the center of the park.

Temple of Azure Clouds, the Fragrant Hills Park
Temple of Azure Clouds

 Temple of Azure Clouds (Biyun Temple)

Temple of Azure Clouds is a Buddhist temple in the north of Park. Built-in the 14th century during the  yuan dynasty (1271–1368) and the temple was expanded in 1748. The temple is known for its fine scenery. It is built on six different levels over an elevation of nearly 100 meters. There are two prominent features of the temple, the Arhats Hall and the Vajrasana Pagoda. Inside the Hall of Arhats, there are vividly displayed 500 wooden Arhats, 11 Bodhisattvas and one statue of Ji Gong (a famous Buddhist monk). It has been said that these Arhats included Emperor Kangxi and the Qianlong of the Qing dynasty(1644–1911). The Vajrasana Pagoda is well known among Buddhists as the diamond throne pagoda. It shows the splendid history of Buddhism and architecture in China.

 Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall

Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, the Fragrant Hills Park
Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall

Sun Yat-Sen is the “Father of Modern China” died in Beijing on March 12th,1925. His coffin was set there before delivered to Nanjing, and this place is the Memorial Hall of him.

 Fragrant Hill Cableway

Visitors can get to the hilltop within 20 minutes from the northern gate by cableway. It is easy to have an excellent view of the Temple of Azure Clouds (Biyun Temple) and the mountain.


Suggested Travel Route to Watch the Red Leaves

a. Enter from East gate → Jingcui Lake → Shuangqing Villa → Xiangshan Temple →  Heshun Gate → hilltop

b. Enter from East gate → Yuhua Xiu → Xiangwu Ku → hilltop

c. Enter from North gate → cable car station → hilltop


  • Tips: Above are the best routes only for the visitors to see the red leaves.


How to Reach the Fragrant Hills Park

 By Bus

Take the bus 698, 714, 630, 360, 318, 331, 696 and get off at Xiangshan Station. Take bus 563 at Xiangshan Gong yuan Dongmen Station(East Gate of Fragrant Hills Park).

 By Subway

Take the line 4 and get off at Beigongmen station (北宫门站), then take the bus 563 and get off at the Xiangshan Gong yuan Dongmen Station(East Gate of Fragrant Hills Park).

Take line 10 to Bagou Station. Then transfer to Western Suburban Line and get off at Xiangshan Station. Then walk southwest around 900 meters to arrive at the park.


 By Taxi

If you go to Fragrant Hills Park from the city center(like the Forbidden City), it will take about 50 minutes(70 yuan).

If you go to Fragrant Hills Park from Beijing West Station, it will take about 34minutes(75 yuan).

If you go to Fragrant Hills Park from Beijing South Station, it will take about 50 minutes(105 yuan).

If you go to Fragrant Hills Park from Beijing Capital International Airport, it will take about 1 hour(140 yuan).

If you go to Fragrant Hills Park from Beijing Daxing International Airport, it will take about 80 minutes(240 yuan).

Fragrant Hills Park
Fragrant Hills Park


Question & Answer
5 Questions
Asked by Aliyah USA | 08/05/2021 17:12 Reply
beijing fragrant hills
Is the park open during autumn festival in October?
1 Answer
Answered by Bella Netherland | 09/01/2021 18:07
Reply 0 0
Yes, it is open during that festival.
Asked by Leslie USA | 07/23/2021 17:43 Reply
fragrant hill park beijing
Are some properties inside the park closed on Mondays or does everything stays open 7 days a week?
0 Answer
Asked by Verena Italy | 07/22/2021 18:23 Reply
Why's the name?
Why do you name it Fragrant Hill?
0 Answer
Asked by Gary Serbia | 07/08/2021 15:04 Reply
Is this a must-visit when I travel to Beijing
0 Answer
Asked by Emily USA | 06/17/2021 17:53 Reply
fragrant hill
If i come to Beijing to visit Fragrant Hill in the beginning of November, can i see the red leaves?
1 Answer
Answered by Vivian China | 08/23/2021 17:39
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Yes, the best time to visit the Fragrant Hill is from late October to mid-November.
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