Basic Facts of Sanlitun

Chinese Name: 三里屯 Pronunciation: Sānlǐ Tún

Suggested Visiting Hours: 4-5 Hours

Address: Chaoyang district, Beijing, China

Building Time: Ming and Qing dynasties

Function: The Sanlitun Area neighbors to the Embassy District, and used to be a community of night bars. Now Sanlitun has become a region for entertainment, banquet and leisure.


Introduction of Sanlitun

Sanlitun SOHO Buildings,Sanlitun
Sanlitun SOHO Buildings

Sanlitun is located in the central and western part of Chaoyang District, Beijing, China. Sanlitun, in Ming and Qing dynasties, was under the Shuntian Prefecture’s jurisdiction, Daxing County, which referred to an area which covers the areas of Zuojiazhuang, Chaowai Street, Hujialou and Maizidian. This area is about about 1mile from the inner wall of Beijing, for which it was given the name Sanlitun. The Sanlitun today ranges from the Sanlitun Road in the east to the Xindong Road in the west, sharing borders with the Dongzhimen Outer Street to the north, and the Workers’ Stadium North Road to the south.

In 1952, some famous institutes such as Beijing Industrial School (now Beijing Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Research), Beijing Dance School and Beijing Normal School moved to Sanlitun. In late 1950s, as Beijing began its massive urbanization construction, many of the relocation household moved here, forming a village named “Well-being Village”. With the raising population, the government improved the infrastructure in this area, thus came the 80th Middle School, Chaoyang Hospital, Sanlitun Primary School, Sanlitun No .1 Middle School and Sanlitun No .2 Middle School.

In the early 1960s, Premier Chou En-lai mapped the Sanlitun as Beijing’s second embassy district. The construction of the north embassy district began in 1962, and diplomatic apartments had been built during the 1960s-1970s. The Sanlitun has gradually developed into an important region for diplomats’ life and work. Sanlitun has increasingly become prosperous after the Reform and Opening-up of China. In the early 1980s, China’s first joint-ventured hotel “Zhaolong Hotel” opened here.

Today, this region lies 10 vertical and 12 horizontal streets. The commercial and service industry is rather prosperous in the west and north sides of the Workers’ Stadium North Road. Sanlitun Bar Street is one important place for nightlife in Beijing. The Tower Garden Diplomatic Personnel Apartment and a number of big shopping malls such as the Yansha Friendship Mall, the Foreign Exchange Duty-free Shop, the Chinese International Store, the Sandiansan Clothing Shop are also located here. Some buildings which have witnessed the vicissitude of the capital of China such as the City Hotel, Zhaolong Hotel and Kirin Building are standing on the north border of the Sanlitun that shares with the North Road of Beijing Workers' Stadium.


Most Amazing Sights You Should Not Miss

Sanlitun Bar Street

Sanlitun Bar Street,Sanlitun
Sanlitun Bar Street

Beijing Sanlitun Bar Street is one of the most dazzling entertainment streets in Beijing. It is a place which foreigners and domestic celebrities living in Beijing visit frequently. When night is fading, here the lights are bright, the crowd is bustling, and the splendor of the bars is setting against the noise and sprawling of the metropolis. Sanlitun Bar Street has always given people a feeling of “see flowers in the fog”, and it’s hard to give an accurate business positioning to this street.

According to a rough estimate, there are more than 80 bars in Sanlitun Bar Street, which means more than 60% of Beijing bars are gathering here. Some people even say that Sanlitun Bar Street give birth to Beijing’s fashion culture industry in someway.  

The bar street shares the north border with the embassy district. Since the burgeon of the first bar in 1995, Sanlitun Bar Street has increasingly become posh in recent years. As a result, some foreign embassies even have changed the door number from “Sanlitun Road” to “Sanlitun Bar Street” as the Bar Street has become a symbol of this area.

The bar street is open from the afternoon of each day to the early morning of the next day. Every day many foreigners flock here by car or taxi in the evening, and many Chinese also banquet customers or friends here.

China View

China View,Sanlitun
China View

China View is a building located in the overlapping area of the Central Business District, the Central Entertainment District, the Guomen Business District, the Central Park and the Second Embassy District. The land price and the land utilization ratio here are rather high for its quiet, elegant environment, easy transportation, and high concentration of buildings.

Tourists could taste cuisines and snacks of almost all regions of China in this building. It is also one of the few classy sites in the east and even the whole Beijing that successfully show the linkages of business, trade and life.

TaiKoo Li Sanlitun

TaiKoo Li Sanlitun,Sanlitun
TaiKoo Li Sanlitun

TaiKoo Li Sanlitun is the first comprehensive commercial project of Swire Properites in mainland China. It is an open low-density shopping project composed by 19 contemporary buildings. The whole project is divided into two regions: the south and the north, which integrate with the surrounding environment while maintaining relative independence.It’s a paradise for shopping and tourists could find dozens of stores here ranging from independent boutiques to famous international brands. It’s one of the must-go place for young people who love fashion and art.

TaiKoo Li Sanlitun itself is a symbol of humanity culture, so everything here is people-centered. Customers can enjoy food, shopping and relax themselves. Meanwhile, artists can create art works and extend their views of fashion. The unique life concept and culture endured by TaiKoo Li Sanlitun bring people a perfect trendy experience.

The 19 contemporary buildings in TaiKoo Li Sanlitun adopt the elements of dynamic colors, irregular three-dimensional lines, open space with embellished gardens, courtyards, and alleys, together creating a fascinating pattern in the mall design region. For the creation of the project, the designer uses natural materials for a feeling of great space, making TaiKoo Li Sanlitun stand out from many traditional-design shopping centers and become a hot spot for shopping in Beijing.

In 2019, according to the Chinese shopping center grade evaluation standard, TaiKoo Li Sanlitun was listed as the national five-star shopping center.


Suggested Travel Route

Start from the China Agriculture Museum→Embassy District→Sanlitun Road→North Area of TaiKoo Li Sanlitun→South Area of TaiKoo Li Sanlitun→China View→Workers’ Stadium North Road→Sanlitun Bar Street


How to Get to Sanlitun

By Bus

1. Take bus 113, 115, 431, 701, Night Line 34, Night Line 3, or Te 16 and get off at Sanlitun Station.

2. Take Night Sightseeing Line and get off at Sanlitun Bar Station.

3. Take bus 110, 113, 115, 117, 118, 120, 3, 403, 431, 701, Night Line 24, Night Line 34, Night Line 3, Night Line 6 or Te 16 and get off at Beijing Workers' Stadium.

By Subway

Take line 10 and get off at Tuanjiehu Station, exit D, then walk about 140 meters along the Dongsanhuan Beilu Fulu(North Road of Eastern Three-ring Side Road), walk across one road, turn left, walk about 760 meters along the Gongren Tiyuchang Beilu Fulu(Side Road of Workers’ Stadium North Road ) , turn right, walk about 140 meters along the Yaxiu Xilu, turn left, walk about 70 meters, then you will see the Sanlitun.

By Taxi

Chinese: 请带我去三里屯。English: Please take me to the Sanlitun.

If you go to the Sanlitun from the Beijing Capital International Airport, it takes about 30 minutes (about 70 yuan).

If you go to the Sanlitun from the Beijing Daxing International Airport, it takes about 1 hour (about 180 yuan).

If you go to the Sanlitun from the Beijing Railway Station, it takes about 30 minutes (about 30 yuan).

If you go to the Sanlitun from the Beijing West Railway Station, it takes about 40 minutes (about 60 yuan).

If you go to the Sanlitun from the Beijing South Railway Station, it takes about 40 minutes (about 60 yuan).

If you go to the Sanlitun from the Beijing North Railway Station, it takes about 30 minutes (about 40 yuan).

Aerial View of Sanlitun,Sanlitun
Aerial View of Sanlitun

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