Huangpu River Cruise


Basic Facts of Huangpu River Cruise

Chinese Name: 黄浦江游船 Pronunciation: Huángpǔjiāng Yóuchuán

Suggested Visiting Hours: 1 to 2 hours

Address: 501 Zhongshan East Second Road (Zhongshan Dong Er Lu), Huangpu District, Shanghai, China

Highlights: A cruise on the Huangpu River, passing through downtown Shanghai. You can enjoy the beautiful skyline of The Bund and the colonial architectures. There are many places to take amazing photos. Take a cruise on the Huangpu River, and you can enjoy the fascinating night view of Shanghai.


Admission Ticket Fare

Cruise Routes Ticket Fare Boarding Place
Adults Children(under 1.3m)
Regular Cruise Route
(sightseeing only) 
120 yuan   0 yuan  Shiliupu Wharf
“Pujiang No.1” Cruise Route (sightseeing and buffet) 268 yuan  100 yuan  
“Captain 8” Cruise Route
(sightseeing and buffet) 
328 yuan   100 yuan  


Opening Hours

Cruise Routes Time Notes
Regular Cruise Route
(sightseeing only)
12:00-21:30   It runs every hour during 12:00-18:00, and every half hour during 18:00-21:30.
“Pujiang No.1” Cruise Route (sightseeing and buffet) 19:00   Boarding at 17:30 and disembarking at 21:00 every day.
“Captain 8” Cruise Route
(sightseeing and buffet)
18:30  Boarding at 18:30 and disembarking at 20:25 every day.


Introduction of Huangpu River Cruise

The Aerial View, Huangpu River Cruise
The Aerial View

Huangpu River, a landmark river of Shanghai, flows through the city and divides the city into two parts. Taihu Lake and Dianshan Lake are its main sources of water. Huangpu River is 113.4 kilometers long from Dianshan Lake to the mouth of Suzhou Creek, which is the most important drainage channel of Taihu Lake.

As the cruise boat passes by the Bund, you will relive the simplicity of old Shanghai, as if you have gone back to that historic era. The Bund, which began to be built in the middle of the 19th century, is the starting point of the whole concession area and even the whole modern urban development of Shanghai. In 1848, Chinese people used this area as a wharf, and soon a number of British companies such as Jardine Matheson and American companies such as Russell & Company were established here. Later, it gradually became the sovereign center of various concessions.

Along the way, there are Gothic, Romanesque, Baroque and other styles of architectures, so that you can enjoy the charm of Shanghai architecture. Then you can see the Lujiazui financial district, which has some international influence. Not only that, you can also have a close-up view of the Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai International Convention Center, Jinmao Tower, Shanghai International Finance Center, Shanghai Tower and so on.

Here you will also be provided with an elegant dining environment. For example, “Captain 8” cruise ship has 7 independent private rooms in different styles, which can support you to customize all kinds of banquets. The boat can also be changed according to different dining needs and habits for you. The deluxe business rooms on the third floor are characterized by luxury and elegance, which are widely favored and sought after by Chinese and foreign diners.

In addition, there are music performances on board and you can have dinner while enjoying the music performances, which will bring you a unique experience when you board the ship.


Amazing Sights You Will Pass By

The Bund of Shanghai, Huangpu River Cruise
The Bund of Shanghai

Exotic Building Cluster in the Bund of Shanghai

The exotic building cluster in The Bund of Shanghai, which is a reflection of the century-old Shanghai, is also a portrayal of the capitalism of old Shanghai, located at the confluence of Huangpu River and Suzhou Creek. The Bund is facing the Lujiazui financial district in Pudong New Area across the river. It runs from North Suzhou Road in the north to East Jinling Road in the south. It is about 1800 meters long and has a crescent-shaped terrain.

Oriental Pearl Radio and TV Tower

Oriental Pearl Radio and TV Tower, Huangpu River Cruise
Oriental Pearl Radio and TV Tower

Located by the Huangpu River and at the edge of Lujiazui in Pudong New Area, Shanghai Oriental Pearl Radio and Television Tower (“Oriental Pearl Tower” for short) stands out among the modern buildings in Lujiazui, and reflects the magnificent scenery of an international metropolis by interacting with the international architectural exhibition in The Bund across the river. With a height of 468 meters, it is the tallest tower in Asia and the third tallest in the world.

Designers have imaginatively connected 11 different sized spheres from the azure sky to the green grass. The spheres, like rubies in the distance, are dazzling and translucent. As a poem describes, “it is just like pearls falling into a jade plate.” At night, the Oriental Pearl Tower is a riot of colors, dazzling; when ascending the tower and overlooking Shanghai, you will have a visual shock and mental excitement.

The Oriental Pearl Tower integrates many functions such as city sightseeing, fashion catering, shopping and entertainment, historical display, exhibition and performance, etc. It has become one of the landmark buildings and tourist hotspots in Shanghai. It has been listed as one of the top ten new scenic spots of Shanghai and is one of the first 5A tourist attractions in China.

Jinmao Tower

Jinmao Tower, Huangpu River Cruise
Jinmao Tower

Jinmao Tower is designed by Adrian Smith of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM), an architectural firm in Chicago, USA. Jinmao Tower is just across the street from the Oriental Pearl Tower. The main building has 88 floors on the ground and 3 floors underground, with a height of 420.5 meters, covering an area of 23,611 square meters and a total construction area of 290,000 square meters.

It was the tallest building in Shanghai and the tallest on the mainland before being surpassed by the neighboring Shanghai World Financial Center on August 29, 2008. Jinmao Tower is an intelligent high-grade building integrating many functions such as office, business and hotel.

The 3rd to 50th floors are spacious and bright column-free office areas that can accommodate more than 10,000 people working at the same time. The 53-87 floors is the world’s highest super five-star Grand Hyatt Hotel. The observatory on the 88th floor, 340.1 meters above the ground, can accommodate more than 1,000 tourists. You can look around and get a panoramic view of Shanghai as far as the eye can see.

Shanghai World Financial Center

Shanghai World Financial Center, Huangpu River Cruise
Shanghai World Financial Center


Shanghai World Financial Center is a skyscraper in Lujiazui, Shanghai, China, which was completed on August 29, 2008. It is the second tallest building in China and the tallest flat-roofed building in the world, with a height of 492 meters and 101 floors on the ground.

Taking a stroll in the 474 meters high observatory is like walking in the clouds. Overlooking Shanghai, you can see the beautiful scenery on both sides of Huangpu River. You can see the spire of the Oriental Pearl Tower and feel that the roof of Jinmao Tower is under your feet. The glass ceiling of the observatory on the 97th floor can be opened, allowing visitors to directly look up at the blue sky and white clouds when weather conditions permit, truly achieving the unity of man and nature.

Shanghai Tower

Shanghai Tower, Huangpu River Cruise
Shanghai Tower

Shanghai Tower is a super-tall landmark skyscraper in Shanghai. It is designed to be taller than the nearby Shanghai World Financial Center. Shanghai Tower covers an area of 433,954 square meters. The parking space for motor vehicles is arranged underground, which can park 2,000 cars.

On November 29, 2008, the construction of the main building of Shanghai Tower began. On March 12, 2016, Shanghai Tower was officially completed. On April 27, 2016, Shanghai Tower held the unveiling ceremony and announced its trial operation. On April 26, 2017, Top of Shanghai Observatory, on the 118th floor of the building, was officially opened to the public.

China Art Palace

China Art Palace, Huangpu River Cruise
China Art Palace

China Art Palace, also known as China Art Museum, for the 2010 Shanghai World Expo is located at the China Art Palace Station of Shanghai Metro Line 8. It was completed on February 8, 2010.

With the theme of Chinese wisdom in urban development, China Art Palace embodies the spirit and temperament of Chinese culture, which is “the crown of the East, the prosperity of China, and the granary of the world.”

Mercedes-Benz Arena

Mercedes-Benz Arena, the original Expo Performance Center, is a mixed use entertainment complex. It has an 18,000-seat main stadium, as well as a music club, a cinema, a skating rink, restaurants and retail stores. During the World Expo, numerous cultural performances from all over the world were staged in the Mercedes-Benz Arena.

Chen Yi Square, Huangpu River Cruise
Chen Yi Square

Chen Yi Square

Built in memory of Chen Yi, the first mayor of Shanghai in New China, Chen Yi Square has become a tourist spot in Shanghai, attracting many citizens to watch it, which also enriches the night life of Shanghai citizens.

Nanpu Bridge

Nanpu Bridge is a river-crossing passage connecting Huangpu District and Pudong New Area in Shanghai, China. It is located across the Waterway of Huangpu River and is a part of the expressway of Shanghai Inner Ring. Nanpu Bridge was first built in 1988. The project was completed on November 19, 1991 and opened to traffic on December 1, 1991.

Shanghai Gongqing Forest Park

Shanghai Gongqing Forest Park, Huangpu River Cruise
Shanghai Gongqing Forest Park

Shanghai Gongqing Forest Park is a park with forest as its main landscape. It is located at No. 2000 Jungong Road, Yangpu District, northeast of Shanghai.

It covers a total area of 1.31 square kilometers, divided into the north park and the south park. The north park covers an area of 1.09 square kilometers; the south park covers an area of 0.16 square kilometers and is also called Wanzhu Garden. The north and the south parks have different styles. The north park focuses on forest sceneries with hills, lakes and grasslands, and the south park is a small garden of South China style.

Shanghai People’s Heroes Monument

Shanghai People’s Heroes Monument, Huangpu River Cruise
Shanghai People’s Heroes Monument

Shanghai People’s Heroes Monument, with a construction area of 16,000 square meters, was built in 1993 in memory of the revolutionary martyrs who gave their lives for the liberation of Shanghai since 1840. It is located in Huangpu Park of The Bund.

The huge sunken square is the main space for people to pay respects and commemorate the martyrs. The cambered wall is engraved with the revolutionary struggle history of Shanghai in the past hundred years. Here is the main site for reviewing the history and recalling the martyrs. The sunken square, on one hand blocks the chaotic visual interference of the city and on the other hand, it also greatly reduces the urban traffic noise, so that people can be immersed in a commemorative atmosphere.


Special Cruise Ships

There are some special cruise ships you should know!

“Pujiang Tour 2” Cruise Ship

“Mingxin” Cruise Ship, Huangpu River Cruise
“Mingxin” Cruise Ship

This cruise ship is one of the special ships for the World Expo. It can carry 450 people and has three layers. The overall shape of the cruise ship is a combination of modern industrial elements and Shanghai culture connotation, which is very contemporary.

“Mingxin” Cruise Ship

It can carry 300 people. Its appearance is simple and novel. Log colored tables and chairs match the pure white hull. The first floor is a multifunctional hall, spacious and bright; the second floor features a luxury living room and bar; the third floor is the viewing platform. The hull is an almost 360-degree full transparent toughened glass wall, so that in bad weather, you can also enjoy the night view of the Huangpu River.


Suggested Travel Route

  • Wusongkou Cruise Route

    Wusongkou Lighthouse, Huangpu River Cruise
    Wusongkou Lighthouse

This cruise route starts from Shiliupu Wharf and turns back after arriving at Wusongkou (mouth of Huangpu River). The route lasts for 4 hours. As the boat travels, visitors can hear about the surrounding sights in real time through a radio broadcast. Along the way, you will see the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Yangpu Bridge, Gongqing Forest Park and other scenic spots. You can not only experience the modern prosperity of Shanghai, but also see the industrial heritage of Shanghai. In addition, you will also experience magic, belly dance, face changing and a series of wonderful performances. As the departure time is near noon, guests can also have lunch on the cruise ship with Shanghai local characteristics, which will give you an authentic taste of Shanghai.


How to Take a Huangpu River Cruise

If you want to take a Huangpu River Cruise, you should go to Shiliupu Wharf.

By Bus

Take bus No. 33, No. 55, No. 65, No. 305, No. 307, No. 317, No. 576, No. 868, and get off at Zhongshan East 2nd Road Xinkaihe Road Station (Zhongshan Dong Er Lu Xinkaihe Lu).

By Subway

Take Line 10, and get off at Yuyuan Station (Exit 1)

By Taxi

Chinese: 请带我去十六铺码头。English: Please take me to Shiliupu Wharf.

If you go to Shiliupu Wharf from Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, it takes about 1 hour and about 80 yuan.

If you go to Shiliupu Wharf from Shanghai Pudong International Airport, it takes about 1 hour and about 150 yuan.

If you go to Shiliupu Wharf from Shanghai Railway Station, it takes about 30 minutes and about 30 yuan.

Shiliupu Wharf, Huangpu River Cruise
Shiliupu Wharf

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