Shanghai Century Park


Basic Facts of Shanghai Century Park

Chinese Name: 世纪公园 Pronunciation: Shìjì Gōngyuán

Building Time: In 1995

Best Visiting Time: In spring    

Address: No.1001 of Jinxiu Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai

Park Area: About 1.403 million square meters


Admission Ticket Fare

  • Admission Ticket Fare: 10 yuan
  • Tips:

1. All travelers need to show out relevant valid certificates.
2. During the exhibition of plum blossoms around January, the ticket fare would be 20 yuan.


  • Ticket Free of Charge Policy

1. People aged 65 or above are free for the ticket.
2. Children under 1.3 meters(including 1.3 meters) are free for the ticket.


Opening Hours

March 16th to November 15th 08:00-18:00
November 16th to the next March 15th 08:00-17:00

  • Note: It is free to visit the park during 06:00-08:00.
  • Suggested Visiting Hours: 3 Hours


Introduction to Shanghai Century Park

Summer View,Shanghai Century Park
Summer View

As a natural city park in Shanghai, Shanghai Century Park lies in the political and cultural hub of Pudong new district, well-known as “a park of holiday” inside Shanghai inner ring high-speed way.

Covering 1.403 million square meters in total, the park was designed by LUC of Britain with philosophies of a combination of western and oriental gardening artistry and integration of human and nature, totally costing 1 billion yuan.

This park, dominated by large scales of meadows, forests, and lakes, covers many natural scenic spots, including birds protection areas and exotic landscape areas.

Every January, an exhibition of plum blossoms in Century Park is to be held here, extending nearly 50,000 square meters, during which more than 100 ancient plum and winter plum trees will make their debut in front of tourists.

From October to November each year, this park would greet with a Shanghai International Musical Fireworks Festival, where worldwide first-class firework designers will be invited to perform their skills alternatively.


History of Shanghai Century Park

In 1994, a batch of construction managers with Zhao Qizheng, the deputy mayor of Shanghai city, have awareness of the importance for citizens to breathe fresh air and to live in an ecological city. Thus, Zhao first put forward a target “to develop a park both functioning as the developing engine and citizen’s better life promoter”.

After then, in 1995, a series of preparation for park building started out.

On April 18th, 2000, an epochal time--10 years exactly after the starting of the reform and opening up of Pudong, Shanghai Century Park officially opened to the public. Since then it becomes one representative city garden for citizens.


Must-visit Attractions at Shanghai Century Park

The Century Flower Clock

The Century Flower Clock,The Century Flower Clock
The Century Flower Clock

The Century Flower Clock standing at the door 1 of this park owns this name for two reasons. On the one hand, the special date that Shanghai Century Park opened up is of epochal significance, because this time exactly fell in the year of millennium. On the other hand, this clock is sited at the end of the Century Road, which typically features city statues themed upon “time”. So, “millennium” plus “time” promotes the coming of “Century Flower Clock”.

Shaped squarely round 12 meters in diameters, the big clock adopts plants and flowers as its decoration. Monitored by satellites, it only has a time error of 0.03 seconds. Artistic and practical, the Century Flower Clock stands as a landmark in this park.

Jingtian Lake

Jingtian Lake,Shanghai Century Park
Jingtian Lake

After an entry to the door 1, what jumps into every tourist’s eyes is a huge lake, named Jingtian(Jing means mirror and tian means sky) Lake because it is so clear that it just like a mirror which can reflect sky.

Covering 125,000 square meters and a deepest depth of 5 meters somewhere dug by humans, this lake is ranked as the biggest one among all artificial lakes in Shanghai. It connects with a river called Zhangjiabang, whose east part was constructed a water check gate in monitoring the water level of the lake.

Outdoor Music Theater

Outdoor Music Theater,Shanghai Century Park
Outdoor Music Theater

Leaning to a modest slope, Outdoor Music Theater is located at the west in this park, with coverage of 8,000 square meters. It has 2,500 audience seats in the front area and can normally hold 4,000 travelers a day, which is the most large-scale man-made outdoor music theater.

In the most front of the audience seats, various kinds of acoustic equipment, such as acoustic baffles, devices of acoustic control and light control, as well as some auxiliary rooms. Among those devices, the acoustic baffles that are made from white steel membrane can collect the sound produced by the performers on the stage and immediately pass it extraordinarily clear and aloud to audience, which can create a big ear feast for listeners.


How to Get to Shanghai Century Park

By Bus

Take bus 184, 640, 794, Pudong 35 and get off at the station: Jinxiu Road Century Ave.(Shanghai Science and Technology Museum). And then, you need to walk toward northeast, walk 50 meters along the Jinxiu Road, turn right, walk about 130 meters along the Century Ave., turn left, walk 30 meters, turn left, walk about 90 meters, turn right, walk about 50 meters, turn right, walk about 30 meters, turn right, walk 30 meters to the destination.

By Subway

Take line 2 and get off at the Century Park Station, getting out from exit 3. And then you need to walk northward about 270 meters to the destination.

By Taxi

Chinese: 请带我去世纪公园。English: Please take me to Shanghai Century Park.

If you go to Shanghai Century Park from Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, you can take a taxi about 50 minutes. (About 103 yuan)

If you go to Shanghai Century Park from Shanghai Railway Station, you can take a taxi about 45 minutes. (About 55 yuan)

If you go to Shanghai Century Park from Shanghai South Railway Station, you can take a taxi about 40 minutes. (About 50 yuan)

Shanghai Century Park,Shanghai Century Park
Shanghai Century Park

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Shanghai Century Park
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