Shanghai Tower


General Information of Shanghai Tower

Chinese Name: 上海中心 Pronunciation: Shànghǎi Zhōngxīn

Suggested Visiting Hours: 1-2 Hours

Height: 632 meters (2073.49 feet)

Address: 479 Lujiazui Ring Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China


Admission Ticket Fare

Tourists  Price Content
Adults 180 yuan         Top of Shanghai Observatory B1+118th floor
Seniors  120 yuan  
Children 90 yuan
Students  120 yuan


  • Attention

Children Ticket is for children whose height is between 1 m (excluding) to 1.4 m (including);

Student Ticket is for students who hold valid Student ID cards or can prove their student identity in general higher education, senior high school education, or compulsory education, or foreign students who hold relevant valid certificates. The students must be under 23 years old (inclusive). Student under 18 must be accompanied by an adult;

Senior Ticket is for seniors over 60 with an ID card, passport, or other valid documents.

  • Ticket Free of Charge Policy

Children under 1 m (including) or under three years old (including) are free of charge; but they must be accompanied by adults, and an adult can take 2 children free of charge at most.

*The above information is for reference only, subject to the information of the day.


Opening Hours

Entrance 10:00-21:00
Ticket Office 10:00-20:30


Introduction of Shanghai Tower

Shanghai Tower, Shanghai Tower
Shanghai Tower

Shanghai Center Tower (Shanghai Tower) is a giant skyscraper in Shanghai, China, which is higher than the Shanghai World Financial Center nearby.

Shanghai Tower is located in the core area of Pudong Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone in Shanghai, China. It is a super high-rise building with functions of commerce, offices, hotel, business, entertainment, and sightseeing. The total height is 632 meters, with 127 floors above the ground and 5 floors under the ground. The parking spaces for motor vehicles are arranged underground and can park 2000 vehicles.

The total construction area of Shanghai Tower is 578,000 square meters, of which 410,000 square meters above the ground and 168,000 square meters underground. The greening rate is 33%. Shanghai Tower is now the tallest building in China and the second tallest in the world.

The building is jointly invested and developed by Shanghai Chengtou Group Corporation, Shanghai Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone Development Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Construction Group Co., Ltd. The project began on November 29, 2008. Its civil engineering was completed at the end of 2014, and the building was put into trial operation in January 2017.

Shanghai Tower is a comprehensive high-rise building. The building is divided into five functional areas, including mass business and entertainment area, office area, corporate hall area, boutique hotel area, and top functional experience space. The “Top of the World” is just the functional experience area, which has a city display and viewing platform, entertainment area, VIP small bars, catering area, and sightseeing area. As the last super high-rise building in the heart of Lujiazui, Shanghai Tower was selected as one of the top ten new landmark buildings in Shanghai on January 6, 2020.


Big Events Happened at Shanghai Tower

On February 12, 2014, two Russian climbers climbed over the work site fence of Shanghai Tower and climbed up to the crane on the top of the building under construction without any safety measures, nearly 650 meters high.


Shanghai Tower Top Amazing Sights You Should Not Miss

Top of Shanghai Observatory

Shanghai Observatory, Shanghai Tower
Shanghai Observatory

The sightseeing route of Shanghai Tower is composed of “Top of Shanghai Exhibition Hall” on floor B1, “Top of Shanghai Observatory” on floor 118, the damper display area on the 125th floor, and the highest cultural and humanistic art space in the world on the 126th floor.

The “Top of Shanghai Exhibition Hall” is composed of six parts: “Shanghai Tower of Shanghai”, “Ever-growing Skyline”, “Skyscraper”, “A City of Skyscrapers”, “International High-rise”, “Gene Pool of Shanghai Tower”, and “Vertical City” exhibition areas. Visitors will be immersed in the mystery and wonder of the skyscraper in this hall.

The Top of Shanghai Observatory is on the 118th floor of Shanghai Tower. The elevator has a maximum speed of more than 40 miles per hour - half that normally. The elevator to the observatory is the world’s fastest elevator, and can reach the 546-meter high observatory on the 118th floor in 55 seconds. You can have a 360 degree bird’s eye view of Shanghai and the renowned high-rise buildings around.

The damper display area has a damper to stabilize the building. Through high-tech interactive devices, you can learn about it.

The world’s highest summit art and cultural space on the 126th floor offers 4D music from famous players, which is a fantastic experience.

Sky Lobby

Sky Lobby, Shanghai Tower
Sky Lobby

There are tall and transparent sky lobbies on the elevator transfer floors (22nd, 37th, 52nd, and 68th floors) in area 2-6 of the building. In each sky lobby, due to the design of double curtain walls, there are three sky gardens that can provide tenants with public communication and leisure.

The 22nd-floor sky lobby has introduced fitness, dental care, and administrative restaurant units. The 37th-floor introduces Shanghai Guanfu Museum and the world’s highest indoor Chinese garden - Half-acre Garden, which provides cultural and artistic enjoyment for visitors. The 52nd and 68th floors have introduced a bookstore and Michelin high-end dining service.

The commercial brands introduced in the sky lobbies not only enrich the commercial facilities of the building, but also provide more space for communication and sharing for the tenants.

Shanghai Tower Mall

Look up at the Shanghai Tower,  Shanghai Tower
Look up at the Shanghai Tower

Shanghai Tower Mall is located in the podium building from the B2 floor to the 4th floor, which fully expresses the concept of vertical city of “Shanghai Tower”. Here you will not only feel the high-end consumption environment, but also enjoy a one-stop experience of business, culture, tourism, and intimate services.

The mall includes brand retail, automobile display, business leisure dining, future bank, coffee shops, cultural creation, and derivatives, which can meet all kinds of business and life needs in one stop.

Shanghai Tower Collection

Shanghai Tower Collection, Shanghai Tower
Shanghai Tower Collection

The two Shanghai Tower Collections are located on the 118th floor and B2 sightseeing area. A beautiful and comfortable shopping environment, a wide range of exclusive souvenirs, original and practical daily necessities can meet tourists’ recreational and shopping needs.

The open commodity display and experienced shopping guide make tourists always find their favorite souvenirs; the unique commemorative photo of visiting the tower will leave a beautiful and unforgettable memory for the guests.

Public Avenue

Top pf Shanghai Tower, Shanghai Tower
Top pf Shanghai Tower

Shanghai Tower was built with a focus on the underground at its early stage, taking on the responsibility of connecting the surrounding skyscrapers. After several studies, the construction of the underground passage project started on the last day of 2012, which took three and a half years and was successfully completed.

The Public Avenue is about 340 meters long, with a total area of about 5,500 square meters. It connects Shanghai Tower with Jinmao Tower, Shanghai IFC, subway line 2, Shanghai World Financial Center, and 96 Plaza (part of which is not yet opened), so that the “Golden Triangle” high-rise buildings in the core area of Lujiazui realize the “root connection” not only by streets, overpass and also at underground level.


Suggested Travel Route

“Top of Shanghai Exhibition Hall” on floor B1 → Top of Shanghai Observatory on floor 118 → the damper display area on the 125th floor → the cultural and humanistic art space on the 126th floor → the sky lobbies on the elevator transfer floors (22nd, 37th, 52nd, and 68th floors) → the Shanghai Tower Mall from B2 to 4th floor.


Best Travel Time

Shanghai Tower is worth visiting all year round. There are more people in spring and autumn, followed by summer and winter.

Shanghai has four distinct seasons, mild and humid climate. Spring and autumn are not long, while summer and winter are relatively long. There is more precipitation from May to September, accounting for more than half of the annual precipitation. After July, there will be a summer drought, during which the weather will be sultry. Therefore, warm spring and crisp autumn are the best time to travel to Shanghai.


How to Get to Shanghai Tower

By Bus

Take bus 791, 870, 961, 985, Lujiazui Financial City Line 3, and get off at Lujiazui Ring Road Dongtai Road Station.

Take bus 583, 939, Lujiazui Financial City Line 2, and get off at Huayuan Shiqiao Road Dongtai Road Station.

Take bus City Sightseeing Tourist Bus Line 2, and get off at Jinmao Tower Station.

By Subway

Take Subway Line 2 and get off at Lujiazui Station (Exit 6). Then walk past Shanghai IFC Mall, you will get to the Shanghai Tower.

By Taxi

Chinese: 请带我去上海中心。English: Please take me to Shanghai Tower.

If you go to Shanghai Tower from Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport by taxi, it takes about 60 minutes (25 kilometers, about 80 yuan).

If you go to Shanghai Tower from Shanghai Pudong International Airport by taxi, it takes about 80 minutes (42 kilometers, about 150 yuan).

If you go to Shanghai Tower from Shanghai Railway Station by taxi, it takes about 35 minutes (8 kilometers, about 30 yuan).

If you go to Shanghai Tower from Shanghainan Railway Station by taxi, it takes about 60 minutes (16 kilometers, about 50 yuan).

Shanghai Tower Sightseeing Hall City Scenery, Shanghai Tower
Shanghai Tower Sightseeing Hall City Scenery

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Is there a hotel to stay inside the Shanghai Tower?
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hello. yes. the J Hotel is on the Shanghai Tower. The lobby of the hotel is on the 101th floor.
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