Facts to Know about Lujiazui

Chinese Name: 陆家嘴 Pronunciation: Lù Jiā Zuǐ

Admission Ticket Fare: Free

Building Function: Financial and trade zone.

Best Visiting Time: All year round

Suggested Visiting Hours: 1-2 Hours

Occupied Area: 6.89 million square meters (about 1702.6 acres)

Address: On the bank of Huangpu River, Pudong New District, Shanghai, China (facing the Bund across Huangpu River).

Popular Activities: Taking the best views of Shanghai from the tall buildings in the area, trying “Walking in the Clouds”, and enjoying dinners in well-sight restaurants.


Surcharge Inside the Scenic Spot

Place Contents Price
The Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower  Space Capsule, Upper Sphere, Lower Sphere, and Exhibition Hall  220 yuan
Upper Sphere, Lower Sphere, and Exhibition Hall   160 yuan
VR Roller Coaster   70 yuan
Shanghai Tower   180 yuan
Shanghai World Financial Center   Entrance for 94F, 97F, and 100F 180 yuan
Entrance for 94F  120 yuan
Shanghai Jinmao Tower     Sightseeing Hall   120 yuan
Walking in The Clouds  288 yuan


Opening Time

Place Time
The Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower  8:00-21:30
Shanghai Tower 8:30-22:00
Shanghai World Financial Center     8:00-23:00 (enter before 22:00)
Shanghai Jinmao Tower  8:30-21:30


What You Need to Know About Lujiazui

The Aerial View,Lujiazui
The Aerial View

Located on the bank of Huangpu River in Pudong New Area of Shanghai, facing the Bund across the river, Lujiazui is one of the most influential financial centers in China, which brings together the headquarters of China and East Asia of many multinational banks.

Lujiazui shows Shanghai's modern metropolis style incisively and vividly. There are many landmark edifices here, such as the Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower, Shanghai Tower, Shanghai World Financial Center, and Shanghai Jinmao Tower, which are brightly lit at night.

Shanghai Ocean Aquarium and Shanghai Natural Wild Insect Kingdom are also located in the Lujiazui area, which are good places to go for parents taking their children. In addition, shopping malls like Super Grand Mall and IFC Mall will meet any shopping request here in Lujiazui.

If the visitors are tired, they can take a rest at Lujiazui Central Greenland, which is called the Green Lung of the City. It is located in the core area of Lujiazui financial and trade center, covers an area of 100,000 square meters (about 24.7 acres).


Development of Lujiazui

The Riverside Scenery,Lujiazui
The Riverside Scenery

During the Yongle period of the Ming Dynasty, the Huangpu River system formed. The Huangpu River turned to the East after converging with the Wusong River from the south to the north, and a mouth-shape alluvial beach formed on the east bank. Lu Shen, a scholar of the Imperial Academy of the Ming Dynasty, lived and finally died here, so the alluvial beach called Lujiazui (“zui” means mouth in Chinese).

In the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty, there were scattered fishermen in the southwest and central part of the territory, and later formed Pengjiazhai (a village). During the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty, in order to prevent the flood and resist the salty tide, the protect-use pond was built. Some fishermen from Jiangsu and other places came to settle here, and gradually formed natural villages such as Yangjiamao, Yujiamen, Huayuanshiqiao, and Yefangqiao. During the Jiaqing Period of the Qing Dynasty, Wangjiamen village formed. During the Daoguang Period of the Qing Dynasty, Zhangjiayan, Wujianong, Jiangjianong and other natural villages formed.

After the first year of Tongzhi of the Qing Dynasty (1862), Britain, America, France, Japan, Germany and other countries built warehouses, wharves, stacks and factories in the territory. In the 10th year of Tongzhi(1872), the Qing government established the Steamship Investment Promotion Bureau, and built a South Trestle House(warehouse) in Lujiazui. National industry and commerce businessmen also set up some factories here. The commerce developed and became more and more prosperous, and the commercial street was gradually formed.

During the Anti-Japanese War, domestic commerce gradually moved from Lannidu Road and Lujiazui Road to Dongchang Road. After Liberation, Dongchang Road became the most prosperous commercial street in the Pudong area, and Lujiazui Trade Market was built.

In the 1980s, there were no tall buildings in Lujiazui. Till the year 1992, a lot of factories, many financial institutions such as banks, trusts, and securities, some villages, and also some high-rise buildings have been built here.


Lujiazui Amazing Sights You Should Not Miss

The Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower

The Oriental Pearl Radio,Lujiazui
The Oriental Pearl Radio

Located at No. 1, Century Avenue, Pudong New Area, the Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower (the Oriental Pearl TV Tower for short) is about 468 meters in height, which was built in July 1991 and put into use in May 1995.

The biggest attraction of the Oriental Pearl TV Tower is the fully transparent suspended sightseeing corridor located at 259 meters high sightseeing floor above the upper ball. The sightseeing corridor is 150 meters long and 2.1 meters wide. Its transparent design makes people feel very frightened when walking on it.

In the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, there is another experience project that must be mentioned. That is the VR roller coaster at the height of 95 meters, which is the first city VR roller coaster in China. Tourists can feel the thrill of flying high above Shanghai city.

Except playing, eating in the Revolving Restaurant located on the height of 267 meters in the Oriental Pearl TV Tower is worth a try.

Shanghai Tower

Shanghai Tower,Lujiazui
Shanghai Tower

Located at No. 501, Yincheng Middle Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai Tower is a super high-rise landmark skyscraper with a total height of 632 meters, which is the tallest building in China, and the second tallest building in the world.

Shanghai Tower was completed in 2016, which has 118 stories in total. The sightseeing floor, "the top hall of Shanghai", is located on the 118-floor of the building, which is the tallest sightseeing hall in Shanghai, allowing visitors to have a panoramic view of the beautiful city.

The sightseeing lift of Shanghai Tower is also a highlight, which is the fastest lift in the world. It takes only 55 seconds from the ground floor of the building to the 118-floor sightseeing hall, reaching a speed of 18 meters per second. There is a breathtaking VR experience project in the sightseeing floor, where participants can experience the Parkour experience in skyscrapers.

Shanghai World Financial Center

The World Financial Center,Lujiazui
The World Financial Center

Located at No. 100, Century Avenue, Pudong New Area, Shanghai World Financial Center is a skyscraper of 492 meters in height, which is known as the "bottle opener" because of the shape of the inverted trapezoidal wind tunnel at the top.

The sightseeing floors of the World Financial Center are located on the 94th, the 97th, and the 100th. Different design features make tourists feel different sightseeing experience on three floors. The 94th floor is 423 meters high, which holds various types of cultural activities. The sightseeing pavilion on the 97th floor is like an overpass floating in the air. On sunny days, the glass ceiling will be opened, and the blue sky and white clouds will be close in front of you. The 100th floor is with a suspended sightseeing corridor which is about 55 meters long.

Not only sight-seeing, but enjoying dinners is also available in the World Financial Center, such as the Shanghai Park Hyatt Hotel Lobby Tea Pavilion located on the 87th floor, and the Century 100 Restaurant of Shanghai Park Hyatt Hotel located on the 91st floor.

Shanghai Jinmao Tower

 Shanghai Jinmao Tower,Lujiazui
 Shanghai Jinmao Tower

Located at No. 88, Century Avenue, Pudong New Area, Shanghai Jinmao Tower is in the center of Lujiazui financial and trade zone.

Shanghai Jinmao Tower is adjacent to Pudong New Area in the East, Huangpu River in the west, Zhangyang Road Commercial and Trade Zone in the South, and Central Greenland in the north.

The sightseeing hall of Shanghai Jinmao Tower is located on the 88th floor, with 340.1 meters in height and 1,520 square meters in size, which is the largest sightseeing hall in China at present. In addition to the sightseeing floor, Jinmao Tower has a unique experience project – Walking in the Clouds, which is welcomed by those who love exciting challenges, and dare to take risks. Walking in the Clouds, visitors can walk to the outside of the sightseeing hall and walk on the glass footpath without barriers, overlooking the beautiful scenery of the magic city. Wearing sophisticated protective safety equipment, accompanied by security members throughout the journey, the tourists needn’t worry about safety issues. In the process of walking, the safety member will also teach some stimulating actions to increase the degree of adventure. After the experience, the tourist will get a certificate.

In addition, Grand Hyatt Cafe is located on the 54th floor, where visitors can have their dinners.


How to Get to Lujiazui

By Bus

Take Bus No. 583, No. 774, No. 779, or No.791, and get off at the stop of "Lujiazui" (陆家嘴Lù Jiā Zuǐ).

By Subway

Take Metro Line 2, and get off at the station of "Lujiazui" (陆家嘴Lù Jiā Zuǐ).

By Taxi

Chinese: 请带我去陆家嘴。English: Please take me to Lujiazui.

If you go to Lujiazui from Pudong International Airport, it takes about 50 minutes (145 yuan).

If you go to Lujiazui from the Shanghai Railway Station, it takes about 30 minutes (30 yuan).

If you go to Lujiazui from the Shanghainan Railway Station, it takes about 40 minutes (52 yuan).

The Night Scene,Lujiazui
The Night Scene

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