Chengdu Happy Valley


Facts to Know About Chengdu Happy Valley

Chinese Name: 成都欢乐谷 Pronunciation: Chéngdū Huānlègǔ

Building Time: 2009

Opening Hours: 9:30 - 21:00

Recommended Time for Visit: One day

Occupied Area: 510,000 square meters

Best Visiting Season: All seasons

Address: No. 16, Xihua Avenue, Jinniu District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, China

Building Function: A public entertainment site that provides recreational programs and activities


Ticket Price

Tourists Admission Ticket Price
Day Ticket
Evening Ticket
Adults 230 yuan 100 yuan
(above 1.5 meters and aged under 18)
190 yuan 
Children from 1.2 meters to 1.5 meters
(excluding 1.2 and including 1.5m)
120 yuan 50 yuan
The elderly
(aged from 60 to 69 years old with valid identity certificate) 


  • Note:

1. Birthday Ticket admission price is 99 yuan.

2. Birthday Ticket admission price for children from 1.2 m (excluding 1.2 m) to 1.5 m (including 1.5 m) is 60 yuan.


  • Free Ticket Policy

1. Each adult can bring one child of 1.2 meters or below.

2. The elderly aged over 70 are free of charge (with valid identity certificate).


What You Need to Know About Chengdu Happy Valley

Chengdu Happy Valley, Chengdu Happy Valley
Chengdu Happy Valley

Chengdu Happy Valley is a large modern theme park with beautiful scenery, exciting adventure, and various entertainment programs. Covering an area of 510,000 square meters, it is located at Xihua Avenue, Jinniu District, Chengdu City. Chengdu Happy Valley is composed of nine major theme areas, providing more than 130 attractive games for tourists to enjoy and relax. In the park, you can also watch wonderful performances such as acrobatics and extreme sports.

The dancing and singing shows in the park are spectacular. There are “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie stunt shows, local Sichuan special live-action gun fighting shows, large-scale dance parties, joyful parades consisting of colorful cars and performances, and interactive bird shows. As for children, different types of shows are performed to arouse their enthusiasm, such as cartoon theater, comic clowns, magic shows, acrobatic performances of joyful circus, street dance, extreme sports, and so on.

Park festivals are also full of passion. In a certain period, diversified festivals will be held here, including the international pop music festival, the international comic festivals, the international magic festival, Halloween carnival, Christmas, and other large festivals. They constantly inject fresh blood into the city, lead the new trend of urban entertainment, and add a joyful atmosphere to the city.

Roller Coaster, Chengdu Happy Valley
Roller Coaster

As the largest and most ecological and fashionable modern theme park in the western region of China, Chengdu Happy Valley serves as the center of urban tourism, urban cultural activities, and urban entertainment. It is also a key project of Chengdu’s cultural industry and tourism industry.

Holding the concept of “creating joy and sharing joy”, Chengdu Happy Valley spreads joy culture and creates joy landmarks through colorful themed cultural activities, wonderful performances, and high-quality services. In 2011, it was ranked among the top 20 theme parks in the Asia Pacific region.


Theme Areas

 Sunshine Harbor

Sunshine Harbor

Entering the main gate and passing through the Sunshine Passageway, you will first come to the Sunshine Harbor. It is a pleasant place that gives the tourists a warm welcome with funny-looking clowns and lovely cartoon ants.

Theme story: In the secret corner of the earth live a group of happy elves. They have a common wish: to explore the vast world outside the jungle. With the help of the magician Gobi, the joy elves named Huanhuan, Lele, and Xiaogu are about to embark on a breathtaking journey of time and space and bring back a surprising story from the unknown world. The elves will gather at the sunshine square, singing and dancing for the joy journey, and the harbor is full of jubilation. With the opening of the gate of time and space, the joy spirit will enter the wonderful and joyful time and space.

Happy Hour

Ferris wheel built above the Water,  Happy Hour
Ferris wheel built above the Water

Walking northeastward in Chengdu Happy Valley, you will see the Happy Hour theme area. The Ferris wheel built above the water allows you to have a panoramic view of this region as it ascends higher and higher. If you are interested in thrilling games, the most exciting game Free Fall Ride will be your best choice.

Theme story: In the 1860s, the industrial revolution brought great vitality to Britain, and the city presented a prosperous scene. With the sound of the train, young Andrew stepped into the prosperous city from the farm and his heart was immediately captured by the joyful scene—breathtaking high-altitude acrobatics, funny clown performance, and graceful dancing steps of the girl. Andrew had a whim of building a “Kingdom of Joy” that could trigger infinite joy in people’s hearts.

Fly Over the Mediterranean

4-D Cinema,  Fly Over the Mediterranean
4-D Cinema

Fly Over the Mediterranean is a wonderful part of Chengdu Happy Valley. In this area, you can watch 4-D films with special effects that will make you feel as if you are on the scene. Also, bungee jumping from a quite high platform can offer you another exciting experience.

Theme story: In 1930, the French pilot Saint-Exupéry met a charming lady Consuelo Sansing, who shared the same yearning for the sky. Sharing the same dream, they quickly fell in love. During the war years, Saint-Exupéry decided to join the army for the sake of his country, and Consuelo could only come to the lighthouse by sea to look out and wait for her husband’s return. This couple was baptized by the storms of a eternal marriage and shared the pain of life, but only the love for each other soothed the wounds of war and separation. The priest said that the couple were married for living and dying together and they did so.

Caribbean Cyclone Zone, Chengdu Happy Valley
Caribbean Cyclone Zone

Located on the north of Happy Hour, Caribbean Cyclone Zone is filled with a Caribbean atmosphere because of the warm sunshine and beautiful beach. Besides, you can test your courage and willpower by various thrilling games here.

Theme story: For centuries, as a “Paradise of the Brave”, the Caribbean Sea has been full of thrills and chilling romances and attracted curious people. Prince Julien and Princess Helen started their honeymoon trip by sailing to the Caribbean Sea under the escort of a group of happy dolphins. However, during the night, the wind howled, rolling waves were lifted, and the mysterious pirates suddenly boarded. The isolated cruise ship was in danger. The prince and the princess went hand in hand, led the crew to deal with the crisis calmly, and finally rode out the crisis together. Years later, their story became a love poem.

Magic Castle

Magic Castle, Chengdu Happy Valley
Magic Castle

To the southwest of Flying Island stands Magic Castle. The castle is home to all the magic fairies. This place embraces many interesting and magical entertainment programs and will bring you a thrilling experience here.

Theme story: Deep in the dense forest hides a magnificent magic castle, a magical paradise for ant fairies Huanhuan, Lele, and Xiaogu. In the castle, there is a magic theater, enchanted amusement equipment, cartoon dolls, chasing wooden horses, bouncing colorful balls, and so on. Here, you can experience the magic and open the childhood journey with the wizard.

Great Szechwan

Ancient Tomb Experience,  Great Szechwan
Ancient Tomb Experience

Going northwestward and you will see Great Szechwan. It reproduces the charming scene of Bashu Yufu (ancient Sichuan) Kingdom in ancient times. In this area, most amusement programs are designed with retro elements of ancient Szechwan, such as ancient tomb experience, water amusement programs, and mysterious gardens.

Theme story: As the mysterious veil of mountains and rivers in Sichuan is lifted, the pure and simple appearance of the ancient Yufu Kingdom is reproduced. Stepping into the Yufu Imperial Tomb, you will encounter a winding walkway, strange statues, a drifting river, and an ancient watchtower. With mysterious and strange air, the tomb attracts people to embark on their exploring and mysterious journey.

Magic Forest

Children's Dream Adventure Island,  Magic Forest
Children's Dream Adventure Island

Walking southward in Chengdu Happy Valley, you will see Flying Island. Far away from the bustling “world”, it is a mystical island surrounded by lush forests. In the natural theatre, various kinds of birds provide you with their sweet singing. At the same time, butterflies dance to the singing. The wonderful performances serve as a feast for your eyes. The programs in this region provide you a great experience as if you were in the forest.

Theme story: Deep in the forest, there is a magical flying island. In the morning, you can enjoy soft sunlight and fragrant soil. In the “forest theater”, birds are singing happily on the branches with an enchanting voice. In the “butterfly garden”, diverse butterflies are dancing in the air. When taking a look at the whole flying island, you will find it vigorous and attractive.

Happy Light Year

Bouncing Car, Happy Light Year
Bouncing Car

Happy Light Year takes “technology fashion and family entertainment” as its developing concept. It introduces parent-child-oriented and family-oriented amusement equipment. Moreover, Happy Light Year provides you an opportunity to participate in a grand music feast, the crazy carnival as well as various kinds of activities during festivals.

Theme story: This is a dynamic and fashionable city that embraces entertainment and technology. In this area, you will enjoy interesting parent-child projects and experience open and all-weather high-end technology, and bring your families to start a science fiction journey through time and space.

Silk Road Odyssey

Columbus Expedition, Silk Road Odyssey
Columbus Expedition

In Silk Road Odyssey, you can experience different adventures along the Silk Road. Desert Rally Racing offers you a great roller coaster trip and Flying Apsaras in Western Region brings you a tunnel and water trip.

Theme story: From the clamorous Persian Gulf market to the mysterious Flying to Sky in Western Region, then to the ancient Acropolis and the wonderful oasis of Cardiff, you will go through the ancient oriental castle, the mysterious ancient city of Western Asia, and the vast desert. You can follow the camel team on the Silk Road to embark on an exotic adventure.


Popular Amusement Programs

  • Happy Hour

Programs Requirements Opening Hours
Free Fall Ride  Height: 1.4 m-1.9 m
1.4 m-1.5 m(accompanied by an adult)
Age: Under 50 years old
Big Swing Hammer  Height: 1.4m-1.9m
Weight: less than 120 kg
Age: Under 55 years old
Energy Storm Height: 1.4m-1.9m
Age: Under 55 years old  


  • Fly Over the Mediterranean

Programs Requirements Opening Hours
Fly Over the Mediterranean Height: 1.4m-1.9m
1.4m-1.5m (accompanied by an adult)
Age: Under 50 years old
Weight: less than 80 kg
Flying Dragon in Clouds  Height: 1.4m-1.9m
1.4m-1.5m (accompanied by an adult)
Age: Under 50 years old
Weight: less than 90 kg
4D Cinema Children under 0.9 m should be accompanied by adults 10:00-18:00


  • Caribbean Cyclone Zone

Programs Requirements  Opening Hours
Caribbean Storm Height: above 1.2 m,
1.2 m-1.4 m (accompanied by adults)
Age: Under 50 years old 
Spinning Around Facility Height: 1.3 m-1.9 m
Weight: less than 75 kg
Age: Under 55 years old 
Caribbean Water Park Depends on each amusement programs requirements in the park  14:00-21:30

  • Magic Castle

Programs Requirements Opening Hours
Mexico Giant Straw Hat Height: above 1.1 m
1.1 m-1.4 m (accompanied by an adult)
Age: Under 60 years old
Merry-go-round Height: Children under 1.4 m
Children under 1.0 m (accompanied by adults)


  • Great Szechwan

Programs Requirements  Opening Hours
Flying Dragon in Snowfield
    Height: above 1.1 m,
1.0 m-1.3 m (accompanied by adults)
Age: Under 60 years old
Fishing & Hunting Drifting Height: above 1.0 m
1.0 m-1.4 m (accompanied by adults)
Age: Under 65 years old
Mysterious Tree Height: above 1.1 m
1.1 m-1.4 m (accompanied by adults) 

  • Magic Forest

Program Requirements Opening Hours
Flying Island No requirements for height or weight 11:00-18:00

  • Happy Light Year

Programs Requirements Opening Hours
Surfer Height: above 1.2 m
Age: Under 60 years old  
X Chariot Height: above 1.4 m
Age: Under 50 years old
Across the West  Height: above 1.2m
Age: Under 60 years old 

  • Silk Road Odyssey

Programs Requirements  Opening Hours
Desert Rally Height: 1.3 m-1.88 m
1.4 m-1.5 m (accompanied by an adult)
Age: Under 50 years old
Crazy Magic Carpet  Height: above 1.3 m
Age: Under 60 years old
Desert Eagle Height: above 1.2 m
Age: Under 50 years old 

  • Shows/Performance

Performance Time Table
Zone Performance Weekday Show Time Weekend Show Time
Main Ring Road Happy Cruise / 12:50
Great Szechwan Live Show--Press-gang Able-bodied Men 14:00 14:00/16:00
Silk Road Odyssey Legend of the Silk Road 15:00  15:00
Happy Hour Happy Acrobatics Show 13:00/14:20/16:30 12:30/14:20/16:30


  • Note: No shows on Mondays.


Where to Eat

Restaurants are scattered like stars in Sunshine Harbor, Fly Over the Mediterranean, Magic Castle, Great Szechwan, and Silk Road Odyssey. There are also different kinds of ice cream, beverages, popcorn, and some daily necessities for you.


Where to Stay

1. Ramada Chengdu North Hotel

2. Jinyun Hotel Chengdu

3. Lindao Holiday Inn



Tour Bus

Tourists can take tour buses to go up and down, but it is valid only for the same day. Besides, a tour guide service is also provided.

Tourists Price
Adults   30 yuan / person
Children 20 yuan / person

Luggage Deposit

This service is provided at the gate of the park and is rechargeable.

Wheelchair & Baby Car Rental

Wheelchair, stroller, and crutch service are provided for tourists at the gate and a deposit is required.


How to Get to Chengdu Happy Valley

 By Taxi

Chinese: 请带我去成都欢乐谷。English: Please take me to Chengdu Happy Valley.

If you go to Chengdu Happy Valley from Chengdu city center (Rhombus Park Aura Chengdu Hotel), it takes about 30 minutes (about 35 yuan).

If you go to Chengdu Happy Valley from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, it takes about 50 minutes (about 55 yuan).

If you go to Chengdu Happy Valley from Chengdu East Railway Station, it takes about 35 minutes (about 45 yuan).

If you go to Chengdu Happy Valley from Chengdu Railway Station, it takes about 15 minutes (about 15 yuan).

If you go to Chengdu Happy Valley from Chengdu West Railway Station, it takes about 20 minutes (about 25 yuan).

If you go to Chengdu Happy Valley from Chengdu South Railway Station, it takes about 35 minutes (about 45 yuan).

Ghost Castle, Chengdu Happy Valley
Ghost Castle


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