Huanhuaxi Park


Basic Facts of Huanhuaxi Park

Chinese Name: 浣花溪公园 Pronunciation: Huànhuāxī Gōngyuán

Building Time: 2003

Admission Ticket Fare: Free

Recommended Time for Visit: 3-4 Hours

Occupied Area: About 323,200 square meters

Function: Providing people with a place to relax and enjoy the scenery

Best Visiting Season: Spring and Autumn (March to May, September to November)

Address: No. 9 Qinghua Road, Qingyang District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, China

Popular Activities: Traditional culture festival including various activities such as lantern riddle, lion dance, and face-changing performance.


Opening Hours

Season Opening Hours
Summer  06:00-22:00
Winter   07:00-21:00


Overview of Huanhuaxi Park

Artificial Bridge,Huanhuaxi Park
Artificial Bridge

Huanhuaxi Park, also known as Huanhua Stream Park, is the core area of Huanhuaxi Historical and Cultural Scenic Spot. It is located between the First Ring Road and the Second Ring Road in the southwest of Chengdu. It is adjacent to the Du Fu Thatched Cottage (Dufu Caotang) in the north and Sichuan Provincial Museum in the east. It covers an area of 32.32 hectares and holds a total investment of 120 million yuan. It is also the largest open urban forest park with the largest investment in Chengdu so far. It is rated as the only five-star park in Chengdu.

Based on the historical and cultural connotation of Du Fu Thatched Cottage, Huanhuaxi Park uses the cutting-edge theory of modern garden and architectural design to highlight the rich historical heritage of Western Sichuan culture with natural and elegant landscape and architecture. It is an urban park that combines natural landscape with the urban landscape, classical garden, and modern architectural art.

The park is composed of Wanshu Garden (Ten Thousands of Trees Garden), Mei Garden (Garden of Plum Trees), and Egret Garden. Wanshu Hill, Canglang Lake, Sunshine Lawn, Bailu Island (“Bailu” refers to egret), Western Sichuan Cultural Performance Square, and other scenic spots are scattered in the three gardens. The park has a green area of 210,000 square meters, with a laurel tree that has been one hundred years old, camphor trees, tulip trees, cherry-apple trees, ginkgo trees, and hibiscus in it. The colorful flowers are in full bloom and the green lawn gives out a pleasant smell.


Must-visit Attractions in Huanhuaxi Park

Huanhua Stream

Huanhua Stream, Huanhuaxi Park
Huanhua Stream

When you step on the bridge, your eyes will be attracted by thousands of swimming fish in the river under the bridge. There are so many fish in the river that people may be dazzled. All kinds of carp are very active and not afraid of people at all. As long as you throw fish food into the water, there will be groups of fish swimming to eat. The big ones are 40 to 50 cm long, while the small ones are 4 or 5 cm long.

This is the place where you can watch and feed the fish. It is exciting to buy a bag of fish food, walk into the long corridor, sit on a small bamboo stool, and feed the fish across the fence.

Canglang Lake,Huanhuaxi Park
Canglang Lake

Wanshu Hill

Located in the southwest of the park, Wanshu Hill is mainly a man-made mountain with rich vegetation, covering an area of 65,000 square meters. A stream flows around it, and the shape of the mountain is various.

Canglang Lake

Canglang Lake is mainly composed of the shoal, a stream, a small island, and the landscape architecture “Huanhua Building” on the island, creating the artistic conception of “the mirror-like water and the rainbow-like bridge”.

Bailu Island,Huanhuaxi Park
Bailu Island

Bailu Island

This is the place where you can admire the unique landscape of harmonious coexistence between humans and egrets. Egrets are far away from the crowd. They live alone on the shore. Some comb their white feathers with their long beaks, some look for something in the water, and others fly low next to the water, weaving their beautiful wings to show their graceful posture.

Wanzhu Square

Wanzhu Square is a leisure area for bamboo art, which shows Sichuan’s traditional bamboo processing technique reflecting the cultural characteristics of Western Sichuan. The square has a glass house made of toughened glass, which is an excellent place to watch the stars at night.

Poetry Avenue

 Poetry Avenue,Huanhuaxi Park
 Poetry Avenue

Due to the special cultural background, the most prominent feature of Huanhuaxi Park should be poetic. Entering from the south gate of the park, you can see the solemn 388-meter-long Poetry Avenue, which makes people hold their breath. Poetry Avenue is just the entrance to the cultural center of poetry, and also a corridor to show the development of Chinese poetry. Along the avenue, famous traditional Chinese verse is engraved on the marble under your feet, the most notable one being “Be man of men while you are alive, and soul of souls if you were dead”.

The images and the years of birth and death of more than 300 famous poets make us feel the deepness of ancient Chinese culture. In the pines forest on the left and right sides of Poetry Avenue, the statues of 25 famous poets of the past dynasties created by the sculptor Ye Yushan are vivid and attractive. Qu Yuan, Li Bai, and Du Fu were the three greatest patriotic poets in China. Their statues are like monuments standing at the end of the road. Everywhere in the avenue shows the profound ancient Chinese culture.


Story of Huanhuaxi Park

It is said that in the Tang Dynasty (618-907), a lady called Huanhua, the daughter of a farmer, lived by a river. One day, she was washing clothes by the river when she met a wandering monk who fell into the ditch. The monk took off his cassock covered with mud and asked her to clean it for him. She readily agreed. When she was washing his cassock by the river, some lotus floated to her. From then on, the river was called Huanhuaxi (Huanhua Stream).


Good to Know

Huanhuaxi Park is next to Chengdu Du Fu Thatched Cottage Museum and Sichuan Museum. They are all worth visiting.


Suggested Travel Route

Enter from the North Gate → Bailu Island → Canglang Lake → Poetry Avenue → Wanzhu Square → Wanshu Hill → Exit from the West Gate


How to Get to Huanhuaxi Park

By Bus

North Gate:

Take bus 35, 58, 82, 151, 165, 170, 1031, 1134, and get off at Dufu Caotang Station (North Gate). Then walk westwards along Qinghua Road for about 400 meters and turn left into Caotang Road. You need to go along Caotang Road for about 650 meters.

Take bus 1024 and get off at Dufu Caotang Station (West Gate). Then walk southward along the Caotang Road for about 3 minutes.

By Taxi

Chinese: 请带我去浣花溪公园。English: Please take me to Huanhuaxi Park.

Chinese: 请带我去浣花溪公园的西门。English: Please take me to the West Gate of Huanhuaxi Park.

Chinese: 请带我去浣花溪公园的北门。English: Please take me to the North Gate of Huanhuaxi Park.

If you go to Huanhuaxi Park from the center of Chengdu (Ritz-Carlton), it takes about 30 minutes (about 20 yuan).

If you go to Huanhuaxi Park from Chengdu Shuangliu International airport, it takes about 50 minutes (about 60 yuan).

If you go to Huanhuaxi Park from Chengdu Railway Station, it takes about 20 minutes (about 25 yuan).

Huanhuaxi Park,Huanhuaxi Park
Huanhuaxi Park

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